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Self-explanatory. Feel free to track and/or comment, just please don't take anything from here.
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- Don't worry so much about editing a lot of things as you go along. Every after three to five chapters is when you should start going over them precisely and make sure everything done so far is mostly perfect to you.
- Even if the lines / parts doesn't fit into the main plots of the novels, keep them anyway. As long as it at least shows the depth of characters or the characters' relationships with others, it's good.
- Don't feel bad to slip in some backstory details and/or Their personal opinions / thoughts here and there when there's someone or something important that Their is familiar with first introduced to the novels, or a concept that is personally important to Them gets brought up either through what They experience or from the other characters' words / actions, such as Them seeing the Lipsum Twin after it had been a couple weeks of seeing them, and the details of how long They knew them and when They asked Andy about them were added afterward, or the concept of home. Sure, some readers may want to know the details by themselves rather than being given, but in a personal opinion, it's nice to give some thoughts / details right away to just have that small sense of understanding. Just as long as the backstory details aren't extremely long, go wild.
- Fuck whoever thinks all of the cliches are dumb and must always be avoided like plague. It's only the harmful ones, such as Asian characters being mainly used for the laughs and giggles, that must never be used. If it's desired to use a cliche like the found family one, go with it, don't let anyone stop you.
- If you don't seek entertainment and/or joy in your work, then switch something up about it or bring something different to it for you to like it more, otherwise, you'll end up finding it a waste of time and be gloomy about it, which the state can eventually bring negative effects to your desires of making new projects and push the thought of it away.

— "Full offense but your writing style is for you and nobody else. Use the words you want to use; play with language, experiment, use said, use adverbs, use “unrealistic” writing patterns, slap words you don’t even know are words on the page. Language is a sandbox and you, as the author, are at liberty to shape it however you wish. Build castles. Build a hovel. Build a mountain on a mountain or make a tiny cottage on a hill. Whatever it is you want to do. Write."
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          ❝ Keep moving forward . ❞

                   「 Komorebi 」
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Reserved for the antagonists
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Types of Synesthesia They have
- Mirror-touch
- Graphemes to colours
- Emotions to colours
- Pain to colours
- Pain to sounds
- General sounds to colours

Extra details
- The form They see colours in usually appears like a fog in Their vision.
- When tired, the colours gets fader
- The deeper They experiences a certain emotion, the bolder Their colours becomes. Same applies to when entities interact as they reach further into their emotions.

Colours from Themself through Their own emotions
Happiness / content = Green
Sadness = Teal
Affection = Pink
Confused = Gray

Colours from others through their voices
Void / Akhil Craerekin = Gold
Buddy = Indigo
Ferdinand "Andy" Gutermuth = Violet
Affliction / Lorem Craerekin = Crimson
Affliction / Ipsum Craerekin = Maroon

Caleb Norwood = Red
Valerius Schatz = Orange
Florence Lowell = Yellow
Rhys Graham = Blue
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( More to be added )

- Fireturges
- Waterturges
- Earthturges
- Airturges
- Spiritturges

- Animalturges
- Draconianturges

- Spaceturges
- Sunturges
- Moonturges

- Paperturges
- Musicturges
- Sigilturges
- Artturges / Craftturges
- Boneturges
- Dreamturges
- Literacyturges
- Energyturges
- Techturges

- Kitchenturges
- Hearthturges / Cottageturges
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"The Lipsum Twins were known to be a pair of strangeness and madness, a combination of galaxies and oceans, beautiful and mysterious, but Kid held fondness for them anyway. Kid liked them even with their skins too rough for them to bring them affections through hugs, and their teeth too sharp for them to distinguish between their shimmered smiles and grave grins. Through their eyes, within the depth of their Fire and Ice, Kid could see agony was what their Souls were created with, yet, they wore it like they were indomitable." — Their thought on the Lipsum Twins in Metanoia, chapter 1
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— G E N E R A L
Catching Falling Stars is a vigilante organization that helps those in need across, not just the world they live in, but also every other universes, for whatever reasons. Either it’s for sources, supplies, knowledge, if there is an event or another group most civilians can not take control of, and if it’s urgent and extremely necessary, the organization does deal with handling criminals, otherwise they will let the official groups, that are the main responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order, do its job for themselves.

— H E A D Q U A R T E R S
Its headquarters is located Los Angeles, specifically, where there are lack of civilians residing in for the sake of security and safety. It was built for eight months, from February to October, in the year of 2017. It contains eight floor: first, there is a lobby with a cafeteria, a floor with many sections and rooms available for employees who doesn’t have a position of any branches in particularly, and the rest of each floors are for certain branches ( in order: combat, medical, espionage, science, social, and design ). Further details of it will eventually be explained as this post will be edited with those information.
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— B R A N C H E S  &  P O S I T I O N S
Alpha, Beta, & Gamma / The Sirius, Canopus, & Centauri
Every groups and organizations needs their Alpha, also known as the Captain, which is the highest rank of the organization. It’s pretty self-explanatory; the leader is known to keep the Catching Falling Stars in order, speaks on their behalf, finalize decisions, and often, do they hold meetings. Their word is law, and while they are expected to rule justly, they have absolute freedom in their actions. The current leader is [redacted] ( goes by Kid from the majority of their associates ).

What comes just under the Leader is Beta, also known as the Deputy. They are second-in-command who assist the Leader in making important decisions for the organization, and are expected to take place of the Leader position when the current one are either missing in action, retired, exiled or deceased. They are often perceived as an advisor to the Leader, and as long as they have the Leader’s permission, they can do just as anything as the Leader do. The current Deputy is Caleb Norwood.

Gamma, also known as the Advisor, the Heads in a specific branch to make the organization run easier and organized, which the branch system goes by: Combat, Medical, Espionage, Science, Social, Design, and Alternative. They act as assistant deputies of sort and are a step above normal branch members. The current Advisors are: Valerius Schatz, the Warlord of the Combat Branch, Toby Barnes, the Medical Director of the Medical Branch, Rhys Graham, the Manager of the Social Branch, Alfred Sieger, the Spymaster of the Espionage Branch, Ferdinand "Andy" Gutermuth, the Lead Designer of the Design Branch, Florence Lowell, the Professor of the Science Branch, and lastly, [tba], the Lead of the Alternative Branch.

Combat Branch, the Arcturus
In the Combat Branch, there is the Warlord and Soldiers. Despite the name of their positions, rather than partaking in general violent activities and wars, they are known to take care more of handing out weapons and training sessions for those who need to learn how to defend themselves, fight when necessary, and such for benefits, as well as they provide their strength and protection for those who are unable to for themselves.

Medical Branch, the Vega
In the Medical Branch, there is the Medical Director and Medic Trainees. They are in charge of keeping the organization healthy, as they are responsible for mending their injuries and offering medical advices. They provide medications or assistance to those in need, as well as training sessions for those who lacks medical knowledge.

Espionage Branch, the Capella
In the Espionage Branch, there is the Spymaster and Agents. They obtain information or plans from other groups / organizations by spying in order to take actions before their opponents fully commits to them or do further damage with them.

Science Branch, the Rigel
In the Science Branch, there is the Professor, Scientists, and Researchers. They perform experiments and research based on what shouldn’t be known to the public eyes, especially, to the governments, for safety reasons.

Social Branch, the Procyon
In the Social Branch, there is the Manager and Artists. They provide all sorts of entertainment, from games to producing music, to the organization and worldwide and beyond. They are the ones who are in charge of hosting ( social ) events and whatnot.

Design Branch, the Archenar
In the Design Branch, there is the Lead Designer, Engineers, and Architects. With special tools, powers, and even the most simplest minds, they create certain things for the people who can’t do it for themselves or needs assistance from building shelters to gadgets.

Alternative Branch, the Betelgeuse
In the Alternative Branch, this branch is for those who are not interested in joining any of the mentioned branches or prefer to have a simple job, yet still get paid a lot. They have many alternative jobs available, from computer programmers to spiritual mediums, that can be requested to work as for Catching Falling Stars.
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— Q & A
How can you join Catching Falling Stars?
There are two ways to apply: you can have an appointment with the Captain at the headquarters and be interviewed there, or, as this option is mainly for those who have anxiety and such, they can get a sign up form with couple questions for them to answer from who they are to why they wish to be a part of the organization. Once the interview is over or you send in your form, for a few days, they will be called or emailed to that either they are accepted or not. The organization is very open and accepting when it comes to possible recruits, so, it’s a 90% chance you will be accepted.

