Author Topic: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)  (Read 1823 times)

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Hey y'all! The results from the second WNG survey have been shared with the staff team and tallied up as to majority/minority. To respect the privacy of everyone, we will not share direct quotes, but I'm here to break down what was the most popular of y'all's opinions. See the following:
- The most popular vote of how the changed to the WNG lore is through "another kind of threat that forces the groups to join together as one and splinter off gradually into their own groups over time," at 40.6%. Secondly is, "through one large catastrophe that doesn't wipe out everything, but leaves the entire world quite affected in various ways, the groups needing the adapt," at 21.9%
- An overall unhappiness with the frequency of drug/alcohol use/possession as well as a lack of religion.
- An extreme majority was shown in the responses of how many groups there should be, with 20+ votes being with 4 groups.
- The most common answers to what kind of lore we'd build were as followed: origin stores (how this lifestyle and these groups came to be), something to explain the powers (suggested: religion), a very strong voice about religion being included in this lore and in the groups, natural disasters/weather events, a common religion (some suggest having one religion and having groups splinter off because of it, religious wars stemming from this, and creation of new religions, etc.), bringing the groups together, science causing mutations/powers (like radiation), supernatural themes, incorporates some elements of history/tradition, revolutions.
   - Note that a very common note was also to keep this open to opinion and not force anything (like religion) onto characters. Staff very much agrees with this, so don't feel as if we'll create a close-minded setting that makes WNG uncomfortable for you to take part in.
- Majority of 62.5% saying no to having the clans retain 'clan' suffixes and the main four clans from the Warriors books.
- Specific complaints/suggestions: staff is too lenient with leader requirements/activity, make sure characters are not left behind in these changes, wars/battles executed better (that don't die off on the first page), drift away from Warriors theme, mythological creatures having a part in the lore or not existing at all here.
- What you DON'T want to see changed: religion being open, freedom, powers, creativity, not mandatory in making you not keep or keep two-part names and 'clan' suffixes, challenges/site-plots, realism.

Now, this thread is an open discussion for these results. You can broaden ideas here, specify things, and voice your support or lack of support for certain ideas. We want to hear your opinions and try to get a majority to agree on how exactly we're going to be handling and executing this transition. Understand that just because a staff member or a number of members here agree on one thing, that does NOT mean we will be implementing that exactly as is- this is a thread for brainstorming and getting ideas- don't think we're going to go off and incorporate something before taking a vote and announcing it, nothing will be done without a majority vote and support from members.

Also, take into account that staff will be closely moderating this thread. This is a place to share opinions respectfully, not tear others down or get into heated arguments... we realize disagreements are likely to occur, but please value the mindset of 'agree to disagree' rather than hurt feelings. Any rudeness or creation of drama will NOT be tolerated. This thread does not excuse you from the Bearbones site rules. You WILL receive warnings and punishments for any rule-breaking here and may even be removed from the thread itself if you cause issues time and time again.

Below are some bullet points as to what we'd like to discuss and kick off the discussion:
- The most common vote for how to implement lore is through a natural disaster or issue that forces the groups to band together to solve/adapt, and splinter off into separate groups. What issue or natural disaster should this be? How would the community roleplay them overcoming this issue?
- How do you suggest we limit the use/possession/availability of alcohol/drugs in the WNG world?
- There will be only four groups now. How do you suggest they parallel each other and differentiate from one another to attract and include all types of characters in their own ways?
- How did these powers come to be? How did the groups come to be? What happened to the humans?
- How would you change the rules concerning how staff handle inactivity in leaders? What would the requirements entail?

Feel free to respond to whatever questions you choose, answer new ones, bring up different points, etc.! This is all according to y'all, staff is just here to moderate and participate in this discussion with their own opinions (which hold absolutely no weight over anyone's.) We're eager to hear these responses! <3
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2017, 03:19:32 PM »
tracking--I'm gonna do my best to stay on top of this thread along with the rest of staff but I'm still working through a lot that takes up a lotta time </3
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
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tracking for now
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2017, 04:04:25 PM »
For natural disasters, I'm thinking something like a super volcano or smth. Basically, just something big. If we get rid of the humans, then maybe the volcano takes them all out?

I'd just say no to any drugs tbh.

I'm thinking that we could form a religion of sorts for the site. Maybe the Bear Council? We've never put it to use. Characters won't be forced to follow it, but it'll be a simple and quick way to explain how powers came to be and stuff.
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2017, 04:09:44 PM »
Me first? Alright, me first. EDIT: hoot totally ninja'd me but

First off, I'd like to admit that I'm not a type of person who enjoys huge changes out of the blue, so a giant natural disaster all of a sudden isn't something I want? I'd be a-okay with a more gradual lead-up to a natural disaster or issue forcing the groups together, because that way I could have time to get used to it?? An idea for a natural disaster driving them together could be a drought, famine, hurricane, pollution, etc.?

