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Creative Center / Re: smithereens ✧ dump.
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:08:23 PM »
▵ local kid just tryna do something big with his life
▵ goes by rue or solo, it just sounds cooler and he swears to god that when he makes it somewhere, he wants to go by filth! so don't crush his dreams
▵ born to finn and andrea, a musician and a groupie- at least at the time of their meeting.
▵ drummer kid, his idols are twenty one pilots
▵ can't fuckin sing but bitch u bet ur ass he will try
▵ soft kid, literally so meek and has no presence except for being tall. like? how do performances go? idk
▵ actually i do, they go fuckin great cause he ain't good in one on one convos but he can handle crowds like a pro
▵ gay but in a state of confusion rn
▵ lives in new york or somethin in a flat with his friends/other artists and goes out to drag shows with them all the time
▵ loves horror movies, has basically seen every single one on netflix
▵ reuben's the name, netflix and chill is the game
▵ or more like netflix and chill turns to reuben showing off his drumming skills game
▵ sends :^) and :^( to signify his true emotions, this kid needs protection
▵ demon hunter in another life, but not really. more like ryan in buzzfeed unsolved version, ya know? still love him tho
▵ really nice skin, loves letting people do his makeup and style his hair
▵ aussie? has an aussie accent? not as strong anymore, but still ever present
▵ looks like your college frat kid but is literally the complete opposite of that
▵ wants a pet but can't decide if he likes cats or dogs better like a cat suits him but he loves doggies
▵ has a turtle named turtle, fuckin fight him
▵ tol but soft, just wants to be held but also loves giving piggy back rides even tho his spine is fucked
▵ will edit and actually add history later smh

Creative Center / smithereens ✧ dump.
« on: October 17, 2018, 10:59:05 AM »
even though it's m e i abuse,

new dump and imma try and keep this clean kinda maybe, but we'll see. feel free to track and hang around though! :^)
i'll keep on going b a c k.

Advanced Roleplay / Re: RPA ✨ NEW OFFICIAL CHAT THREAD
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:16:39 AM »
hey bell welcome back!! :^))

ok doke this place is kinda dead but i’ve highkey been in the mood for 1x1 plotting if anyone is interested! :’^)

Advanced Roleplay / lighter ◇ private.
« on: October 08, 2018, 05:26:13 PM »
She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep going like this. It was always the same shit, and yet, the guilt every single time lingered. Despite how much she told herself she didn't care, she did. She did since day one, and she still did to this day. It never got any easier, it only continued to weigh her down. The guilt stacked upon itself, and every single time they pulled another stunt, she was easily reminded of all of the prior faults. Every single time, Circe found herself being eaten away by remorse. She hated the feeling, it made her sick every time, and yet, it was the only way she could keep a roof above her head. The only way to put food on her plate and guaranteed that she would be safe for the night. It was all for survival, and yet she always felt like shit after it all.

The adrenaline though, that was something that kept her going. It was tantalising. While other people got their fix off of sticking needles in their arm or snorting whatever, she got hers through the thrill of it all. The fear motivated her. The weight of the gun in her hands, the anticipation before getting shit down, the time ticking down before they left the building, she loved it all. Even better with a chase, surviving another night always gave her the feeling of invincibility. She got high off of that, the feeling of being in charge, of escaping death or incarceration, whichever came first. But the guilt always hit after, and Circe was always reminded of how bittersweet it all was.

Her fingers trembled as she lit her cigarette, her eyes lingering on the dancing flame for a moment before releasing her finger, tucking the zippo back in her pocket. She takes a short drag, allowing the man before her to finish speaking. Tall, broad shouldered, Circe's known him since high school. Somehow, the two of them found themselves exactly like where they were in high school. Too much free time, not enough cash. It provided a reason to do the shit that they did. Unlike Malcolm, however, Circe always felt bad. She didn't think he felt the same culpability that she did anymore, though.

"Another robbery right? My rent's coming up Mal," She pointed out, her words firm and cutting. They kept on putting it off, the fact that they were broke. Circe couldn't keep playing this game though, not unless she actually benefitted from it. There was no point hurting people for no reason, and yet that was what they'd been doing for the past couple of weeks. And now she was blowing a hole through her pocket.

She kicked the side of his chair at the sight of him rolling his eyes, her own eyes narrowing in frustration. "Yes, chill the fuck out, C. We're makin' money always, don't start gettin' pissy on me."

"You're making money, asshole. I barely have enough cash for Julia to eat, don't talk to me about always making money." The girl beside her was quick to snap back, despite her fingers dancing on her phone. Practically skin and bones, Circe still thought she was pretty. In an emaciated, druggie model kind of way.

