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loving is easy — amor.
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:53:06 AM »
The world was unkind, but sometimes it had its consolations.

And this was the same old story told time and time again. People grappling onto any means of survival. They all wanted to live, they all wanted to survive. Most importantly, they didn’t want to do so alone. But Vernon, he had found himself alone on many occasions. Family never stuck around for too long, nor did the people he gave his heart and soul to to love and cherish forever. But maybe the word forever was meant for memories and not the people he loved. They all left in the end, as if Vernon’s adoration for them was a bad omen that they were burdened with. But Vernon never wished to do anyone any harm.

He just wanted to be kind.

And it was all over now. That feeling of love that he once sought after. Love; it had broken him and saved him all the same, but now the only thing that had brought him love was gone. He was gone, before Vernon had the chance to ever tell him. It hadn’t been Mick’s death that had bothered Vernon all this time. It had been the fact that he had died a long time before that inside yet Vernon was just too naïve to realise what it felt like to be so plagued with the kind of hurt that no amount of love and tenderness could cure. Vernon was angry because Mick had said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him until Vernon realised that he had — it was just Vernon who kept his memory alive after that life of hurting. It would have made him happy to know that Vernon was happy, loving the life that he had been afforded.

Besides, the world still needed the good in him. It needed the kindness of his heart and the courage and strength he possessed. That tenderness and loyalty, faith and belief in his loved ones. The hair on his head and the clothes on his back. Bones and blood, a voice even more unbreakable. It needed anything that Vernon was willing to give it, because the world needed more kindness and the world needed more love.

And perhaps it was what had drawn Vernon towards Amor. The kindness she possessed. Like the sun — burning with passion and unwavering, warm and comforting. The void in Vernon’s life was damaging. It made him cold, worried about the future, scared to love again. But every time Vernon spent time around Amor, her good nature was enough to bring comfort to a man that thought he’d never feel so warm again. The feelings for her had come on naturally, and eventually the guilt had settled into a realisation that life had to move on past his grief; it would be a shame if he could not move along with it.

Amor was so easy to love that it had been as if he had been given a new lease of life. He was so used to saving everyone else, but it had been Amor that had saved him. Mick once had done so too, and the love Vernon had for him afterwards was so true and immense. Was this it? Was this his chance to feel the permanence of a forever again? Amor felt so unfaltering in his life that perhaps this love and kindness he felt towards her was what he had been searching for all this time.

The sun was slowly sinking into the horizon when Vernon found Amor sitting on the beach. It was no surprise that he’d find her sitting right here; she too truly appreciated the world around them in the same way that Vernon did. He likened her as his female counterpart at the best of times, they shared so many similarities which only piqued Vernon’s interest for her more. It was also no surprise that he had been looking out for her, hoping to share some more time with her before they’d return home for the evening. With his heart picking up pace, Vernon stilled himself as he stood eagerly at the top of the beach, sucking in a slow breath as his gaze lingered longingly.

One foot stepped ahead, and then another, approaching Amor carefully before sitting down beside her. ❝ I was hoping I’d find you here. ❞ He commented, glancing over towards her before cracking the most genuine of smiles. ❝ Watching the sunset, I mean. There was something about this one that was too pretty to watch alone. ❞ Kicking his legs out in front of him, Green leaned back on the palms of his hands so that he could admire the view quietly, every few moments passing Amor a gentle glance before returning his gaze to the sunset.

❝ You know, when I was a kid, I loved the thought of flying. My dad — I never met him — used to fly planes, so I was always curious what it must’ve been like. When I lived with my foster parents, though, my foster dad taught me how to fix up and drive boats. It was no plane, but driving a boat felt just as cool anyways. ❞ He huffed a short breath of laughter, soon straightening up so that he could rest his hands on his lap. ❝ But then I see the sky like this and suddenly that feeling comes back: what is it like to be up in the sky? Is it as cool as I imagine it to be? I dunno, it’s so stupid, but— ❞ Green shrugged with a grin, looking towards Amor before curling a lip in thought. ❝ curiosity gets the best of us sometimes. ❞