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hello! i'd thought i'd just make a random chat thread. everyone and anyone is welcome here!

maybe we could start off by introducing ourselves. i'm fleur, 20, and i love anime, star wars, marvel, and period dramas c: i have the best husband ever as well as a grumpy cat and a gsd  (: i love spending time with family and playing games! i'm currently loving animal crossing, stardew valley, and rune factory 4!

hi again, fleur! it’s nice to meet you c:

i love star wars as well! i honestly really enjoyed the mandalorian and i’m excited to see what’s in store for the franchise.
my bf is more of the marvel fanatic, but we’ve been watching the new falcon series on disney+ and it’s better than i thought it would be??

i live about 1.5 hours from disneyland and it’s killing me that we’re unable to visit!! i haven’t even gotten to see galaxy’s edge ):

hi beatles! it's nice to see you again!!
ahh i love star wars so much! what's your favorite film? also the mandalorian was so good, i absolutely adored it.  the new falcon series is very good, i agree!
and ahh i would be so sad too! that sounds like torture

also i think i might remember you from feralfront, if you were on there? did you play a character called snakepaw in trad shadowclan at some point?

i think return of the jedi might be my favorite of the og trilogy! it’s the one i remember the most vividly from my childhood and it just brings me good memories so (:
how about you??

yessss snakey! i don’t know how long you stuck around shadowclan but he even managed to be leader for a little while haha
i can’t believe that was 4-5 years ago now

return of the jedi is so good! i think my favorite would have to be revenge of the sith.
aww that's so cool! i played snowpaw. i didn't stay around for very long because i lost all of my muse unfortunately. but that's awesome!
and i know right, it feels like only a month or two ago. i came back from a hiatus and ff was gone:( i was so saddd


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