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Title: his mind is in a different place // P
Post by: nibbles ✭ on November 14, 2018, 01:22:27 AM
marcus really did love dancing, honestly. it was one of the few things he was good at. he'd been dancing since he could walk, and he used to terrify his parents with it when he was younger. they thought he would break something, apparently. and he might have broken a few bones here and there, but it never stopped him.

some people made fun of him for it, when he was still in school, but even that didn't discourage him. he wasn't all too smart, he couldn't draw, his reading skills were subpar. he didn't have too many things he could do well other than dancing, caring for plants, and taking care of kids. he was kind of boring, really.

marcus instinctively leaned back a little as vessie leaned in close, raising a single eyebrow. he laughed though after vessie spoke and quickly leaned away. he covered his mouth in a lame attempt to stop his giggles.

"what? you mean like stripping? you're asking me if I'm a stripper?" he beamed, amused at the thought. sure he'd gotten that question a few times, but never like that. "no, of course not! regular dancing. kid-friendly." he pressed a hand to his chest, "i'm flattered, though. thanks for thinking of me as sexy." he teased.

he bit his lip to force his laughter to die out, looking away for a moment before tipping his head to the side. vessie really did remind him of some kind of animal or a little kid. it was kind of endearing, really.

marcus hummed, looking over at his sister and tapping on his leg a little. "i dance a lot, aubrey doesn't. she just wanted to watch, since we're preparing for a competition." he smirked and looked back up at vessie, "she'd hurt herself if she tried to, anyway." he insisted, before looking behind the man and leaning on his heels again,

"what were you doing?"

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Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
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im here im ready
Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
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Continuously glancing over his shoulder, Vessie made sure to keep note to where Michelle was playing and where Eloy was sulking. The girl was still skipping around, singing a nursery rhyme as she did; the boy silently watched Michelle for a while before standing and joining her in playing. "Hey pipsqueak, let's look for someone else to continue our game."

Scratching and picking at his neck, Vessie smiled at Marcus before turning to give a call "Don't go too far, I want to be able to see both of you. Look after Mich."

Watching Eloy give a weak wave and Michelle giving him two thumbs up as they ran off, he mumbled to himself. "Can't have another scrapped elbow, they play too rough." Last time when Eloy and some older kids were playing with Michelle, she came to him in tears with a bloodied elbow. Said that the kids had pushed her and she got an owie. Nearly killed those punks.

Turning back to Marcus and Aubrey, he nodded and smiled again. Dancing seemed pretty neat, a pretty activity to watch. He knew someone that was a dancer. It was always nice to see him practice. Just go to one side of the room and watch him move along to the beat of the music. The man offered to teach Vessie how to dance, but he refused it over and over. He would rather be a viewer than a participator. 

Plus what else did he need to know other than shuffling, the worm, and the wave? It was all this man needed. Simple basic moves that wouldn't somehow end with him hurt.

Stopping for a second on his picking, he stared stupidly at Marcus. A crooked smile spread across his face as he burst out laughing. Pressing both his hands on his cheeks, wincing just the slightest, he shook his head and scrunched his face. "Sexy man, sexy man" he hummed jokingly.

Rubbing at the area that he had been picking at, Vessie shrugged, arm dropping to his side and smile fading, "Playing tag with my siblings. Got off work a couple of hours ago and took them out to burn some energy before dinner" he answered, "It also gives Halmi Choo some time to herself to get things prepared." Glancing over Marcus, he looked at Aubrey. Was she as clumsy as he was?

Gradually focusing back to Marcus, he hummed a tune, swinging both his arms beside him. He looked soft. He bet he was soft. Would it be weird to ask that? Yeah, it would be. But then again, he did ask if he was a stripper. What could top that? Staring intently at him for a second, he shook his head and giggled. "Are you going to be late to your dance? Your sister looks ready to smack you a good one."

