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Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:47:46 PM »
w o w, i didnt know i was also the love of your wife!! your wife seems chill n all but id rather be the love of your life <3

and thanks guys :^)
im tryna not die rn so well see how that goes

Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:05:22 PM »
oh wow i have been DEAD
but hI WOODSY ILY!!! <3

and honestly i'm just a mess tbh but uhhhh too late now

Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: February 18, 2018, 11:42:55 AM »
u know when u just
u just
smell the bullshit from someone
like they could say anything and it's just

i.e. i'm fuckin pissed off thank u very fuckin much

also i'm basically dead on here lmao
but i'm gonna make a comeback soon lol

Creative Center / Re: everything is cool, man dump
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:28:13 PM »
boppin in here

Advanced Roleplay / Re: GOOD GIRLS ACT SO GOOD / P
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:49:59 PM »
claire loves u!
my heart is furious, 'cause i'm so confused when we're together, feels like i'm choking, these emotions. i know i'm gonna let you down, so don't hold your breath now, yeah. bittersweet in your mouth, can you stomach the doubt? i wish i could say what i'm feeling, i'm scared to let these words out.
her mother spent another three or four minutes just running through exactly what genevieve had to do, as if she hadn't been preparing since weeks prior. her mother liked perfection, everything done to her impossibly high standards, and genevieve had to meet and exceed said expectations her mother had for her. something of which she wasn't sure she would be able to do, especially not when it came to this. marrying someone she hadn't met before, being expected to play along like she enjoyed it. she didn't want to be married, not to a stranger, not any time soon. but what else was she supposed to do?

following her mother into the home (it was grand and lovely, quite truthfully), she issued a soft sigh at the overwhelming amount of guests. they were still steadily streaming in, and though genevieve was accustomed to it, it didn't mean she really enjoyed it either. it was exhausting, the whole experience of mingling and getting through pleasantries. she never saw the point, especially not when she'd never meet them again after the party. either way, she pasted on a tight smile, trailing behind her parents a couple of steps. she recognized a couple of the women by the sofa, but not quite well enough to join their conversation. she felt out of place, honestly, especially when her parents began greeting a couple of other nobles.

"genevieve, why don't you go introduce yourself to the ladies over there, hm? oh, better yet, you should introduce yourself to cassius. i believe that's him over there."

following her mother's line of vision, she found a couple of girls flocked around a single guy. cassius, as her mother had presumed. in other words, the man she was expected to wed. either he was daft to the fact that he was soon to be a groom, or he just didn't care. genevieve hoped it was the first.

"he seems a bit..." her gaze drifted to his hands wrapped around two of their hips, "preoccupied, mother."

"please, ginny, give it a chance, would you? just go talk to him, i'm sure he's a sweetheart."

right, sweetheart. genevieve swallowed her next words, offering a stiff nod before making her way past a couple of strangers. everything was going wrong. she didn't want to be married in the first place, much less to some kind of sleazy player. what were her parents thinking?

she idled by for a moment, attempting to gather enough courage in order to even talk to cassius. it wasn't a good kind of nerves either, like the butterflies in her stomach or the nerves that made her flush red-- no. they were knots in her stomach and a lump in her throat at the notion of confrontation.

letting out a soft sigh, she finally made her way over, smoothing out her skirt as she encroached the four of them. "cassius?" she spoke lightly, treading on thin ice before offering a hasty curtsy. she didn't bother offering her hand, his were busy. "i'm genevieve, your.. fiance." she paused hesitantly, eyes flickering to the three girls before returning to cassius, "... it's a pleasure to meet you." she was lying through her teeth.

Advanced Roleplay / Re: GOOD GIRLS ACT SO GOOD / P
« on: February 04, 2018, 10:51:42 PM »
claire loves u!
my heart is furious, 'cause i'm so confused when we're together, feels like i'm choking, these emotions. i know i'm gonna let you down, so don't hold your breath now, yeah. bittersweet in your mouth, can you stomach the doubt? i wish i could say what i'm feeling, i'm scared to let these words out.
genevieve knew that she led a good life, not many were lucky enough to be born into wealth as she had. not to mention the fact that her parents and those around her catered to her every whim growing up. she learnt as well as her brothers, played two instruments, and even dabbled a little bit into her father's politics. she rode horses at five and started education at ten after her pertinence on being as equal to her elder brothers as possible. but for the chance to explore her curiosities as she had growing up, she had to give something up in return. her freedom. not like she truly had much of that to begin with. admittedly though, she had still hoped in her heart that her parents would remain lenient the older she got, but that notion came crashing down before she could even prepare herself for it.

