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hi there! apologies if this is the second time you're seeing this topic—i'm pretty new to forum styles of messaging (as in: i've seen them a lot and have read through them many times, but generally haven't started a lot of topics and am a bit of a noob), so i might've done something wrong... sorry.

but as seen in the subject: i'm new around here! i'm kay, i'm a minor, and i go by any pronouns. i'm also in a variety of fandoms, so you can definitely ask about them for whatever reason.

i'm terrible with coding, so please excuse my lack of pretty fonts or beautiful set-ups (some of the stuff that i have seen on this site is honestly gorgeous, and it'd be very hard to compare haha), but i've been writing and roleplaying on the online scene for over five years now, so i can assure you that my writing is at least readable! i hope to meet your standards.

anyways, if you have any tips, tricks, comments, queries, questions, notes, etc., then please do share!

thank you, and have a lovely day!

hi hi hi, if it makes you feel any better, i have been roleplaying gin the forum setting for like ten years now, and i still can't code to save my life.
i hope you find something around here that piques your interest! it's nice to have you here <3

hey welcome to the site, it's great to have you here!! i've been roleplaying in the forum setting for awhile now, so i can be of any assistance if you need it!

feel free to ever message me or anyone else on the staff team if you have any questions / need help with anything! i hope you enjoy bb (:

thank you very much y'all :D i appreciate it a lot!

heya!!! welcome to bearbones!! we're glad to see you here!!!


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