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Helping Hub / Re: VICE WORLD - interest check!
« Last post by timothy on Yesterday at 09:37:03 PM »
Introduction ⚜⚜

Welcome to Vice World, formerly Novice World, an amusement park, abandoned and left to rot several years before the power outage. Left to the generosity of nature, the rides and everything that attracted the crowds were taken over with vines, creatures, and other unpleasant things, destined to reclaim what was originally theirs.

It houses three small parks: Astralland, a place dedicated to everything space! From space-age, to the most recent moon landing! You can find everything you ever wished for with space here. The martians, aliens, and other extraterrestrial beings seem to haunt the park in forms of spooky statues, rusted and falling apart. Titanpark, based around a familiar fear of megalophobia. Everything here will make you feel tiny, from the giant rollercoaster, to the sky-scraping ferris wheel. Everything is just so ridiculously large, that even the prices are inflated! Thrillfair, a horror-theme park, perfect for your every day Halloween fix! With spooky rides, jumpscares, and.... zombies? No, those are just mannequins. There's a lot of those around here, you'd think they moved on their own!

Novice World is not responsible for injury, dismemberment, or death.
Territory ⚜⚜

Vice World's territory starts at a wide open parking lot, with abandoned cars and overgrown weeds. There is a wide arch into the park, where the park's previously lit name proudly loomed, but the N and O from the original name had fallen off, leaving a lights-out VICE WORLD to watch over the vacant lot. Past the gates, a statue of two bison stand. Buffy, and Bronco, the mascots for the park. Buffy's horn has fallen off, and Bronco is missing his tail. Past them, a trade center stands. It's a busy market, with thieves, scammers, and all sorts of unfortunate faces just trying to make a living. Beyong that, is the housing units, scraped together with scraps from all around the park, made form the gift shop, and several concession stands. Past the trading ring and the houses lies the park's most treasured spot--a giant bison head, protruding from the ground. In it's mouth, the Overboss' chamber lies. The only way in and out is a long-winded staircase.

From the main park, it branches off into the other three attractions. Astralland is the closest, also being the smallest. It's got a ride that shows the evolution of space age, from first discovering space, until it's most recent update (several years prior to the power outage). There's a brief rollercoaster that's a shoot-for-points, where it takes you through space, and you have to fight against the aliens attacking Earth! It doesn't work anymore, and the track has fallen apart and clogged. The robots and cut-outs have since rotted and fallen apart, leaving behind a creepy remanence of what was. The park itself isn't as worse as the others, as it had a wide, open dome to protect the electronics and other things from the weather. There's some fallen pieces of the dome, but none of the stuff isn't terribly rusted, nor rotten. Due to the roof collapsing in the inside bit of the rollercoaster, and the part of the dome covering it also having fallen in, the building is worse for wear. It's livable and easily the cleanest out of the entire amusement park.

Titanpark has everything large. It's the furthest from the main park. The cups, the rides, the seats, the food. It's all comical, really. The largest ride is the rollercoaster, expanding through the entirety of the park, including the entrance. Just watch your head! A part of the track had fallen off, where the coach had also fallen, leaving a good, hefty dent in the pavement. In the middle of the park, a tall ferris wheel stands, creaking and groaning, threatening to fall over. There's a giant mountain, but it's hollow inside, instead being a restaurant, where the large foods were made and sold. Don't look for food there now, it's all gone! The third worse-for-wear, with the rollercoaster falling apart, the mountain slowly crumbling, and the ferris wheel on it's last legs. It's not the worst place to live, but it's also not the best.

Thrillfair isn't too far, between the other two parks' distance. Stepping through the gates, right off the bat, will send anyone wishing they could turn around. This park had suffered the worst out of all of them, the rain had rusted everything, leaving metal joints creaky. The mannequins that haunt the park seem to move on their own, missing an arm or a leg and sometimes even a head. Halloween decorations, left abandoned to swing in the wind. Nothing here seems comforting, everything keeping you on edge. Not at all a recommended place to live, but yet still some choose to stay.

