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hiya !
I’m fangs, I think I was last active like 2/3 years ago haha. Not sure what popped into my mind but I just had a nostalgic feeling and remembered this site so thought I’d pop in and say hi (:

What’s up, what’s changed ? Who’s still around ? Any new faces ? It’s been a while !

hey! welcome back to bb! i do remember seeing you around back in the day, so it's good to see you again hehe.

things have been pretty relaxed around here recently which has been nice. there's been more a focus on the human game but we've also reinvented the animal game too if you're ever in the mood to hop into some roleplay, otherwise we enjoy chatting ooc too, whether that be on bb or on the discord server that you joined earlier!

how have things been? i hope you're well!

Welcome back! I don't think we ever interacted but it's still nice to see old members returning : ) I hope all is well!


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