However, if there has been notes that you are currenting doing or have an interest in anything severe, such as sexual assaults; discriminating against people based on their gender, romantic/sexual preferences, race, etc; abuse; having interest in children while over the age of eighteen, etc; immediately, you will not be accepted. The organization is highly selective with recruits who have committed murders in the past, as their reason behind them will heavily influence the Captains’ decision. If it’s done for self-defence, it’s alright, but if it’s for fun or out of hatred, then the choice of acceptance is out of the window.

How can you get fired from working Catching Falling Stars?
If it’s known you have done or have an interest in anything that were mentioned in the previous answer, you’re immediately fired. Otherwise, if it’s something like being frequently rude to the higher ups, or purposely harming another employee, there is suspension, as each suspension is given, you lose a chance out of three. The severe the actions or words are, the longer the suspension, which usually lasts for a week to three. There are other punishments, such as assigning you to do tasks you may not enjoy the idea of them or be asked to do various of exercise positions for a certain amount of times. If you lose all of your chances, you are to be kicked out.

More questions to be added.
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Let us be
Let us lie
Let us live
Let us believe
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Spoiler: 106 tropes • show

  • A Boy and His X (
  • A God Am I (
  • A God I Am Not (
  • Above Good and Evil (
  • Admiring the Abomination (
  • Adorkable (
  • Affectionate Nickname (
  • Allergic to Routine (
  • All-Loving Hero (
  • Ambiguous Gender (
  • Ambiguously Human (
  • Anti-Nihilist (
  • Apologetic Attacker (
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh Shiny (
  • Back from the Dead (
  • Badass Adorable (
  • Bad Liar (
  • Badass Pacifist (
  • Been There, Shaped History (
  • Befriending the Enemy (
  • Being Good Sucks (
  • Big Eater (
  • Bittersweet Ending (
  • Born-Again Immortality (
  • Break the Cutie (
  • Catch-Phrase (
  • Captain Obvious (
  • Cloudcuckoolaner (
  • Comically Missing the Point (
  • Constantly Curious (
  • Cool Hat (
  • Cuddle Bug (
  • Death by Origin (
  • Death Is Dramatic (
  • Depending on the Writer (
  • Determinator (
  • Doesnt Like Guns (
  • Did We Just Have Tea With Cthulhu (
  • Duality Motif (
  • Earn Your Happy Ending (
  • Eternal Hero (
  • Everybody Hates Mathematic ( (?)
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" (
  • Evil Counterpart (
  • Faiiure Hero (
  • Fan of the Past (
  • Fearless Fool (
  • Friend to All Children (
  • Friends to All Living Things (
  • Genius Sweet Tooth (
  • Genre Savvy (
  • Go-To Alias (
  • Hearing Voices (
  • Heroes Love Dogs (
  • Hope Bringer (
  • Humble Hero (
  • Hurricane of Puns (
  • Iconic Item (
  • I Have No Idea What I'm Doing (
  • I Knew It! (
  • Immortal Immaturity (
  • Immortality Hurts (
  • I'm Not a Hero, I'm... (
  • In Harm's Way (
  • Innocent Blue Eyes (
  • I See Dead People (
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover (
  • Living Forever Is Awesome (
  • Loss Of Identity (
  • Magnetic Hero (
  • Manly Tears ( Tears)
  • Manchild (
  • Man of a Thousand Voices (
  • Mark of the Supernatural (
  • Meaningful Name (
  • Mysterious Past (
  • Nature Lover (
  • Nice Guy (
  • Nightmare Fetishist (
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot (
  • No Indoor Voice (
  • Oblivious To Hints (
  • Older Than They Look (
  • Omniglot (
  • One Myth to Explain Them All (
  • Precious Puppies (
  • Pungeon Master (
  • Respawn Point (
  • Resurrective Immortality (
  • Seen It All (
  • Sniff Sniff Nom (
  • Smarter Than You Look (
  • Someone Named Nobody (
  • Stranger in a Famillar Land (
  • Super Senses (
  • Tender Tears (
  • The Power of Friendship (
  • The Ageless (
  • The Heart (
  • The Insomniac (
  • The Medic (
  • The Prankster (
  • The Nicknamer (
  • The Unintelligible (
  • Third-Person Person (
  • Too Dumb to Live (
  • Underestimating Badassery (
  • Undying Loyalty (
  • Unfazed Everyman (
  • Walking the Earth (
  • We Do the Impossible (
  • Who Wants to Live Forever? (
  • Workaholic (
  • You Are Never Alone (
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair (
  • You Say Tomato (

• Text

• Text

• Text

• Text

• Text

• Text
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Reserved for the side characters
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Reserved for the antagonists
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Aries / the Ram, God of Appearance
Taurus / the Bull, Goddess of Acquisition
Gemini / the Twins, God of Communication
Cancer / the Crab, Goddess of Security
Leo / the Lion, God of Creativity
Virgo / the Maiden, Goddess of Operation
Libra / the Scales, God of Partnership
Scorpio / the Scorpion, Goddess of Death
Sagittarius / the Archer, God of Wisdom
Capricorn / the Sea-Goat, Goddess of Achievement
Aquarius / the Water-Bearer, God of Fellowship
Pisces / the Fish, Goddess of Privacy

Shǔ / the Rat, Yang Beast of Wisdom
Niú / the Ox, Yin Beast of Achievement
Hǔ / the Tiger, Yang Beast of Partnership
Tù / the Rabbit, Yin Beast of Privacy
Lóng / the Dragon, Yang Beast of Appearance
Shé / the Snake, Yin Beast of Acquisition
Mǎ / the Horse, Yang Beast of Communication
Yáng / the Goat, Yin Beast of Security
Hóu / the Monkey, Yang Beast of Creativity
Jī / the Rooster, Yin Beast of Operation
Gǒu / the Dog, Yang Beast of Partnership
Zhū / the Pig, Yin Beast of Death

Tyrannosaurus Rex ( Aries + Lóng )
Jackal ( Taurus + Shé )
Great White Shark ( Gemini + Mǎ )
Duck ( Cancer + Yáng )
Ferret ( Leo + Hóu )
Corgi ( Virgo + Jī )
Crane ( Libra + Gǒu )
Squid ( Scorpio + Zhū )
Skunk ( Sagittarius + Shǔ )
Ant ( Capricorn + Niú )
Panther ( Aquarius + Hǔ )
Silkworm ( Pisces + Tù )
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First House, House of Self; ruled by Aries
Motto: Vita - “Life”
Time of Birth: March 21 - April 19
Body Parts: Head, face
Location direction: East
Tree of Worship: Alder
Aspect: Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings and initiatives
Allies: Leo, Sagittarius, Libra
Enemies: Pieces, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus

Second House, House of Value; ruled by Taurus
Motto: Lucrum - “Wealth”
Time of Birth: April 20 - May 20
Body Parts: Neck, throat, jaw
Location direction: South East
Tree of Worship: Willow
Aspect: Material and immaterial things of certain value. Money. Belongings, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Substance. Self-worth.
Allies: Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn
Enemies: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini

Third House, House of Communications; ruled by Gemini
Motto: Fratres - “Brothers”
Time of Birth: May 21 - June 20
Body Parts: Shoulders, arms, hands
Location direction: South South East
Tree of Worship: Hawthorn
Aspect: Early education and childhood environment. Communication. Happiness. Intelligence. Achievements. Siblings. Neighborhood matters. Short, local travel, and transportation
Allies: Libra, Aquarius, Leo
Enemies: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

Fourth House, House of Home and Family; ruled by Cancer
Motto: Genitor - “Parent”
Time of Birth: June 21 - July 22
Body Parts: Chest, stomach
Location direction: South
Tree of Worship: Oak
Aspect: Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Comfort. Cyclic end of matters.
Allies: Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
Enemies: Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius

Fifth House, House of Pleasure; ruled by Leo
Motto: Nati - “Children”
Time of Birth: July 23 - August 22
Body Parts: Heart, upper back, spine
Location direction: South West
Tree of Worship: Holly
Aspect: Recreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and romance. Creative self-expression.
Allies: Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius
Enemies: Gemini, Capricorn, Pieces

Sixth House, House of Health; ruled by Virgo
Motto: Valetudo - “Health”
Time of Birth: August 23 - September 22
Body Parts: Stomach, waist, digestive system
Location direction: South South West
Tree of Worship: Hazel
Aspect: Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Caretaking. Pets and small domestic animals.
Allies: Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn
Enemies: Aries, Libra, Aquarius

