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newbie questions incoming!


hello-hello! just a few questions since i want to make sure that my wip character would be okay:

are child characters allowed? if so, how young can they be? i'm thinking to make this character around thirteen or fourteen years old. they will be a loner (or possibly have a sibling or caretaker with them; i'm not quite sure yet).

are faceclaims required? if so, are there any rules or requirements regarding them? do they have to be real-life people, or can art be used? does one start and/or join an rp? some threads i see are marked private (which i think involves invitations?), some are marked open (which i assume means that anyone can hop in within reason?), and some are brainstorming threads (which maybe helps ideas grow and sets a vague group for who will be roleplaying?).

i think that's about it. sorry if these have been asked before! i've been reading through the guides and i might have missed something or muddled things together.

Hi there! I’ll try to help you out -

- Yes, child characters are allowed! Teenagers are perfectly fine, I’ve played a few myself. I’ve even seen kids as young as seven or eight be played. Just keep in mind that they’re minors/underage so I think we’d want to avoid p*dophilia and stuff like that (at the very least provide a trigger warning)

- Faceclaims are not required but a lot of people use them to put a face to their characters! I know folks who primarily use art and doodles to portray their characters though. Sometimes you just can’t find the right fit!

- Your assumptions are right! Private threads are threads between (usually) two people and their characters having a 1x1 interaction and shouldn’t be joined without an invitation. Open threads can be replied to by anyone, and most of the brainstorming/plotting threads you are also usually open to the public.

Just out of curiosity, have you roleplayed in a setting like this before (within a game with different groups) or have you primarily done 1x1 / small group threads? Because I know it can be a little confusing if you’re new to this sort of thing!

thank you so much! i'll keep all these in mind.

i've been involved in something like this before, yes, but not many people were involved in it; it was mostly between close friends and it was quite freeform. in general, i'm new to forum rp, and mainly rp 1x1 or with small groups (mostly consisting of people i already knew well); any tips you have would be greatly appreciated, if you're willing to give them :)

you can join a group by creating a joining thread, or you could just jump in with an intro thread of your own and start posting on other open threads! most of our groups aren't super fast paced and intimidating, and from my experience, everyone is super welcoming and happy to include newcomers in all of their shenanigans. the community is very friendly and it feels like a big group of buddies playing together (':

we have human roleplay as well as animal roleplay. feel free to join in whichever group you think you'd like! and you can have multiple characters as well. here is a guide to bb that may help clarify some things.

welcome to the site! and if you need any help at all or need a roleplaying buddy, my pms are open and there are so many members of the site who would be happy to help as well! happy rping!


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