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OOC Discussion / Re: OOC MEET & GREET !!
« on: February 02, 2020, 11:12:28 AM »
finny ! !
awkward gang unite
woaaah that’s so cool ! ! cosmetology takes a lot and i think it’s underrated in that way. it takes creativity which i,,, definitely don’t have so kudos to you and congrats on passing those boards
i was originally going to go the pre-med route and become a doctor. i always just wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives and thought that doctors were the perfect example of that. though, through multiple hospital stays, i ended up realizing that it wasn’t the doctors that made the difference; it was the nurses. so aww thank you sm!! i work in a nursing home too atm and it’s not easy to work there either so asdfafd you have my respect x 10
ooh my favorite movies,,, this changes literally all the time because i always find something that i just can’t help but adore
i went to see 1917 recently because i’m such a big war film fan and?? honestly i love films where they make everything seem like one seamless, unedited cut that that’s exactly what they did. oh it was everything
ooohh yeah the family knows him for who he is
it’s a tragedy asdf
 so the thing with fred is that he’s,, a mess when it comes to women asdf
catch constant flirting with emery and he’s just,, chaotic

bryne ! !
omg literally i see it
i used to say i was a hufflepuff but honestly i think i’m a big fat ravenclaw
oh my god least favorite movie
listen i don’t know why
but for some reason i hate hate hate the tourist with johnny depp and angelina jolie
oh i could write a whole essay on why that movie bothers me
there are a lot of bad movies out there, don’t get me wrong, but no movie has ever pissed me off as much as the tourist
i’m dead i’m so salty towards that movie asdf
oh i can’t wait for freddie and evelyn
just thinking about them cracks me tf up

beatles ! !
yeah see i don’t genuinely believe in zodiacs or horoscopes or anything but i find them fun- but i get so salty when people say i’m a chaotic aries because?? i think i’m the opposite of chaotic. we’re not all julien solomita here okay. though i do have to say i think the like. passionate part is very much me. i get extremely passionate about the things i like !!
ooh yeah it’s really stressful being a nurse, but i lowkey love being stressed tf out. plus, i mean it might be stressful as a nurse, but also it is a rewarding job. it’s nice to meet people who at first are nervous, stressed, or scared and take them under our care and see them smile. it’s everything.
also i have found a fellow foodie my heart
i am in love with tex-mex but i feel you. there’s a panda express so close to my house that i find myself gravitating over there every time for some beef and broccoli. it’s addicting!!
+++ i cry because calvin and fred are such opposites. calvin seems so lowkey meanwhile fred is p boisterous and out there. so they’d be a funny. yin-yang type thing.

noccy ! !
i think it’s so cute that pandora has “pandora’s box” it’s a neat play on her name
also zendaya,, what a queen
also!! i love history sm so i love seeing all your interests being about historical events or time periods. it’s so iconic!! also i didn’t know that you cosplayed??  have you gone to any conventions and if so who did you cosplay as??

« on: January 26, 2020, 09:41:40 AM »
i've noticed here a lot of people tend to be oddly optimistic about the weather
"if it weren't the for wind it'd be so nice out"
"if it weren't so humid it'd be perfect weather"
and it is the,,, weirdest thing i have ever seen
like bitch don't give the weather any excuses smh

« on: January 25, 2020, 11:16:41 PM »


i’m kind of kicking myself that i’m replying to this at. currently 10 my time because it’s been a long day and i’m bad enough at wording things when wide awake, let alone when all i want to do is go to bed. but i think there’s some things i personally need to get off of my chest and i think that if i sleep it off i’m not going to ever say them- and i’ve been working so hard on opening up to you guys and work on being more vulnerable about my life and my feelings and the like.

