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hell yea, andy is gonna be simultaneously the best and worst alpha there is, i have faith lmao

and i’m hella up for plotting too :^)

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Other Roleplay / Re: BAD WOLF — HUB UPDATED 1-20
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hella into this aye

Creative Center / Re: smithereens ✧ dump.
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<3 <3 <3

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c h e s h!! ily and weba!
feel free to kick me out if tracking isn't allowed yet lmfao

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percival finbarr gallagher — "and if could, i'd get you the moon."
— nicknamed percy or finn, usually, and doesn't mind either. though, prefers percy most of the time. born on august fifteenth, making him a leo. doesn't care much for zodiacs whatsoever, but hey, sometimes they're kinda fun.
— his parents were socialites, often flitting from home at the drop of a hat. their lives were an utter whirlwind, and percival was often either forgotten about, or regarded as a nuisance. a disruption in his parents' well-oiled routines. he spent a majority of his childhood being independent and trying to keep out of their ways.
— at least, until he was around eight, when he suddenly was granted three other siblings. all at once. triplets, of course. needless to say, despite being the eldest, he was often pushed around by his three younger brothers since they had the strength of numbers. even so, he protects them with his life.
— while four kids would normally encourage many parents to relax and perhaps spend more time at home, percival and his siblings were actually thrusted into the care of nannies, babysitters, and the likes. they didn't get a permanent nanny until he was around twelve or thirteen.
— trigger warning: child abuse; this was when chaos truly ensued. without their parents around, the nanny often took discipline into her own hands. at first, it was harmless scolding or timeouts. it only began escalating when they'd make the same mistake multiple times in a row, or if it was a seemingly 'easy' task. scolding turned into yelling, and yelling developed into slaps and hits. percival always took the fall for his siblings, no matter the punishment or the reasoning.
— this treatment lasted for five or six years before his parents found out. percival spent most of this time donning clothing to hide bruises and scars, until his mother caught a peek once by accident and the nanny was kicked out on the spot. even so, they couldn't wrap their heads around why percival never once said a word.
— his parents finally decided to spend more time at home, following this incident. it wasn't long after the departure of their nanny that percival began developing his odd habits and tendencies. a manifestation of his feeling of guilt and owing, as well as the need for things to be 'up to par', as what his nanny would have said.
— they tried to keep the matter contained for a while, attempting to help percival on their own, but it didn't take long before they realized that they needed professional help, hence the therapy and whatnot.
— leader of the pack kind of guy, though naturally ends up falling in with that role with the encouragement of those around him. has a way with words and a way with motivating or calming those around him down.
— laid-back, easygoing, relaxed. percival comes off as this charismatic, personable individual and it's what he is, really. he's a great conversationalist and there is no pressure being around him, or being his friend.
— empathetic and warm, percival tends to draw people in with ease. it's vexing how effortlessly he can get absorbed into a stranger's world, and how gracefully he can drag people into his.
— altruistic. loves giving back and helping out without expecting anything in return. although it benefits the other party as well, percival kind of also mainly does this for himself. it eases him of feeling useless, and it truly just makes him feel better. while for his own personal benefit, he means well when he helps others.
— has a superhero complex, most likely? his altruism stems from this. feels the need to help and 'rescue' others, so to speak. most likely from guarding his younger siblings all his life, he really desires to protect and help others. occasionally, if not attending therapy properly, he tends to cause problems that he then resolves, in order to be regarded as that 'hero' figure once more.
— does this in ways that don't truly harm those around him. it's mainly arson, or lying about a theft or something, in order to bring back the item or put out the fire. he's never done anything crazy enough to land him in tons of trouble, but it does happen.
— also has OCD, though mild. since catching the habits early on, percival has a lot more of a grasp on his OCD than most. he has his little quirks and habits, however, and won't ever let anyone else do things at home, such as the dishes or the laundry. organizes the coat closet whenever someone comes home.
— plays lacrosse, captain of the team. has been for a year or so, and while in the beginning, dirt wasn't as noticeable to him. he's sort of developed an aversion to it, so the thought of lacrosse kind of stresses him out, but he doesn't want to drop the team or the sport. at this point in time, he manages to push through it and play.
— holds a lot of guilt for things in his childhood that he either couldn't control, or that wasn't his fault. and he's well aware of it, but he still just holds so much guilt for them. such as getting his nanny fired (though understandable that she did, of course), or forcing his parents to mind them much more, things that he knows makes no sense to feel guilty over.
— loves his siblings with all his heart. has two younger sisters and a younger brother, all about nine or ten or so, and they bully the shit out of him. with love, of course. as much as they love him and his advice for them, they love kicking his ass during impromptu wrestling matches or mario kart rounds more.