Penny was as pale as they came, and stood taller than both Circe and Malcolm. She had long, pin straight black hair, and Circe almost always envied her. At least, until she saw the bruises at the junction of her arms, and remembered the daughter that Penny had waiting on her at home. They all had their problems though, none of them could exactly deny that, but that was what brought them together in the first place.

"Whatever, fuck you, Pen. You guys know the plan: three go in, one waits in the car. Go in, grab the cash, and leave. Nice and easy, unless someone decides to change plans last minute," Malcolm quickly explained, shooting a glare in Penny's direction as she all but scoffed in return.

"You guys were taking so long! And the cops 'round the corner didn't fucking help!"

"You were drugged the fuck up when we got out!"

"Where's Henry?" Circe finally stepped in, there was no point in having an argument before they actually left the building. Stomping out the rest of her cigarette, she grabbed her mask from the counter. It wasn't anything special, just some kind of cheap halloween horror mask from the store a couple years back. It was for the best though, she didn't need the police being able to track some kind of specialty mask that she had custom made or something.

"He bailed after Penny's shit last time. We got someone else comin' soon, I think."

"You think, or you know? I'm not waiting all night for you to be texting Carmen trying to figure out these plans. She never actually helps us does shit, so is this person coming, or not?"

Plotting Hub / Re: SHADOWS ON THE WALL — p
« on: October 08, 2018, 02:56:29 PM »
and jayceon is undoubtedly going to hate everyone and everything lmfao
but not really, but he's gonna be a total dick to everyone until they actually need him and then he's grumpily there for everyone in their little circle

Plotting Hub / Re: SHADOWS ON THE WALL — p
« on: October 08, 2018, 12:41:06 PM »
hi hello yeet i’m here too :^))

Advanced Roleplay / Re: RPA ✨ NEW OFFICIAL CHAT THREAD
« on: October 08, 2018, 04:48:42 AM »
d u d e i'd honestly would use all of them holy shit ur temps are so nice!!

Advanced Roleplay / Re: ARSTONIST'S LULLABY — sign ups
« on: October 07, 2018, 01:03:41 PM »
FULL NAME jayceon oliver jessop.
ALIAS(S) JJ, jay, oli, or jess.
DOB august thirteenth.
POWER health manipulation.
GENDER AMAB, masculine.
PRONOUNS he/him/his.
SEXUALITY sapiosexual, androromantic.
PLACE OF BIRTH atlanta, georgia.
RESIDENCE wherever?
OCCUPATION(S) jayceon doesn't have a job, he doesn't even want to bother trying to find one when he doesn't need it.
HEIGHT five foot eight.
WEIGHT one hundred twenty-five pounds.
EYE COLOR brown.
ALIGNMENT lawful evil.
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN japanese and english.
TRAITS vain, pompous, pretentious, arrogant, blunt, cold, calculative, spiteful, cynical, harsh, mean, brave, reserved, protective, neat, etc.
MENTAL HEALTH undiagnosed for any mental health issues, presumably checks out as fine though.
— rich kid! his mom is the ceo of a big family company, and his dad owns an oil company. he's always lived lavishly and very cozily, every whim and desire of his was met.
— his parents are divorced. they fought a lot while jayceon was growing up, and ultimately got a divorce when he was around eleven or twelve? it was for the best, and even jayceon saw that.
— his parents coddled him a lot, and jayceon found himself seeking excitement. he enjoys getting into trouble, so theft, underage drinking, drug usage, breaking and entering, arson (only once, really), he's done it all.
— his parents have had to pay off so many crimes, media outlets, pissed off suers, everything, for his son, and for them. they have a reputation to uphold, and jayceon wasn't helping.
— really, he was committing all these little crimes so he could meet up with the sheriff's hot son (probably still canon, and still a thing). getting high off of danger and dick ahem.
— basically a bratty fucking asshole? looks down on people and is really arrogant. also very vain, he'd probably have narcissistic personality disorder if he didn't care so much about some people.
— doesn't give a shit about everyone? kinda uses people as pawns and enjoys seeing people hurt and watching their lives crumble. has hooked up with married men before, only to call their wives and put their husbands on blast.
— that said, he has his soft moments, and his soft spots. he will never hurt women or children, and he has good manners. he will go to the ends of the earth for any of his friends, and will defend them to his very last breath.
— it's kind of hard getting to know him and even being his friend, like he is a fucking prick. but once you get past his asshole side, he's actually like? so soft? and it's weird because why and what made him such a dick? i don't even know either. but he can be so so good.
— he's a bit of a neat freak? he's always so organised and on schedule? he also showers at least twice a day, and don't even try stepping into his house with shoes on, and into his room without slippers or socks. only he can go barefoot in there, fuck everyone else and their gross toes.
— skin and bones, doesn't ever eat enough. he's never hungry. despite that, he will fucking crush you with his words in two seconds flat, trust me.
— looooves attention. he could get off on attention (coughs, voyeurism? maybe), honestly? he likes being the talk of the town and having all eyes on him.
— loves his parents so fucking much? it's weird cause he doesn't show it, and he doesn't show much for many people, but he's so affectionate and loving with his parents. loves spending time with them, and you can catch him at his mom or dad's office after school, if he doesn't have plans.
— power to heal people, or completely kill them. except he doesn't exactly know how to kill people yet, aka manifest wounds or illnesses. at least not deadly ones. he has a decent grasp on healing (again, not on major wounds), and can give people a cold and amp it to the flu, if he tries really hard, but he can't do much else yet.
jayceon jessop.

