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Title: at least as deep as the pacific ocean [INVITE]
Post by: Selena on October 30, 2019, 11:22:03 PM
Selena Felix
//uhhh I have no idea if what we talked abt @trick-or-truce. has happened yet as far as aide goes, if it has lmk and I'll edit this

Had she... formally let Bluestem Prairie know that she was leading another group? Considering she'd never actually told them prior that she was part of said group, it wouldn't surprise her. They probably figured it out, what with her prolonged absences and whatnot, but she'd never said it. Well, now she was saying it.

"Hey, darlings, Los Santos is having a Halloween party." She said, strolling leisurely into camp, waving the invitation in front of her face like a fan. Bluestem wasn't warm, exactly, but compared to Flintlock it was heaven. "And a costume contest, so y'all better dress up."

Here is the party link (, will edit with the costume contest once it's made!

Spoiler: INFORMATION &&— UPDATED 10/29/19 • show
General —
▪ Selena Felix | Sel or Lena depending on the situation
▪ Biologically Female | Identifies as Female | She/her
▪ 25 years 10 months | 12/18/13 | Ages real time
▪ Member of Bluestem Prairie | Lady of Los Santos | Heir of the Felix Family
▪ Former Warchief of the Badlands

Physical —
♦ HUMAN | Health: 100%
— She's small, but not too small, about 5'4" or so. Slender and always moving, pretty blue-green eyes with a mischievous glint in them and you know she's gonna get you into trouble. Dark hair, no doubt dark thoughts as well. Red lips curve into a lazy grin that reveals white teeth - they won't stay pearly for much longer, though, as she's often seen smoking.
minor injuries: n/a
major injuries: n/a

Important Info —
▪ Currently pregnant
▪ Trained medic but prefers the war and/or social branches.
▪ Drug dealer and enabler.
▪ Usually untrustworthy, everything is calculated, ambitious as fuck, nefarious motivations.
▪ Opinions, motivations and ambition are Sel's and Sel's alone and are not shared by her roleplayer.

Personality —
— Sel is a very bold, competitive and stubborn person, with a wild side that is shown frequently as well as flirtatious tendencies. She is easily bored and is always on the lookout for adventure, with a spark of curiosity that she hopes will lead to what she seeks: adventure and romance. She seems to not be a very serious person and would rather have fun than be productive, and failing entertainment she can be quite productive and get quite a bit done. She's loud and lacks discipline. While Sel is irresponsible (and oddly bossy) and wild, she is very family-oriented and loves her family dearly. She is usually a cheerful, friendly person but she definitely has a passion for the weird, dark and creepy. She is somewhat vain and egotistical. She has her secrets and one of them is her intelligence and ability to collect information; most dismiss her as a dumb party girl (or something like that) and that's part of her cover, she has her fair share of sins and has to have a way of hiding them, and because she is a good liar and good actress, she succeeds.
— Ambitious; arrogant; bold; bossy; brave; competitive; cruel; curious; cunning; dark; deceptive; egotistical; friendly; flirty; intelligent; irresponsible; manipulative; observant; sadistic; sly; stubborn; vain; wild

Relationships —
▪ Geoff x Eliza | Heir of the Felix Family
▪ Bisexual | Biromantic | Polygamous
▪ 1/2 Sank | 1/2 Selem | 1/2 Seleo
▪ Romantically single | Crushing on n/a
▪ Generally very friendly but not easy to become close with; flirty and defiant; loyalty is hard-earned and easily betrayed

Interaction —
— Physically Medium | Mentally Hard
— Trained with knives and poisons
— Prefers to fight with poisoned knives
— Relies largely on speed and agility
— No kill/capture/maim without permission
— Will kill/capture/maim with permission
— To attack, @Sel & attack in underlined #440349