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« on: December 22, 2018, 05:41:20 PM »

Advanced Roleplay / Re: quite like you — p.
« on: December 16, 2018, 04:52:11 PM »
Bambi would never be able to understand the appeal of assigning partners. Why was that a thing all teachers did at least once or twice? Sure, it may have encouraged conversation between classmates during the project, but did teachers expect them all to continue talking to each other afterwards? That definitely wasn't happening. It was more likely that they'd speak the bare minimum to one another in order to get it over with. After all, forced conversations had to be some of the worst. At least in her own opinion.

As her partner sidled out of the room, she could already feel the irritation radiating off of him. While Bambi didn't exactly feel welcome, she was sure she wasn't giving off the best vibe either. Though the first thing she truly did notice was his height. He was tall, decently ( actually, quite ) attractive. And yet she had a feeling that that didn't stand true for personality. If worse came to worst, she could probably kick his ass despite the height difference. That's what backup was for anyway.

The next thing she noticed was their stuffy uniforms. Everyone looked just as stiff and uncomfortable in their clothes as the next person, and that was at least enough to keep her content. Many of them had probably been wearing the school outfits for a while, but there was no way for any of them to look normal without losing the blazer and the tie. And basically every other part of said uniform.

"No clue, I wasn't there for half of the details," she responded breezily, sparing a quick glance over the packet she had grabbed, "It's for the science fair or something, though." While it was one of the most dry subjects there was in her opinion, Bambi could do science. Science was a breeze, things made sense and they clicked. All cycles had an order, all living things had systems, and every cog fit into one another as it should. Science was explainable, and at least they had the freedom in choosing an experiment. For all she knew, they could make a volcano and call it a day, if Beckett was really awful at being a partner.

Even worse, they could do the whole soap, milk, and food dye trick. In the end, they just needed something to turn in by the end of the month.

"I think it's pretty free range, anything's on the table, if you got any bright ideas." She passed the packet over to the other, finally taking a moment to scope out the other pairings. Everyone looked just as awkward, if not annoyed, as the other. It was all to be expected, none of them were used to the change. The scholarship kids weren't happy with how snobbish things were, and the preppy kids weren't happy with how unsnobbish the newcomers were. Bambi was no exception to either; either scrutinizing or under scrutiny, there wasn't much difference.

"We also need to figure out when we're working on this. You don't look that happy to be around me, and trust me, I can say just the same," She spoke quickly, arms folded tightly across her chest, "And if we're gonna have to 'get along' for a month, at least call me Bambi. I never go really by Linh." She explained finally, hesitating for a moment. It would've bugged her to no end if she was called Linh for the rest of the month by a classmate. It took her another moment before offering out her hand in some semblance of peace.

A handshake. Neutral enough, right? Not as intimate as a hug, yet still not as cold as nothing offered. So while handshakes were weird amongst them ( really, what was the point? ), it was really more for herself. A way to promise herself to actually attempt to be civil and nice and quickly get this assignment over with.