« on: October 04, 2018, 11:40:17 AM »
we all look for heaven and we put love first .
so come back when i'm good and old, i got drinks to drink, and men to hold. i got good things to do with my life, yeah. oh, i wanna dance in the open breeze, feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing, i got good things to feel in my life, yeah. don't come for me today, i'm feeling good.
giselle heinrich , she/her/hers .
aka nothing .
nineteen .

here comes the sun, little darling .
filed under: visage

filed under: biography

GISELLE HEINRICH is perhaps our school's brightest pupil and i speak for most of her teachers and myself when i say we will be sad to see her leave gospel university. she is currently on the track to be her class' valedictorian and i have no doubt that she will do the same at snow university. at nineteen years old, she seems to still be uncertain with her major, though after a conversation with her, she has decided to switch to major in animation and minor in studio art. while this is a big leap from her prior major in accounting, she is much more passionate about her new choices and i hope you will take this into consideration and nurture this enthusiasm. she is an optimistic girl, often cheerful and stubborn on her beliefs. she has a strong will and pours her heart and soul into all she does. she will make a great addition to snow university, and i hope that is clear to see through her application as well.

the devil's in me, father, he's inside of everything i do .
for the ways that i hurt, when i'm hiking up my skirt. i am sitting on a throne while they're buried in the dirt. for the way i condescend and never lend a hand. my arrogance is making this head buried in the sand. for the souls i forsake, i'm going to hell! gettin' married to the devil, you can hear the wedding bells.
nazir amro , he/him/his .
aka naz .
twenty .
i'm a street rat, remember ?

filed under: visage

filed under: biography

NAZIR AMRO, otherwise known as naz by his peers, has received multiple warnings in attempts to curb his unruly behaviour. he has been caught stealing, skipping class, as well as cheating. although he shows utmost potential and promise in academia, he does not seem to be putting forth any effort. he is going into his junior year at twenty years old, born on march thirtieth. his major of choice is international studies, and currently is enrolled on a scholarship for track and field. however, he is coming close to having his scholarship revoked on the basis of all his incidences. he does not seem to be struggling socially, and can be quite the charismatic charmer. some teachers have been condoning his behaviour. he has a rather relaxed and carefree attitude, and seems to be flippant in terms of receiving any warnings. direct action may be needed soon, relative to whether or not the student decides to correct his own actions.

« on: October 03, 2018, 09:08:47 AM »
could i reserve rapunzel from tangled and aladdin from aladdin?

Plotting Hub / Re: grease is the word | anyone up for grease??
« on: September 30, 2018, 03:32:27 PM »

Character Creation / Re: truth be told, i miss you / dump
« on: September 30, 2018, 05:05:19 AM »
wuv u alwaysssss <3

Supernatural Roleplay / Re: we roam quietly — private
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:01:59 PM »
A N D Y.
"Don't you think you've had enough?" The bitter judgement fell from her lips like acid and her brows were knitted with dramatised exasperation. He was one to talk, that was for sure. Who was he to tell her that she'd had enough? He wasn't her. He couldn't pinpoint her limits, and he couldn't tell how much she needed another drink. That was why he couldn't know how much it emotionally pained her to be sitting in the club that night, to be sitting there and giving him support while he completely crushed her heart in one fell swoop. He didn't know because he couldn't, and he was an idiot.

And yet, Andy was still there. In a club filled with dozens of dancing bodies, she still felt lonelier than ever. "No one told you that you had to stay, Andy." She rolled her eyes at that. Freyja didn't get it either. If she didn't stay, where would she go? Home? To wallow in her own pity party some more? No. Andy wasn't a wallower, she was a go-getter. A fighter. Except she couldn't fight a battle she'd already lost. Unfairly lost. She didn't know where to take up her anger now, so it settled and festered at the bottom of her of heart. For now, that was fine. It was a key in the ignition, it was the strike of a match, it was the beginning of a new scar and a newfound reason for rage.

