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Loner Lands / Saint Louis BOUM! \\ RACE DAY , OPEN .
« on: September 15, 2019, 06:22:04 PM »
      The annual Darboux Race Day was in full swing.

❝ - And here comes Canonero coming up to the starting line. ❞ An older man, aged and wrinkled, stood just outside the track, megaphone in hand as he stood in front of the VIP bar, open for all groups to make use of on this day. ❝ They're all lined up now; we're ready for a start! ❞ He continued enthusiastically, mustache styled elegantly, adorned in the most luxurious of suits. He peeked over to look at the horses, all shifting backwards and forwards, side to side, eager to begin galloping. A woman, stood on the inside of the track, was speaking to the jockeys, words failing to meet anybody else's ears before she nodded towards the commentator. ❝ Okay, we are ready for a start! ❞ He repeated, voice somewhat raised to speak over the music playing in the stands. He turned around, eyes looking towards the race horses before the woman raised a gun into the air.

And then, she fired a blank, and the horses went galloping.

Piers stood in the bar, leaning against the balcony which faced onto the tracks as he kept his gaze on a particular horse; his beautiful Buveur d'Air. Baiard, as he preferred to call the stallion, was his prized racehorse - many people had placed bets on him today, Piers included, and he truly hoped that today Baiard would continue as a winning horse.

 ❝ And they're off!... And it's Buveur d'Air who takes the lead, followed closely by Dagworth Maestro - ❞ The man began rambling almost inaudibly through the megaphone, excitement overcoming him.

He quirked a brow, briefly looking over his shoulder to look over towards the bookmakers behind a booth nearby, overrun by betters wishing to make a bet for the next race. Turning back to keep an eye on the race, he watched as Baiard lagged behind in second place. He nodded his head slowly, clutching more firmly on his walking stick. This would be an interesting race.

Okay so welcome to Saint Louis' annual big race day!! All groups are invited to come and spent the day at the racecourse or stay overnight in the city. Feel free to have them mingling, hanging out in the stands or in the bar, or even going to place bets on a horse !!

Loner Lands / Re: [ welcome to your life - open, intro ]
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:45:59 AM »
      Piers had never been one to play instruments, instead opting to enjoy the arts as a listener rather than actively learn how to play. And, today was no different. Stepping out of a stagecoach, he waved at the driver as thanks before beginning to slowly walk down the sidewalk towards the theater. He made sure to make himself as approachable as he could on the streets, even going out of his way to watch the matinee performance just to show his face.

But, the sound of a man playing the guitar caught Piers' attention. Not that it was particularly noticeable, the man quietly sat on the bench, strumming at his guitar, but enough for Piers to want to approach, tipping his head to the side as he cracked a small smile. ❝ It's very pleasant when you're walking down the street and you hear music playing. Thank you - it's always so beautiful. ❞ He complimented with a small yet genuine smile.

Loner Lands / Re: [ when the birds get back - open, intro ]
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:34:56 AM »
      Piers was a socialite. Evident in his charming persona and elegant sense of fashion, he loved nothing more than to mingle with the people of Saint Louis. He was good at heart, a man who'd inspired many in his lifetime. Climbing the ladder from a man who grew up with nothing to a man who spent his days giving inspirational speeches and ensuring that the city of Saint Louis would always remain civil and enjoyable, Piers was generally well liked and respected in the city. Humble to say the least, he cared about this place and the people who all occupied it. Even after he was gone, Piers had no doubt that his son would keep this place thriving for more people to enjoy.

A clicking noise sounded across the promenade as Piers hobbled, clasping comfortably on his walking stick as people moved aside for him to walk. A gentle smile sat on his lips, greeting those who smiled in his direction. Ever since he'd fallen ill, he'd found himself walking the promenade far more frequently than he ever did before, just so that he could keep himself active. Sure, he was beginning to slow down as the months went by, but he was fortunate that he was still blessed with the capability to walk around independently.

His soft hues caught sight of his son, stood looking out across the river. He wasn't surprised to see Adrien here, however - the boy always did seem to enjoy the simpler things in life. The brief sight of something so natural and beautiful in a city so built up. Slowly, Piers made his way over quietly, only slowing to a stop once he stood beside Adrien, also looking out across the river. ❝ Before the electricity went out for good here, they used to bring barges up the river all the time. It was always so beautiful, but I do think leaving the river free of vehicles is even more beautiful... If that makes much sense. ❞

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