Creative Center / Re: smithereens ✧ dump.
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:39:12 AM »
filth! the band ideas
lead singer. frontman of the band, maybe based off of freddie mercury? odd commodity, never really fit in anywhere. well loved by fans and outsiders, has an almost endearing arrogance. confident and proud of the band and of their music, though struggles to share the spotlight. superiority complex, perhaps? a bit of a dick, loves being in the limelight, and generally has quite a bit of scandals chasing their tail. though in all actuality, pretty empty inside. drinks a lot, parties a lot, tries to buy happiness. epitome of the cliched celebrity: has everything yet nothing of substance. well taken care of in the band, they know their lead is struggling, and although annoying from time to time, they don't want anyone else.

drummer. happy-go-lucky, bright ass kid. started the band, extremely passionate about the drums. think like the movie whiplash. desperately wants to please and appease those around him, feels overwhelmed by all the fame. doesn't know how to live for himself, and often compromises own wants and needs for the sake of others. often the loudest voice in the room, yet always the most ignored. even so, usually persists in happiness and kindness, not the type to easily be teared down. the voice of optimism that always lights people up, and brings the band together. kinda childish, but not idiotic. doesn't mind being in the background in the band, in all honesty, doesn't strive for fame, plays for enjoyment.

guitarist. poetic, the quiet one. literally the one that has all the girls and guys swooning or swimming in jealousy. writes a lot of music for the band, though never actually wants any of them recorded. only talks to the band about any problems, but quite closed off and reserved. loved extremely dearly by the band, always looked out for and always protected. addicted to heroin probably, working on getting clean but definitely struggling. tumultuous home life, parents don't really accept the lifestyle or the career, thinks that filth! is gonna die out and it'll all be pointless. really striving to prove parents wrong, but really just desperate to make them proud.

bassist. nervous, defensive ball of rage. easily the problematic one of the bunch, always talking about going solo. can't stand commitment or getting close to people, which explains the wanting to go solo. doesn't like the thought of relying on the band or needing them in order to perform. doesn't like how the bond and attachment is forming so whole-heartedly. truthfully cares the band and its members a lot, but doesn't know how to express it, and doesn't want to. coping mechanism is anger and fleeing the scene of the crime. lots of pride that can't be swallowed, apologies are kinda wonky, in that it's oddly phrased. exhausting, but endearing, that's why the band is putting up with all of this mess.

Advanced Roleplay / quite like you — p.
« on: December 10, 2018, 05:17:34 PM »
"Can you please just give me a ride to school? I don't wanna fill gas yet." She rapped her fingers gently against the rusty red truck, pulling on her best, most pitiful look as her neighbour exited his house. She could see the exasperation on his face as she swallowed back the giggle threatening to escape her lips. In all seriousness, she did pull this stunt more often than she should, though he never really did say no, either. Truth is, the two of them strived to be as irksome as possible towards one another. Little things, like incessantly blowing up each other's phones or, like today, hitching rides. One of Bambi's favourite things. Though she could drive to school on her own, why would she when she could just use up someone else's gas?

"It's in the opposite direction, Bams, no way," Kieran snorted, slinging his jacket into the backseat of the car before sliding into the driver side. Bambi did what any other good friend would do, climb into the passenger side, of course. She couldn't just let him venture out alone. Besides, she had to get to school as well and it would only be a matter of time before he cracked and drove her there. He always had her back, even despite them getting on each other's nerves more often than not.

"Yes way 'cause I'm your best friend and also your neighbour, so I'll just tell your mom that you're being mean," She teased, securing her seatbelt in place and offering the brunette beside her a cheeky smile. He returned her smile with an eye roll, though pulled out of the driveway anyway and they were off. As close as they were, she couldn't deny that she still felt a gentle sigh of relief from his acceptance. They didn't spend nearly as much time together, especially not with her transferring schools.

There was a lingering divide between them now, even sitting in the same car. The two of them looked like polar opposites; she was cleanly pressed, a molded version of herself in a school uniform and Kieran in the laziest outfit Bambi had seen to date. She missed being able to chuck on a hoodie (her colour of choice) and duck into school, but at West Moores, she was expected to be uniform at all times. Not only in uniform, but it had to be 'orderly', meaning every button buttoned, shirts tucked, and skirts at the right length. In other words, uptight. The atmosphere at West Moores was suffocating, and yet Bambi would do anything for her family.

