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country girl ;; private, hyacinth
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:22:28 PM »
TO BED ・゚✧
Cavetown, after his adventure to the woods, decided that making tea from the trees and shrub out there was much better. In fact, on this trip, he had decided to bring back some herbs with him- an assortment of flowers and Juniper sprigs. The sprigs made an especially good tea. You take the young, berryless sprigs and boil it in a quart of water. After about 10 minutes, you serve it like normal tea - of course, without the sprigs. Of course, Cavetown had many more plans than just tea. He was humming beneath his breath, of course, really not watching where he was going.


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Re: country girl ;; private, hyacinth
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 03:43:23 AM »
ALREADY CHOKING ON MY PRIDE — When it comes to food and drink, Hyacinth has very simple tastes. Up north, they don't bother with fancy preparations and spices, or any plants at all for that matter. The still warm carcass of an elk and fresh mountain water are enough for a werewolf. Tea? Never heard of it. "Are those for healing, little cat?" rumbles Haya, emerging from the undergrowth to match Cavetown's pace. For a wolf, he's small, but to Cavetown, he must seem like a giant. The feline's unease isn't unwarranted, but the extremes he takes it—Haya can't help but be amused. "I don't believe we've had a proper introduction—Cavetown, is it?" He knows the cat's name, of course, but he's rather entertained by this game he's playing. He bares his teeth in a gruesome approximation of a smile, wider and wilder than he normally did. "Hyacinth Marrowtooth. Delightful to make your acquaintance."

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