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« on: March 29, 2020, 10:13:15 PM »
i was rooting for squirrel and what does squirrel do
kill my character smh
"little legs and little mercy" i'm ASDF

« on: March 29, 2020, 11:45:06 AM »
i'm cashing all my money on squirrel
don't let me down

OOC Discussion / Re: plot with my idiots
« on: March 21, 2020, 10:22:44 AM »
heyoo looking at this it really hit me that we have plotted almost every gd thing under the sun and as iconic as that is
hear me out here because idk i feel like it could be the start of somethiNG somewhat somewhat spicy ?? idk

so i remember we talked about maybe there being a strain in romelin's relationship and everything with bp and fl's drama. with frank like "my family is in fl can we not" and ro is there like "it's brock wtf am i supposed to do" type thing
but honestly i think that could make for potential roman and edmund tea. or even straining eddie and frank's relationship. maybe some shit goes down between bp and fl and it really looks like it was mainly ro and brock's faults or something. and there's ed like "you're dating someone who just about almost killed us" or blah
wowo idk it sounded better in my head but idk tell me your thoughts

Advanced Roleplay / FALL IN TIME // P
« on: March 20, 2020, 12:03:39 PM »
“come on, james. you’ve seen him around, yeah?”

james should have known that their get-together would’ve brought this up again. of course, one conversation with the matchmaker caleb jones could never be so simple. so much for a quick catch-up over a cup of coffee, he noted to himself. he looked down at the table, huffing a short breath. lips twitched into the start of a smile, shrugging as he reluctantly said, “i- don’t know.” eyes eventually wandered towards the emt, brows raising. “i don’t think i’m ready, or-” he felt at a loss of words, shaking his head as he searched for another reason, another excuse. at this point, he felt like he was running out of them.

“you always say that.” james huffed under his breath, but otherwise didn’t speak up for himself or counter. couldn’t argue with that one. maybe it was time he looked for something more than just one-night stands or momentarily flings. he traced the rim of his cup of coffee as caleb continued, “it’s been almost two years, man. it’s time you put yourself out there again.” momentary silence. still, james couldn’t help but shoot him a look then, the kind that must have told caleb to drop it. the emt held his hands up defensively, laughing as he defended, “alright, alright! that’s it. i won’t bring it up anymore after this. promise.”

“i’ll believe it when i see it.”

caleb laughed softly, the two chuckling to themselves. the two sobered. james brought the cup to his lips, figuring that would be the last of it. but caleb leaned forward, lips twitched into a gentle smile, a soft look in his eyes. “just tell me you’ll think about it.” he pursed his lips momentarily, then added, “he seems like your kinda guy.”

“must be quite the guy.” he sounded unconvinced. james wasn’t so sure if caleb actually believed that or not. he didn’t know what could even make this firefighter guy “his kind of guy.” still, that didn’t stop the officer from reluctantly nodding, placing his cup down on the table. “i’ll think about it.”

this was james’s kind of night. drinking absently from his glass, eyes searched around the bar. some nights he wondered why he came to this bar so often. though sometimes it felt obvious. it was a chance to get away from work, stay out of the house with nothing to do. what else was there for a single man to do?

and perhaps it was only luck for eyes to wander towards mick standing across the room, alone, as the next song began to play. maybe it was something more. still, he couldn’t help but smile to himself, finishing what was left of his drink, tempted to head over towards the familiar face. mick asimov. the man that he’d seen around before -- and the man he’d heard so much about. he couldn’t say he knew much more about him other than his name and face - and that, apparently, he was quite the guy. for a moment he dismissed the idea of getting to know him, whether it was simply nerves or something else he didn’t know.

with a bit of dutch courage, though, he figured it might be worth it to shoot his shot; he had a nice smile, a welcoming face. what was the worst that could happen? he stood up from his place at the bar, lips twitching into a kind smile. “hey,” he greeted as he neared, searching the man’s features before he gestured over towards the dance floor. “do you dance?”