Oh my god group ideas? my first thought was hogwarts houses but NO Perhaps a more wild and rambunctious clan that is basically a giant frat house (bc how coolio would that be lmao), a more mellow yellow field clan (flower pasture my dudes), EdgeclanTM, or some uber chill group living in an old monestary in the mountains or something lol??

I'm pretty indifferent to the alcohol and drusgs part, the powers, and inactivity lol, so I've got no input there. But I must toss this opinion of mine in here: I don't understand the importance many people seem to be placing on religion. As a non-religious person, this may just be me not grasping the idea though lol. And I personally just don't playing characters with a religion now, this doesn't apply to others playing religious characters please don't hate me because I'm just...not big on religion. But in all honesty, the religion issue doesn't matter to me, so long as the groups dom't each have a set religion, because religious settings just make me generally uncomfy, and having every clan have a religion that would be practiced constantly by the members would probably drive me away a bit? And anyway, whwn a flan tries to have a set religion, things never go as planned and the religion gets ignored, so for that to even have a chance at working, a bunch of people in that clan would actually have to be up for participating in clanwide religious things?

Idk if this is where that discussion should be headed, but,,,yeah ;^)
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #7 on: November 24, 2017, 04:12:51 PM »
  largely seconding Shadog on the gradual changes thing- I think a slow decrease in resources until eventually there’s nothing left might be most realistic, provided that it’s not so slow that interest dies before anything gets done

  other than that, track until I come up with some ideas
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #8 on: November 24, 2017, 04:20:47 PM »
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #9 on: November 24, 2017, 04:25:24 PM »
*slides into this thread like a shit*

First of all, before I try to hit all of the bullets, I'm really happy that we're having an open discussion and that certain points are about to be addressed! I prefer these over voting tbh because it allows me to shape and improve my opinion based on what others think, and to listen to what everyone else has to say. It puts things into perspective and this is just... a great, great move on staff's part, and I'm super thankful for you guys deciding to do this rather than doing your own thing <3

With that being said, here's an unorganized sum of opinions for what I think about everything:

- Lore. For it, I feel as if the disaster that brings them all together is something that literally will bring them together. Say, a flood that runs through the territories and drives them in one direction until they meet up and converge. Because of the unrealistic elements of the flood it would fit nicely into WNG because unlike TNW it restricted to realism, and if there is a problem with it, it could be humans. But I think if we are going to tie a main religion into it, maybe it could be because that religion is starting to show itself? I feel like a good way to start this is to end up with a weird disease that kills a few animals in different clans (one from each, perhaps) and these animals make up the beginning of a pseudo StarClan that form a council of sorts and have a vision of a greater future for WNG - and, in the process, create the flood to drive them all together.

- Alcohol/drugs. Alright. Realistically speaking, animals are able to consume these, though I feel like drugs should be far more "if you take it there's a good chance you're going to die" kind of thing instead of a "i'm going to take these because i want to without consequences" situation. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the only frisky addictive drug animals should be on is catnip, and human-made drugs should be extremely toxic to their systems and causes them to be very sick. As for alcohol, drinking shouldn't be a common occurrence, because the same as drugs is if you have too much of it then it's going to more or less kill you. Catnip is the only acceptable thing imo and even then I don't see the point in it if we're not allowed to have catnip litters (this is me being me because I've not seen anything wrong with catnip litters bc they provide plots and conflict and over time the effects start to wear off so the animal doesn't feel anything from using it over and over). Idk.

- Four groups. Being a former fan of the books before they went to shit, I liked the personality of the clans and their origin stories. Having them be different isn't just down to the personality, its to how they live. RiverClanners ate fish, lived near water, had water-y names, as an example - ThunderClan ate squirrels and were known to be muscular and to climb trees and preferred heavily forested areas. ShadowClan lived in a swamp and ate frogs and were just a very inbetween, we-don't-like-any-of-you group because they were edgy and mysterious. WindClan was full of cats with long af legs living in a chilly ass moor and only eating rabbits which led to them being skinny. Personality wise, TC was full of proud Gryffindor types, RiverClanners were RavenClaws, ShadowClans were Slytherins and WindClans were hufflepuffs. What I boil this down to is their way of life reflecting how they react and act with each other like Harry Potter and WC did.

I think like the WC series, even if I and others would like to diverge from them, we need to take a leaf out of their books and start it with four leaders and their personalities dictating how their followers will react (and the name of the group in the process). I disagree in the idea that they should be planned out before we jump into everything, because where's the fun in that? Roleplaying it out is a lot more interactive. If we have a proud asshole character that a lot of ic people like then make him a leader and his followers, who have the same morals and motives, will follow after him. It's hard to explain but I think I get my point across. But definitely make them far different from each other. WNG is a mess rn and none of the clans have different personalities.

- Powers come from radiation that wiped the humans out and left the animals. Simple.