Seventh House, House of Partnerships; ruled by Libra
Motto: Uxor - “Siblings”
Time of Birth: September 23 - October 22
Body Parts: Lower back, butt
Location direction: West
Tree of Worship: Ivy
Aspect: Close, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including open (known) enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.
Allies: Aries, Gemini, Aquarius
Enemies: Virgo, Scorpio

Eighth House, House of Reincarnation; ruled by Scorpio
Motto: Mors - “Death”
Time of Birth: October 23 - November 21
Body Parts: Crotch, reproductive organs
Location direction: North North West
Tree of Worship: Reed
Aspect: Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.
Allies: Cancer, Virgo, Pieces
Enemies: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius

Ninth House, House of Philosophy; ruled by Sagittarius
Motto: Iter - “Journeys”
Time of Birth: November 22 - December 21
Body Parts: Hips, thighs
Location direction: North West
Tree of Worship: Elder
Aspect: Foreign travel and foreign countries. Culture. Long distance travels and journeys. Religion. Law and ethics. Higher education. Knowledge. Experience through expansion.
Allies: Gemini, Aries, Leo
Enemies: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Tenth House, House of Social Status; ruled by Capricorn
Motto: Regnum - “Kingdom”
Time of Birth: December 22 - January 19
Body Parts: Knees, skin, bones, teeth
Location direction: North
Tree of Worship: Birch
Aspect: Ambitions. Motivations. Career. Status in society. Government. Authority. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. One's public appearance/impression at-large (audience).
Allies: Cancer, Taurus, Virgo
Neutrals: North
Enemies: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius

Eleventh House, House of Friendships; ruled by Aquarius
Motto: Benefacta - “Friendship”
Time of Birth: January 20 - February 18
Body Part: Ankles
Location direction: North North East
Tree of Worship: Rowan
Aspect: Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups, clubs and societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. One's hopes and wishes.
Allies: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Neutrals: North North East
Enemies: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

Twelfth House, House of Self-Undoing; ruled by Pisces
Motto: Carcer - “Prison”
Time of Birth: February 19 - March 20
Body Part: Feet
Location direction: North East
Tree of Worship: Ash
Aspect: Mysticism and mystery. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Privacy, retreat, reflection, and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious, dreams. Unknown enemies.
Allies: Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio
Enemies: Aries, Gemini, Leo
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Reserved for something
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Team Initium: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

the Chosen Ariean: To be named
One - Male - Fire - Dragon ( Yang + Earth )
Powers: Horn Protrusion, Enhanced Strength, Fire Manipulation, Strength Manipulation, and Caprine Physiology.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Energetic, encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic, caring / courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate
Negative traits: Proud, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, stubborn, reckless, jealous / impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive
Likes: Competitive games, new clothes, road trips (in fast red cars), debating, expressing themselves through stunning verbal and physical feats / comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports
Dislikes: Sharing their possessions, being ignored, cramped spaces, losing, the word “no” / inactivity, delays, work that does not involve their talents

the Chosen Cancrian: To be named
Four - Female - Water - Goat ( Yin + Earth )
Powers: Pincer Grip, Constriction, Crustacean Physiology, Water Manipulation, Aquatic Respiration, and Lunar Empowerment.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Helpful, patient, compassionate, nurturing, romantic, creative / tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive
Negative traits: Gossipy, clique-y, isolated, uncommunicative, hypersensitive, overly competitive / moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure
Likes: Gourmet meals, intramural sports, hosting parties, working with kids, museums and art galleries / art, home-based hobbies, relaxing near or in water, helping loved ones, a good meal with friends
Dislikes: Tacky clothes, frozen dinners, public speaking, being rushed, paying full price / Strangers, criticisms, revealing of personal life

the Chosen Libran: To be named
Seven - Male - Air - Dog ( Yang + Earth )
Powers: Enhanced Dexterity, Enhanced Intelligence, Equality, Spiritual Meditation, and Air Manipulation.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Charming, lovable, fair, sincere, sharing, hopelessly romantic
Negative traits: Vain, indecisive, melodramatic, manipulative, spoiled, delusional
Likes: Concerts at large venues, poetry, expensive jewelry, designer clothes, rich food / harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors
Dislikes: Dull or practical people, bullies, being pressured to decide, saying goodnight, hearing the word “maybe” / violence, injustice, loudmouths, conformity

the Chosen Capricornian: To be named
Ten - Female - Earth - Ox ( Yin + Earth )
Powers: Caprine Physiology, Aquatic Adaptation, Environmental Adaptation, Earth Manipulation and Mountain Manipulation.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Loyal, family-minded, hardworking, devoted, honest, fearless / cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social
Negative traits: Pessimistic, unforgiving, cold, materialistic, snobbish, hopeless / know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, pessimistic
Likes: Business cards, goals, official titles, being in charge, exclusive clubs, “leg sports” like soccer or track, motorcycles, leather / family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship
Dislikes: Quitting, shouting in public, careless mistakes, traveling without an itinerary, doing things “just for the heck of it” / almost everything at some point
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Team Medium: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

the Chosen Taurian: To be named
Two - Female - Earth - Snake ( Yin + Fire )
Powers: Charge, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Stamina, Bovine Physiology, Earth Manipulation, Enhanced Strength (?), Stone Manipulation
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Patient, organized, supportive, romantic, careful, dedicated / reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Negative traits: Overindulgent, stubborn, lazy, vain, cheap, too cautious / stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Likes: Photography, the mountains, great music, rich/gourmet food, satin sheets / gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands
Dislikes: Being rushed, wasting money, dirty things, hotels, mornings / sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics

the Chosen Leon: To be named
Five - Male - Fire - Monkey ( Yang + Metal )
Powers: Feral Mind, Natural Weaponry, Superhuman Senses, Enhanced Roar, Enhanced Reflexes, Feline Physiology, Animal Manipulation, Fire Manipulation and Solar Empowerment.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Courageous, kind, generous, loyal, protective, nakedly honest, entertaining / creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Negative traits: Arrogant, wasteful, sloppy, cold-hearted, jealous, aggressive / stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
Likes: Theaters, cameras, DVDs, rich desserts, red roses, exchanging gifts, singing, affection, compliments, great clothes / taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends
Dislikes: Being ignored, receiving silver medals instead of gold, bland food, being alone, goodbyes / facing difficult reality, not being treated like a leader

the Chosen Scorpion: To be named
Eight - Female - Water - Pig ( Yin + Water )
Powers: Water Manipulation, Poison Generation, Insect Communication, Dermal Armour, Scorpion Physiology, Mediumship.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Magnetic, passionate, loyal, protective, trendsetting, brave / resourceful, passionate, stubborn, trustworthy
Negative traits: Obsessive, possessive, jealous, secretive, vengeful, manipulative / distrusting, secretive, violent
Likes: Underground music, spicy food, an air of danger, one-of-a-kind objects, wireless devices, organic ingredients, vinyl / truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
Dislikes: Simple-minded people, insincere flattery, personal questions, living at someone else’s house / dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people

the Chosen Aquarian: To be named
Eleven - Male - Air - Tiger ( Yang + Wood )
Powers: Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Water Mimicry, Air Manipulation and Air Mimicry.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Communicative, original, open-minded, fair, logical, inviting / progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Negative traits: Guarded, detached, self-destructive, out-of-touch, irrational, desperate / temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Likes: Computer programming, teaching, team sports, anything with a cause or mission, independent films / having fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener
Dislikes: Injustice, drama queens, feeling isolated, owing money or favors, having to choose just one thing / limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them
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Team Finis: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pieces

the Chosen Geminin: To be named
Three - Male - Air - Horse ( Yang + Fire )
Powers: Replication, Air Manipulation, Air Mimicry.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Fascinating, original, resourceful, charming, wise, adventurous / gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas
Negative traits: Restless, distracted, two-faced, judgmental, depressed, overwhelmed / nervous, inconsistent, indecisive
Likes: Cell phones, fast cars, trendy clothes, obscure music, guitars, books, comedy clubs / musc, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town
Dislikes: Small-minded people, dress codes, authority figures, silence, routines / being alone, being confined, repetition and routine

the Chosen Virgan: To be named
Six - Female - Earth - Rooster ( Yin + Metal )
Powers: Purification, Healing, Enhanced Regeneration, Holy Fire Manipulation, Earth Manipulation.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking, witty, practical / loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical
Negative traits: Preachy, self-destructive, overwhelmed, self-pitying, uptight, critical / shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, workaholic
Likes: Laptops, magazines, long showers with aromatherapy soaps, outdoor concerts, childhood friends, Trivial Pursuit / animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness
Dislikes: Lazy or vulgar people, dive bars, spicy food, leaving home, toothpaste squeezed from the top of the tube / rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage

the Chosen Sagittarian: To be named
Nine - Male - Fire - Rat ( Yang + Water )
Powers: Enhanced Accuracy capabilities, Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Leap, Enhanced Tracking, Taur Physiology, Enhanced Hunting skill, Fire Manipulation.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Honest, fair-minded, inspiring, optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, dedicated / generous, idealistic, great sense of humor
Negative traits: Argumentative, reckless, flaky, preachy, tactless, overconfident / impatient, blunt, undiplomatic
Likes: Dares, flirting, pets, pop music, international travel, laughter, karaoke, books, inspirational stories / freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors
Dislikes: Prejudice, routines, rules, being bored, taking things too seriously, the words “you can’t” / clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details

the Chosen Piscene: To be named
Twelve - Female - Water - Rabbit ( Yin + Wood )
Powers: Aquatic Adaptation, Underwater Breathing, Zoolingualism, Fish Physiology, Water Manipulation.
Zodiac features:
Positive traits: Romantic, helpful, wise, comforting, imaginative / compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
Negative traits: Gullible, self-pitying, out of touch with reality, self-destructive, clingy / fearful, overly trusting, sad
Likes: Dancing, romantic encounters, laughing and crying, walks on the beach, long poetic letters / being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes
Dislikes: Reality, throwing away the appealing items, drill sergeants, daylight, bad design and noisy music / know-it-all people, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind
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( ( (
( Shane Anneghanz┊The Teller of Tales )
— Considered to be special to the Craerekins when he is created as the first Human. When asked by Death if he was ready to pass over, he asked it if he could be an Immortal. Death was confused but went "ok" and made him so. Lowkey, Shane regrets the choice, but also, lowkey, he's having a blast in the modern time with the memes and all of those funky stuff kids are doing these days.
— This idiot actually doesn't have a name. He just. Doesn't. He doesn't even remember what would the Embodiments call him. But when someone first asked him for his name, his mind went blank and he goes: "Sh..Sh....Shenanigans." "What?" "Shane Anneghanz." And it stuck to him 'till this day.
— Agender ( any pronouns; mainly refers with he/they )
— Best immortal friend with Them. Other than the Embodiments, he was first friends with Them, and basically he's all over on Them. His relationship with Them is so strong to the point anyone can believe they're a couple, but, nah, they're just really close... Extremely.
— He secretly have that Tumblr blog that is just. Pure. Inspiring quotes, adorable animal, positive textposts, all of those adorableness that not many would expect from someone like him.
— Owns a radio show called "Spilling Ink and Blood" that have... a lot of ways to access it. A lot of weird stuff comes from it, such as entities believing they're only listening to white noises or after they finish listening to his work, they would see ghosts.
— Chaotic good, sometimes leans towards chaotic neutral.
— He is quite of a nostalgic and sentimental kind of a being.
— Carries a Chatelaine around.

( ( (
( Axcio┊The Stained Soul )
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Discord Dump
Spoiler: show
"Ya ever feel extremely lonely and distant from people because of your social anxiety to the point you just end up,,, using your Embodiment based characters as a way to feel more connected and belonged, even if there's literally nothing for you at the end, but you just wanna try to find something that you can feel like something or someone is out there watching you since birth to death and is giving out subtle ways as reminders that that they are there for you, and, like. I don't know. I realize walking home late at night from night school when anything can happen to me there makes me feel very lonely at times, but whenever I see the stars or/and a moon, I start to feel a bit more happier. I just like to think I'm never truly alone, even though, I often forget that I am being looked after, no matter what. It just gives me comfort. Makes me feel like I do matter."

"Because I'm like That one (1) person who does not like to kill off their characters, I will most likely have Them in Their current incarnation of the Komorebi universe last a lot more longer, and maybe after it's been so long, They will eventually die from old age. It'd be...too much for Them to build all of these relationships, only They get killed and literally, everything needs to be reestablished once more anyway, since They will never ever recall any of Their incarnations' pasts/memories because when They restarts, everything gets completely wiped out. They is physically thirty eight years old, so They have a long way ahead of Them still, so.

That, or They is twenty nine years old. I'm still debating if Their faceclaim should be Rami Malek or Seán McLoughlin ( which I have no idea how did I miss him when I started creating Them ). Seán makes a lot of sense, especially since he plays video games for a living, and They associates with a lot of gaming mechanics and video game concepts, such as Undertale. Seán brings up that cheerful ( though can be very chill at times ), optimistic, and adventurous attitudes, which reflects on most of Their personality.

However, I can somewhat see Them as Rami, mostly because I was thinking of making Them be the one who do not say much and often speaks when They is being spoken to ( or have selective mutism once I do research about it ), and Rami as Elliot just seems like a good fit for Their faceclaim. Plus, Rami as Elliot have that enigmatic vibes that They gives out. I am still unsure if I will actually make Them be so much for lively or have them more composed than another, but if latter, Rami will do good. Oh, and Rami wearing a black jacket often when he acts Elliot? That's honestly Their aesthetic right there. As well as the fact Elliot is a hacker, which makes me think what if They do end up realize They is created with certain ways and be meta about it and all.

I think Imma go with Seán just because of the fact he plays video games for a living, and that's what They is heavily associated with. It's sort of hard to see Them as Seán as personality wise when I mostly see Seán in his YouTube persona where he's so bouncy and rowdy, and I keep forgetting how incredibly chill he actually is outside of YouTube. I still don't know where They lands on the spectrum of how bright Their personality is to otherwise, but, thinking about it, it can go both ways, it just depends on who They is with and what situation? Maybe, I can have Them as ambivert.

One more thing to mention, but Them at the age of late twenties sounds a lot more better than in late thirties if They is being taken care of by a man who is in mid thirties ( Kevin Caito ), and I honestly think Kevin would find it a bit strange if he's taking care of someone who's a few years older than him agjshk"

"As much as I like to use Ted Danson for Life ( I'll probably use Ted for the Embodiment of Afterlife? ), I'm starting to think John Mulany would be perfect, even though I haven't gotten into his content yet, but from what I've seen about him on Tumblr so far, he sounds otherworldly amazing. I can really imagine a scenario of John as Life trying to create an animal but wanna throw a flair to it by giving it eight legs and six eyes and shidhsk everyone in the family are just like, "Hey, Life, what the fuck".

I am a little iffy on using Ryan Haywood for Death, because I wanna use him for a Zodai, but? I don't know. Haywood gives that weird but funky dad vibes and even when Death may often viewed intimating, honestly, it looks a dad who is just exhausted of the world as seeing how it is and wanna appreciate how it is without watching everyone trying to tear their throats apart."

"Their Pokémon team:
— Buddy ( Zuroa )
— Spooky ( Mimikyu )
— Tiny ( Eevee )
— Squishy ( Ditto )
— Rexy ( Cubone )
— Mercy ( Cleffa )

Since I was working on the details of Their Pokémon AU, similarly to the Komorebi verse, as They is a traveler who gives assistance to those in need with Their adoptive father who was a criminal ( while in the Pokémon AU, he used to work for Team Rocket ), Kevin, Imma toss over the Pokémon team Kevin would have ( I'll get into the nicknames whenever I'm feeling it ) too.

Kevin's Pokémon team:
— Crobat
— Toxicroak
— Drapion
— Scrafty
— Pangoro
— Gengar"

"I'm debating if I should make Kevin a mortal Human or monster who's in a human body but can shapeshift into this freaky ass body whenever he desires. I'm just so into the idea of monsters taking care of people, especially children, but also, I'm very into the idea of mortal Human being suddenly associated with the side that are beyond humanity and be bewildered 24/7....

OOHH HECK WHAT IF I made Kevin a Humon ( which is basically hybrid of Human and Monster ), but he thought he's a Human who never got himself in contact with the supernatural this whole time ( maybe because he's half related to one of the most powerful monsters that shouldn't be messed with? ) until he met Astra and Them, the monster side of him gradually appeared. Ugh, I'm dying at the thought of Astra and Them stumbling across Kevin in his monster form and Kevin gets panicky and ends up crying in fear they would leave him, but Astra and They just came up to him and hugged him I'm so?¿?¿

It depends on the specific types of Humons, but I'm thinking that for most Humon based species, children don't develop their monster traits until they're eighteen. Maybe the more well known and stronger the parent who have the monster blood are, the more quicker and easier it is for their monster traits to appear. Though, with Kevin, I thought maybe his mother, who was a Human, made his monster traits develop delayed by some sort of a magic, which there is a thing that it will wear off once he have a deep personal connection with someone as it replaces the magic with trust, which is seen as a powerful tool."