The drive wasn't all too long, and before she knew it, she was slamming the car door shut and sparring a wave to Kieran's disappearing truck. An extremely clunky and ugly car amongst shiny, foreign cars. Right, she would never fit in. Not when everyone around her spent weekends at yacht clubs or whatever, and she found the greatest joy by beating her siblings in a couple rounds of Wii games.

The scholarship was a huge opportunity, one that she couldn't pass up, according to her parents. And so she didn't, on their accord. They wanted the best for her, and if the best meant transferring school starting junior year, so be it. Private schools were a scary thing, in Bambi's eyes. Full of wealth and judgement, she couldn't deny that she was the outcast. She didn't come from money, and she didn't come from status. She was just Bambi, no status and no wealth. A complete waste of time and money, in the eyes of her new peers, she supposed.

Though only about a week into junior year, Bambi was exhausted. Not that she'd ever say anything about it. Instead, she took her time getting to chemistry, even after the bell had rung. She didn't care anymore, really. These weren't her peers, these were barely her classes. She wasn't exactly sure how she was going to last another two years of all of this.

"Ms. Chau, how nice of you to join us. Have a seat, we're going over the details of the assignment." She did like her new chemistry teacher though. A kind woman who helped Bambi out since day one. Also, she never said much about her tardiness, only brushed it off to continue with lectures. With that, she quickly made her way to the back of the classroom, sliding her backpack onto the floor before taking her seat.

"Right, back to the topic. So West Moores will be hosting the annual science fair next month, and what that means for you all, is that I expect participation. The subject and experiment will be up to you, and I will be assigning partners for this project. I figured it would be good to split you guys up and force you to get to know each other," She spoke with a knowing smile as the class erupted into soft whispers of complaints. Great, Bambi already knew what that meant. She had planned on spending the entire year choosing to work alone, but it didn't seem like much of an option anymore.

"As your name gets called, come pick up a packet and then feel free to disperse throughout the classroom or the hallway in order to start planning." Bambi tuned in as the teacher, Mrs. Haysworth, began prattling off names on her list. Pausing every now and then to allow kids to grab their things, the packet, and leave. It was nearing the end before Bambi began growing a bit nervous. She could only hope her partner wasn't either totally boring or totally a prick.

"Linh, Beckett, come grab your papers." Bambi took her time gathering her things, though quickly grabbed the packet off of the counter before ducking out of the classroom, awaiting for her new partner to join her. God, this was going to be a long month, she could already feel it in her bones.

Advanced Roleplay / liquid guilt — p.
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:30:37 PM »
All she felt was a total lack of control.

It was a foreign feeling, in all twenty-one years of her life, she had never felt completely helpless. It was as if she were cradling water in her hands, no matter what she did, it would slip through the cracks she thought she had sealed. The harder she tried to keep things within her grasps, it only continued to seep through, trickling slowly right before her eyes. Practically teasing her to just give up and allow the world around her to collapse. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't. Instead, she much rather pluck out all of her hair before giving in like that.

She wanted her life back on a leash, a short chain she could yank on when it felt as if it were wandering a little too far for comfort. She wanted control when things felt as if they were spiralling, and yet she didn't have that power. She never did, really. While she knew that, it didn't stop her from completely chewing off her nails out of stress. Even her grades were dropping, which was almost unheard of for her. A straight A student since third grade, she had no idea how her maths grade had plummeted to a solid C. As well as a B in history.

Despite all this, Maia still struggled to admit that she needed help. Not in her classes, she could handle that on her own, however her life on the other hand could use some more work. She just wasn't sure if she wanted to go to the exact person she despised in search of said help.

"Can you just stop fucking biting your nails? I swear to god, they already look gross, they don't need you chomping them off as well."

"Oh shut up, you're the one watching me!" Maia all but snapped back. She knew her dorm mate meant well, but she often preferred to brood in silence without Sylvia's ever roaming eyes on her at the moment.

"Can you just ask-"

"And completely lose any pride and dignity I have? No, thanks."

"Then the school's just gonna keep winning? I know you're stubborn or whatever, but we both know that we have to at least try and get the other party to agree with us so we can work together and I don't know, save the school." Sylvia paired her speech with some flippant hand movements, flailing her dainty hand through the air as if she were waving away the years of bad blood. If only it were that easy.

