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Hello! Hola! Bonjour! 你好! مساء الخير!
Let me start out by saying: I am not five-lingual. Barely bilingual and in the utmost rarest sense, trilingual. To be honest, I even had to google bonjour bc my ass forgot it lmao.
Anyways, my name is Leon Elyjah A., many call me Leo and few call me Ian (an insert of my dead name.). I am a dUde but don't get me wrong, I am far from cis. However, I view the word 'trans' as hypocritical so I avoid using it as much as possible. hM,,,,, I am a minor, yep yep. Freshman 17-18 in highschool, mhm, yep yep. I go to school/live in Texas, with family everywhere through the states.
Interests, hobbies, etc. wise, I'm not that interesting. I am on my high school's swim team, used to be on an all-year club team. I've been swimming for 3 years, maybe four, I'm not sure, in total. I took a year break, really about a year and a half because I wasn't into swimming much before the break. After school, I mostly sleep, write, and draw. Oh, I play the trumpet, too, but I'm quitting, after this school year ends, to have the ability to play multiple sports, rather than one. I'd like to take up softball, maybe soccer since I played and loved it once, but we'll see.
On that note, I think knowing my future plans will let you into the mind of me, just a bit more. So, let me tell you: there are none. I have many diverse ideas but no plan. There's the lawyer idea, english teacher, english teacher in a foreign country, your typical run-of-the-mill office worker, olympian, even a stripper. The office worker and stripper come in an one-for-one pack, its a combo set. I'm not sure where I even want to go for university, how am I expected to know my life plan? I just want a nice deal, something with a routine that I can earn bANk for.
hM, other future plans pretty much involve learning foreign languages. I'd like to learn Mandarin, Arabic, continue working on my Spanish and ASL, as well as learn just a,, communicative language like Japanese or Korean, maybe something like Italian. A language that has no real use but to understand and communicate with people of their origin country. That pretty much connects to my desire to teach English in a foreign country.
So, yep, thats me. Don't hesitate to ask more, Im pretty narcissistic and enjoy talking about myself, and uh, don't hesitate to just,, talk to me. My low ass self esteem goes doki doki when I get them fresh friends.
Peace out! Hasta luego! À la prochaine! 有空再聊. إلى اللِقاء.

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August 15, 2022, 11:52:20 PM

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