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OOC Discussion / Re: *sets down this discussion thread*
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:50 PM »
wow i didn't forget about this i swear. i'm just not a big fan of huge external conflict so i'm just,, i don't know

okay i'm personally not a big fan of like. "involve every group in one big massive plot" because i don't see it as being too realistic or easy to pull off while making sure everyone is happy with the plot. personally i don't find it entertaining to have everyone pitted against each other or forced to be friends but again, that is just me and if i'm the minority it's?? totally fine we could go with whatever.
but yeah i'll ditto you bryne in that i think war with bl and fl,, isn't something i'm that interested in either


uhhh I think my only other thought was for a potential way to seed tension/potential war. BL keeps doing more of those thread-long raids on smaller establishments, which could start causing concern with bigger groups as it from the outside seems to get more and more out of hand? the best way I can explain it is if a world power goes after the city states in Civ. fuck are you doing leave Almaty alone, you get what I mean? It def needs more workshopping but it was a thought I had and I almost forgot to mention it as my last brain cells leave my body

i think this definitely has potential?? and we could definitely tie that in to truce's idea if we wanted to connect the dots
i mean going with her idea and yours, we could use an example of like... if bl was getting closer and more out of hand to places near northstar - a place where tensions already exist - i feel like it wouldn't be unrealistic for nd to be like "?? is this a scare tactic? is this their way of saying we're going to be next?"
 especially since maybe addy could even be a bit of an ass and make it seem like nd could be next when passing by their territory carrying loot.
 i'm guessing it is lowkey me trying to say like "oh addy starts it" since it could take the heat off of "cat being the catalyst" sort of thing you're worried about
he can be a bit of a little shit like that,, purposefully raiding places near nd to "intimidate"

i feel like the more i talk about it the less i'm selling it i'll shut up now ASDF

honestly for member-led events i really love things like what darky is doing with salem's arc. or even like what truce has been doing with the s.m bros in fl sort of recruiting people in the group to help with their troublesome past/things going on in their own lives
and while i'm not the most creative i would be?? more than glad to try and think of something addy could be doing maybe to implement people from within the group or from other groups to go Raise Hell with him and see if others would be interested

and if anyone has ever felt like i haven't been approachable for plots they are always more than welcome to pm me or message me on discord!! ily you all and i love plotting

i'm sorry that this post like,,, wasn't helpful at all oOP
i want to be more help but i'm truly not creative and i'm sort of a mess/not the best when it comes to plotting imo
but i'm trying !!

i've read this post like a thousand times before posting and i'm still not happy with it. but feel free to critique ASDF

OOC Discussion / Re: *sets down this discussion thread*
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:04:57 PM »
tracking for now

« on: September 15, 2019, 03:17:43 PM »
slaps harrison in

also i mean if mickey could get an honorable mention if you wanted I wouldn't mind

OOC Discussion / Re: say hi to god // BLAKE'S HEARTCHART
« on: September 14, 2019, 05:35:01 PM »
Throwing Harrison

Northstar District / Re: 「 WASTED | oneshot 」
« on: September 13, 2019, 05:41:27 PM »

Advanced Roleplay / Re: 「 letters from the sky 」- p.
« on: September 12, 2019, 06:22:31 PM »
addy douglas
highbrow? the fuck was a highbrow? he glanced over at the man, staring at him for a moment. oh. lucerne just didn’t seem to get the fondly uttered word. the redhead couldn’t help but huff a short note of laughter, shaking his head as he looked away. “jesus. you sure are, lucerne.” there was a hint of amusement in the words. and, fuck, since when had he ever had a decent conversation with lucerne, of all people? ”if you’re a highbrow then what does that make me?” now it felt like he was simply pulling the man’s leg- though also there was the slight expectancy to either be met with a harsh criticism or a fond insult in return. at this point, either one was a win for the redhead.

and in that moment, something just - clicked. he didn’t know how or why, but it felt like he was finally looking at everything from a different view. he was looking at lucerne from a different view. the man wasn’t some shitty, rich asshole client that didn’t understand that addy had a life and more importantly a sleeping schedule. he wasn’t just some random drug addict that would desperately do anything for a fix. he was lucerne. a medical student who didn’t get humor or other basic social cues. sure, there was a lot the man didn’t seem to understand, but he was a man that was at least making an effort. couldn’t the redhead at least try and appreciate that? he stared up at the ceiling, squinting in thought. maybe he could appreciate it after all. even come to understand it a little bit.

