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First-Time Ads / the owlery. 🦉 slice of life hogwarts.
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Creative Center / Re: "the study," character muse
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✧ She wished she could say she believed her mother, that someone would help them. Walking down a highway, cars abandoned every twenty or so meters. They were as worthless as her mother's failing positivity. It didn't matter what the cars looked like; a truck, a Civic, a Lamborghini, what they lacked was fuel and batteries. The same lack she found in her mother. Her only energy found when a crisis occurred, having them run from whatever threatened them. Because that's what dear dad said to do. But daddy's dead.
Creative Center / Re: "the study," character muse
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✧ Crow enjoys dancing, but she gets irritable if her partner cannot match her tempo, making her not the partner for everyone.
✧ Crow is how she introduced herself when she came to The Badlands.
✧ She got this nickname for her pull to 'shiny' things by her previous sham of a group.
✧ Jewelry, tinsel, and any material that pertains to making clothes can be used as items of trade or gifts.
✧ She showed up with a rolling suitcase of clothes, materials, and two sewing kits.
✧ Her weapons stem from arts & crafts, tools, and accessories, generally always having something on her to defend herself or attack. She has only used a gun once in her life point blank.
✧ social vices; anything with watermelon liquor & Mexican candies, hookah
✧ confident, selfish, opportunistic, not afraid of the spotlight, dancer, dramatic, critical, blunt
✧ MO.I appearing to do something harmless, casual, mundane, prior to going in for an attack or kill. Opportunistic, sudden.
✧ MO.II unexpected, drastic, over the top, crazed.
Creative Center / "the study," character muse
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"I'm not just one of your many toys."

"I don't want no enemies,
Don't get in the way of what's mine."


"You act all high and mighty,
like you're the sane ones"
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here, you can submit questions about anything to do with HMC (including potential faqs for each creature), or you can submit potential stories for the news header above the board! possible news stories include missing people (characters or npcs in your character's life), announcements (such as marriages, newborns, new businesses opening, etc.), or anything else that would possibly be featured in a small community newspaper!
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welcome to the official plotting thread of halfmoon county! feel free to post anything here related to plotting. i know a majority of us use discord, though, so here is also the link to the official HMC server > click!
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welcome to the official chatting thread of halfmoon county! feel free to post anything here. i know a majority of us use discord, though, so here is also the link to the official HMC server > click!
Halfmoon County / Re: A GUIDE TO HARBINGERS
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> can a harbinger absorb pain from other supernaturals?
yes. a harbinger can absorb pain from any living creature, including animals and other occults. by placing their hand on the individual and concentrating, a harbinger is fully able to take on as much pain as they choose/can bear.

> when a harbinger brings someone back to life, is that person any different?
no, not necessarily. psychologically, perhaps, but physically, when a harbinger uses this ability, it mends any wounds or stifles any sickness. it acts as if you’ve just been healed. they also cannot cure chronic illnesses, but they can make you immune to its lethality, while you may live with said disease, you will not die from it.

>what are examples of their sixth sense?
this power can be as small as a harbinger warning their friend of their crazy ex’s approach, or as big as to warn their people of an enemy’s attack. harbingers were once looked to to alert their fellow townspeople of oncoming threats, such as the arrival of a troublesome vampire.
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angel heart
Falling down on lead wings torn apart
And the world’s beneath my skin
----Destroying all the things you left around
'Cause your earthbound's coming down
(Coming down)
ORIGINS Shortly after the curse of the sun and moon, the circle of blair lake took pity on a village called harbinger. The witches gifted its people with blessings, and from it the harbingers thrived thanks to their new abilities. Their friendship with the coven also served useful, providing harbingers protection and otherworldly resources. As a result, their community grew and grew, some spreading their wings, but many loyal to their roots in Lunar Point.

CULTURE Harbingers have been around slightly earlier before the other supernatural creatures of Halfmoon County. They are known for not only their wings, but for their loyalty and determination. Having their village indentured to the coven willingly and serving them has passed on these traits generation to generation. While not every Harbinger fits this description, their bloodline is known for it, and many Harbingers are known to be in the labor or protection fields of work, seen as hardworking members of their community, and have earned a good reputation amongst most. They are typically peaceful unless threatened, and often views as the enforcers of justice.
APPEARANCE Harbingers are such only by blood. They cannot turn another human to become like them- only their genetics are responsible for their origin. Upon birth, Harbingers do not yet have their wings, but only very slight bumps between their shoulder blades. Here, their wings will slowly grow from once the child reaches their respective age of puberty. They will start small, and eventually grow full size- about 2.5-3 meters in wingspan, relative to the individual's own size. These wings can vary in color, but follow the palette of other avian creatures- often neutral tones, or the occasional brighter color. Markings also relate to birds, dapples or streaks mainly. A Harbinger otherwise fully resembles a human. When their wings are not in use, they are invisible to all, but once utilized, they become visible.
ABILITIES With their wings, they are able to hover and to glide. They cannot fully fly much more than a few feet off the ground, as their bone density is not as nimble. By kicking off tall structures, they are able to glide just as effectively as other gliding creatures. Their wings are sharp and dense, and double as built-in weapons- simply shoving their wings into someone could easily knock the other onto their back, and a quick swipe could leave them with gashes. As well as offense, their wings also can protect their bodies/someone close to them- by spreading their wings and shielding their body, they are able to protect themselves- their wings are thick and full of otherworldly feathers, able to take minimal damage. Harbingers also possess super strength, their wings a heavy burden they are accustomed to thanks to this ability. Harbingers are also capable of healing others, as a Harbinger is able to "siphon" pain from other living animals and endure it themselves, or, in the extreme instance, Harbingers are able to bring individuals back from the dead, though this will reduce their own lifespan by a quarter each time. Lastly, harbingers possess minor psychic senses, able to feel strong oncoming or ongoing imbalances. they are extremely empathetic and can feel the weight of others’ emotions. this translates to sensing the approach of something or someone capable of creating some form of imbalance in one way or another.
WEAKNESSES Harbingers do not have many weaknesses, as they possess no immortality, only a slightly lengthened lifespan (100 years on average). All that separates them is their abilities- a bullet could just as easily take them down as it does a human if taken to a vital area. The best way to harm a Harbinger is to take them by surprise, or strip them of their wings.

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