Raising his hands to look at the damaged skin, he began to pick at the ripped skin-pulling some bits off. Biting his tongue before he cursed himself, he checked his knees and did the same. "I should go take care of this. Wash it out and patch it up" he mumbled to himself.

"Hey, little man, when can I pay you back for saving me the other day?" he bounced back up and raised his arms above his head. The soft popping of his bones bringing him to a grand groan. Shaking his arms, he continued to pick at his skin. It was a nasty habit he tried to train himself to stop doing. And clearly, it didn't work. At one point, he picked until he began to bleed. "How do you want me to pay you back? Want to go get ice cream again sometime?"
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Post by: nibbles ✭ on February 07, 2019, 06:59:02 PM
marcus smiled as he watched vessie interact with the kids.

they were cute. marcus liked kids, they were so energetic and happy all of the time. it was a nice change of pace to his slow household.

he snickered a bit at the 'they play too rough' comment. he remembered when tanna and brooke were little kids. they would come home all the time with scraped knees and cuts from roughhousing too much. it was a fond memory, actually. he missed having them depend on them.

now the twins just like ganging up on him. a change of pace would be nice.

marcus' nose scrunched up as vessie hummed sexy man, letting out a little snorting laugh "thanks, you're not too bad yourself." he joked. "joked".

he perked up at the sound of work, "oh? what do you do?" he smiled wide. "i work at a flower shop because, as aubrey says, 'i have a plant kink'" he snorted. it wasnt a very good job and it didnt make him much money. but he enjoyed it.

when he was a little kid he went into ballet, and since then he'd been hooked on dancing. he wanted to make that his job for awhile, but couldn't find any way to do it so he just got a job at a flower shop. it made him just as happy, anyways.

"yeah, you should. dont let that get infected. might have to cut your leg off!" he took a long pause before grunting "dont pick at it you heathen, youll make it worse!"

yeah, maybe he should look into taking care of kids more often. he was beginning to sound like his mother.

marcus hummed at vessies question, rocking back onto his heels a bit to look at vessie a bit better. yeah, he wanted to meet up with this strange man again. without being called little. "i'm not that little." he pouted, looking down at his feet. was he that short?

"you dont have to pay me back but i'd like to hang out again! how about tonight? im not doing anythingpracticeractise is over. you pick what we do, im not picky." he smiled wide.

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Having been distracted from the conversation and looking at his scrapes once more, he sat on the ground and examined his knees. They burned and felt uncomfortable, but it wasn't too bad. Few days, a week or two tops, and it would good as new. Tearing away hanging skin and blowing dirt from it, ignoring all common sense on not picking at the open wound, he glanced back at the Gray's and shrugged.

The plant shop, eh? He didn't recall if he ever really went into the shop, probably not. He wasn't a fan of plants, as he had a cursed thumb, as his grandmother said. Every pot he got, he'd end up over watering, under watering, or not giving it the right sunspot. An unfortunate cycle of events, but there was no real interest in keeping them alive. Halmi, on the other hand, enjoyed having a pot or two around the house.

Staring up, Vessie scratched his neck. He worked two jobs and told Marcus this; "I work part-time at a bar a few blocks away and at a warehouse, stocking shelves and getting things ready for ship-out." As well as having these sources for money, he also got an 'allowance' or a payment for each task he did for Martin. Or anyone else, really; he'd go and mow lawns, rake leaves, set anything up, or handle business. All in all, he was able to keep up with bills and day-to-day spending. And if he couldn't, he'd turn to his family for help, and they'd pool money to help. And so would he, when another member turned for help.

It also helped that Halmi had herself a little business, cooking or baking dishes and selling them to families. She'd also cook for the Church every other weekend.

But what had thrown him off had been the mention of a plant kink. What exactly was that? Staring at Marcus before shifting his gaze to his lap, he frowned "Plant kink? Like getting off to them? I mean, I guess. Free country and all." he whispered to himself, giving an odd expression.