so i’m going to start with the ooc community, more particularly as my involvement in it or lack thereof- which is what i’ve been dreading talking about for a while, now. i know, i know my name tends to get brought up when it comes to “cliquey.” and you know, for a long time i beat myself up over it. it was a lot of “who can blame them?” and “i suck why can’t i just talk to people!?” or more than anything, it was usually something along the lines of “let them think what they want to. they don’t know my truth. 'cliquey' is subjective and mildly misconstrued or overused anyway hoho.” and you know, i never considered telling anyone anything about my own personal issues, or going in depth on any of it. i just kept going on thinking that it’d be fine for people to call me cliquey, call me exclusive… to be like "let them!" because i never wanted to speak my truth. it made me feel too vulnerable on the internet, which freaks me out.

but now i’m thinking, after finally just beating myself up over this whole “cliquey” thing again and again, and rolling with the punches just because it meant i could stay in my little box and feel comfortable--

maybe i should speak a bit of my truth.

not all of it, but just enough. i never thought i’d try and feel the need to explain myself, but i’m just-- i don’t know. tired of this constant paranoia that people find me cliquey, or that people are on discord dm-ing each other saying what an exclusive and antisocial piece of shit i am. because at least after this post, even if people keep doing that, even if people go ahead and file a complaint about me to staff, i can at least state that i explained myself. i can at least tell myself that after all this time spent stressing out, and sometimes even considering leaving bb over this whole issue... after all that time i can finally bring to light a certain topic that i feel people sometimes stay quiet when they know they should tell their story.

when i was way younger, someone i met on the internet broke my trust. and really it broke everything about me and how i approached meeting people online. so. as a result. online, i find it extremely hard to let anyone in because i always feel this paranoia. i try very much to keep my internet life and my real life separate- which usually means i try my best not to really form friendships with people truce was the only exception, but she just. we go way back and it’s different. and, quite honestly, i am terrified of talking to people on the internet. talking on discord. and, sometimes. talking to you guys. because sometimes i get scared of sharing too much of myself or investing so much time and it’s just. i struggle. a lot. with interacting ooc-ly. when someone does something to break the trust, i freak out. i try and shut them out and act like any interaction i had just.. didn't happen it's really bad. but.

i try and interact though. i mean, whether it’s a few one-liners or “trying to be funny,” or telling someone that i love their characters because honest to god i love them all so much. i try.

i’ve been trying to get better at being around ooc-ly, and i am so sorry if you have mentioned my name in these surveys before, feeling like i have left you out. and to be quite honest.. sometimes i feel like most of these issues could be solved just by messaging me about it. i find myself extremely kind to someone; i couldn’t be mean to you guys or try and bully you if i tried. i’m not afraid to tell it how i see it. i’m not afraid anymore. i’m literally so worked up over it my eyes are watering and i do not cry over stupid things on the internet like this. literally the biggest problem with the internet is this issue with people simply communicating to each other issues they might have. and i'm honestly done living like that.

but to just. leave some disclaimers out there. if you think i’m cliquey or exclusive ooc-ly. i’m sorry. i don’t actively ignore people. if someone tries to talk to me, i will try and respond! if someone dms me wanting to plot, i will plot. but i struggle with jumping onto peoples' channels in the groups and just trying to strike a conversation. and i struggle with creating that bridge because it’s something i’ve told myself not to do for so long. i mean, most of you probably don’t care about this whole post and you’re just skimming, or anything. but. i’ve left this out for you guys. i don’t know. i’m sorry that i just word-vomited all this out. it’s something that i told myself i’d never have to explain, but-- i’m just so tired of being given this label when i’m literally trying so fucking hard. so goddamn hard.

but you know. i’ll try even harder. and. who knows. maybe you all will notice the difference too.

i can’t speak for the ooc community much when it comes to others and most interactions, since i’m not around it very much. but i can say that i haven’t had someone be mean to me when i’ve tried to talk to them. and i think that says something. my threads get responses. they might take a while because everyone’s busy- they might not even be from every character in fl. but i get responses. that says something. and i feel. acknowledged. and i think that’s a little something flintlock has that sometimes i just don’t feel in other groups.

i don’t know if i can see myself participating in some ooc games like having to dm someone and answer certain questions. if that's something people are interested in, don't worry about leaving me out of it because i wouldn't let my own fears hold anyone else's wants back. but also i think it would be fun to have goofy ooc threads like beatles said to kinda get some more interaction going in the ooc board ! !



