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Creative Center / Re: FANTASY OR FICTION & dump
« Last post by puth on Today at 09:08:08 PM »
i feel fancy cuz i got a fenty beauty lip gloss
Fandom Roleplay / Re: BOY OH BOY I LOVE UT EHEN I FALL FOR THAT / privat
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:07:56 PM »
he smiled softly. “being near you was enough.” he mumbled.
Fandom Roleplay / Re: When I See You Again // Private
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:06:30 PM »
Gabe nodded. “i missed you too, jesse..” he mumbled.
hanzo sat down, huffing. “that’s rude..”
OOC Discussion / rumors about your characters?
« Last post by AUREATE™ on Today at 09:02:38 PM »
Okay this is a slightly strange topic but I got to thinking about things earlier and I really love the idea of established "rumors" or something? Like... Things you would hear NPCs say about other characters. This doesn't have to be implemented or anything but like I said, it got me thinking. What sort of rumors would be going around about your character? Are they true?

For Theo, it would have to be stuff around the lines of...
1. Have you seen how he acts around Doktè? I think those feelings are more than just friendly, if you ask me. (true)
2. I heard that he sleeps around a lot. (was true at one point but isn't now)
3. He spends way too much time with those roses in his garden, I bet something's buried there.
4. I hear he feeds his cats human body parts, can you imagine? (wildly false but for a reason)
Character Adoptions / Re: FLINTLOCK LEADER TRYOUTS
« Last post by ANDOR R. on Today at 09:02:27 PM »
Roleplayer's Name: aj
Character's Name: andor
Brief Character Description: quiet, hardworking, handy, intelligent, an avid reader, willing to give his last crumb of bread to someone in need.
andor is an altruistic man, he believes there is good in everyone, and will do his best to bring that good out. he does have trust issues however, due to the time he spent a captive in the group of captors, which is where he had holes bored into his hands, making him less adept at his work. however, he is smart, and ready to do hard labor, and do whatever is best for those around him.
Activity/Muse: 5/10 (to be completely honest, i don't have the best activity, and i'm working a full time job now, though i'm getting into the rhythm of it. there is rarely a day that i do not log in.) 8/10 (due to my lack of posting, i am, in fact, much more museful than before, having the ability to write full paragraphs without encountering a roadblock.)
Why you'd be a good fit!: i am a hard working person, when i set my mind to something i never rest until i see it through. i'm a go-getter, and will do my best to bring flintlock back to it's former glory.

What are your plans for Flintlock?: increase the activity and foot traffic. build lasting relationships with the groups around it, and do my very best to create a warm, hospitable environment for those who already rp here, newcomers, and those who have chosen to return to flintlock. there will be no drastic changes made in the group, a few minor tweaks here and there, such as increasing stability, and activity in creative ways.
Other Roleplay / Re: SWEET AS HELL / private
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:02:13 PM »
salem was in no way graceful- but he was quick. he had reached out to grab him, only to fall back into his butt very unceremoniously. he squawked, hands on newts sides. “holy shit!”
Fandom Roleplay / Re: When I See You Again // Private
« Last post by Leafwing12 on Today at 08:59:39 PM »
Jesse sniffed and kept close to him. Jack moved over, resting a hand on Jesse's back. Jesse let out a quiet shaky breath. "I missed you two." Jesse whispered.

Genji looked him over. He really was drunk. Genji set a hand on Hanzo's arm. "You look terrible, Hanzo." he said, noticing how he seemed to be swaying a bit. He then helped Hanzo over to a chair and sat him down so he didn't end up falling over.
Fandom Roleplay / Re: When I See You Again // Private
« Last post by salem on Today at 08:55:58 PM »
Gabe held jesse tightly, setting a hand on the back of his head.
hanzo looked down and smiled- obviously drunk, but not too drunk. he set his hands on genji’s shoulders. “brother!” he slurred.
"S-Still, that's a long time! I can't believe you've loved me for so long... I wish I had known." He said, still quite red.
Other Roleplay / Re: SWEET AS HELL / private
« Last post by legiana. on Today at 08:50:38 PM »
Polly let out a soft 'holy shit!' As people came strolling in, and Vera raised a surprised eyebrow. Newt blinked and was about to turn around to talk to Salem and tell him he was okay, but then his foot got caught on the rope, and all of a sudden he was falling right off of the stage and straight into the other male.
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