despite knowing that she wouldn't ever be free, she had still hoped that maybe, maybe her life could play out like one of her novels. where everything would end up happily and she got to fall in love with someone she truly cared about. but it was just a fantasy. even genevieve knew, deep down, that she'd end up getting engaged to someone she knew nothing about in order to uphold the status of their family. she was the only daughter, she had to be wed to someone worthy. someone that would make her parents happy. it didn't stop her from trying to have a little bit of a flirt with the stablehand though, not that it ever went anywhere further, especially not when she already knew her marriage pool when she hit sixteen.

that was three years ago, and today was the day she would finally meet the man she would call her fianc. genevieve was dreading it. it was too soon-- she barely even knew his name, and yet her parents were convinced it would be perfect. he was "easy on the eyes" as her mother would say, and "he's had a great upbringing" as her father would say, and both her brother would say "the marriage isn't as bad as it seems." but none of them really understood what was running through her mind. she wanted to fall in love, in actual love, not just be pressured into it by her parents. but she had a job to fulfill, she had had her fun growing up.

"lady genevieve, i am here to escort you downstairs. your mother and father are awaiting your arrival."

"yes, of course marie. will you be coming as well? i'd appreciate it if you joined."

"i'm not sure your mother and father would quite appreciate that. now shall we head downstairs, we don't have time to idle and chat. if you three don't leave soon, you won't make it in time for dinner."

"well, i'm not quite sure i want to.." genevieve all but admitted underneath her breath. even so, she followed her maid down the stairs into the main hall. her parents were already loading the carriage, and genevieve couldn't do much else but follow suit.

the ride wasn't as long as she had expected, and they were getting off a little while later. even so, her back was already straining with the corset. "now, don't forget ginny dear, smile and be polite. speak only when spoken to and please, try not to seem so disappointed with this arrangement. i know it isn't ideal, but their son is a stellar lad, alright? just keep an open mind." her mother explained in a hush tone as they made their way to the door. she didn't have much of a chance to respond, but she knew.

this was going to be a lot harder than she thought.

The RPA / Re: breakfast club | open plotting
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:39:09 PM »
aAH ok i either wanna use arthur or lupita??

The RPA / Re: breakfast club | open plotting
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:35:16 PM »
not sure if i wanna toss in a girl or a guy! :^)

Character Creation / Re: BRAVADO ✧*. CH DUMP
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:28:18 AM »
hola hello i am here

Advanced Roleplay / Re: not that you'd even notice —.& p
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:47:01 PM »

heart caught in a riptide, cold pacific w a t e r s keep on pulling me under. drowning in my sorrows, eager waves keep on crashing, you say that it's over, how could it be over? i never saw it coming.
● geneva kerrins.
"i choose to walk away."
"don't do anything stupid."

well, shit. geneva hadn't been expecting those words to come out of the blonde's mouth. maybe the other knew him better than geneva had thought, and that notion rested heavy on his shoulders, yet made his heart skip all the same. and everything all at once made the brunette falter. he wasn't used to people looking out for him, it was nice... weird, but nice. even so, geneva knew he couldn't back out of his plans now, not when he knew that this was eating away at tyler. he couldn't lie to the blonde, he knew that much, so he did what he did best in place of a lie: smile and deflect. "can't help it tyler, i'm just used to doing stupid things," he attempted a lighthearted joke, but he couldn't help the falter in his voice toward the end as his smile faded. he hoped the other couldn't hear it through the other end of the line. he didn't know how to explain himself, if the other had to ask what that was all about.

letting out a soft sigh, he shifts once more, unable to stop the thoughts of that night flooding back to him. despite his efforts to push away the memories as much as possible, it just wasn't. not while he spoke with tyler. geneva cared for him, he really did, but he couldn't deny the fact that the more that they talked at night, the more nervous and anxious he would get. and knowing that tyler felt the same way? geneva knew things had to stop. they couldn't keep running if they were only running in circles. "relax tyler, i promise it'll be okay." he soothes gently, squeezing his eyes shut, "i've got it. i'll be okay." his voice hardened a bit, a firm reassurance that things would be okay. come morning light, everything he knew would be different. it was okay if it meant tyler could rest easy.

with that, he went silent for a little while, unsure of what else to say without revealing his plans. he knew tyler would stop him if he said anything about it, so he didn't. instead, geneva just kept quiet, picking at the frayed edge of his comforter. checking the time once more, he finally heaved out another sigh, "you need to get some sleep, okay tyler? everything will be okay, i'll-- the idea, let me worry about it, okay?" he explained, poorly wording his last couple of words. any more and geneva would end up letting everything slip. "good night, tyler." with that, he paused for a moment before hanging up the phone.


Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: January 24, 2018, 05:46:17 PM »
Spoiler: show
notes to self;
- finish up arthur pleaseeee
- respond to twistie cause u love themm
-  harass el some more at some point
- stop eatin so damn much like goddamn u work out for an hour n then eat 2 brownies, 1 large pizza, 6 cans of sprite and?? gurl
- but also don't forget to eat/make sure u eat cause u and i both know u haven't been doing that shit properly either
- get ur tarot cards!! i know ur broke tho so like,,,, ask abt ur paycheck cause that shit is long overdue man
- don't forget abt ur french homework and sign up for ur online class
- stop it w/ the senioritis u fuckin lazy bum
- be patient like jfc u aren't gonna get abs in .2 seconds like chilllllllllllllll

Advanced Roleplay / Re: don't call me baby unless you mean it / p
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:35:47 PM »
ÉSME S. KIM *:・゚✧
right, ésme supposed she could do with a little bit of composure. devon seemed like a composed, laidback individual, with his life all thought through and something. a good head on his shoulders? yeah, the brunette figured that was a good way to put it. he seemed like he was way beyond his years. or maybe ésme was way behind in her years. or maybe it was all a little bit of both. either way, it was rather intimidating. maybe she was thinking too much (something she didn't quite normally do) and overanalyzing everything, but something told her that they weren't meant to get along. if this were a movie, they'd end up getting along through some strong force unbeknownst to them (also known as the script). but it wasn't a movie. things weren't sure to turn out like that. that uncertainty was intimidating, their contrasts in personalities was intimidating, devon was intimidating.

as the other grabbed a breadstick, ésme helped herself to one as well. the moment she'd be waiting for. actually, she was waiting for their food, but the breadstick was an indicator that they were halfway there. "college is.." ésme paused, chewing a piece of bread through her thoughts, "college. it's kinda just all a big mess." she could've worded that all a bit more poetically, but whatever. she offered another shrug back in response to his shrug. ésme enjoyed the whole movie theatre experience, but looking for a movie was the worst part, in her opinion. sometimes, all the movies seemed lame, and other times, there wouldn't be a showing when she had time to go, and well. she would've liked to watch more movies than she had so far in theatres, but things sometimes never worked out. "yeah, honestly, i don't keep up with the new movies that are released or anything. as much as i'd like to be a movie buff, i'm just not."

ésme couldn't help but laugh at his comment; truthfully, devon did seem like a grandpa, even she couldn't refute that. not that that was a bad thing. actually, if anything, it was pretty refreshing. ésme has met a lot of people throughout her life, but none quite like devon. that made him interesting, it made him fun, even if he didn't seem like the type to be bounding around and being a rebel all the time. it was fine, she could take that role and devon could be devon. and ésme liked that thought. though, she did raise an eyebrow at his attempt of appeasing her. it was sweet and all, but she wanted them both to have fun, not just her willfully make all the decisions. "no way, you get seniority rights as the grandpa, so sci-fi it is, devon, sci-fi it is," she couldn't help but tease with a shake of her head, "besides, sci-fi's cool! i don't think i've watched sci-fi in a while, so it's definitely time to step out of my little bubble."

upon his mention of the menu, ésme finally took a look. and by a look, that meant flipping to a random page first, and going back to the beginning later. sometimes, she liked to just randomly choose the first thing that caught her eye. she tended to get bored easily, and yet she still always ended up choosing the same thing all the time, so this was a surefire way to kick that habit of hers. "i'm honestly not sure, i'm kinda thinking something with seafood though," she hums with a half shrug-- she should stop doing that. her eyes darted back up to devon for a moment before returning to her menu. she had a feeling he was the type to stick to one dish. maybe she was wrong though, but she was just taking a guess. "i usually get carbonara, but then i get bored, so i dunno, it's a mix. depends on if i actually wanna spare the effort," she admits, "what about you? same thing or different things?"