okay time for the lighter and more fun stuff. really you can just skip over all that. shitty. mushy. “sensitive” stuff haha what

it’s time to talk about the ic community.

i absolutely love the new guide, especially the new positions. i think some people feel discouraged in that there is usually only a leader, and then the sic. if those spots are filled, it’s almost at a point of “what’s the point?” now, with these branches and the branch leaders, it leads more opportunity for people to get that extra bit of power they wanted for their character. and i love that. i adore that. it’s a brilliant idea and i’m so glad it got implemented.

i personally like the bluestem and flintlock tension, because i feel like it’s the sort of plot where you get out of it what you put into it. it’s that long term plot where tensions start rising, characters start forming their own ideas on the situation. on each other. it’s kind of exciting, and i love plots where there i can see depths of it, ripples, domino effects, that sort of thing. i’m excited about it and i’m already trying to think about how my chaotic dumbass fred will… chaotically do dumb shit throughout it to not help the situation.

also. dog sledding. brilliant idea. why the hell should you go through the snow when you can mush balto over to the place. your characters never have to worry about wet socks again hopefully. okay now i’m just trying too hard to be a joker but. you know what i mean. i think it’s a very smart idea and it’s just too good to ignore. horse sleighs would be good too. plus it’d give more responsibilities or tasks to people. maybe someone’s really good at working their way around horse sleighs and getting them from point a to point b in one piece. maybe someone’s really good at training sled dog teams for this sort of stuff. i think it allows for the development of positions and interests for characters. that’d be so cool in my opinion.

i’d love to think about expanding the territory a bit. or at least making more use of the village honestly?? make some standout shops in that little village there, key destinations where characters can do things. the like. it’d be fun. like beatles said, having those normal town things -- but maybe characters revamping it to make it like. “a flintlock staple.”

open a hot cocoa cafe down there or something ha

and lets get some gd caribou.

alright. 1500 almost words later. this took about an hour and a half to type so. i kinda gave up when it came to the ic discussion since idk. truce you're doing an amazing job so far, and i feel like nothing i can say could even come close to all the greatness you're going to achieve while running flintlock. you're meant for this sort of stuff.
but at least i tried to give some input y’all. it’s all a bit of a jumbled mess but. i feel lighter, after getting it all off of my chest. thanks for reading,, if you guys did idk. means a lot

much love, y'all

« on: January 25, 2020, 12:18:06 PM »
tracking while I gather my thoughts

OOC Discussion / Re: OOC MEET & GREET !!
« on: January 22, 2020, 05:48:12 PM »
me irl: master at small-talk
me online: awkward lil shit

copying truce with her lil blurbs for everyone because
idk i want to get to know all you guys : ' )
i tend to be a lil antisocial mainly because of personal fears of putting myself out there online. as a lil disclaimer. like i'm not being a cliquey bitch i will love tf out of your characters ic-ly. but ooc i'm kinda,, in the background,,
but i swear i am always hanging out rooting for all of y'all

truce ! !
who are you i don't even know you
you know i love tf out of eddie my bOY but
honestly i don't know why but it made my heart happy to picture him and someone just flirting over drinks with like, a lil half-smile on his face because someone has won his heart omg b Y E
we could swap birth certificates but?? you literally are a taurus to a t
what with your
naps and stuff
aries just wouldn't fit you smh
but yeah you know i love you sm bitch <3

finny ! !
literally i decided my major a month before my high school graduation. i switched universities last second and prayed that i would get enough scholarship money to make it by. now i've actually stuck with the major i love and honestly, i'm sure you'll come across that.
it sucks that you have to decide your whole life way ahead of time right?? make a choice that impacts your entire life and career when you've only lived about a little over a quarter of it wtf
but i bet everyone here is supporting you 10/10! just focus on the fun and chasing your own happiness fr
also it's not even a bad thing to go against societal norms of graduating high school, going immediately to college, etc etc. just do what feels right for you! : ')
also i love emery and i just find her too precious oml
if you ever want to plot her and fred?? hmu!

