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Welcome to Wilderness Rising's official group relations thread, where all four groups can come together to plot out how each group views one another! Whether you would like to plot out enemies or allies, trading partners or neutrals, this will be the best place to begin.

This isn't a thread solely for leaders of the groups to partake in, but a thread where all members have a say in what direction they'd like to see the groups go in when they interact with one another. After all, this game is a member-led game and it is up to you on what direction you'd like to see the game go in!

i am here to represent ss!
so my ideas for ss are that they consider themselves guardians and protectors of the many, sentinels of the land. they’re very rough and tumble, rowdy, and loud. i can see perhaps one or two groups often running to them for protection due to their large amount of resources, but i cah also see the reverse where one or two groups resent / do not want their help!!


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