"We can figure it out on our own," Maia mumbled in response, clicking her pen against her notebook with a bit of force, "Just trust me."

"Thing is, I don't. And M, I've never not trusted you before, so please? For both of our sakes, text them." The desperation in Sylvia's tone almost caught Maia off guard, though, the girl knew how to be convincing whenever she tried. And although they held an intense staring contest for about a minute, they both know who came out as the winner.

from: maia w.
we gonna talk abt this school thing or what?
sent: 3:59pm


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« on: November 28, 2018, 03:35:09 PM »
i'm h e r e

Creative Center / Re: smithereens ✧ dump.
« on: November 12, 2018, 05:01:57 PM »
cecilio rafael schiavone — "living at the speed of light, i could be dead by morning."
— born on february fourteenth, making him an aquarius. also a valentine’s day baby, and he hates it because his birthday is supposed to be his day, what the heck.
— has two older sisters, of whom give him hell but also protect the living shit out of him. they’re all very close as siblings, despite bickering all the time. cecilio would literally do anything for them.
— has attended private school basically his entire life? however, hates telling people that he has attended only private schools because then it makes everyone think that he’s a spoiled brat and he’s not.
— he is nothing like his parents or his siblings whatsoever. not only in appearance, but personality as well. everyone in his family are blondes, and then there’s cecilio, who literally looks like the black sheep of the family. personality-wise, he is the extrovert in a family of introverts.
— his parents are upper middle class, so he grew up quite cushioned. not exactly lavish, since he had to share with two other siblings, but comfy all the same. his parents loved all of them dearly, and cecilio definitely got special treatment for being the youngest.
— he is about three years apart from dana, and six years apart from rhea. he’s definitely much closer to dana, but he confides in rhea for problems, since he knows well that dana isn’t level-headed from time to time.
— found his love of cars and motorcycles when he was about thirteen. dana and rhea both pitched in alongside his parents in order to buy him a dirtbike as a gift. needless to say, he spent majority of that year riding the backpath in the woods with his bike. this was also probably when he realized his affinity towards adrenaline.
— his friend took him to a nascar competition when he was fourteen. of course, this was the spark of his desire to become a nascar racer. his friend's father, of whom worked in the pit crew of a well-known driver, helped him kickstart his journey.
— cecilio started driving in secrecy. he attended more races after this with the help of his friend, and the nascar driver taught him to drive when he was around fifteen. since he didn't have a car of his own yet, or any other connections or resources other than the driver, cecilio spent most of his time at the race track.
— he got his first car when he was seventeen, along with his license of course. he found himself sneaking out, or "staying over at a friend's" much more often during this time. his parents let him off the hook, figuring that he was out with a girl or whatnot, but really, he was participating in street races.
— it was only a few months in before he was arrested for said street races. luckily, the cops were nice enough to let him off the hook for being young. he called the nascar driver to bail him out, and that was where cecilio caught his first lucky break: the driver promised to mentor him, but only on the prerequisite that he gained his parents' approval.
— it was easier said than done. eventually, his parents came around, despite the hesitance that still clouded them. a shaky yes was still a yes, nonetheless. that was that, cecilio was in and his parents were pouring most of his saved up college funds into this. it was scary, risking all of cecilio's future on what could possibly be a pointless stunt.
— it was a sigh of relief when he found his first sponsor at the age of eighteen. it was a big ordeal, truthfully. a big party and everything, with family and friends alike, celebrating the fact that cecilio made things somehow work out. god, the relief was palpable that night.
— he competed his first nascar event at nineteen, one of the youngest - if not the youngest - competing. he ended third. good, but not enough. not for cecilio, at least.
— cecilio is a really sweet guy, honestly. he's kind of the whole package deal, you know? the kind of guy your friends wanna hang out with all the time, the guy you can bring to your family, he's the end goal. of course, he's got his issues though, but we'll talk about those later.
— when first meeting him, it's easy to see that he's an extremely charismatic guy. always the center of attention but never intentionally so. he just has a presence, and he doesn't need to speak up to be heard. people will shut up just to hear him whisper, if they had to.
— with charisma comes humour, and cecilio tends to express this through sarcasm. he's not comedic in the way of comedians, but he's just funny, and he does what he does well.
— a charmer. not the type to settle down, and will flirt with most everyone, whether purposefully or not. he loves the thrill of the chase, as well. he tends to go for those who don't yield too easily to his words, since he likes playing the game, so to speak.
— despite seeming like an open book, cecilio is anything but. he's a reserved guy, and tends to never reveal his cards. he'd be a fine poker player if he wasn't so in love with racing. no one really knows him, except for his family, and he prefers to keep it that way. it's hard for him to trust others enough to open up to them.
— uses humour to deflect uncomfortable situations. cecilio can't handle heavy topics or conversations about himself before surface level information. he hates it, he hates the thought of people wanting to get to know him. he will usually brush aside these curiosities with sarcasm.
— while he sleeps around quite a bit, he, again, isn't one to settle. he's a workaholic, basically married to his car. not only is it fun, but also, cecilio travels much too often to feel as though he's really ready for a stable relationship. he travels to promote his sponsors, to attend different races, for pleasure, anything. and so, he's never sticking to one place long enough to form committed bonds.
— loves hearing announcers butcher his last name, omigod. he's kind of a dick, yeah, but he honestly thinks it's so funny and entertaining when people stumble over his name?
— he's italian and he has an accent. his mom's cooking is the best, no one can fight him on that, and he loves braiding his sisters' hair. he's also a pretty decent cook himself, with his mother's teaching growing up, but it's not his favourite thing to do.
— early riser, can't stay up late for the life of him. his bedtime is midnight at the latest, but he starts getting super grumpy at ten. he'd sleep at eight everyday if he could, truthfully.
— doesn't like coffee? it tastes like burnt water to him, he literally hates it. opts for tea, and loves starbucks refreshers or matcha frappucinos.
— still does street races and underground racing, but he's much more discreet about it now. like he recognizes where and when is good, and knows to slow the fuck down if he ends up seeing a cop like honestly.
— such a great storyteller? his nieces and nephews loooove when he reads to them, and they'll basically force him to do so all the time.
— secret favorite movie is lemonade mouth bitch, he watches it whenever he’s sad and no one can stop him.