« on: March 19, 2020, 09:10:08 AM »
congrats bryne!! proud of you bby, you'll do great things : ' )

In theaters I was crying laughing during "when I'm older" and meanwhile every kid in that place was so confused why I was laughing
Just wait until you're older kids

Announcements / Re: I STEP DOWN the stairs and trip and fall
« on: March 17, 2020, 02:08:12 PM »
you tried to make humor but honestly it just had me thinking this was clickbait
10/10 though

you and i don't really talk much anymore. and i'm sorry about that. more than anything though i get how you feel; anxiety sucks. mental health is more important than anything! hopefully everything irl can be fixed, and more than anything i hope your mental health gets better so you can find happiness!

i appreciated you sm as an admin. most of the bb staff feels distant and far away most days - but you weren't. nobody was a stranger to you; you were always welcoming. you gave non-staff members a voice to feel heard and important. and to be completely honest, sometimes you sticking up for non-staff was the only thing that kept me around bb,, so i have a bit of a soft spot for all you have done for this site ASDF
it'll be sad not having you around as an admin, but i bet you'll be doing amazing things irl. you made this ooc ghost of a member proud ASDF

General OOC / Re: thanks a lot discord
« on: March 16, 2020, 05:08:37 PM »
you,,, are such an idiot
i hate that i love you

TNW Plotting / Re: POST-APOCALYPTIC JUNKYARD - plot with inny
« on: March 16, 2020, 08:10:35 AM »
oooh love this

@ bryne: i think!! we should absolutely plot that shit out !!
mick in the carbines was a whole era. and he's so different now compared to back then. so i think it would be interesting to have someone in tnw that actually, saw how shit he was back then. rather than him just admitting occasionally to people how gd awful he really was
i'm all for this and we gotta plot it asap

@ crows: oh hey kid,, hAvE yOu BeEn WaShInG yOuR hAnDs? ? ?
okay yes, yes to all of that. mick is definitely so gd protective over others? and he is definitely the kind of guy that loves being sought out for words of wisdom, advice, etc, etc.
let him fill the Void lysander you beautiful bastard
also they both have dark af pasts i'm?? and i don't know if mick would ever say explicitly "hey,, so i killed a bunch of people once upon a time" but i feel like he'd definitely allude to being in a really dark place back then. if anything i think it'd make them vibe a bit better since they both have been through so much, even without really saying anything about it it'd still show?? plus mick's advice would all come from a man kinda-sorta working himself out of that dark place. so it'd be Wise Words lysander probably needs to hear from others?? i stan

@ noccy: yes ! ! let's go paddy
now that she's in the badlands they could both sort of. bond over the fact of having known each other before
and the like
especially now that bl has some Tea and he's there like "! ! damn"

ooh yeah see everything about frozen 2 is better than the first. but for some reason i still find myself leaning towards the first one and i can't even explain why. ADSF

show yourself is my favorite song !! the animation and everything just had me in LOVE. i get they wanted into the unknown to be the most popular but damn,, show yourself is just my favorite i can't

i feel like this thread already has a spoiler warning - or automatically comes with one idk - but
but olaf? i felt guilty during that scene with him and anna as he "died" because literally it just felt like infinity war with stark and peter parker's "mr stark i don't feel so good" and i couldn't get that out of my head during that scene

okay okay it is absolutely beautiful, 10/10. and i'm glad it's on disney + words can't explain

my problem?? why tf was "let it go" and "how far i'll go" on the radio almost all the time when the movies came out? and i never heard "into the unknown" or "show yourself" or any of those beautiful gems?? when they're honestly better??
biggest upset of 2019


that's a tough one because there are things that could make frozen 1 better or frozen 2 better
i honestly prefer the music from frozen two because it sounds more mature. and almost. broadway-like?? so i swoon
and the animation is better in frozen 2 i think

but honestly i'll always say frozen 1 is my favorite ASFD
just because the last half of frozen was better than the last half of frozen 2 imo

what do you think
have you seen frozen 2 ?!

holy shit bryne how did i not notice your messages

that is a tough question but honestly i can binge watch frozen more than i can binge watch tangled
even though both are,, good
i probably favor frozen because i live for the winter aesthetic

what do you think

you know i haven't used this in a hot minute

but it's mainly because i've been binge-watching marvel on disney + anddd,,,,
honestly there isn't much tea about them because most - most - of the marvel movies aren't that bad,, just,, lengthy,,

TNW Plotting / POST-APOCALYPTIC JUNKYARD - plot with inny
« on: March 14, 2020, 10:10:33 AM »
full of all your apocalyptic needs .

this is my desperate attempt to give myself something to do during this Quarantine y'all. i don't mind plotting with people in other groups either since i think there's always a way for people to get to know each other in tnw so i'm not really going to care about which group they're from

private threads, open threads, i don't mind. not picky.

my main characters at the moment are addy (nd), freddie (fl), jerome (bp), mickey (nd), and roman (bp/nd). below are some super basic rundowns of the characters, but if you're interested in them or have any plots in mind pls don't be afraid to share them ! ! !
i'd prefer you reply on this rather than discord, because talking one-on-one gives me a lot of anxiety. if you prefer discord though that's fine!!


