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Title: [ welcome to your life - open, intro ]
Post by: leo. on August 24, 2019, 11:21:11 AM

dimont avenue.

it was a place that every aspiring artist went. it was only fitting, then, that leo would find himself hanging around this popular hub. today he was taking it a bit easy, at least, not really trying to land a gig in any of the places there. everyone around here was wanting to become a local celebrity. what truly made leo any different than the rest of them?

he instead opted for sitting at a bench, absently strumming his guitar. humming an unknown tune. sometimes it caught the eye of a passerby, but it looked like the dirty-blonde couldn’t truly care about whether he was noticed today or not. today simply didn’t feel like his day, at the very least. today was finally a day to sit back and relax, away from his dreams of becoming a local celebrity. he didn’t even think he wanted to be famous; he just wanted to sing. being recognized by many seemed almost intimidating, not truly something fitting for him.

yet the man was still there, lulling the streets with the absent strumming of a guitar.

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Title: Re: [ welcome to your life - open, intro ]
Post by: truce. on September 11, 2019, 06:45:59 AM
      Piers had never been one to play instruments, instead opting to enjoy the arts as a listener rather than actively learn how to play. And, today was no different. Stepping out of a stagecoach, he waved at the driver as thanks before beginning to slowly walk down the sidewalk towards the theater. He made sure to make himself as approachable as he could on the streets, even going out of his way to watch the matinee performance just to show his face.

But, the sound of a man playing the guitar caught Piers' attention. Not that it was particularly noticeable, the man quietly sat on the bench, strumming at his guitar, but enough for Piers to want to approach, tipping his head to the side as he cracked a small smile. ❝ It's very pleasant when you're walking down the street and you hear music playing. Thank you - it's always so beautiful. ❞ He complimented with a small yet genuine smile.