Dropping his hand to the ground beside him, he nodded while wondering what made him a heathen, and what exactly was a heathen. While he usually didn't take orders from anyone he didn't know, the scare tactic made him stop. He didn't want his leg to be hacked off.

But soon after, a pleasant surprise had been presented as the agreement to the payment. Or more like a hangout. Excited for the chance to be around Marcus again later in the night, he had been ready to invite him to a party he and a few other people had been planning on going to later in the evening. But a too familiar voice called out to him. The familiar accent made him turn himself and looking for the figure and soon finding him standing next to his kids. Eduardo, also known as Uncle Ed, had Mich by the hang and Eloy jumping around him.

"Stop bothering those kids and get over here, I saw your fall," he called, walking towards them. Groaning softly in disappointment, he pouted at Marcus before standing. "Yeah, I'm okay though," he said, answered by "Come on, let's get you cleaned and patched up. Wife made some pan for your granny."

Nodding his head, he grew excited to smell the goodness of Elena's baked goods. Picking at his elbow, he turned to the young man, wondering on inviting him to the party. It was a newly abandoned building at the edge of town that was in excellent conditions. No signs of unpleasant people seen as of yet.

 The party itself would be a cookout as well as a dance. Full of food, music, and good times. He assumed it would be a great hangout place, as it was a public area to make it seem less intimidating.

As well as him being a designated driver, he would be a lookout, making sure things ran smoothly. Of course, there would be others that would stay sober to ensure everyone got home safely. So he was comfortable with inviting a stranger to the party, as he knew everyone would be civil, more or less. And of course, Martin had thought about the noise complaints and police visiting to investigate and break the party; so he and Roberto had paid the working patrols for the night to let them have fun.

Giving the directions to the party and the layout of the building, Vessie patted his legs as he took a few steps back. "You don't have to bring anything but your handsome self." He winked before awkwardly waddling away with a wave. Briskly making his way to the waiting man; Eloy and Michelle running around with a couple of his kids, Salvador and Samantha.
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Post by: nibbles ✭ on March 15, 2019, 06:40:42 PM
why did marcus agree to this again? he was in no way a party person. hed been to a couple, sure, but he always left early. the last time he went someone spilled their drink on him. before that, he drank too much and puked all over his friends coat. christian was not happy about having to carry him home with vomit on his clothes.

that was a wild time.

maybe he just wouldnt drink. he'd drink water and stay close to vessie and maybe everything wouldn't turn into a disaster. yeah! being an introvert always worked out for marcus so thats what hes gonna go with.

now to try and get an outfit together. which he'd been trying to do for the past hour. he even asked aubrey what to wear but she was no help.

he laid out a nice dress shirt and some black jeans, and a pretty cool yellow sweatshirt with some cats on it, and some shorts. that was his favourite outfit but was it too underdressed for a party? how do you even dress at a party with a bunch of people you dont know?

maybe he should invite a friend.

wait, no, that'd be a bad idea he was supposed to be going to hang out with vessie. he did want to get to know the strange man better. he was interesting.

why was he even dwelling on his clothing choice?

he grabbed the sweatshirt and shorts and quickly changed into them before checking himself in his mirror. yeah, he looked fine. what was he so scared about?

"mr. gray you are looking like a SNACK!" he yelled to himself in his mirror, striking a pose.

He heard a faint groan from his sisters in the next room. Probably making fun of him. Oh well.

He grabbed his wallet, making sure he had everything he might need before walking downstairs just in time to meet his mother, currently stirring noodles for dinner.

"Hey ma, i'm not gonna be here for dinner. I'm going to a party."

that made her stop in her tracks and stare at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

"yeah, yeah" he hummed, waving his hand. "i know, i'll be fine dont worry about it. see ya later."

walking out the door and programming the address into his phone, he hopped into his old beat up jeep and began the surprisingly short journey to the parties location.

he sat in his car with it off for about 10 minutes, debating on going inside. he didnt even know if vessie was here yet and he wouldn't know anybody else here.

wow thats a lot of people.

