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riding these vibrations // open
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:36:00 PM »
Since the move, the only place where Roy felt really comfortable in was wherever the animals were. He felt fine when he could take care of the horses, whether it be clipping their hooves or their manes; everywhere else he was tense, nerves like steel. He was waiting for—something. He didn't know what. It was like when his father was angry and he couldn't do nothing but wait in his room; it was like treading around a ticking bomb and it wasn't the bomb itself you feared, but the anticipation of it blowing up. The waiting is what killed him. All that was ingrained in him was an undercurrent of survive survive survive, don't look back, even if he was relatively safe in the Northstar.

Roy pauses in his brushing to check outside; no one was coming and he allowed himself to relax. It was soothing, the gentle action of running a brush over the American Paint's brown mane, dust particles flying into the streaming sunlight that seeped through the window. He could even forget the white bandages wrapped around his hands, the split skin around his knuckles. "Nice, right?" He allows something like a smile, smaller, and barely visible to the untrained eye, to cross his face. Maybe he was bragging, but she seemed to like it more than the others when she was brushed by him; horses weren't like dogs, easily expressive, but he liked to think that way. 

He rests a hand against her side, feeling the rise and fall of her breathing, before trailing it against her back. She isn't like his own mare back in Harthwaire, not as stubborn or hard-headed. She was softer than the other horses and he liked that about her. Bright and alert, but gentle. The thought of taking her out for a ride sounded nice, but he felt safer in here. He drops the brush down into a bucket and scratches a different one, this time, brushing her back and the edges of her frame. The only sounds he can hear is the snorting of horses, their breaths and the swhhhh of his brush on her back.

Spoiler: PITY THE PARIAH 11/24 • show
created 8/20 / nineteen yrs old / mentally and physically a teenager
trainee of the northstar district / previously lived in harthwaire, in the south

a short and stocky boy with the features of a boy but the sharp eyes of a man. his torso is wide and though his shoulders are squared, they slope softy and rarely fill the sweaters and tee-shirts that envelop his frame. his round head has short red hair that's usually flat, accompanied by solid amber eyes that flash red in the light. he's lightly skinned, and deeper than he should be from sun exposure. he has a notable southern-ness to him and it's easy to tell when you hear him when he's worried, stressed, or mad.

POSITIVE: independent, knowledgeable, caring, sincere
NEUTRAL:  impulsive, outspoken, intense, stubborn
NEGATIVE: vulgar, cynical, abrasive, insecure, (very) loud
gryffindor / abnegation / ESTJ or ESTP
— roy's personality truly has many different facets but the one that often shows is his intrinsically flawed, imperfect, and illogical teenager one. he gets angry very easily, for the littlest things that really shouldn't make you so furious. along with this, he's abrasive to the point where it often pushes the people he cares about away. but to the core, the short redhead's heart is gold and he truly does care for his friends and the well-being of people despite his unwillingness to show it; he is only that way due to his major insecurities rooted from a troublesome childhood.

demiromantic bisexual / single pringle, not looking or interested
pierre vantas x unnamed mother / generation 2 / related to older brother, kyle vantas (npc)
hates touches from those he doesn't know / cares easily but is afraid of being in a romantic relationship of any kind / not very affectionate, wary of receiving it

medium, but tricky fighter / fairly easy to attack emotionally / not trained but has experience
will initiate fights / won't hesitate to finish fights / at first, overwhelemed by confrontation
won't ever kill or maim anybody / can be considered a wimp in all honesty
— attack in bold underline
— if you know what to look for you can tell that roy may not be trained, as his movements can be sloppy or unreformed, but with years of fighting experience on his side, he generally knows the in's and out's and can hold himself fairly well. due to his height, he can be easy to physically overpower. the boy knows this and depending on who he fights, he uses this to his advantage and generally doesn't stay put in a fight, evading attacks or punches until he's able to get his own in.

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ask for injury / ask for capture / no kill or maim
powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed / violently flinches away from touches
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Re: riding these vibrations // open
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 01:56:57 AM »
He feels the opposite of relaxed among the horses but somehow still makes it down to the stables every now and then. It seems cruel to keep his mare all locked up when he knows she’s antsy and eager to roam. But Jesus Christ was it a pain to lead her. He supposes that it’s fair, he hasn’t done too much to earn her trust, but it still was exasperating. It was all about baby steps, but man was he impatient.

Zach’s leading the surprisingly cooperative horse back in (she was either deviously pleased that she’d given him a difficult time earlier or was just full and pleasant — he likes to think it’s the latter) when he hears the clunk of something against a bucket. He gives her an appreciative pat on her flank before craning his head to spy Roy peacefully grooming a horse. It’s probably not best to disturb them, seeing as they appeared quite relaxed and calm, but an idle comment escapes anyway. ”You gonna take her for a ride?”

