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he was used to the ache in his feet. he was used to the pulsing sensation beneath them as they screamed to stop walking, to sit for once in his life, but he ignored it then as he always did. he was a soldier, it had been trained into him early on that stopping wasn't ever an option. though the governments had fallen, though the world had fallen, he was still the same, still a soldier at heart. he operated with a mission, though it wasn't to pursue an enemy anymore, but an ally. his kin.

he'd resigned himself to the loss of his family long, long ago. the loss of his wife, his children. though only one of the three was biological, they were all his children in his head. he couldn't imagine what might have come of him, he physically couldn't bare it, so for too long, he'd ignored it. he'd been abandoned overseas, stranded in the middle of siberia. he hadn't spoken a lick of a second language, didn't even have a map, but mason lebonair was bright enough to make it work. he'd learned a number of languages over the last twenty-odd years. he'd made some sort of life for himself out there, he'd made do somehow.

but then there was a boat, and an opportunity, and he'd left it all behind in a heartbeat for the prospect of seeing his family again. family, as it turned out, to be limited. six months, traipsing over the continent, using what special operations skills he'd had, he'd learned his wife to be deceased. he'd learned he'd missed her by mere weeks. hayley, their middle child, was also long gone. miles was apparently alive and well, as was andrea, who'd begun going by hayley's name. it was all messy and confusing, but all mason needed to know was that his children were alive, even if they might not recognize him.

that was what brought him to this mountain. feet aching, head thrumming, sweating from the heat. though it was only in the seventies, the hottest summer he'd endured in years was the low twenties. in his hand, as he neared the lodge, was a faded and torn picture of a family of five, from long, long ago.
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i don't need your advice.
i don't need your advice.
(( tw mentions of death & Imma just guess this is before the raid since it isn’t done yet & it’s five in the morning please excuse this pile of shit ))

similarly to mason, Brendan hasn’t been with his family in a long time. Contrary to mason, Brendan won’t ever be able to see them again.

That’s a fact Brendan has—begrudgingly—grown used to in the last two years, almost exactly last two years, but it is what it is. He would be lying if he said he doesn’t miss them, that his parents don’t cross his mind as often; they do appear in his brain and, to be quite frank, it hurts. Why wouldn’t it hurt? But his resolution to the problem is this: stop thinking about them. If he just...stops, maybe he wouldn’t be as grumpy anymore. Like—yeah, he actually manages to not think of his parents all day every day, maybe once or twice every few days now, but it’s still present, and he fricken hates that. It all gets in the way, all of it. He needs to focus on more important things, anyways, such as the upcoming raid against the bad guys and...well, obviously his chickens.

Believe it or not, pushing down his thoughts is a process Brendan has grown pretty darn good at. While it still remains to be a—as mentioned earlier—process, and a bit of a hefty long one as well, it’s something he knows how to do. Call it unhealthy (because it is), but it helps him get by, at the very least. After all, he needs to put more important things at hand, and thinking about his dead relatives isn’t going to help him one bit.

And—honestly, this stranger waltzing up towards the lodge like he owns the place kinda matters more right now than Brendan’s parents.

Staff in hand, Brendan hops off of the porch and begins to make his way towards the man, one hand grabbing for his walkie-talkie. Pushing onto a button, he brings the device up to his mouth, glaring a bit at the man while he does so.

"stranger at the border," he states matter-of-factly; once that’s done, he clips the device back to his belt and readies his staff.

Admittedly, the process of greeting strangers and asking who they are, what they want, all that gets old. Like, really old, and really fast, too. Not just because it’s boring (don’t get him wrong—it’s the world’s most boring thing ever), but also because he...isn’t exactly in the mood to talk to people? Ever? He has zero fricken clue. Blech, whatever. With a sharp exhale, Brendan swiftly points his staff at the man after a quick twirl in his fingers, expression contorting into an even more obvious glare.

"who are you?" Brendan demands, rolling his shoulders. (It’d probably be for the best to tell the man where exactly he is, but Brendan doesn’t give a crap right now.)