  » MICKEY SERGE is currently a medic at northstar district, running the clinic alongside his friend lucerne nouvel. he is introverted and oftentimes keeps to himself in big social settings; in smaller or one-on-one settings he is more comfortable and willing to get out of his shell. he's intelligent, kind, charming - a true gentleman. he takes after his father, who was his role model growing up. and, because of his father, he wants to be like a father figure to others; give advice, be a shoulder to cry on, be someone people can look up to. he knows he isn't the best role model out there, but he tries to be.
he is also troubled. formerly a leader of a gang, he carries that baggage very heavily on his own shoulders. ptsd, dark thoughts, things he tries to keep to himself. his past has caused him to be reluctant to get too close to others, with the idea that everyone around him will eventually die. however, he's been slowly branching out and talking to other people.
he is open to anything except romance and death-- because he is basically an immortal little cockroach at this point.

full bio here
Spoiler: open to • show

- friendships: like mentioned above, mick does see himself as a sort of father figure to people. giving advice and simply being there for others is something he strives to do in life, really. while he can be hesitant to trust someone else, friendship isn't impossible with mickey; it just takes a bit of time.

- enemies: it's not entirely impossible to be one of mick's enemies. from his days in the gang, he did a lot of bad things. he could've hurt someone y/c loved, indirectly hurt y/c,, if we plot into it, it could be real tea. just don't expect him to be a complete asshole. he's usually short with the people he dislikes, and tends to avoid the enemy rather than face them head-on.

- progressing y/c's plots: mick can be a bit of a side character in a big plot for your own character's arc. whether he's someone that gives a little nudge to help y/c do something they've been putting off or are scared to do, if they need patched up after some run-in that starts their arc, etc, mick is definitely helpful with that ! !

  » ADDY DOUGLAS is a firecracker of a man. sharp, oftentimes hurtful comebacks are his shtick at this point. he can come off as rude, unkind, and standoffish- which, in most cases, he is, don't get me wrong. however, after leaving the badlands suddenly with his friend lucerne nouvel, the calm, slow-paced lifestyle of northstar district has caused him to want to change himself a bit. he doesn't need to hide behind hurtful remarks or snide comments. he doesn't have to hide away all the soft parts of him, even while overall affection seems to make him physically ill at this point. more than anything, though, he doesn't want to be an outcast or misfit in the eyes of those around him; he wants to change for the better. he has a lot of maturing to do, but he is already slowly making steps to being a more open and kind person. don't expect that to stop his occasional snide comments, though.
he is open to pretty much everything except romance and death. romance is off because he considers himself to be taken by lucerne nouvel, and death is off-limits because holy hell i don't want my baby to die
bio here but it needs to be updated a bit i think
Spoiler: open to • show

friendships: he is a bit of an asshole, but that doesn't mean he can't have some pretty iconic friendships. somebody who is a bit of a smartass back and willing to banter with him would be? everything imo. sometimes he can be a bit of a softy, but don't expect him to be the type of person to sit by your character and talk about his feelings and shit. not the mushy type of friendships, but friendships where he can be himself around someone and not hurt their feelings

enemies: honestly, yeah, this can be pretty easy. he can say things that are hurtful, which could cause him to get on peoples' bad sides. he has a short temper and an attitude; he could easily set someone else off, or be set off. i'd live for it honestly.

plot progression: this could be pretty hard, but i think i could also see it work? if your character needs some help in a plot, he could begrudgingly decide to help and, in the end, they become unlikely friends. things like that.