"I'm exhausted and slowly getting myself ready to sleep, but I just remembered I used to have these habits when I was younger, which were whenever I would settle on my bed, I would shake my head a couple of times to shake off anything unpleasant that would create a nightmare ( like seeing a shooting video game ) while I'm out, that, and sometimes, while I'd be on bed, I would say goodnight to no one directly, but I would still say, "goodnight [name of someone I knew]" to the air and dust anyway, like, even I would do that with the names of my teachers and my plushies.

Anyway, concept: Them having these habits. A wiggly boy saying goodnight with the names of literally all of the Embodiments to the air, as well of Kevin. One night, Kevin overhears Them and is Amused, but he didn't say anything until he hears Them saying goodnight with his name, and replies to Them back, making Them Shook admcjdk what a cutie patootie"


Honey, to his four close friends: Guys, it's been five minutes and any of you haven't touched my food... Are they really that bad?
Honey's friends, nearly tearing up and choking: bITHC DON'T YOU EVER THINK THAT WAY THEY'RE TOO CUTE TO BE EATEN LIKE WHAT THE F U C K HONE Y"

"When it is time
Bury me deep
And tell the stars
I'll be with them soon"

"Indeed, you didn't truly have a home to begin with an once upon a time, it was fine because, sometimes, a home could be created beyond with blood, sweats, and tears; when a home could also be created with strength, love, and hope; and some entities like you wouldn't have those kind of materials to do that now. After you met these wonderful entities, though, you were determined to make a home for those who could not.

A home for the lost, the damned, and the broken."

"I've always wanted to create a Trevor Collins faceclaimed and Alfredo Diaz faceclaimed character but I never knew what sort of a duo they should be and
I thought about those things Google would translate some creepy shit when one types in a certain sentence in a certain language and all and mmmmMMmmmMm Good Shit

So the characters are called Lorem ( Alfredo ) and Ipsum ( Trevor ) who may or may not be twins. Together, they are known as either Lorem Ipsum or Lipsum. I might make them be the Embodiment of Affliction.

- They are known to do some things most entities thinks are stupid until they have that "*oH*" moment when they realize what they did were actually smart/clever. Lorem and Ipsum were underestimated by many, and, boy, does the fact alone amuses them.

- Most of the times, they say some really ominous or creepy stuff, like, please, calm down edgelords.
Someone: How are you two doing?
Lorem & Ipsum: Our fleshs are burning.

- They're probably personally connected with Death and enjoys following after it, even though, there are times Death just does not have the moment nor mood to interact with them, but it still have that bit of fondness for them."

"I remember reading a Tumblr post about how those who still gets called by their dead name can have something that they can name them after their dead name, so when they're called by their dead name, they would associate it with their, an example, Pokémon more than themselves. I'm planning to make a character with my dead name and I'm Hyped

- Brenda Stormborn
- Designated female at birth; identifies themself as agender ( any pronouns; mainly referred with neutral and feminine pronouns )
- I can honestly associate the name with an Orc only, and I never created an Orc character before, so I'll go with that!
- Lawful neutral
- Quiet when first meeting them, but once they's more comfortable with you, they'll be rowdy and won't hesitate to say things you couldn't imagine them saying.
- Isn't afraid to raise their voice and punch an asshole.
- ,,,,,They be tall and buff
- Have a bunch of small scars on arms, back, and face, but sometimes, they would cover them with glitter materials because Aesthetic
- Have a right ear and nose pierced.
- Have four arms.
- More notes to be added"

"List of duames ( dual aspects of names ) ideas:
- Sayonara Lullaby / Ayon ( Used )
- Sun Scar / Scar ( Used )
- Grim Grin ( Used )
- Gentle Grace / Gracie
- Burnt Indigo / Burnie
- Silver Serenity / Silver, Ver, or Ren
- Risen Riot / Rio
- Wired Roses / Rose
- Blue Blood / Blue"

"Bits of my writings:
- "Have you ever seen a man with the saddest constellations in his eyes?"
- "Silver blood in the stream"
- "Being alive is your greatest sin"
- "Their voice belonged to a ghost; distant, and longing"
- "Burning church at 3am"
- "[Ayon] sounded broken, just like he was in everything and everywhere else of himself: shattered—a piece of fragile divinity found within.""

"I was thinking how after 547 days since They became conscious without any memories, They would keep track of the days by putting a dot on Their skin with a washable marker or pen They would find. At some point, maybe after a week, They got a journal book from someone who let Them stay at their place for a night as a random gift, but They had gotten used to the routine of placing a mark that represent Them going through a day on Themself during nighttime before They go to sleep, so doing it on a book isn't much of an option for Them.

Me being a dumbass, I'm lowkey curious to know how much pen ink can cover over the body, so I think I'm going to try do put 547 dots in pen on myself. My family are taking a nap right now, so I can't be disturbed so uhhhh lego

Conclusion: Surprisingly, 547 doesn't take a lot of skin, but that's probably because I did some on each limbs. If I did it with only an arm, that'd be a different story, but you know, it's worth a try!

Teeny tiny bits of notes relating to this:
- They ends up developing a habit of doodling/drawing on Their skin with a pen, not just for keeping track on the days they manage to go through but generally when bored or whatever, but doesn't wash them off after They's done unless They's reminded to.
- When They have pen markings on Themself, I like the idea that They often traces or pokes along with them when being in a bored or dreamy mood because same.
- They can be a bit of a mischievous little shit, so someone unfortunate like Andy would be caught under Their foolishness sometimes by having their face drawn with washable markers while they're sleeping."

"Dumb concept: This character is a radio host, which their show is basically about the strange and mysterious events that occurs in worldwide. I don't know, it's something pretty whacky and wild. Omega Umbra have always known about this character's job, when after all, it's Death. One day, Omega Umbra decides to be one of their listeners, despite how busy it is with its job. It tries to keep in track on their episodes, so it's something at least. Why? It honestly don't know, but this host? It thinks they have some sort of a charm, and it always find amusement in a believer like them, especially with their passion of their beliefs. Eventually, Omega Umbra takes the opportunity to call them, and being an absolute shit at times, it pretends to be that Skeptic(TM) and drags their ass around. Even will it do that at times because it loves to see how easily defensive the character becomes. A lot of entities, including the character themself, have no idea who the fuck this skeptic guy is, let alone what its name is! But that's something one may have to pay their life to figure everything out about Death itself.

Lowkey part of me want to make a new character with a Jeremy Dooley faceclaim for this, but also, I want to use Magnus, as I might make him not just a radio host but also a private investigator and spiritual medium.

Name ideas for the show:
- Strange World
- Can You Hear Them?
- Midnight & Beyond
- The World At Twelve
- The Helical / Hyaloid / Hidden Hour ( Will most likely do this one with "the Hidden Hour" )"

"I think how They have Buddy, a being who can shapeshift and have certain elemental power based on the month that is associated with the Chinese animal sign is just something Life would want the Chinese Star Beasts to give to Them as some sort of a "gift" because, y'know, Life and Death did create Them, and Life felt bad it couldn't spend much time with Them directly, so in a way, the companion can be viewed as Life looking after Them.

Maybe not an official test They would have to take in order to receive the Chinese Star Beasts' blessings, since "They don't have enough strength nor energy to make it to China, let alone travel across it and stay there for a year," said Life, but it's more or less of an assessment how will They react to stumbling across an injured animal, specifically a horse ( which probably happened a few hours before They met Andy ), unlike Ayon who had to take the test and, completing it, received a companion similarly to Buddy.

Of course, Them having a soft heart, even though They didn't have much to offer at the time, They still tried Their best to take care of the horse. That led to the Chinese Star Beasts allowing Them to have the horse as their companion with their blessings.

During the main arc Komorebi timeline, specifically in the beginning of Metanoia, both Them and Andy will not be aware of Buddy's true identity until a bit. They only view it as an animal shapeshifter so far since they had first known Buddy as a horse before few days during Kairos' and Buddy's month of rest, it shapeshifted into a goat. Buddy can only communicate with Kairos, but Buddy also had no idea who it was but the fact it "fell from the Sky"."

"Arthur Wright
Teller of Tales, with blood all black and skin too soft.