"you're a strong independent man marcus. you can do this!" he gave himself a little pep talk before exiting his car and locking the doors, shoving his keys and wallet into his pocket and heading for the front door.

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Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
Post by: haiena on June 16, 2019, 12:04:29 PM
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The night had been planned, and were fully explained to Vessie in ways that it would stick. He was to be an escort, a chauffeur; he was not to touch a drop of alcohol or any other substances. Due to an incident a couple parties ago, he was also supposed to keep an eye on a specific area that was marked for him. An argument had turned heated and soon grew to being physical, and when one of the people arguing pulled a weapon, the party had been pulled to a stop. So this time, Vessie was one of the couple of people assigned to make sure no fights broke out and everyone just had a grand time.

With the evening seeming to be on the warmer side, Vessie had been forced to shed his heavy sweater and kept it tied around his waist, and while the man styled a simple t-shirt and torn jeans and cutesy Hello Kitty bandages on his arms and knees being his outfit for the night, he shook himself into a stretch-- wincing as the bandaged areas stung. He had been stiff when he had been told to help set up a few tables inside for food and drinks to be put out. But with snacks being set into pretty patterns on trays and plates, Vessie rubbed his belly in anticipation of filling it with all the goodies, but as his mind was being filled with the hopes of munching on yummy foods, his hand was gently pulled on with a soft call of his name.

Looking down, he saw Izabel staring back at him with a gentle smile. She still wore her work clothes, as she usually wore them back home when she planned on washing them. "I decided to come by the party to check in on you before I went back to your place. Your granny asked for some company while you were out." she said as she positioned herself on her toes as Vessie dipped his head and pressed foreheads with hers with a nod. "I won't come home too late, or I'll just crash with someone else if they don't look too well. I have to keep an eye on some of these guys, they're real drinkers." he loudly replied, the building slowly getting a steady stream of people entering the building and the music starting to get played.

With a snort, Izabel shook her head "Geez, I'm lucky I don't know the type." her voice heavy with sarcasm, "Have fun with the party, I'm going to get some bread and head on out before I drown in this sea of people." and with another head press, Vessie watched as Izabel squeezed her way over to the table, grabbed a snack, and began to push her way out of the building.

When the party began to grow, Vessie was surrounded with his designated group, a couple of girls that were loudly chattering with a few of the boys that tried to get Vessie to build them up more than they were. Instead of making them look like a big deal, he teased that they were just babies that cried for their mommies when they got scared. Feeding off the conversation, Vessie hooked his arm around of the guy's neck and pulled him close, laughing loudly, "But in reality, this guy can kick ass as good as fast as he can run." he said, pushing him away "Kid has some legs on him!"

Continuously looking up and about, he would see a few familiar faces that he grew up to either respect or fear. Papa Martin was somewhere in the floors upstairs, talking with people he saw as important. Roberto was outside helping cook some food and Uncle Ed had stayed home with his family, claiming that these parties were too loud for him and he rather watch cheesy kids movies all night instead. But in the sea of familiar faces, he managed to catch a face that he wasn't used to.

Slowly making his way through the narrow gaps that were being made as he walked through, ignoring a few greetings but pausing to greet a few people with brief head bumps, mind still too distracted to engage in any conversation with friends. Gaze still fixed on the figure that made its way through the groups of people that were bunched together, lost in their own little world of talk. Cocking his head to one side to the other, he kept staring at it and until he was just a few feet from them, did his face light up.

The dancer was here!
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Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
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Marcus weaved through people, curling in on himself more and more as time went on. He felt uncomfortable. He didn't know any of these people and he couldn't seem to find Vessie.

Some dude tapped his shoulder and he whipped around, eyes wide. Hopefully it was Vessie.