  » ROMAN DARROW[/b] is one of the more complicated characters to describe and for many reasons. he grew up in a family of con artists, fleeing from city to city to swindle people of their money. while his parents worked on big cons with the wealthy, roman oftentimes stuck to the streets and would pick pocket passerby. and, through this lifestyle, he learned to be a bit of an actor of sorts. he could be anyone people wanted him to be- to the point where he basically doesn't even know who he is anymore, at times. after his family abandoned him it left him deeply hurt and with some severe trust issues. the once lively and bubbly, faked personally has since been swapped for stoic and impassive expressions. he can be blunt and straightforward, usually calling bullshit if he sees it. he coins himself as "people smart" since he thinks he has a good read on people more often than not. above all else, he is clever, observant, and quick on his feet. he tends to try and turn the table so that things work in his favor, even if it ends up damaging the lives of a few others. as second-in-command at bluestem, though, he is slowly starting to be more empathetic-- but it's a long, slow process. he's oftentimes at war with himself on who he truly is; is he a good guy? is he the bad guy? who knows; he can be either, depending on whose story it is.
he is open to everything except romance and death. romance, because he is in a relationship with franklin stirling-moray, and death is off-limits because he has quite a bit of life left in him.
bio here, unfinished
Spoiler: open to • show

friendships(?) this one can be interesting because it seems almost like rome is impossible to become friends with. oftentimes blunt and withdrawn from conversation, he is a hard one to truly get close to. however, it would be nice to see someone stubborn enough to just,, keep coming back even after his standoffish nature. iconic and unlikely friendship in place.

enemies: highly possible. he could have wronged some people in his days as a con artist, he could have stolen from them. his whole family could have stolen everything from them back in the day. honestly i can see it. OR a plot where rome wronged this person in the past and, since having changed a bit since then, tries to subtly make it all up to that person. without fully outing himself as the nice person he is.

  » JEROME HEMINGWAY is one of the kindest souls around. he is sweet, kind, loyal, everything someone could want in a friend. although he can come off as a bit socially awkward, since he didn't have the chance to be exposed to the world - or other people, really - until later in his life. he doesn't let that slow him down, though. with warm smiles and kind eyes, he is a reliable person to have as a friend.
however, there is also a bit of sadness in those eyes. in a toxic friendship with eben, he is scared of developing other friendships out of fear it'll hurt him just like his friendship with eben does. even while he is sad on the inside, he fakes a smile and pretends everything is alright- though signs peak out on how this relationship has changed him. oftentimes seeming submissive, he tends to not speak his mind on most subjects. if he does, he can be seen looking warily over at the person for confirmation or dodging signs of confrontation. he carries himself with confidence, but seems so fragile at the same time.
honestly all i can truly see for jerome would be friendships and possible romantic interests. i don't know if he'd ever get in a relationship - good god he's too awkward with romance i'd die - but it would be cute to see him crushing on people from afar. or developing it to him trying to win them over and it's just not working.
enemies and death is definitely off the table because he is too gd sweet he doesn't deserve death, and i can't see how he'd make any enemies.
bio here, unfinished


  » FREDDIE STIRLING is an interesting character. on the outside, he comes off as a sweet, kind, confident, and charming man, quick to win the hearts of many with a heart-warming smile - though that is a cover-up for the more sinister parts underneath. he knows that he is a pretty face, and uses that in his favor to get what he wants. playing naive to strangers, he uses his facade to get what he wants from them-- which is usually sex or other things of that nature. he likes to push peoples' buttons, all while convincingly acting like the kind man who is so innocent, boisterous, and "too good for this world" to be intentionally doing so. it's usually only around his family or enemies that this nature cracks. manipulative, cold, dangerous. he's a weapon of a man, a product of war; he doesn't know anything different. arguably frederick is one of the people that's best to steer clear from, but is oh-so-hard to say no to.
he is open to anything except coupley-romance and death. romance is off because he's non-committal, but also he has a plot along the waaaay :eyes: and death is off because he literally has so much left in his plot that it'd be years before he dies tbh
Spoiler: open to • show

friends: though it's unlikely to say whether he's genuinely a friend or using you. he can be nice though and, who knows, if he likes someone usually it can be pretty gd iconic. also he's never one to turn down a drinking buddy or a wingman, so.
one-night stands/romantic interests this isn't off the table because he is always, always trying to get in somebody's pants. whether it actually works or not is completely up to you though!
enemies: to be real, he's killed a lot of people in his lifetime. he could have killed someone close to your character, he could simply be annoying your character or pushing their buttons to the point where they just hate him. i can see it though.

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