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Post by: BROCK. on October 12, 2019, 01:22:20 PM
      Maybe bad things happened for a good reason. Maybe Silas' kingdom was burned to ash to make way for a real empire. After all, fire exposed all of their priorities. Whilst some fools ran away, others flocked to stay close to family and friends. Some sought food, whilst Brock searched for a home. If the fire never happened, then they would've settled comfortably in a trailer park of all places. No; they deserved better, and so Brock would search for his empire. Well, by search he meant he sent a group of NPC riders up ahead to search the prairie's vast lands for somewhere to call a home.

And, eventually, they did.

Upon returning, they were eager to report back that they had found a ghost town. Quaint, yet one which seemed habitable enough. Apart from the seemingly dark past - bodies which had certainly been dead for some time had been found dotted around, the town resembled more of a graveyard than a place to call home. But, Brock was growing desperate. They needed a new start. And besides, it wasn't like the bodies were exactly inhabiting the town.

In no time, Brock had ordered everybody to pack up their belongings and travel with him to this new town. There was a lot of work that needed doing by the sounds of it, but they needed a place to settle. A place to feel safe in.

❝ We are free to plan our futures once more. ❞ Brock announced to those around him like a politician trying to preach a lost cause, smiling proudly at the sight of the town. It was inconspicuous at best but, with some work, it'd be a very impressive sight. Brock was sure of it. Clearing his throat, Brock dismounted Prospector, brushing gloved hands together. ❝ All right folks. In that case, welcome to your new home. We have our work cut out for us, so let us start by unpacking everything, moving the livestock to the farm a short walk away from here and removing the deceased from the area. Then - tonight - we celebrate. ❞

// so !! after the fire destroyed bluestem prairie's former territory, a new territory has finally been discovered; a new ghost town ( and farm ( where bluestem will permanently live now !!

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♘ brock van den bergh // no known nicknames
♘ male // he/him
♘ forty seven // ages real time // born third january
♘ member of bluestem prairie // formerly traveled with family and confidants
♘ led a gang with his closest confidants and colleagues before his wife died
♘ group unraveled during his grief, so he and his son soon left for BP
♘ joined BP april 2039
♘ promoted to marshal

♘ faceclaim ( - jeffrey dean morgan
♘ voice claim ( - jeffrey dean morgan [tw. violence]
♘ 6'0ft // strong, well-built frame
♘ dark chocolate brown eyes and salt and pepper hair
♘ physical health - 100% // current injuries: none
♘ mental health - 100% // N/A

♘ has anarchistic worldview // wants a world free from rules and regulations
♘ very well educated and therefore eloquent in his ways
♘ pro-individualist idealism forms charisma that attracts following of deviants
♘ has a kind, caring and playful disposition // very encouraging
♘ confident and sees himself as a sort of mentor
♘ shows a genuine compassion for allies // full of compliments
♘ his fearlessness often overlaps into recklessness
♘ very driven by vengeance and his own ego
♘ scarily charming and charismatic
♘ behavior has grown more aggressive, violent, and erratic recently
♘ often gaslights people to have things his way
♘ gets under people's skin using his charm to control them
♘ acts like the group's father and mentor // it's merely manipulation
♘ there is no ❝ real ❞ brock // he changes based on who he's with
♘ hypocritical // every ideal he preaches, he ends up breaking in some way
♘ he cares for himself over everyone else // driven by his own ego
♘ distances himself from conflict unless he knows he’s well guarded
♘ every decision of him is for self-preservation first and foremost
♘ terribly selfish // he only genuinely cares when it's convenient
♘ he would martyr anyone for his cause and has no shame in it
♘ takes in those in need of it, but not without his own ulterior motives
♘ only helps people as he knows these people will ❝ owe ❞ him after
♘ carries himself with the vigor of a much better, and mentally stronger, man
♘ picks pretty words and weaves them together, but is shallow all the same
♘ fashioned himself into something of a robin hood-like figure in the past
♘ he still thinks of himself in this manner // a vigilante

♘ horatio van den bergh x tanya van den bergh // both deceased
♘ two sisters, one older and one younger
♘ heterosexual, heteromantic
♘ widowed when his wife, alexandra, was shot and killed
♘ father of jamie van den bergh
♘ once owned a dog named baron who has since died
♘ owns a horse named prospector // adores him

♘ bio ( // playlist ( // pinterest (
♘ physically: very hard // mentally: hard
♘ very insensitive and brutal when it comes to harming others
♘ he'd even harm/omit to help his own allies if it does not benefit him
Post by: roman. on October 13, 2019, 11:04:12 AM

— when people had returned, reporting that there was a ghost town for everyone to live in… roman almost hadn’t been sure to believe it. had these people been so desperate for shelter that they had formed delusions about some place that could offer everyone shelter? rome wasn’t sure if he fully believed that. still, judging by the way they spoke about it, it didn’t seem like a place people would make up. surely it would’ve sounded more grand than this place they described.

as brock announced how they were free to plan their futures again, ro couldn’t help but glance around him to see everyone else’s reaction. everyone else appeared to be at least mildly hopeful - a stark contrast to ro’s blank slate. god, these people were so gullible. he stared around at the crowd for a moment longer before slowly brushing past brock to head further into the town, carrying the few goods he had - some trinkets from northstar, frank’s clothes that he would never return back - and searched around for a place to call his own.

Post by: ANNIE C. on October 13, 2019, 01:19:50 PM
To her, any kind of shelter was welcome. She valued hard-work, and obviously this place would demand plenty of that. As she looked around, she wasn't too impressed with the state of things, all decrepit and crumbling. But the enthusiasm of those around her, especially that of Brock, was infectious.

So, following the words of their leader, Annie went to help others unpack. She didn't have much to her name, aside from the clothes on her back. Everything else had been stolen or left behind. She tried not to think about it much, though, afraid that she would drive herself crazy trying to figure out what she would do now. There was no way she was about to ask anyone for supplies, so that only left her to figure out another way.

When she found herself hauling a woman's trunk of clothes around, it wasn't out of the goodness of her heart, rather a way to secure herself a place in the community. She wanted to make sure they wouldn't be running her off any time soon. But it did feel kind of nice when she thanked her and patted her on the cheek, even though she did flinch slightly at the action. It reminded her of her mother for a split second, but that was quickly pushed down.

Mood soured, she gave up on being the model citizen and instead went to go find herself a place to stay, hoping for something out of the way.
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