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« on: November 11, 2018, 12:30:16 PM »
crispin alexander wilkinson — "when i leave don't save my seat, i'll be back when it's all complete."
— real flippant, he honestly just never seems to be stressed about anything and if he is, it's bottled up insanely well. he's laid-back and chill, always managing to take everything in stride.
— can seem very apathetic from time to time. has these clinical approaches to problems and will dissect issues in order to reach a solution. this makes him the worst person to go to when looking for comfort, but the best to strategise with in order to resolve dilemmas.
— despite his naturally relaxed demeanour, mentally, he's kind of high strung. he never shows it on the surface, but his mind works six miles per minute and he always stresses about the littlest things. in other words, he's an over-thinker. doesn't show this side to most people since he sometimes seems like a maniac.
— pretty open about his feelings, isn't one to shy away from confessions or confessing. he also carries this through his opinions as well, in which he isn't afraid to let people know what he thinks on different topics, including possibly controversial ones.
— dresses really nicely? refuses to leave the house unless he thinks he looks good. which means he won't ever wear sweats out of the house because he doesn't believe in athleisure or leisure wear out of the house okay.
— not gonna lie,,, he's not the best student there is. he hates studying, and will not do it without some kind of incentive or unless he knows he will fail otherwise. he'll do bare minimum and call it quits, he hates the school system and everything it stands for so he'd rather not feed into it, even if it means getting Cs.
— gorillaz and foster the people are basically like the only two bands he listens to religiously. the rest is random indie music.
— overanalyzes basically all movies. he's the type to know about the directors and the actors and the production of a movie, and uses that to also make his opinion on whether he liked the film or not. total movie buff, wants to be a director one day, leave him alone.
— will update more later whoop

heyo i'm here now
and i'm just gonna lay down

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