Behind Thrillfair, between it and Titanpark, a fourth park was destined to be created. A zoo, based around everything animals. However, because of the bankruptcy declare, and the loss of power, the project was abandoned. It's now just a space full of supplies and animal cages.
Rules & FAQ ⚜⚜

The first, most important rule is always listen to the Overboss.
- Do not attack other groups without the Overboss' say-so.
- No power-play allowed. Everyone has to be equal here.
- No bigotry. If there is any hate spread either IC or OOC, staff will be notified.
- Fist fighting is allowed, but if weapons are drawn, it better be a good reason for it.
- All high positions must be respected. A warning and punishment will be handled.
- If you are to settle in Vice World, loyalty is a demand. If it's found out that there's any alliance with another group, punishment and possibly exile will be put forth.
History ⚜⚜

Novice World, when at it's peak, was one of the most successful amusement parks in the whole city. However, funnily enough, it was the name that was it's downfall. No one wanted to go to a park named Novice World--it made people feel as if this park would never become anything greater than what it was. In a desperate attempt to gain money, the owner of Novice World put forth a project on bringing more to the park. During the add-on of a fourth attraction, about to be a world dedicated to animals, the owner had to file bankruptcy, as he could no longer afford neither the construction, and the ability to keep the park running. Novice World closed its doors permanently.

About five to ten years later, the power outage had struck.

Magnus, the current Overboss, found Vice World, and had quickly climbed the ranks between all the people living there. He gained the trust of the three gangs, and took over Vice World with an iron fist. Now, everything that goes, goes with his say, or else.
Other ⚜⚜

There are three gangs.

There is the Coterie - a group centered around each other. They are clean, smart, and focused on success. They are very clique-y, and like to look after only their own. They own Astralland.

There's the Ferals - a group of people who are dedicated to living more animalistic. They live off the land and make the most of what they have. Animal fights, mostly dogs, happen regularly here. They own Titanpark.

Then there's the Bleeding Streets - a completely unhinged group, desperate for bloodshed wherever they go. They're completely off the rails, and very unpredictable. They own Thrillfair.
Politics ⚜⚜

 - n/a

 - n/a

- n/a
Ranks ⚜⚜

   (1/1) Played by @timothy

Second in Command
   (0/1) Played by ---

Park Leaders
   (0/3) Played by ---

   (0/5) Played by ---

Trade Overseers
   (0/5) Played by ---

   (0/3) Played by ---

Helping Hub / VICE WORLD - interest check!
« Last post by timothy on Yesterday at 09:36:34 PM »

hey yall!! i have a group idea, inspired by nuka-world from fallout 4!
basically, it's a group that lives in an abandoned amusement park. there will be four total parks; the main one, astralland, titanpark, and thrillfair! the group will be mostly antagonistic, but will leave most of the groups alone

feedback and inquiries are welcomed!!

i'll post the guide in the next post :^)
Creative Center / Re: ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by Eskie on Yesterday at 10:45:58 AM »
what do i hope to achieve with these characters?
>highly interactive, realistic, and long lasting characters. able to create plots not only with others but in TNW itself. fun to write.