crows ! !
can i just say i love all of your pets' names because they're literally iconic
i grew up a big fan of star wars so my heart is out there for them. they've already stolen it
i know they're not completely related but like. cryptids for some reason makes me think of buzzfeed unsolved and?? if you've watched those? i'd love to stan them with someone else for once ASDF
also damien is honestly everything and i hate that i am in love w/ a character that is so,,, damien ASDF
i can see freddie and damien causing chaos together w/o even realizing they BOTH are
just seeing they're both chaotic af and
recreating that spider meme where they're pointing at each other like "hey"

bryne ! !
bbyyyy <3
your best quality i'm
why is that so heartwarming i'm
we stan a supportive friend <3
and i mean we already know evelyn and fred will be out there being
freddie and evelyn
idk what a ship name could be for them,, that's tough
fredlyn AHA it kinda sounds like fredwin i'm-

but i will be here loving and supporting you right tf back so ! !

hoot ! !
when i read your favorite food and drink for some reason i thought you meant it as a combo
like "spaghetti and milk" and was like
"woaaah she's crazy wtf"
then i realized it was just two separate things. to which i was like
"whose favorite drink is milk" so that'll always stick w/ me from now on
as for brendan and freddie?? i don't know
i think freddie would be putting up that "i'm a nice guy" front around him being all-too-sweet and sappy and brendan is there like "yeah no"
it's iconic ngl

hal ! !
okay okay i don't think i've really met you yet
i've just been kind of
admiring from afar
i'm rooting for you like tyra banks in america's next top model
mainly because you have disney as your avvie which is,, literally disney is my favorite thing ever i could go on for D A Y S
and i!! love that you're wanting to go through med school because that's so awesome
what occupation were you thinking? surgery, doctor? the options are limitless i'm so proud wtf
also also i am in lOVE with your lil fire boy
mainly because i see him and freddie not exactly getting along
or kinda butting heads from time to time
fred's boisterous attitude at times just won't mix well with elwin's,,, elwin-ness
but i'd love to plot that out ! !

OOC Discussion / Re: OOC MEET & GREET !!
« on: January 21, 2020, 05:46:39 PM »

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING FOR? wow i don't even want to think about it. too long
BIRTHDAY & ZODIAC? my birthday is april 17th, so i am an aries. i was given the wrong gd zodiac if you ask me
MBTI? esfj - consul
DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS empathetic, awkward, reserved
WHAT DO YOU THINK IS YOUR BEST QUALITY? i think my career choice has led me to be more unafraid, and also become more confident with myself. life might beat me down, but i find my persistence through tough times to be perhaps not my best quality, but definitely my favorite quality about myself.
HOW TALL ARE YOU? 5'5 i'm determined i'm still growing let me imagine
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? omg yES i have a basset hound her name is gigi and she is 10/10 best big-eared dog
WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? orange! any kind of orange i love it

WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN TEN YEARS? wow ten years. i see myself either in a graduate's program or already obtained my doctorates by then. and hopefully i'll be working in the er or critical care
ANY HOBBIES & INTERESTS? TELL US ABOUT IT! i find myself somewhat boring, since most of the things i like people don't tend to get too excited about. but for starters, i am a huge huge huge movie buff!! i have roku and honestly i spend way too much money on renting movies. also i have a real passion for nursing, which is what i'm currently in school for. my ideal goal is to also be certified in speaking spanish in the hospital setting and work in spanish-speaking parts of some cities since most of those places are underprivileged in terms of healthcare.

FAVORITE FOOD & DRINK? i am such a foodie at heart but my go-to snack lately has been apples w/ peanut butter mmm. and lately i've been a big fan of peace tea and banana shakes
FAVORITE SONG? how do you sleep by sam smith. i always get down to it.
FAVORITE MEMORY? back when i was in high school it used to be really popular for me and my friends to all pile up in the bed of somebody's truck and just go backroading. and for some reason that is like. one of my fondest memories and idk why.
FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? again, foodie at heart- love rocky road, cookies and cream, bunny tracks, and birthday cake. i can't pick between those but they're my top faves.

