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hiiiieee i’m a returning member! it’s been a very long time but it’s nice to be back :o i haven’t been writing so much and have been kind of stuck in a rut and a friend recommended coming back so here! i am!

i'm myaso but you can call me mya or literally whatever. i’m 21 & use he/him/his and i’m engaged and we have 3 monsters kitties :^) uhhh i’m not sure what else to say LOL i'm excited to (hopefull) rp with y’all!

heya! welcome back to bb! at the moment, our two main games are pretty active so depending on whether you have muse for a human and/or an animal game, we've got something for you to jump right into. if you have any questions on how to get up and going again, don't hesitate to shoot me a quick DM and i'll be glad to answer any questions that you may have for me!

it's lovely to meet you and i'm looking forward to seeing you around the site more :^))

heya!! i also recently returned— formerly faithy/skylar/rook, but idk if!! we knew each other :0
i play spectralregalia who is a lovable monstrosity in sequoia falls and torrin in flintlock lodge :3
but yes yes!! welcome back!!

:D thank you guys! i’m excited to try out both RPs :,) the pace seems a lot better for me personally so i’m very hopeful to be able to just hop right in

yessss it has come 2 my attentn i kno u . join me . come 2 th dark side.


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