- I feel very strongly that if a leader is constantly posting notices and is gone for months or weeks at a time, comes back, makes two posts, calls it a day, and repeats the process while being allowed to by abusing loopholes given to them by the staff team should not be allowed at all. I understand the limitations that muse gives us and how hard it is to handle everything, but if it's to the point where the clan is suffering because of your inactivity, then you should NOT be allowed to continue, and should either step down or be demoted by the staff team. I have been through plenty of leaderships where people just do not know how to go on but still do because they feel indebted to continue and power through. The rules on WNG leadership should be strict. You're either active or you're not. Leaders are everything to groups, and without them it just falls apart.

To contest what others have said - and this is my opinion - "gradually" going through the changes with a lead-up isn't going to help at all. The groups are extremely inactive as it is. Delaying the changes any longer is going to make it worse and it won't have any pleasing outcome for anyone. I'm a fan of doing it asap because I want to genuinely get back into roleplaying in WNG again after waiting so long.

I'm also an atheist and I love love love the idea of religion. Religion creates conflict. It makes people angry. It makes people passionate and change their whole lives, and starts wars. We're having difficulties in the real world now with religion, just as we have in the past. There is so much plotting that can come of an official religion that makes it a missed opportunity if we don't go for it.
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #10 on: November 24, 2017, 04:39:28 PM »
Mostly tracking, my major thing is that I agree with Demonaut on the fact that a slow build up to an event won't do much for the groups? They're already dead, there are maybe a handful of posts a day and unless there's a sudden resurgence of people interested in WNG because of these changes, a slow build up simply won't get the responses necessary. So imo, unless a lot of people are willing to commit to being active for these changes, it shouldn't be dragged out.

And my one thing is that I actually really dislike groups with an official religion so lmao all I ask is that there's at least one group that doesn't have a religion at all, or at least not a large part of their setup or constant group plots centered around it.

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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #11 on: November 24, 2017, 04:40:33 PM »
Wholeheartedly seconding Demonaut.
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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #12 on: November 24, 2017, 04:43:10 PM »

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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #13 on: November 24, 2017, 04:44:00 PM »
okay, maybe this is an unpopular opinion but i don't want drugs or alcohol to be monitored or completely taken away from the game; i understand many people don't like to think about them or dislike seeing them but for a few people they can help them work through things. i don't like drugs as much as the next person but as someone who has been to dark, dark places and has done things i'm not proud of sometimes having the ability to write that with my characters helps keep the cravings and desires away. it's sort of like therapy, in a way, and i don't want to have to watch what i do or how i put things when i reference things because most of my characters share that same thing because i'm trying to work through stuff and making my characters go through drug abuse and alcohol abuse among other things is an outlet. i think maybe we should tag things more often, maybe people should stay away from threads or posts with that tagged but taking that away would likely hurt a lot of people, whether they just want to have the option to develop their characters through realistic means or want to use it to help better themselves and keep from doing self destructive behaviors themselves. i know many people just don't like drugs but a lot of people write with or incorporate them into their characters because it's a coping method and i think that if you just don't like them it shouldn't be a reason to completely take them away.

this is all over the place and not well worded but, yikes, i'm on some strong-ass allergy meds and my ass needs to take a nAP. don't ya just love being sick.

although, i do think i agree a lot with demonaut and what they said about gradually changing things.

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Re: OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT WNG CHANGES (& results from the second survey)
« Reply #14 on: November 24, 2017, 04:55:46 PM »
agreeing w demonaut on? most things

- i feel like we need to do the changes fast. going slow like a bunch of people said isn't going to help anything
- i like the idea of a disaster caused by supernatural methods that can lead up to a religion that NOT EVERYONE HAS TO FOLLOW, but like. it EXISTS. i'd like to go the starclan route. no specific god, but just a bunch of dead people that guide you? like... spirit animals. because ngl i'm an athiest and one god makes me really uncomfortable. i'd like it if the religion was one big religion that people could follow or not, and the ideals of a clan change with the high positions. that could lead to super interesting inner and outer clan conflict.
- hate hate hate drugs and alcohol. super unrealistic for animals to even have them, they make me extremely uncomfortable, and they probably should kill animals, anyway. humans can do them, but i would love to get really far away from drugs and alcohol in wng. wng is animals. it's not humans, and i don't like how humanized they are. i feel like it should be animals, and you never saw the warrior cats in the books getting high, did you? animals don't do that. the most they can have is catnip, imo, and even then, i really don't like catnip litters. it's too human. i want to move away from being human, because we don't have two human games; we have an animal game and a human game, and currently they're way too close together. this is the thing that i hate THE MOST in wng. drugs/alcohol.
- i definitely agree with four groups. i feel like the groups should depend more on their leaders, too; if their ideals clash with your character, that should cause conflict. people just take it because they don't want to hurt a leader's feelings, but i feel like there needs to be more ic consequences for ic actions. definitely liking demonaut's ideas.
- i feel like powers need to have more of a lore-based explanation. radiation seems too easy and with little consequences. maybe it could stem from religion?
- leaders really need to stop abusing our system. i say we need to watch inactivity more closely, but not so closely that people fear losing their boards. that's not fun for anyone. we just need to make sure active leaders are, well... leading.
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