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  It had been quiet for weeks now.

  For the first few days, Seija had been willing to wait for the silence to end on its own. After all, things were naturally slow, with only a few people in the clan- and the eclipse had offset their circadian rhythms, so it was entirely possible that the others were all asleep when she was awake, and awake when she was asleep. By now, however, someone would have said something about the twilight zone that was now their home, or complained about the darkness again, or what have you.

  The lack of any sort of communication from Cosmic or Catokal, or even Lostwoods, was beginning to unsettle her. Something had to be done, and of course, that meant she had to be the one to do it- even as rattled and sleep-deprived as she was. Standing in the center of the village, the canine cleared her throat, then howled, "Cosmicstar? Catokal? Is anyone here?"

  /very lame, very museless
  /basically, she's just checking to see if anyone else is around
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