/ thIS IS LATE but i mean we've both been responding like once a month lmfao so maybe not that late BUT AYEEEE

Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:39:12 PM »

Character Creation / Re: selfish — dump v.2
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:37:18 PM »

also i love that plot ok i am down

Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:27:11 PM »

hehehe hope u get his middle name thnx
"call me arthur, only arthur, nothing else. if you call me arty, i will personally make sure your head ends up on a pike."
he was born in petersfield, england. it's a really small town, and arthur kinda hated it. like, from the moment he actually could understand where he lived, he hated it.
he's really into occult stuff in general. not to say he isn't into science either, he's really interested in both, but maybe a little bit more into occult since he's always had stronger faith in religion. though, he does chalk certain things up to science since he thinks some things are totally stupid.
as for being interested in the occult, he was born and raised as a wiccan. both of his parents were wiccans and arthur was raised in a coven, and they practiced witchcraft. nothing crazy or anything, they mainly communicated with their god and goddess, and made nature-based healing things. it wasn't until arthur's father died that things went a little crazy.
when he was around seven, his father passed away due to a freak accident. an extreme, crazy freak accident. his father was out of the house and had been attempting to fix a couple of wires before a sudden storm struck. needless to say, things didn't end too well. it was extremely upsetting, his father looked fine, but his heart had no beat, and he was cold and pale. arthur had been the one to find him, after all.
no doubt, he and his mother figured that the god and goddess were angered by his father, but they didn't understand why. what had he done? his mother tried asking every night, and all arthur remembers most from his childhood was seeing his mother praying and begging for answers. a reason why. one that she never got.
after this, his mother started getting into black magic. and arthur? while he knew that this was a bad thing, he couldn't help but follow suit. his mother needed help and, well, arthur was pissed off. he wanted his dad back, and black magic promised it could help. at least, with what his mother looked into.
needless to say, they were kicked out of the coven after this change. his mother went from peaceful and sweet to someone even arthur didn't recognize. as for arthur? well, he realized he had a lot of untapped potential. though the more he tapped into it, the weirder it looked to outsiders.
by the time he was around thirteen, arthur had become a total loner. he was the weird wiccan kid! most of the school had no idea what the hell that was, and it didn't help that he collected dead animals, carried a pocket knife around, and was reading and writing in the same book (his shadowbook) for the past three years. despite doing well and being a pretty sweet kid, all the students ignored him and the teachers were cautious around him.
his mother lost herself when arthur was around fifteen. he'd come home from school, and she'd be on the floor reciting incantations. and arthur? he didn't know what to do. he couldn't make his father come back, life didn't work that way, much less religion. and while he knew that and differentiated that, his mother struggled to do the same. she was a grieving mother of three, every look at her sons made her think of her husband, and she couldn't do it. she attempted suicide twice, both times, arthur was the one that found her just before.
arthur became a total recluse by the time he was sixteen. not only that, but he just got weirder. from collecting dead animals, he moved into hunting them. taxidermy and all, but he also just... seemed like a weirdo. no motions, no friends, no nothing. he was all alone, carrying for his mother who was having just as tough, if not a tougher, time as arthur.
he's really into tarot cards?? he has like three decks, but he mainly just uses his deviant moon deck since that's the one he feels most connected to. he likes to read tarot for others, but he mainly just reads them for himself.
notes: psycho wiccan kid who isn't really psycho, just misunderstood
misanthropic?? totally. antisocial?? not really.
god he hates talking to people, everyone could fuck off and go burn in hell for all he could care
often wishes for people to get struck by lightning and die (he did Not cope well with his father's death so it manifests in uh,,,, bad ways)
blank face, empty actions
really likes astrology, he doesn't believe in it as a way to dictate his life (he's a Wiccan ok) but he finds it intriguing to learn about
got a british accent, but he doesn't talk a lot so no one really knows
oh yeah, he doesn't really talk. he has come to realize that the things that come out of his mouth really freaks people out and?? well
he has a taxidermy butterfly collection!! it's really pretty, they all hang in photo frames on his walls, like everywhere. he also has a really cool barn owl that he taxidermy-ed himself, it just chills on his desk. (note, he did not kill it, he found it in the woods behind his house, duh)
stand-offish during convos and just hard to talk to and get along with but just keep an open mind and maybe he'll open up one day
edit later

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