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Re: riding these vibrations // open
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Marine was very much the opposite of Roy, not just in personality but also in where they were most comfortable. If she could get away with it, she probably wouldn't visit her mare very often, but as it was she had to make sure she was fed, watered, cleaned and exercised. It was a responsibility she could only pass off to others so often, and this was one of the times when she couldn't.

Roy and Zach were there, one grooming his horse and the other leading his in. "Hello, boys." They're both older than her, yet still the word slips out. Marine walks by, heading towards her own mare, who remained unnamed. Her mouth formed a thin line at the sight of her horse, remembering the pain of when she fell off. "Hello, girl."

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▪ Marine Beaufort | Goes by Marine or Ms. Beaufort
▪ Cis female | She/Her
▪ 18 years old | Ages real time
▪ Prodigy of Northstar District | Loyal to herself

Physical —
♦ HUMAN | Health: 90%
— [Note that certain aspects of her physical appearance are still being decided, hence vague language or lack of detail] Marine is a fairly tall young woman, with the lean, muscular body of someone who spent her entire life training while not getting enough to eat. The scars on her body (the most visible being one on her brow and several on her arms and hands) are souvenirs of a great many fights. The scars on her legs and torso are hidden by her clothes - typically she wears skinny jeans, a leather jacket, a tank top, combat boots, and fingerless gloves - all in edgy black. The monochrome is broken up, however, by a great deal of dirt, as well as different stains, most being blood, and by her red backpack. Marine is actually filthy everywhere, and her long dark hair is in tangles most of the time.
minor injuries: n/a
major injuries: n/a

Important Info —
▪ Cannot read or write more than her name.
▪ First priority is her own survival, all else comes secondary. Will prioritize children heavily before adults, and may even distrust and dislike adults, possibly blaming those in their forties or later for the blackout.
▪ Heavily armed with a sniper rifle (no ammo, used for intimidation), a handgun (4 bullets), a compound bow (8 arrows), a swiss army knife, a few other knives and daggers that she's picked up over the years. Uses the bow most for hunting and is most proficient with that, though she is capable with all of her weapons.
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always 100% in character and do not reflect the roleplayer's opinions.

Personality —
— Marine is someone whose negative traits tend to shine much brighter than her positive traits. She is incredibly selfish, and is motivated by her survival first and foremost, and she'll do anything to preserve herself. Second to her own life comes that of children, who she sometimes looks at like younger siblings. She tends to distrust people older than herself (especially 40+), and can be quite cynical. She doesn't work well with other people, but is a tireless worker and will do whatever it takes to get whatever she needs or wants. [Personality is a WIP]

Relationships —
▪ NPC x NPC | Parents were killed when she was young
▪ Bisexual | Biromantic
▪ Single | Crushing on no one
▪ ½ ⅓ ¼ ⅕ ⅙ ⅐ ⅛ ⅑ ⅒ Ship/Group/Squad
▪ Protective of those younger than her, distrustful of those older than her.

Interaction —
— Physically Hard | Mentally Hard | Will start and finish fights
— Lacks formal training
— Still fully capable both with and without weapons
— Guns are for intimidation, bow is for hunting, knives are for fighting
— No kill/capture/maim without permission
— Will kill/capture/maim with permission
— To attack, @Marine Beaufort & attack in bold, italic underline

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Re: riding these vibrations // open
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2017, 11:42:21 AM »
It was more so him following Marine than him wanting to attend to his own unnamed horse, four ocelot kittens riding on his heels as he walked at his own meager pace. He knew it wasn't good for him to be so up and about despite his arm still healing, but he was impatient and felt vastly incompetent when he was not doing something for the clan he was supposed to be leading. Despite his immaturity, he was exceedingly more concerned with business affairs than with his own personal life. "Ah, the whole Brady bunch is here, attending to their ponies." his tongue clucked distastefully, but that was because Shere Khan had started to nip at the exposed inch of skin between the top of his socks and the bottoms of his joggers. He shook the kitten off as gently as he could. "When I was twelve, I think, every girl in my school had this funny little infatuation with going down South, meeting a cowboy, and taming wild horses. They grew out of it once they discovered Justin Bieber and his floppy hair."

His own horse was an Akhal Teke he'd found unattended in Northstar upon first arriving to claim the throne, so to speak, and he didn't have much time to name him since he'd taken to riding one of the bigger horses. Although, Shere Khan and his band of siblings had quickly taken a liking to the Akhal, so he figured it wouldn't hurt to spend more time with the equine. As he planted himself squarely in front of the horse, it tossed its head at him in greeting, fine blonde hair far prettier than his and tufted along his neck instead of wild and tangled like the other horses he'd seen before it; a twinge of jealousy passed through him, and he snorted. "What hair products are you using?" he pouted, reaching up to tousle his horse's mane. It nudged against his hand and breathed deeply in it in exasperation.
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