Straightening up as Richie decided on another round for the two of them, she couldn't bother to muster up a false smile. No point pretending she was fine when she wasn't. She was burning embers of coal, one stoke away from destruction, and if people didn't fear her, they should. The promise of another drink, however, diffused her enough to keep from chucking her stool at the stranger beside her. She could feel Richie's eyes on her, and she desperately wanted to challenge that gaze with her own. She didn't, though. Not when his reassurance felt more like some kind of weak consolation prize. They both knew things wouldn't be the same, they were only preventing the inevitable.

Andromeda's eyes lingered on the members of the other pack, flitting from one person to the next. They seemed like an odd mix. A jumble of personalities, not one resonating feature. They didn't fill a room, they filled forgotten nooks and crannies where Lunars were careless enough to let slip out of their view. Whatever, none of them were exactly of her concern quite yet. Except for one of them, who's gaze was on Richie a little too long for comfort. She may have hated him in the moment, but if anything happened to him, she was literally going to crush the culprit's skull under her stilettos. Though, she highly doubted a fight was going to break out ( unless it was her starting one, which was more plausible. ).

She doesn't bother looking at the sound of a new voice. She could tell who it was without a glance, Richie was a dead giveaway, honestly. Instead, she nursed her drink, tapping the side of the glass with a manicured nail. She could gut someone with them, if she tried hard enough. "Enough, Andromeda." Freyja was such a downer sometimes.

Taking a sip of her drink, she finally turned around at her introduction, being met with... well, disappointment. This was the heir to the Solars? Andromeda was smaller than him, and yet she could probably filet him and turn him into dog food ( Was that an appropriate comment? Perhaps not, Andy didn't care. ) without even batting an eyelash. God, maybe she could pump him full of steroids to make it a somewhat fair fight before then. Even so, she'd probably still win.

"Of course it's not his thing. He probably knocks out after a sip of Kool-Aid." She scoffed, rolling her eyes once more. She didn't want to give him the time of day, not a chance to defend himself, to pick himself up, to try and salvage what he had. She wanted to kick him to the dirt and bury him in it.

"Even his packmates don't wanna be around his sorry ass. I don't want to be around his sorry ass, I don't know how they do it everyday." Andromeda wasn't talking to Kremont at this point, she didn't want to bother. She didn't want to see his weak disposition, she didn't want him to see the worry in her own eyes. She was losing the one good thing she had going for her and to what? A weak-willed Alpha and an arranged marriage.

"Your friends joining us or are they planning on just feeding ya to us wolves here?"

Supernatural Roleplay / Re: we roam quietly — private
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:24:59 PM »
A N D Y.
She loved the privacy of clubs.

There was a certain level of clamour and commotion that covered the people that milled about in the dim lighting. It allowed for a brooding intimacy in the closed environment, a safety that one wouldn't get elsewhere. It was quiet underneath all the mindless chatter and fumbling pick-up lines. As much as Andromeda loved to party, and to drink, she just loved being in the atmosphere. It was mind-numbing, almost. She only had to watch bodies sway to the music and catch the tail end of pleasant conversations. It didn't require thought, it didn't require being present, it only required existing on a bar stool with glassy eyes. Andromeda could handle that much.

Though, things were different this time. She could feel anger brewing inside of her, and she was swallowing it down with every sip of beer she took. She drank slow, the least she could do was let the alcohol soothe the bubbling rage since Freyja wasn't of much help. It was always nagging, always telling her to 'calm down' and 'think about her actions' and all 1001 other cliche patience quotes. Andromeda, on the other hand, preferred the quick fix to things: alcohol, parties, and smokes.

Tapping her nails against the empty glass, she took a quick scan over the nightclub, locating the other members of her pack before settling into her stool. If things went well, maybe none of the Solars would show up. A part of her was hopeful, and yet Freyja made sure to quell that hope with logic. There was no real reason why they wouldn't show up, even Andromeda knew that, but at least the idea that they forgot helped with the bitterness residing in her heart.

She spared a glance at the bartender, he had to know that she was underage by now, but it didn't look like he was going to say anything. That was for the best, on his part. She slid the glass back, glancing up to see the beginning members of the Solars entering. Right. She hopped off of the bar stool, tucking a hand into her jacket before tapping the frat kid's shoulder beside her, "Richie!" The club was loud, but she could be louder, "Get me another drink?" As much as Andromeda didn't want to say anything about the other pack's arrival, she knew better. At least she could stall for a minute, "They're here."

Creative Center / Re: waiting for your love — dump
« on: September 10, 2018, 07:54:04 AM »
hi hi!! i totally just made a discord, lmk if u wanna join it!! :)

and y e s omfg pls, i have sm random muse for alice, my one alien girl lmao

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