“no shit,” he hummed as the man pointed at that he’d be a fantastic tutor - but others would be quick to think the complete opposite. he couldn’t imagine sitting there, trying to understand whatever lucerne was going on about. still, there was something about picturing lucerne of all people, rambling about something that made the other man all the more human. so he wasn’t so perfect after all. he could barely resist snorting at that. he knew he wasn’t perfect long ago, hadn’t he? “how do you get so excited about that shit? puts me to fucking sleep just thinking about it.”

guess there was a reason why addy had dropped out of school while lucerne hadn’t. it still seemed like lucerne was taking the bait of thinking about nicer, simpler things than whatever hell was going on in his body at that moment… it was nice to know that the redhead hadn’t failed to do something for once. there were some things an education just couldn’t teach you. “you’re alright,” he ended up admitting, looking over at the man. tried to convince himself it was merely for the fact that lucerne needed distracted and not because it was something he genuinely believed. he wasn’t going to be getting all soft and buddy-buddy with somebody like lucerne.

“alright.” with that addy took a moment before slowly getting up from his spot on the floor. “think that’s a sign i need to get out of here.” being nice to people wasn’t necessarily his thing. running from his kindness was a typical thing to do, he figured. he gazed down at lucerne before leaving, though, saying a simple, “you’ll be alright.” might as well assure the man he could get through this.

mainly because addy would fucking make him. but that was besides the point.

OOC Discussion / Re: [ TINNY’S HEART CHART ] updated n/a
« on: September 12, 2019, 03:52:26 PM »
chucking Addy in here

« on: September 12, 2019, 02:18:36 PM »
ooh booboo
he's so cute imo

« on: September 12, 2019, 02:08:25 PM »
ooh can't wait!

what's he like?

« on: September 12, 2019, 12:29:23 PM »
hello hello!!

OOC Discussion / Re: plot with a cool robot
« on: August 21, 2019, 09:57:14 PM »
okay okay yes pls

and i mean?? i think it would be best for harrison to be reading the books, really setting the scene? so i could definitely start it! i just don't know when i'd have it up but. i'll try!!

« on: August 16, 2019, 02:27:18 PM »

tnw needs some Tea

OOC Discussion / Re: 「GOT A BIT OF DRAMA」— opinions
« on: August 12, 2019, 09:29:18 PM »
Chucking Addy in there

« on: August 05, 2019, 04:37:12 PM »
tysm for working to fix this
staff y'all are so appreciated <33

Advanced Roleplay / Re: falling in love, now [p]
« on: August 04, 2019, 10:25:35 PM »
logan tariq
he was going to puke. he was definitely going to puke. "o- i need--"unable to huff out any more words, the brunette slowed to a stop, placing his hands on his knees. it'd been about a month since chemo had started; a month of trying to act like his body wasn't dying. every day, it was getting a little bit harder to act like everything was okay. too many times had he been running to the bathroom to throw up, to cough up blood-- too many times did his body try and fight with all its might and then fail on him. his hair was falling out, to the point where he had omar just shave it all off. he knew he couldn't keep up the act any longer. but he was trying, damn he was trying to live in this happiness while he still could. his body was hurting, though-- and apparently he couldn't handle his usual daily runs, anymore.

his world was falling apart. this cancer was taking away everything that he loved; running, working in the er, getting to keep up with omar- his lip trembled at the thought, though he tried to quickly regain his composure. "i need to start running more, yeah?" he offered to his husband, trying to keep the complete and utter pain out of his voice. though he couldn't act like omar wasn't already starting to figure out that logan couldn't do what he used to do, anymore... logan was starting to look noticeably worse; he couldn't hide every moment he went rushing to the bathroom, or the days where he didn't have the strength in him to get up and face the day. he didn't want to lose omar, like how he'd lost everything else he'd loved to this terrible cancer. trembling slightly, he waved a hand omar's way, wheezing softly before uttering, "you can go on without me. i'll meet you back at the house." if it had been anyone else, they would've nodded and merely continued their daily routine.