- Is known to be an Immortal who keeps tracks of the Universe's developments.
- Extremely sweet, like, what did we do to deserve him?
- Most likely be associated with Them.
- ??
- Yeah, I'll think more details of him soon"

"References for some directory stuff:

"So I won't forget as I have to sleep soon, but instead of calling entities like Life and the Lipsum Embodiments or Souls, as well as having their human surnames be Pendragon, Craerekins would be a good (sur)name!!
Creator; Originated in 1250–1300; Middle English creato(u)r < Latin creātor, equivalent to creā(re ) to create, be the home of, bear + -tor -tor
Kins; Animals or plants that are related to a particular species or kind. / One's family and relations.
Aere: From Old French, aire (“appearance, semblance”)."

"The King - Them
The Queen - Florence
The Bishop - Ferdinand
The Knight - Caleb
The Rook - Valerius
The Pawn - Rhys"

"In every stories We hear, there is always the villain—the one who is part Heaven and part Hell, with mortal teeth and monstrous mind. They can be anyone who wears a flesh of a stranger or a loved one. There is always someone different from us who would try to shape the World into their own. But in this story—our own stories—We don't think there's really anyone out there who We have to face. We think it's our identities that We have to in the end. It's our fears and doubts that We have to take down. It has always been us who are the villains of our own stories." — Them, in the final novel of the Komorebi series, Ad Astra ( because I'm in for the angst, but also, I'm hella in for the idea of a protagonist being the antagonist of the story to themself in terms of struggling with the negativity through self doubts and whatnot this whole time. )"

"About that concept of Magnus being a radio host?
Yeah, I'm planning to write a novel called Selcouth ( "Strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvellous, wondrous" ) about that along with the Komorebi series, so, that's going to be interesting.

- Chapters are called episodes in this novel ( like episode one, episode two, etc ) and an episode usually sets a day of Magnus' life, but depending on the scenario, it can time forward to another day to a week at least.
- I don't know which of the following style do I want to do for this novel: narrative or script, and I have no idea if I should have the novel center around Magnus doing his radio show and outside his job as a radio host, or just his radio show.
- Pretty much an informal novel? As in, the amount of words per episodes may be at least 5,400 to/or 10,800...? For damn sure this isn't going to be published or anything, so I can do whatever the heck I want with this novel ahjshjs
- Okay, thinking about it, though, if the novel only focuses on Magnus doing his radio show and I'm writing it as a script style, the words must be at least 5,400. If it focuses also on the outside of his radio host job and it's in narrative style, it would be at least 8,250.
- Bruh, what if I do both styles in some episodes?¿?¿?
- Like if an episode have both the narrative and script styles involved, maybe the word count of the narrative will decrease or something??
- I hate my headache so much I can't Think properly djdjk"

"Not that I'm thinking of Magnus having another job of sort, but, consider this: Magnus making his home somewhat of a hotel for the Spirits, specifically Spirits who are able to travel beyond where they have originally died in and/or doesn't wish to pass over. Magnus rarely uses the attic of his house, so he uses it for the Spirits who decides to chill over to his residence and mostly hang out in the attic where Magnus would give some food, refreshments, and items that provides entertainment or knowledge for them to have.

So, Magnus is a:
- Spiritual medium
- Private detective
- Radio host of a supernatural centered show called "the Hidden Hour"
- Hotel manager
And you know what? That's totally valid. He's in no doubt easy to be stressed and have bare breaks for himself, but regardless, he's happy with his jobs, and that's more important to him than anything else."

"- While I need to figure out the three other guys on what species they will be, I know for sure Ned's character would be a Mortal Human who have no access to powers or spells whatsoever. I just love the idea of him being that one guy of the squad who's just... That One Guy.
- I was thinking how each of them have an animal companion, inspired by the Try Guys' Game Time show. So, Eugene's character would have a tiger companion, Keith's a giraffe, Zack's a turtle, and Ned's a chicken.
- More to be figured out"

"Since They is extremely sweet and kind to everyone,,,,, I want Them to be that kind of an entity who doesn't give a damn about those who are known to be horrifying and, pretty much, they would belong to a horror film / game / whatever, when They just want to be their friends.

Bonus points if said horrifying beings are bewildered but goes along with it in the end, not really for the opportunity through manipulating Them, I mean, they can, but. Most of them would get really annoyed with Their attitude, but they really don't know how to tell Them they were planning to use / kill Them and Their friends without making it seem like it's something that should be taken lightly."

"I don't know why, but I like the idea of Them having Their friend help Them with Their novel by typing it up for Them, and this said friend is just. Wild with how precise the descriptions and how frighteningly realistic certain scenes were, as if they had actually experienced it before. Them and Their other friends have jokingly make theories on how this writer is probably an Immortal, a time traveller, a Vampire, or, Hell, even an Android, but. Who The Heck Knows.

Oh God, if They decide to add death / murder scenes into Their novel and the writer had them done horrifyingly well done, of course, there'd be another theory that this writer is ( also ) probably a serial killer."

"W a i t

What if They first met this writer as pen pals?

I just heckin' love the idea of people exchanging letters without really knowing what they look like, but once they develop that good ol' friendship, they end up meeting up together and ;w;

I haven't figured out how They would end up having the writer as Their pen pal, but that's something I gotta figure out tomorrow since I have to slee P"

Character concept: Serial killer ( which they only killed those who really doesn't deserve to live, if you get me ) ends up being a detective after their partner, who was a lead detective of the case that involved them, managed to convince them that killing isn't good and the fact they're best friends made it even more easier for the serial killer to quit murdering people for a living. Said serial killer took over their partner's title as the city's best detective when their experiences as a murderer really helped them getting through the cases, and their partner was just extremely proud of them, and,,, ;w;

Lead detective: If you think about it, it's more rewarding if an asshole goes to prison for a couple of years. Who knows if the prison lifestyle will make them think twice of committing crimes.
Serial killer: Ooo, yes!! If they do try to pull the same bullshit again, it'll be a lot more rewarding to slowly kill them and watch the shock on their face dies second after second when they thought they could get away so easily.
Lead detective:
Lead detective: Uh, hi, why the fuck is there a head on my table??
Serial killer, casually eating their cereals: Don't you recall? They tried to flirt you and made you uncomfortable, and you said you want them dead, so...
Lead detective: Oh my God, I?? was just?? I wasn't serious about that, you absolute fucko!!!
Serial killer: /giggling while eating cereals/
Lead detective: What the Hell are you laughing about now?
Serial killer, playfully pokes l.d. with plastic knife: I'm a cereal killer
Lead detective: Okay, here's a scenario: you're just making your way to grocery and spot a thief trying to rob an innocent's money. What will you do?
Serial killer: Kill the thief.
Lead detective: No.
Serial killer: Steal the thief's money for the innocent and then kill them.
Lead detective: N o . . ."

"Lead detective: Remind me how am I friends with you again? Let alone best friends with you?
Serial killer: I saw you got bullied, and I didn't know if I should comfort you or not because you were at That moment of breaking down, but I felt like shit for not telling you it's okay, so, uh, I threw a rock at you that said get better soon with my phone number.
Lead detective, tearing up: Oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

"Really sad idea for a different character, but since Andy's power is bringing most drawn imagery into life, what if in the final novel of the series, Andy tried to save Them and after he relied so much on his power in one go, which he shouldn't do that because to be said, the colours of Andy's body and visions gradually dies away and leaves him seeing the world in black and white, as everyone can see him in just one shade of colour, and Andy gets really thrown off and loses inspirations in his drawings because everything he sees would look dull or scary and :c

I might not include it because the final novel should have mostly happiness in the end for my comfort, but maybe in the earlier novels, I might? Maybe in the fifth novel? Hm."

"Oh shit I kind of came up such a good name I will be using soon, either for that detective character I was thinking about earlier or make a new character for it:
Oschar = which is an Irish name for "dear deer"
Os = "deer"
char = "dear"
Certain names have the noun part used as a prefix rather than suffix, like Feardorcha, when the word fear means "man" and dorcha means "dark", making the overall meaning "dark man", hence, why Oschar is spelled the way it is and not the other way around: Charos.

Fallon would be a great surname? Oschar Fallon?
Anglicized form of the surname Ó'Fallamhain meaning "descendant of Fallamhan", the name being a byname meaning "leader" (derived from follamhnas meaning "supremacy").

Or Faraday? Oschar Faraday?
From Irish Gaelic Ó Fearadaigh "descendant of Fearadach", a personal name probably based on fear "man", perhaps meaning literally "man of the wood".

I just realized Oschar is pretty much pronounced like Oscar and you know what? That's totally fine with me.