characters i may revamp
>jacksboro, sköll, bane, bear, osirus, jackie, faustus, himbo.
>name ideas: coyote (kai-yot)
>what they bring:
- sköll brings a youthful, (mostly) lighthearted chaos to TNW. his dialogue and actions often provoke reactions. extremely capable of creating a scene. when pushed, sköll can become extremely dangerous, providing drama and battles. (if i choose him, i’d like to create his counterpart in his backstory being hati to follow the norse myth he’s inspired by). (this role seems underdone at the moment and holds a potential for many plots).
- jacksboro, bane, faustus, and osirus bring nearly the same possibility to fulfill the antihero role. all are capable, intimidating men who have rough pasts and may be morally grey, but have the goodness of heart to bet on. often leaders of communities. (this role seems already filled by multiple in TNW).
- bear provides a youthful, optimistic feeling despite his morose aura. young boy weighed with hallucinations, minor memory loss, and pure teenage angst. his actions often provoke warm interactions: helping bear through an attack, creating art, feeling welcomed. (this role seems less interesting to me, and not needed).
- [himbo] provides a lighthearted humor to TNW. he serves the protector role but also the fool role. capable and strong, he will uplift those around him with undying loyalty and love. his actions provoke warm interactions, humorous, childlike, and loving. (this role seems fun and it could be a good sense of connectivity)!
Private Threads / Re: holdin' all this love ┊ teddy
« Last post by TEDDY. on September 20, 2021, 06:34:06 PM »
The morning was customary as it often was. Teddy would wake up with Tatiana in his bed, and he’d cherish the moment as he often would when spoiled with her company before they’d wake and get ready to begin the day. Today had been similar to any other late morning. Slicked back blond locks, dampened with the water Teddy used to smooth his hair back, and he was nearly fully dressed as he shrugged his linen shirt over his shoulders. Anya was talking, and Teddy’s gaze appeared vaguely attentive as most of his focus had initially been on the buttons that he was doing up on his shirt. He gave Anya a short hum to signify that he was listening, glancing over towards her as she turned to face him before she spoke.


Her words penetrated the air, and Teddy’s breath hitched in his throat as the following silence was an overwhelming whir in his ears.

It was the contented mew of Maia that grounded him again, fingertips rigidly pinching the final button of his striped cloth cabana whilst his attention was affixed to the woman sat at his vanity stool. Teddy swallowed hard, urging away the sudden awareness of the increasing tightness in his throat. It was as if subconsciously his mind knew not to say anything at all as, in perilous times such as these, any disconcerted fumble of words could make or break whatever relationship he enjoyed with Anya. He had to choose his next words wisely, but it was near-impossible when there was a disorientating haze of discomposure clouding his thoughts.

The silence for the next couple of seconds was deafening, only magnifying the apprehension in Teddy’s face as his eyes fell to look down at his hands. Eyebrows bunched together in thought and his face twitched at the lip, Teddy exhaling a short breath through flaring nostrils before doing up the final button and brushing his shirt down cleanly. ❝ Okay. ❞ He finally acknowledged in a soft murmur, eyelids blinking progressively more in haste as he ruminated on Anya’s divulgence. He soon returned his gaze to Anya before he lowered himself onto the end of his bed, hunched over slightly as hands rested on the mattress either side of him.

❝ Uh… Okay, so — what now, then? ❞ Teddy questioned, hesitating momentarily before he gestured a hand towards her. ❝ We’re somethin’. I dunno what, and I don’t plan on labelling it anytime soon, but I don’t wanna… end things just because of this. ❞ He made the revelation appear as if it was entirely on Anya for falling pregnant rather than on Teddy’s contribution. ❝ But… ❞ Lips tightened to form a thin line, Teddy pondering on his next, uncompromising words carefully. ❝ I don’t want you to tie me down. I'll be as involved as ya need me to be, but that's it. I’ll give you everything you’ll need for it, I’ll make sure you'll never have to worry about you or the baby’s safety around ‘ere, hell I’ll take it off your hands if ya ever need a break. I just… can’t drop everything I’ve been working towards for this kid. For you. Ya understand me? ❞

His life as an epicurean, a bachelor, a bon vivant. The sartorial womanizer who’d never spend the night alone if he so wished. He was a gregarious socialite yet a barbarous entrepreneur par excellence; he was not willing for his reputation to be suppressed by commitment. Micah pulled off the look of a doting yet fiercely protective father and husband, willing to instigate the degloving of his enemies if they were to ever look at his family the wrong way. He looked frightening, broad and muscular with a mean scowl and an abrupt voice. But Teddy was softer in appearance, unassuming. His eyes were cold and his words could sting, but only because it was the impression he worked hard to leave on every person he met because the look didn't come naturally; it came with the reputation he maintained. Teddy was hot and cold, generous and dangerous. He wanted to be unpredictable and wild because that was the thing that made people adore him and fear him all the same.