TEA OR COFFEE? huge iced tea fam. sweet tea mmM
CATS OR DOGS? dogs because i'm allergic to cats but
COMEDY OR HORROR? i used to be a huge fan of horror movies and i still go to the theaters every time there's a new scary movie out. but comedy is something i watch in my spare time a bit more. or even something kinda like a thriller more than horror? my faves i love feeling anxious watching something
SINGING OR DANCING? i love to dance. just. in the privacy of my own home or when i'm extremely drunk


WHEN IS YOUR CHARACTER'S BIRTHDAY? june 20th. he's a gemini
MBTI? i really don't know but i'd say estp
MORAL ALIGNMENT? lawful evil sounds?? the closest?
HOW DO THEY DRESS? he is fairly stylish and loves to suit up. however, usually he tends to go more casual with a t-shirt and jeans.

THREE POSITIVE TRAITS? smart, loyal, quick on his feet
THREE NEGATIVE TRAITS? usually not fully genuine, stubborn, arrogant/cocky
THREE LIKES? lover of sex, booze, and being the center of women's attention
THREE DISLIKES? changing of rules (he's p traditional), know-it-alls (because he's the know-it-all), and people seeing through his "nice guy" act

ARE THEY AN OPTIMIST OR A PESSIMIST? i'd like to say he's more of a realist. but his ass can be either insanely optimistic or pessimistic depending on the situation.
HOW DO THEY BEHAVE WITHIN THE GROUP? around people besides his family, he tends to act really kind most of the time or bubbly. in his off moments or when he's around family, he's a lot more chaotic and striving to just annoy the shit out of everyone.
WHAT DO THEY MOST CARE ABOUT? one night stands honestly.
WHAT IS THEIR WEAPON OF CHOICE? firearms or just straight up hand-to-hand combat. melee weapons aren't his favorite i don't think
HAVE THEY EVER BEEN IN LOVE? psht freddie? in love?? it's definitely not possible. he's more often looking for lust and doesn't really believe in any of the romantics of it.
WHAT THINGS DO YOU ASSOCIATE THEM WITH? for some reason i associate him a lot with a blue jay. they symbolize things like fearlessness, determination, intelligent.. i think that gives me freddie vibes.

IF THEY COULD HAVE A SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i think it would be something like cupid where if he hits them with an arrow or something they'll want to sleep with him
WHAT IS THEIR FAVORITE SONG? i don't know if he particularly has one. i haven't even thought about what genre he listens to eeP
WHAT IS THEIR FAVORITE HOLIDAY SEASON? i think it'd be something dumb like st. patty's or cinco de mayo
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO WIN THEIR HEART? putting up with his bullshit
WHAT MEME SUMS THEM UP THE BEST? okay don't make fun of me it's so dumb
but for some reason
this meme
i always associate him with that meme and i don't know why

WANT TO PLOT ENEMIES? uh hell yeah
WANT TO PLOT ROMANCE? not really romance. just maybe people he constantly flirts with or tries to get into their pants and it does or doesn't work.

after reading i agree with hoot's idea about ooc stuff more than just not having them at all
maybe they can be lighthearted ones that nobody cares about winning/losing ??
like. prompts you'd find in a yearbook or something ASDF


i think a choice awards would be fun!! i personally am not a fan of voting for favorite characters, and ooc votes either, since i think it leaves room for people to feel disheartened or uncomfortable.. it can cause some hurt feelings. but that is also just me so who knows.

i'd love some good ol' choice awards !