Bob Morley will be Oschar's faceclaim because fuck yeah"

"So far, I thought that Oschar Fallon is a mutated Human who is the only remaining Fallon, and I like the idea of many people using him in stories to convey morals and such because he seems so...unreal, in a sense that no one really knows how can someone like him exist for his kindness even when he have gone through so much, and he's just highly regarded.

Here's a poem that can be from a made-up story about him:
Oh dear, oh dear, can you hear?
Dear Little Deer, your fear is here.
Know there is no time to go back,
So take this spear to attack,
And aim for the heart, or aim for the mind.

This art of yours will never remain behind
Because at the end of this creation,
it is the beast that dreads you—
The one whom wears ruination
Like it is their flesh and bones."

"Me? Imagining Them in Their final battle with Th3m, all bleeding and strained, yet They manage to yell out, "I. Am. Still. HERE.", after Th3y thought Th3y finally got rid of Them?¿?¿ !!! MmMm, fuckIN' GOOD SHIT RIGHT RIGHT !!!"

"Lord, I have so many ideas and concepts during this holiday break, and it's hella great, lemme tell ya, but, a quick concept for the night before I go to sleep: purchasing a bed comes with a monster, but rather than the usual monster under bed tries to scare the child off, purchasing this bed is like signing a form that will give this monster an approval to take care of the child in the dead of night. This bed monster will protect the child from their nightmares by consuming them and provides them comfort if they still wake up in a shaken state. Pretty much, give me bed monsters who encourages their roommates, technically they are what they are to them, to sleep early and set everything for their roommate to get ready with. Give me bed monsters that comes in different interests / knowledge / etc and can provide them to their roommates so they can tire them out and put them to rest. Give me bed monsters who gives reassurance to the ones who cries to themselves on their bed at night and let them know they will never have to cry with a cold sheet and an empty soul ever again."

"I think it would be really cool and interesting if I write a single novel that maybe takes place before the Komorebi series of Them in the incarnation before the current and Present / Damien going on adventures, and most of the times, Past / Damian and/or Future / Damion appears in Their life. Pretty much most, if not all, of the characters in the novel are the Craerekins.

Damien not giving a fuck about anything, even when it gets dragged into Their life the moment They arrive to the world and sticks to Their side until Their final death, and it often gets its hand held on by Them, as a way to say that the present is always with you."

Obviously this is typed up during the late in night, so not everything is in order and included yet but, Al and El? Love them so much, and I'm hella excited to fully develop them and their relationship together whenever I can.

"So here's what I thought for these two chaotic boyos so far:
- Al and El had probably first met when they were nine. I was actually joking about at school, Al threw a rock with a get well message at El after he was bullied that led to their friendship, but, thinking about it? I might stick with it ( plus, it's be pretty funny to think El actually got hurt from Al's rock, and Al told the teacher the bully did it, and the bully got in trouble ). I think this would be how El wanted to start collecting rocks and shows off to Al.
- At some point, Al and El tried to run away together when they were maybe twelve, which was, of course, Al's idea. Al's parents had decided to move back to their hometown ( or somewhere else in America, since his hometown is located in Canada ) after they realized where they lived for a few years weren't for them. The parents of Al and El were pissed, especially Al's. Al's parents didn't allow their son to visit El, even when they were moving, but in the end, Al managed to slip in a goodbye note by El's door. Al had promised El when he goes back to his hometown, he'd send him a letter and they would exchange letters daily.
- And so, they had for a few years ( so they would be twelve to fifteen years old, most likely ), as for Al, he had been doing it secretly in fear his parents would be mad if they found out he was still contacting El. Unfortunately, Al did eventually get caught, and since then, El hadn't received his letter and then, he stopped hoping as he thought maybe Al moved on.
- Al was kicked out of his home when he was probably sixteen years old when his parents thought he was "independent" enough to take care of himself and he changed his entire name to what he goes by now: Alastar Collins.
- Meanwhile, El didn't have a lot going on in his life, but he felt a lot more alone when Al stopped sending him letters, which honestly didn't help him with...well, everything, because Al was the only friend he ever had. Also he couldn't help but wonder if Al got hurt or something, so...that really threw him off for a while until he wanted to forget about Al because the thought of him was starting to affect him emotionally.
- I think El also changed his name, just his first name, to what he currently goes by when he was eighteen because he wanted a new life when his birth name is mostly associated with bad experiences.
- El was interested in being a detective because he loved to solve problems and found it highly rewarding when he ended up having somewhere that could lead to the solution, as well as he wanted to help those who had lost their loved ones or bring justice to the criminals.
- Once El got into being a police officer and then detective, working for a couple of years, with his great determination and eagerness, he quickly became his city's best detective. Only until he was the lead detective of the case on California's serial killer, the Bloodhound.
- While El was handling with his education, after Al got kicked out, he had been doing illegal activities to get money, such as dealing with drugs. He had been planning to use the money to visit El, but after it had been a couple of years ( sixteen to nineteen ), he went to where El lived but found out El had moved away ( which he did at the age of eighteen ). That's when Al got extremely lonely and afraid before he decided to kill and rob people who were like his parents: racist, homophobic, abusive, etc.
- When Al heard there was a new detective having to handle the Bloodhound case, like any other detectives, he wanted to mess with them and make their world his playground. However, he didn't know this new detective was his old best friend, El.
- I'm tired so I'm just going to leave the way it is, but one more thing: I might have Al adopt a child or two? El would honestly be Shook to see the ultimate asshole / serial killer being also the dad.

"I've been trying to get into Unsolved again, and, I might? change Crederex's, Sam's, and Ayon's entire identity? I feel like they all deserve better with my creativity, but them being a Demon of sort may still remain because I like the idea of the Monteros being nearly spelled as monsters and y'know it's an edgy thinking right there.

Demon ( Crederex )
Your typical creation of how Demons are.

Shaemon ( Sam ) / Sha is inspired by the word, "shadow'
My own sub-category creation of the demonic race; Shaemons are the ones who became Demons after their presences had absorbed the Demon's unholy / dark energy for a certain amount of time ( maybe a year? ). After a year, their transformation starts for almost two months, each week—their personality and mindset are influenced by a Deadly Sin ( Week one: they are affected by Lust, week two: they are affected by Greed, etc ) before it finishes with them being technically a Demon, which can be seen as a "copy" of those who had affected them with their unholy / dark energy.

Suelmon ( Ayon ) / Suel is inspired by two words, "soul" + "fuel"
Another of my own sub-category creation of the demonic race; Suelmons are the ones who could be considered as Demons, but not really, due to their Souls still being attached to their body. They are somewhat the most dangerous and highly admired / envied creatures of the damned because despite their everlasting torture in Hell, their Souls could not separate from them because they have suffered on the world for too long to believe they would be getting tortured in Hell, and they were used to the idea of not letting their Souls ( used more or less as a metaphor for their kindness and such ) go to the tragedy and agony."

"Tw: Suicidal thoughts

Oof, so, the biggest disadvantage of being a Suelmon is how extremely sensitive they are to the heat. Even through the heat, if they've been exposed to it for too long, their human form will eventually melt away and leave them in their true form with their entire body decorated with burns and wounds for usually three weeks until they can regain their human form.

I'm just imagining Ayon going through that for the very first time and he's just devastated and disgusted of himself and his spouses tries to comfort him but he just thinks about wanting to die and hhh :c"

"I keep thinking of a lot of things with Them involved, but, look, They is gradually becoming my ultimate favourite character / biggest comfort character as I love Them A Lot, so. Heck yeah!

Anyway, Them meeting the Seven Sins and They is...somewhat in a way helping them? Wraith being an asshole who wants to beat everyone up? They tell it to at least beat up those who hurts others by being racist, homophobic, etc. Sloth being lazy and sad as fuck? They reassures it that it's okay to be lazy and sad as it can be difficult existing, especially when it's easy to feel there's nothing to live for, and gives it a massage. Pride being narcissistic and always check itself on the mirrors? They compliments it anyway and let it know it's cool if it means to make it happy. Just Them being understanding in a way to the Sins.

Though, anyone would worry the Sins would go overboard and be extremely nasty, but They make sure Wraith will beat others up if that's going to be the case."

"As much as I love John Mulaney as Life / Alpha Paene, I might switch the faceclaim from him to Gavin Free just because I can definitely see Gavin being That kind of an entity, and it's so much more easier seeing Life as Gavin interacting with Death / Omega Umbra who's faceclaimed Ryan Haywood, Gavin's friend and co-worker. Also more Achievement Hunter faceclaims used for the Embodiments, wahoo!"

