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i've dug two graves for us, my dear — joey.


tw. past character death, blood, death, violence

Once again, William and Josephine were inseparable except, this time, their partnership hadn’t been bestowed upon them with the magisterial words of their Captain. It had been entirely William’s doing on this occasion which was mystifying — even to William — when he opened up to Joey about his plans. Perhaps a part of him desired another escapade with Joey by his side because, admittedly, their last trip had been exhilarating. It bound them by blood; the very first time William had seen Joey kill a man left him reeling. The power she possessed when she pulled the trigger was truly captivating, and suddenly watching the life drain from somebody’s eyes was just as fascinating to William as it was to be behind the trigger. Maybe he actually wanted her around more than he was willing to admit, even to himself.

And this trip was very different. Unlike the mission in Bluestem Prairie, William had what appeared to be some sort of personal vendetta against the people he was tracking. Maybe this was an excuse for another bloodbath with his lover, a fantasy which he never thought could possibly come true, or maybe the taste of revenge was all that he was interested in. Revenge was such a wasteful emotion, though. It could take a lot of time and effort to seek vengeance, time and effort that he would rarely be inclined to spend. But, the people that killed his brother were still out there, and they were most certainly revelling in the idea that they had won that day. Perhaps this revenge was not in the name of justice for his brother, but merely the desire to level out the playing field. It was a strategy. Turning a blind eye to the injustices would only paint him as weak, and he was desirous to prove them wrong.

Initially, Eddie disputed William’s determination to hunt down the people that had killed his brother. ❝ We can’t linger on the past, William. ❞ Eddie explained with exasperation to William as they argued in the office one evening. ❝ Finding them won’t bring your brother back. Besides, we need to turn our attention onto our issue with The Badlands. I need your full attention, Will. I need you to focus now… I’ll get one of our associates to deal with the Frederick case for you, a’right? ❞ William rolled his eyes, arms folded across his chest as cold eyes bore into his cousin's with distaste. ❝ No, Eddie, ❞ William pointed out sternly, ❝ I don’t want them to die by the hands of our associates. I want them dead, so I’ll do it myself. ❞ He gave Edmund a short, sneering smile with closed lips before turning to leave the office.

Days later and William had followed through on his newfound proclivity for revenge. With a tight jaw, William stood afar as he looked towards the house that he had last seen his brother in. The house that they broke into that fateful day to assassinate a man whose name William had already forgotten about. The house that William narrowly escaped from without his brother by his side. Would those boneheaded henchmen and associates still stay in the home their boss died in, or would they have moved on by now? ❝ I think Freddie died in there. ❞ William pointed out plainly, monotonously. As if he was not at all perturbed by the fact, because he well and truly wasn’t. It was simply a fact, no feeling involved. ❝ I doubt they’ll still be here, but hopefully they’ll have left something behind that’d give us a clue about their whereabouts. ❞ William gave a nonchalant shrug before he neared the house. ❝ Here’s to hoping anyways. ❞

Afterwards, he stayed silent, cracking the front door open and holding a loaded pistol up. Just in case he was wrong about the house being vacant. William crept into the hallway. Dried up blood had been left splattered across the ground, pooled in some places. Bullet holes pierced drywall. This was the last remainder of a fight that cost his brother his life, the horror of this crime scene ahead of him. But that was all that this was; the only thing left. Otherwise, the house appeared empty. Unused for weeks. William peered his head around the corner into what was left of a living room. The room was trashed, littered with empty beer bottles and scrap paper crumpled into balls. ❝ It’s not a glamorous job but still a job, all right. ❞ He reminded both himself and Joey, lowering the gun so he could pick up a ball of paper. He unfolded it in the hopes of finding any valuable information. Instead, completed games of noughts and crosses across the page. With a sigh, William balled the paper up again and tossed it aside. This was going to be a long day.

maybe it’s because she feels like she has an obligation to him since committing to him that he will always be the one she returns to. maybe it’s just her strong sense of loyalty she got from growing up with such a close family. or, maybe, joey longs to hunt down the killer of her own brother and drive a knife into him. maybe a combination of the three, whatever it is, joey is leaving with will like she did months ago. the pair always has fun on their outings, away from the lodge.

after everything, william and josephine are closer than ever. no one else could be more surprised than they are themselves, considering how they each live promiscuously and appear to lack any attachments to the people around them. they just can’t escape one another, constantly treading into new and uncharted territories together. little do they know, another unplanned pregnancy is just about to be discovered; not that it would really stop the trip anyway if they were to have found out early. for now, joey simply accepts that will is her person, the string of fate never letting them stray too far and pulling them back together. she doesn’t love him, though, that’s at least what she tells herself. not that joey would be able to identify it, having never experienced it beyond her familial relationships; and not even all of them, there’s so siblings she didn’t necessarily love, but care for to an extent.

looking up to the rickety house, joey’s features scrunch. the siding is weathered and dirty, some boards even pried off, the windows have a cloudiness to them that comes with aging… she definitely prefers her higher end clients, victims, and associates. she hugs herself to find some sort of comfort as joey follows after will, looking up at the ceiling once they’ve walked through the door. water damage spots disguise the original paint color along with just general crumbling. ” this place is fucking disgusting, “ she mutters, still holding herself as if she’s trying to make herself as small as possible to not touch anything. until she spots a mirror at the end of the hall, right before the living room. joey slows when she’s by it, watching herself in it until she finally sees something she likes, her eyes linger before turning into the living room.

rolling her eyes at him statement, just with how cheesy it is, but a hint of a smile does manage to break through as she shakes her head.  as if he lacks any expensive taste. ” well, the next one needs to make up for this, “ joey says, gesturing to their surroundings; plus, another mission with will isn’t something she’d turn down.