He was wrong, it was not.

The guy looked concerned, though. "Hey man, you lost or something?"

Marcus felt himself flush in embarrassment. He knew he did not fit in here. Wearing an oversized yellow sweatshirt and shorts while everyone else was in some type of party outfit.

And, most people had a red cup in their hands or were talking to someone. Marcus had his hands linked together in front of him with his shoulders in and he was just walking around, looking incredibly lost.

"Just looking for someone, thanks." He replied, shaking his head and watching as the guy walked away. He turned back around and began his search again. Just as he did he caught a glimpse of the tall man and immedietly relaxed. It seemed that Vessie had found him first.

Marcus looked up at him with a wide smile, "Hi!" He yelled over the loud music, basically bouncing with happiness now that he found the one person he kind of knew in this place. The booming music had started to make his head swim, but now that he wasn't nervous anymore, that disappeared.

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Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
Post by: haiena on September 03, 2019, 02:02:20 AM
If I see only what I believe, reality's bound by what I conceive. Pickin' the scab and watching it bleed
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While pushing through the growing crowd, Vessie made sure to keep his gaze locked on the familiar man. When his arm was tugged on and his attention was demanded, he shook his head and claimed he was busy and would catch up with the person later. But for now, he was on a mission. To pick up his Savior.

When he finally arrived to the destination, Vessie briefly looked Marcus up and down, muttering a soft "Ooh, cute outfit[/i]" and with a cough to clear his throat, and a little wave, Vessie announced himself, taking a few steps closer to Marcus.

Bouncing on his heels a few times, his lips broke into a goofy wide grin, and he kept his hand mid-air, stuck in a wave "You really came!" he had been worried that maybe this wouldn't be his type of scenery "I wasn't worried for a second. C'mon, let's get back to the group!"

Stepping forward and wanting to reach for Marcus's arm, Vessie stopped short, scrunching his nose in thought. Would he mind if I touched him? That's not a good idea. I wouldn't like to be touched by a stranger. Less being grabbed. shaking his head and softly scolding himself, he dropped his arms besides him, before he just gave a signal with his head to be followed. Then turning around, he began to lead Marcus back to his group. '

Stopping every few seconds to turn and see if he was still being followed, the man eventually led Marcus to the girls. The guys were still there, their conversation trailing as they saw Vessie and his guest approaching. "Guys, this is my savior! Y'know, the guy I said saved me the other day! This is him!" turning to give Marcus a gentle nudge with his elbow, he tilted his head, "Go on and introduce yourself!"

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Title: Re: his mind is in a different place // P
Post by: nibbles ✭ on September 11, 2019, 08:50:36 AM
Bright chocolate eyes basically glittered as Vessie approached, the short man bouncing a bit. Marcus was excited to finally have found the person he came here for. he was contemplating on leaving soon if he hadn't found him. Again, he really disliked parties like this.

"Of course I came!" He chuckled, pulling on the sweater a bit nervously "Ah, don't worry. I always stick to my word." They were gonna be talking in a group?

Marcus felt his anxiety rise, though he swallowed hard. Through his hazy mind, he didn't notice Vessie reaching for him. If he had he probably would have latched onto his shoulder. But he stuck with rubbing his own arm and following Vessie nervously like a lost puppy.

He basically was. Whose house was this, even? Was it Vessies? He was snapped out of his thoughts as Vessie began to speak. He felt a heavy crimson flush rise to his cheeks and he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, laughing a bit.

"I wouldn't say I saved weren't gonna die or anything." He said, straightening himself up a bit and giving a wide, toothy grin to show that he wasn't that antisocial.

"I'm Marcus! Marcus Grey! Nice to meet you guys!" He contemplated sticking his hand out. But there were multiple people. And this wasn't some formal meeting.

Come to think of it, was saying his last name too much? He shook his thoughts away quickly, shoving his hands in the pockets of his shorts.
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