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The will to romanticize her loneliness in order to bare the burden of existence was fleeting between her thin fingers, unable to grasp onto any tendrils of hope this time around. It was beginning to seep from her pores: the fear, the exhaustion, the longing. Her trembling vibrated throughout her willowy arms- unsure if the source was the gnawing of her ravaging hunger or pure anguish.

An inaudible exhale parted her rosy lined lips followed by an expertly crafted bow cutting through the wintry morning air. Her aim was lethal and exact, killing the rabbit within an instant, not even allowing a single sound of terror to escape her prey. Kismet urged her body to move forward from behind the brush, one footstep after another as if fearing any wrong move could send her tumbling towards the frozen ground. She resembled a fawn during its first steps after birth, upon delicate limbs entirely too wobbly and on edge.

All at once, her weight suddenly became too heavy. She crumpled beside the rabbit's corpse, knees splattering against the pool of blood and on her tattered clothes. Tears began to fall from her wide doe eyes, catching on her long eyelashes, blurring her vision. She couldn't contain it anymore, choked sobs filling the deafening silence of the forest. Kismet allowed hopelessness to consumer her, she was sick of fighting against the inevitable truth that she was all alone. Humans were extremely social creatures before the end came and Kismet was no different. The monotonous cycle of simply trying to survive became too much of a burden for her to handle all on her own.

Blood began to to stain her smooth sun-kissed skin while desperately trying to wipe the tears from her eyes, begging for the weeping to stop but her body refused. "Please.." She finally cried out in between whimpers, borrowing her face into her folded arms upon the earth, slender physique heaving wildly.

[ sorry this took so long bb! it's so anticlimactic for such a long wait but i suck at starter posts ;w; ]


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