omar had never been like that, though. he didn't go running away, further into the city. instead, he showed such a warm smile before putting his arm around logan. a soft "c'mon, let's get you home." an arm around his waist as they started their way back home. omar never could leave him behind on days like that; he'd call into work when logan was having his bad days. pick him up from the floor whenever logan didn't have the strength to do anything but crawl- omar was always there, he'd always be there. and, for that, logan was grateful.

sometimes, though, he wished omar would choose to only save himself. logan would always be omar's downfall in the end, and that rang true in this moment. logan was trying to get up, fighting the tears that came to his eyes as he tried to ground himself again. it felt like he was seeing stars, the pain just too much, not good, not the right time. even while he'd yelled for help from omar, part of him wished omar would've kept running.

but, of course, omar was always there, wanting to pick him back up.

"logan, baby come on you have to get up. you have to get up!"
"i'm- tr-trying--" though, of course, it was too late. logan had blown their chance of fleeing away from this terrible group. he wanted to cry, wanted to tell omar how sorry he was that it had to come to this. instead, he merely crumpled up on the ground, listening to the sounds of omar and the dogs fighting- fighting to defend someone that wasn't even worth saving, anymore. although he was in a great deal of pain, nothing hurt more than that. what was even the use of saving logan? why couldn't omar just leave him, feed him to the wolves? it would make omar's life so much easier.

by the time he'd finally recovered, it seemed like the war was already won. with teary eyes, he offered the faintest of smiles as omar helped him up. he didn't deserve the peppered kisses, soft and so full of love and care. he tried to cut omar off, to say, "yeah, i'm-"


he'd barely managed to get the two words out before the shot rang through his ears. for a moment, he stood in complete shock, eyes wide as his gaze slowly fell to the ground. the grass being painted red by" ¦ by omar's blood. "no-” he breathed out, trying to fight the panic that surged forward. his gaze lifted to find the perpetrator-- a man, grinning and brandishing his deadly weapon. he was taking aim again, and all logan could do was helplessly hold onto omar, and hold on so tight. zoe and roscoe came to their rescue, though, and started fighting the man. fought him until he went running off, gun left behind..

"omar.. omar! baby, i'm so sorry- it's all my--" he struggled to think of anything to say, anything that would possibly make the situation any better. "lay down. i'm going to fix this. i'm going to help you. i can- i can do this." he didn't know whether he was reassuring himself or reassuring omar. he knew that their medical supplies were extremely low, but logan knew that he had to act fast or else blood loss and pain was all that was going to be in omar's future. he grabbed one of their bags and started rummaging through it for their med kit. once he opened it, he realized how.. incredibly sad it was. but he'd have to manage, or else he was going to have a nervous breakdown.

"your leg- he murmured once he realized where the blood was coming from. this wasn't good. the more he looked, though, the more it seemed like the bullet had passed through-- a blessing, but also meaning there was more work to do to stop the blood flow. they didn't have any antibiotics.. nothing to clean the wound except for a water bottle and a slightly clean shirt. logan would have to make due. cleaning the wound as best as he could, he then swallowed hard before wrapping the shirt around the wound, making sure it was tight enough to apply pressure to the wound.

"that's the best i can do with what we have, i-- i'm so sorry." logan hadn't even realized that he'd been crying for minutes, now. they needed antibiotics.. there had to be some at a nearby pharmacy, right? something. anything to make his husband feel better again. his teary eyes lifted up towards the sky, watching as the sun began to set on the horizon, almost completely gone from view. "come on, let's get back to that house," he decided, trying to man the fuck up so they could get omar to safety. that had to have been all of the group.. zoe and roscoe would scope the place out when they got there again, he supposed. trying to help omar as best as he could - he was extremely weak - he then put o's arm around his shoulder, trying to help keep pressure off of the wound as they started their walk back to the house.

//this post was so shitty i'm so sorry

(okay looks like we're all caught up here <33)

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