bryne omg
our tastes in different movies
completely different i'm crying
but i'm glad you opened up about your soft spot for those movies
i will totally,, never,,, not ever,,, give you shit about it or anything pfft what
ASDFASDF jk jk i love you sm bryne

is there anyone on this entire website
or the entire world
whose favorite disney movie
is snow white
i will wait because honestly if it is y'all are worse than bryne for liking tim burton's alice in wonderland and cars (i'm just pulling your leg i stg ASDF)
honestly the only redeemable thing is the name Florian because that name is,,, so gd cute and i will def have to snatch it for a future character
but doing research florian is allegedly between the age of 27-31
and here's my tea
snow white is 14,,,,

so i can never look at it the same again wtf disney
and i hate that disney makes all these characters way too underage
like i grew up all my life thinking these princesses were adults
nope none of them are even in their 20s wtf

you always word things so well i'm
how do you do that

but see i don't know how i feel because i'm not happy when the movie is tweaked a lot, but i'm not happy when the movie isn't tweaked much if at all like with lion king
but even mulan i feel like it's. too much change. if anything i think it's disney just trying to make money off of yet another remake since it's been working for them so far but... i don't know.. i'm not here for the mulan movie which makes me sad since it was one of my favorites to watch

i've finished watching the pocahontas movies and i'm just
not sure how i feel about it
and i look back on it with fond memories
i used to absolutely love it as a kid but the more i watch it now the more i just want to say "yikes" and cringe
like i feel like they tried so hard to water down the real,,, godawful situation of it all
and it's so painfully inaccurate that i can't look at the movie the same
it comes across as lowkey racist and trying to water down a situation that,, shouldn't be watered down i don't even know
the soundtrack has always been one of my favorites though with "colors of the wind" and "just around the river bend" but damn

also this is such a small thing to nitpick about specifically after all the things i've noticed but
why the hell do the people have american accents
why does john smith have an american accent
why does pocahontas have an american accent
like fam the american accent wasn't even a thing then
couldn't disney have applied themselves a little bit better here i don't know
it's dumb that such a small thing like that has me like "oh c'mon now" but
c'mon now

it's a disney movie and i love me some disney. and i love pocahontas as a movie. but now i feel really bad for liking it god help me

oooh okay my next topic
since this is the second time i've watched it and i'm still like

the new disney aladdin
i think will smith is an amazing genie don't get me wrong muah perfection honestly
i actually laugh at some of his parts
but i'm honestly pretty annoyed with how they,, tweaked things wtf
like even changing the lyrics to "one jump" which is my fave aladdin song
smh i'm disappointed in it but love things about it so it's a whole mess of things

but it also only has me more disappointed for the upcoming mulan movie
since there's no music in it,,, or mushu,,,
like it won't be the same

wtf is wrong with you
ASDFASDF no jk jk i stan that you love cars of all movies 
it was my childhood growing up so i've got a bit of a soft spot for it
it is,,, nowhere near my favorite pixar movies,,,,
or even my top three,,,,
but you know what you had the guts to admit it so i'm giving you extra brownie points

what are your top three disney movies bryne
spill that tea

Character Creation / 「 S U N L I G H T | CHARACTER GALLERY. 」
« on: January 08, 2020, 04:50:54 PM »
all your love is sunlight .

you know when you see something aesthetic and pretty and want to steal it and use it yourself? yeah me neither. no all joking aside i'm using truce's template to make a character gallery. who knows if i'll ever finish it, but at least it gives me something to pass the time and put all my characters in one spot rather than digging around for their bios
don't post on here pls stalk to your heart's content

Helping Hub / Re: discussion about backboards
« on: January 08, 2020, 08:24:17 AM »
i say we can change the board to private threads. it just makes me sense i think

and i love the sketch you made, hoot ! : ' )

Helping Hub / Re: discussion about backboards
« on: January 07, 2020, 11:50:01 AM »
i see your point, but the advanced board is already on the front page and it hasn't been causing any issues as of recently. what i was trying to say is that i think it should remain where it is for now as it is still being used regularly for advanced private threads.

alternatively, if the advanced board is daunting to some then perhaps we should rename it to "private threads" so that there is a place for people to do their non-tnw private threads. it seems that's what it's being used for nowadays anyway.
Dittoing; it was only cliquey when the arps or whatever was a thing. Since then it's mainly been a place for people to rp private threads, but I've seen semi advanced threads there as well. It's welcoming for people to work on their writing, not for people to shame others because they can't write as much. I've seen threads there where people only wrote two sentences a post; advanced is subjective. That's just how I see it.

This is mobile so sorry for how messy it is

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