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so good at being in trouble — emery .
« on: May 11, 2021, 12:45:29 PM »
This place did have its consolations.

It had been two months since he’d learned of his brother’s death and two months since he started to feel a burning distaste for this whole fucking place. He’d blame it on the grief — he had to displace his anger somewhere after all as he was never good at managing his anger on his own. But, it left him reckless, somewhat a nuisance to the higher positions around the lodge. He was mouthy and vulgar, and rarely knew when it was no longer appropriate to blither on indiscreetly. His personality was explosive, incessantly savage in nature as if being a force to be reckoned with was the only way he could cope.

At least, that was how he viewed himself. Monstrous, almost. And maybe this place wasn’t so bad after all. Perhaps all Julian needed was someone to tell him that he wasn’t as horrible as he thought he was, and over time he began to get well acquainted to someone who turned his fervid energy into something good. Something beautiful.

❝ You won’t believe what I found. ❞ Julian pointed out as he wandered back over towards Emery, a girl whose brain was as beautiful as her appearance. It was nothing like his uninhibited veneer. No, this was all genuine. She was genuine and much too good for a man like Julian. Chewing on his bottom lip, Julian hesitated before presenting a handful of messily arranged wildflowers for her to take. ❝ For you. ❞ Whilst there were not many things that two people could do for a date around these parts, this seemed more than perfect in Julian’s eyes.

❝ Just you wait… There’s more. ❞ Wagging his brows with amusement, he tried to conceal his cackling as he trotted off nearby, crouching down to pick more flowers along the way. If it made Emery laugh or smile, then that was a success in his eyes. ❝ What’s your favourite colour then, Em? ❞ Julian asked whilst he was preoccupied with the newest bunch of flowers he pinched between his fingertips.