"Okay, holy shit, so what if I made Ayon and Crederex have multiple incarnations, but each incarnation, they're a hunter of some sort, like monster hunter, demon hunter, ghost hunter, etc, and ironically, Sam with their multiple incarnations, she is that said species the boys would hunt after? I don't think I'll actually go with this idea, but it'll be pretty cool to have their characters inspired by Unsolved with the whole hunting shenanigans.

Animal hunter
Human hunter
Vampire hunter
Werewolf hunter
Witch hunter
Cryptid hunter
Monster hunter
Alien hunter
Ghost hunter
Angel hunter
Demon hunter
Treasure hunter"

"I was thinking each individual of the House gets selected by the dying Zodiac Deities to be the ones who creates the concept of Zodiac to the entities on Eanmerthas, which would be in like 3,200-500 BC or something, I don't even know. Though, since Zodais are made out of Stars, they can last for, like, ten billions years, so they'll be existing for an extremely long time to see how much things change from there to modern time to beyond.

Oh my Gosh, what if the chosen ones have their own starry companion.

hjshgjksbk there's so much things I have to change and think over because I don't know if I can have Caleb and Valerius be Zodais and shkdhkd"

"Yo, so how would the Zodais be named?
What if Zodais have two names? One in Latin and other in Chinese? Each Zodai usually have a special aspect of them that will be developed / shown in the future, which can be told through the Stars that will show what aspect they may have. For an example, when a Zodai is birthed ( which, by the way, it's extremely common for them to be birthed during night. I haven't thought what would make them if they were born during the day. ), their parents / guardians will see the Stars creating a form of their child's special aspect and it's a rose, so they name the child: Rosa and Méiguī... Hmmmm...."

"Okay, there's three groups, each having four Zodais: Initium, Medium, and Finis. I think the reason why there'd be groups in the first place is maybe because they were assigned by the Zodiac Deities to be in groups since it'd be more easier for them to achieve their mission ( of creating the concept of Zodiac in Eanmerthas ) in teams rather in solo? Originally, one Zodai of the group wouldn't like most of the others who's they're teamed with, but during the Komorebi series, but in the end, after they completed their mission, they finally viewed each other as friends, and decided they'd be together as a team.

I think every after two novels of the Komorebi series, there'd be a group tagging Them along with Their adventures, and after those two novels, they'd be replaced with another team to go with Them. I might have the Ultimas Zodais being the ones who would be with Them throughout Their life, even in all of Their incarnations maybe because they were asked to by the Zodiac Deities, from Life and Death since I guess the Ultimas Zodais would cooperate if told by the Zodiac Deities, to look after Them?

Though, the group are supposed to present the Beginning, Medium, and Final, and, uh, I like the idea of a group being with Them meaning how much time They have left to live?? Like if Finis is with Them, then that means They's close to permanently dying before reincarnating?? At the same time, I don't want Them to have a permanent death, so... I don't know what to do with that. Mmm, what if something happened that did gave Them an extra life to live? What if, for the very first time, in this incarnation, with Their Determination being so powerful, They actually tried to challenge Life and Death, Their parent, so they can give Them another change to live?

Because how heartbreaking must it be to have an idea that you want to do, as you are passionate of, and right before you can make it a reality after you went through the progress of making it so, you die.

Oh my God, what if They did get to have more lives in the end, but there is a consequence? Even Them allowing Life and Death to let all of the Zodais to be part of Their life, regardless of where They may be in Their life, which means the consequence would be much greater? Maybe Life and Death, the Parallel Twins, would take away Their ability to speak, hear, or see, or even all of them? I'm planning to have Them often experience hearing voices of either the Dead or the entities and Themself of Their past incarnations, so that won't be the option for Their consequence. Whatever the consequence may be is I can think of, for sure, it would be extremely unpleasant.

Though, I like the idea that even with this affect, that will only last when They finally have Their permanent death, They's still determined to achieve Their goals of wanting to make the world a better one by helping those in need.

But, yeah, I think what I have thought of ( so far, probably ) are good. I might make whatever group would be with Them at the time leave because they have something else to handle, some bullshit like that. They is pretty adaptable with the changes of the party, They would be sad to see them go, but They would eventually come to the thought that not everyone could be in Their life, especially for a long time."

"Sweet dream beans, here they all come

— Cotton Candy ( Pink )
— Laffy Taffy ( Yellow )
— Turkish Delight ( Red )
— Jujubes ( Green )
— Fairy Floss ( Blue )
— Nerds ( Purple )
— Bubblegum ( White )
— Chocolate ( Brown )
— Candy Corn ( Orange )

Since all of them are identical, I guess all of their faceclaim is Baekhyun, but in different hair colour? Mmm"


"( Axcio. Agender. Immortal. ) Sanguine stains mortal hands, though, washing them away will only turn the water red. System always quivers, yet the reason falls out of certainty. Cold skin, hot flesh, touch them for you will flinch, hug them long for you will melt—it only hurts in the end. Whispers in day and night. Serenity sets in between clenched teeth and reality. Passing notes to entities with random lines and dots and shapes. Strange to eyes, but endearing from heart if one knows them well. Lover of the living, protector of the dead. Counting flowers and stars like counting corpses and souls.

Other notes:
- Loves to sing, however, they's rather shy of revealing this skill in particulate to many beings; mainly do so to close ones.
- Prefers peaceful environments over loud environments.
- Personality is similar to Theirs ( extremely sweet and understanding, often seen as "innocent" due to reacting towards harmful intentions / acts with kindness nevertheless, highly determined, etc ), though, the main difference between them is how Amor is designed to be a bit more reserved, mature, and quiet than Them."

""Are you the one who lives under the bed?" Childlike curiosity leaked from gentle teeth, tinged with wonder, as it left Their mind buzzing.

The lanky creature stood before Them with its rotten body dripping unknown substances. Black they appeared, as if they were removing parts of life and replaced them with the sight of the void. Multiple of glowing eyes floated around the empty face. Could They imagine it wearing a halo that was made out of Souls. " D a r e  t o  b e l i e v e  i f  I  s a y  y e s . . . ? " The words distorted through Their room. It sounded empty, yet full. Full of something wonderfully terrible.

Their skull vibrated and They winced at how sharp its voice cut into reality. Despite its disturbing appearance, They only took a step closer to it and smiled. Only was there softness present. "We were hoping," said They. "You're nice. You make us feel safe. We would like to spend more time with you." Their expression dropped. They tilted Their head and frowned.  "We were here to get some board games for our friends. You can join. We promise they'll like you too."

The creature stared at Them. Silence fell between them and remained for a bit until the creature said, " I  a m  s o r r y. "


They entered Their room. They couldn't remember why They was here, and decided They would eventually figure it out and headed out with a shrug, leaving behind the monster who was the protector of younglings, destroyer of nightmares and memories."

"Species ideas for Amor:
- Immortal
- Humon ( Human/Monster hybrid )
- Shaolker ( A shadowy creature that gradually copies after another's voice, moving pattern, etc, before taking their entire identity, as well as gaining their memories and knowledge, when developing a close connection to them )
- Dream Walker

Okay, so what if Amor does have immortality, but he somehow dies every on a single minute before the New Year hits and comes back afterward? The idea of being created in the New Year and die in the end of the year? But as years and years goes on, he starts to appear more... monstrous? Gaining sharp teeth, white eyes, etcetera. He becomes beyond what a Human should be, as everything he does, there is something beyond about them. How the way he sings that holds traces of unknown. How the way he runs that can make the winds howl around him. How his existence speaks of both life and death.

I like the idea of how bits of Souls will gradually leave the owners' bodies and spread across the air for entities to inhale. What if that's the reason how Amor becomes just about everything? How he have every bits of features, strengths and weaknesses most entities have."

"With gray eyes, decayed lungs,
We weep, and weep, and weep.
You tell me how strange we had survived through the storms and infernos for so long,
But our emotions can bring us into choking on others' twisted tragedies,
As our passions can bring us into breathing in others' broken dreams.
I think about it, and I suppose that is what makes us beautiful in the end:
Knowing how to live too.
If it is true, then maybe we do deserve to die,
Because we had reached every signs of hope for the lovers and dreamers.
So let the fire engulf us 'till we are nothing but dusts,
And the constellations will scream our names.
— C.J.P. 'It's what we deserves.'

I don't remember if I had that last line from a dream or I thought of it out of the blue, but, for some reason, it had been sticking in the corner of my head lately, so. I Gotta."