Would a child destroy everything that he had ever worked towards? Would Anya expect him to sacrifice that so that they could play a conventional game of happy family? Teddy waited with bated breath as he anticipated Anya’s long overdue outlook. There was an uneasiness which settled in his chest. Whether it was because of the unexpected news of his unborn child or the fact that Teddy surprised himself with his level of cooperation (if it were anyone else, Teddy knew that he would likely have cut all ties on the spot. But beautiful Anya, the thought of being without her was near-devastating.), he wasn’t quite yet sure. With a sigh, Teddy eventually held his hand out in the hopes that Anya would take it. ❝ I’m sorry. I don't mean it like that… We’ll deal with this, okay? I won’t leave you nor the kid high ‘n’ dry. Never, and that's a promise. ❞ As much a promise he could offer for the time being, at least until he could figure out his conflicting thoughts.
The Badlands / Re: It was all a dream | open, birthday
« Last post by Salem on September 19, 2021, 09:31:59 PM »
Teddy's words hung in the air for a few moments, Salem unable to respond right away to his kindness. Where was this coming from? Where was the man she so badly needed to push away? Who was he to call her mon ami, to lend her his books?

She decided not to address the dismissive tone in his voice: she knew he wouldn't be overly pleased about the baby. That's why she held most of the important information from him, after all.

"I don't know, Teddy..." Her voice shook as she suddenly stood and walked towards one of the tea shelves, fiddling with the bags. She couldn't let him in, not when she was this vulnerable, this close to letting everything slip out. It was selfish of her to indulge in this fantasy that she and Teddy could ever be anything more than acquaintances. was her birthday. Wasn't she allowed to be selfish today, of all days?

She sighed, lowering her head as she placed the tea bags in her hands back into their respective places. When she lifted it back up, she had a fake smile plastered across her face, her eyes glittering with a mixture of fear and excitement. "You know what? Fine. Sure." She managed to say, strolling back to the table best she could. "Talk to me about your books."
> overall status: 100%

> physical status: stable.
> physical health: 100%
> physical afflictions: none yet.
> minor injuries: none yet.
> major injuries: none yet.

> mental status: stable.
> current status: stable.
> mental health: 100%
> mental illnesses: None
> mental damage: None
> Elisa Barone | "Salem"
> Female
> 24
> Dark brown hair that varies in shade, pale, blue green eyes.
> Carries at least 2 cigars at a time, a small handgun, and a small switchblade.
> tall, lanky and a bit awkward physically.
> N/A
> N/A
> medium physically | easy/medium mentally
> non-violent power-play allowed
> no kill | request maim/capture
> ask to attack in bolded, underlined and italicized black
> Lionel King x Melissa Barone
> Half brother Rafe
> Half niece Gigi
> Cat Chrisanthymum "Chrissy"
>Bisexual | no crush
> this text + this color = this meaning
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ even if my way is wrong
a small everyone. | beware hidden scrolling
Creative Center / Re: ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by Eskie on September 19, 2021, 04:38:28 PM »
hehe hi besties <33
Creative Center / Re: ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by scully on September 19, 2021, 04:06:01 PM »
oh shi am here
Creative Center / Re: ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by truce. on September 19, 2021, 03:57:46 PM »
tracking hehehe
Creative Center / Re: ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by finny. on September 19, 2021, 03:37:24 PM »
Creative Center / ‧͙⁺˚*・༓ ♱ bones and honey
« Last post by Eskie on September 19, 2021, 03:58:16 AM »
welcome to my new storage/dump! here i’ll be keeping my notes, characters, writing, and more! you’re more than welcome to post and chat here if you’d like. i’m also always open to plotting or chatting, so don’t be afraid to pm me or add me on discord (linked below!) enjoy! :^)

pinterest page ⋆ discord: south#3575 to plot/chat!
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