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      On the other hand, Edmund's entire life revolved around his family. Ever since he was born, strict family values found itself etched into his mind but, as a family of crime that needed trust and loyalty more than anything, it was to no surprise it was drilled into him from an early age. And, although for some time he was without the company of his brothers, it was always an assumption that they would be reunited and, once more, they could return to their lives as if they were never apart. That'd always been the plan, right?

Fortunately, things had, in fact, gone their way when the three brothers found themselves eventually following the youngest's advice to meet him in Flintlock Lodge. After all, their father - known as Stirling to most - had the belief that scaling the perilous, avalanche-waiting-to-happen mountain in order to lay low for a few years, especially after a heist that'd gone wrong. Of course, needless to say, that could only work for so long as proven by the recent attack on Flintlock, but the boys got through it together. That had always been what family was about to them.

But, unlike the arrival of his brothers to Flintlock, Eddie couldn't always instantly tell whether a newcomer was somebody's family member or not. And so, as always, he'd err on the side of caution when approaching. With Brendan's voice announcing a new arrival down his walkie talkie, Eddie furrowed his brows to himself before getting up and heading out of the lodge, rifle slung over his shoulder. He caught up to where Brendan was positioned, confronting the stranger, and since he appeared to be handling things, Edmund thought that perhaps he ought to stay quiet, simply observing in case things turned sour.

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⋟ edmund theodore stirling-moray // ed, eddie, moray
⋟ goes by the name edmund moray
⋟ male // he/him
⋟ twenty three // ages real time // born seventh august
⋟ member of flintlock lodge // formerly a traveler with his family
⋟ product of an organized crime family, his father the mafia godfather
⋟ joined FL two years ago

⋟ faceclaim ( - finn cole
⋟ voice claim ( - finn cole (tw in video. blood & violence)
⋟ 5'9ft // stocky, well-built frame
⋟ muted blue eyes and dirty blonde hair
⋟ physical health - 100% // current injuries: none
⋟ mental health - 100% // N/A

⋟ quiet in nature but confident in himself
⋟ completely fearless, almost foolishly so
⋟ insensitive and callous // cares for very few
⋟ very calm and calculative // always planning in his head
⋟ disciplined and practices good self-control
⋟ very flirtatious and persuasive // overly lustful
⋟ aloof and untrustworthy // jealous and deceitful
⋟ tactful and knows how to get what he wants
⋟ can be very nasty when he wants to be
⋟ but can also be very protective and faithful too
⋟ has a strong set of morals // has the quality of honor

⋟ alfred stirling x leonora moray // both deceased
⋟ three older brothers // alfonso, dominik & franklin
⋟ the fifth stirling-moray brother, thomas, died years ago
⋟ two younger half-siblings // henry & ida
⋟ bisexual but he stays silent about homosexual activity
⋟ crushing on blake // is considering proposing
⋟ father of thomas moray and charlotte moray
⋟ owns a dog, angus

⋟ storage ( // plot (http://N/A)
⋟ physically: very hard // mentally: hard
⋟ father taught him how to kill at a young age
⋟ insensitive towards injuring or killing others // will do so without hesitation
⋟ very abrupt with newcomers but also willing to help them
⋟ often found guarding the lodge with a rifle
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— family had always been important to mickey. in the beginning, that had been all that he had. friends eventually went away, acquaintances faded- but family had always been there. it felt like he’d never lose his family, either of them. but then, the new world had slowly gotten rid of them all. the first experience of loss was his dad - which, he sometimes felt sadness and complete anger over because it could have been prevented. and that experience had broken his heart.
there were more times of that, with family slowly going away - both the family he was related to and the people he called family. but now it was just him, it felt. him, alone in this world, but slowly getting better. he didn’t expect to ever see more family again, though. it was just impossible to even fathom. as he walked along, seeing someone nearing the lodge with a torn-up picture, and brendan confronting him, he couldn’t help but stop by. it looked like a newcomer; they might need taken care of.
as for actually saying anything- he wouldn’t. he’d simply slid over to stand beside edmund, observing as well.