joey kicks around a ball of paper as she lets will do his thing. she’s never been a tracker, she always lures, it’s much easier in her experience, too. it seems obvious the group wouldn’t still be holed up in this house, considering the time that has passed since fred’s death and with something like that happening, it’s only logical to pick up and run. instead of trying to help or learn, she attempts to entertain herself. first, it’s the wads of paper, but they quickly lose her interest, earning a rather dramatic sigh out of her. glancing around, she spots an empty beer bottle on its side on the floor, her eyebrows rise, ” i’m going to see if they left anything else, “ she mentions, omitting the part about her main focus being finding left over alcohol.

searching the rest of the house, joey collects anything that may have information on it and did manage to find one beer left behind, pocketing it for her and william to share later. she makes her way back to the living room, avoiding touching anything. ” this is all i found, “ she says, holding out the pieces of paper and a couple wrappers. ” do you have any ideas where they went? “ joey asks, looking up to him, really just wanting to fuck around with him without any responsibilities or judgmental eyes on them.

Spoiler: tags, updated 09/11/2021 • show◜BASICS ┊ I HAD A DREAM◞
&. ❝ josephine elena van doren ❞ |  joey, hoey | female [ she/her ] .
&. 22 years old . | november first ; scorpio .
&. reaper of flintlock lodge .

&. impulsive . outgoing . femme fatale . flirtatious . seemingly emotionless . guarded . self-destructive . obsessive . hot headed . reckless . kleptomania tendencies . selfish . brat .  assertive . loyal to those close to her . intuitive . stubborn . passionate . self-preserving . quick . nosey . reliable . non-committal . determined . secretive . resentful . resourceful . distrusting .

&.  five foot six & one hundred and seventeen pounds ; reference .
↳ blonde hair just past her collarbone, grows a dirtier blonde, lightening up as soon as any sun touches it .
↳ slim, muscular build. legs on the longer side .
↳ big blue/green doe eyes, light yet well-groomed eyebrows, full lips, dimples .

&.  [ 8/10 ] physically  |  [ 9/10 ] psychologically .
↳ difficulty w/ guns [ medium ] | difficulty w/ melees [ hard ] | difficulty w/ hand-to-hand [ hard ]
↳ combat information .
&. attack in bold #990000 | @scully | PM for any major plots .
&. friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .

&. [ 2 ] weapons | [ 0 ] armor pieces | [ 0 ] consumables | [ 2 ] aid items | [ 1 ] misc .
↳ one combat knife .
↳ a three piece throwing knife set
↳ a bracelet from her late mother, each one of her sisters has a piece to the same set, their mother having the biggest piece

&. elizabeth van doren (npc) x malcolm van doren (npc) | second youngest of nine children .
↳ cassian van doren, eldest, flintlock .
↳ beau van doren, second eldest, unknown .
↳ range rover van doren, unknown .
↳ scarlett van doren, flintlock .
↳ tara van doren, unknown .
↳ julian van doren, flintlock .
↳ maxine van doren, just older than joey, flintlock .
↳ richard van doren, youngest, deceased .
↳ lucky van doren, cousin, flintlock .
&. pansexual, panromantic ; mongamous  . | scared of commitment, however enjoys casual fun .
&. lover to william stirling
↳ reoccurring friends with benefits.
↳ parents to rosalie willa van doren, one year old .
&. lover to theodore knope
↳ partner in the badlands
&. crushing on cassidy van den bergh

They should have been terrified of a Stirling. Most people were. Instead, this time, these monsters put William to shame.

A long sigh. In, and soon out. All attempts to track them down would be futile, given they left behind no sign of their whereabouts. Huh. This should have been disheartening but, in all honestly, it only made the chase more enthralling. They played hard to please and, judging by the woman soon to return to his side, that was exactly William's type. As Joey returned with a couple scraps of paper, William wordlessly took them and skimmed through them before letting them flutter to the ground dismissively.

❝ If I’m completely honest, I don’t know. Would’ve thought they’d be running around like headless turkeys by now without their chairman but they’ve defied all odds, I suppose . ❞ Slowly scanning the room with his eyes, William snaked his arm around Josephine’s shoulder, gently running his hand up and down her upper arm as he stood deep in thought.

❝ Well… I guess we could set up camp a mile or so away from here and we can retrace their steps tomorrow — looks like the sun is starting to set, hey? ❞ Peering out of a shattered window, William pursed his lips before leaning in to press a short kiss against Joey’s temple. ❝ Right, let’s get going then. ❞ Without second thought, William set forth, stepping over a dried up pool of blood as he vacated the building. Frederick would have rolled in his grave if William had trudged right on the last traces of him on earth. It had been twenty minutes before William slowed to a halt in the middle of a grassy plainland. ❝ Set up camp here? ❞ He enquired, checking for Joey’s approval before he got started on setting up their tent for the night.

The day soon drew to an end, leaving the pair alone in the apparent solitude that the night time offered. It was almost poetic, the way the couple lay themselves down for some well-deserved rest beside one another, a bond so infrangible and intense. So messy and beautiful. But, it could never be poetic. The couple would drift into an untroubled slumber, only to be woken abruptly with the sound of the tent zip being ripped open, a dark figure seizing Josephine. Instinctively, William threw himself towards the perpetrator, only for another figure to send a rock down his head. The blood that tickled as it softly trickled down the side of his face was not poetic. It had never once been beautiful. It was just warm and red.

William was immobile and unconscious as Joey was dragged from the tent and whisked away into the night.


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