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name Winter Voss
age 19
gender male
pronouns he/him
sexuality probably gay
occupation baker
hometown  ??
― faceclaim:luke newberry
― aquarius

― mute
― almost drowned when he was a kid, and when someone tried to get him out he his his head on the side of the pool and he hasn't been able to talk since
― he can laugh but it sounds weird
― he can also make little noises
― has a huge fear of water now
― hes a bean tho
― really sweet and excitable
― his parents died when he was 16
― he does have an older sister, georgia, though
― shes very protective of him
― he loves her kid, kane. they're very close.
― wip wip wip

made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 28, 2019, 04:54:26 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

Heron watched blankly as a big reddish-brown tom padded up to them and placed a flower in Honeybreezes fur. She assumed they were mates, from this. Honeybreeze acted like this was a normal occurence. Though Heron had never heard of a cat doing that for their mate. She did live a secluded life, though

Suddenly she wondered where they would go after this. They couldnt go back home. Swiftclaw would expect that. They couldnt stay here either, though. She felt a couple pairs of eyes on her and heard some whispers.

It made her uncomfortable. She wanted to leave. Though she knew she couldn't. Crow needed help. She wasnt about to deny her brother that.

Honeybreeze smiled wide at the large tom, a warm look in her eyes as she thanked him happily.

"This is Heron. I took Turtlepw and Applepaw out a little bit ago and we found them sleeping in the roots of that old tree." She said softly, and Heron sighed.

Barn cats. Swiftclaw was one of those, wasnt he?

She stared at Turtlepaw as he rushed out. Her expression gave nothing away as she watched him. He reminded her a bit of Crow, and it upset hef a bit.

She scrunched her nose as he was sent away and the big tom spoke to her.

"Thats none of your business." It was obvious that she didn't want to talk about it.

Honeybreeze frowned, and Heron saw her take a step forward. So she backed up, tail bristling a bit. She was so uncomfortable. She just wanted to run. She finished up her mouse and turned "Im going bacl to Crow." She said simply and padded into the den, staring at the dappled cat who pushed some herbs towards him. She had to hold back a yowl of anger. So she just sat, watching closely.

Until she felt a presence behind her and quickly turned, hissing out of fear though settlig when she recognized Froststar. "What?" she frowled at the strange cat, who just closed her eyes and whispered patiently.

"What happened, exactly? We need to know if there are any dangers near our clan. You can trust me."

Heron knew she was being reasonable, though felt herself not wanting to talk about it.

But she needed to know if her cats were in danger. Heron wasnt that cruel, so she spoke quietly so Crow wouldnt hear. And she told the whole story, flinching at a few points.

Froststar was nodding silently. And after Heron finished  she said nothing for a moment, thinking.

"Would you care if I told this to my deputy? The clan needs to know about this so we can keep an eye out for him." This made Heron jump back a bit.

She didn't want everyone to know. Shes heard from Ravens stories how fast things spread in a clan. Everyone would know.

"fine....just leave out some parts that you dont need. I dont want everything out." she glanced at crow. for his sake. she didnt want everyone knowingwhat happened to him. what e was going theough. this was a private thing...

Honeybreeze watched Heron leave. She wanted to comfort her. She  ould easily tell that something was very wrong. What exactly had happened? She wanted to know. She wanted to help the two terrified cats.

She turned to Russetpelt with a sigh, "I think it has something to do with that one cat, Swiftclaw. Applepaw said they found those two on a patrol yesterday and they asked where he was. I know theyre loners. But thats about it..." She told hom gently, shaking her head "Im worried about them...Theyre both so skinny and Crow is unresponsive. Im scared he'll doe. And Heron will hardly let anyone near him."

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 22, 2019, 09:05:21 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

Ivyleaf wasnt so worried about Heron. She seemed to be talking and moving around just fine. She was just scared out of her wits. Though the poppy seeds would help that. It would also help her sleep.

Though, Crow, she was very worried about.

He wasn't responding. He didn't eat the poppy seeds. He was just sitting there. And when he passed out she began to grow frantic. "Dapplepaw, check him."

Heron was not happy about that. She pressed herself into her brother with a low warning growl. "No! Don't touch him..."

Iveleaf had had enough. She shoved heron up, narrowly avoiding a snap in her direction as she pushed the tall white cat out of ber de and stoodbin the enranceway. Heron did not like that. She was bristling and lashing her tail.

"Let me back in! He needs me!" "No he doesn't! He needs our help right now and you need to calm yourself down. Go eat something."

Heron seemed to realize that she wan't going to get anywhere. So she turned, angrily stalking off.

Ivyleaf scrunched her nose and turned, beginning to work on Crow.

Heron stared at the little pile of prey, absently taking a little mouse and eating it slowly. She wanted to be with Crow right now. She needed to keep him safe from these strange cats. 

She noticed Turtlepaw out of the corner of her eyes and turned to look at him talking to another stranger. She stared for a moment with a blank expression.

Who was he talking to? Heron suddenly found herself wanting to know the names of all these strange cats. That was the polite thing, anyways. What was that mollys name from earlier? She turned and noticed her sitting and talkig to a large black cat with long fangs and a tiny white kit.

The silver and orange cat noticed her gaze and smiled wide, padding over slowly.

"Hello, Heron! Glad to see you eating....did Ivyleaf kick you out? She does that often..." The cat purred in amusement, sitting in front of the oriental cautiously.

"uh, yeah she did. whats your name, by the way?" she asked. She didnt know how log they were going to be there. So she figured it was best to know some cats names.

"Honeybreeze! Sorry about not introducing myself earlier." She purred and Heron nodded slowly before going back to take another bite of her mouse. She was beginning to feel tired...

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:10:58 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

Honeybreeze frowned at the bristling unknown cat. What had happened to these poor kits? Why were they so scared? She felt a tear of sympathy in her heart that made her crouch low, trying to look as nonthreatening as possible. She just wanted to help....

"I dont really know, honestly. We found them and they said they were looking for this cat called Swiftclaw-" Applepaw was cut off by a hiss, and Honeybreeze drew back and stared as the white cat began trembling, eyes flicking back and forth.

She looked terrified and downright scary.

Honeybreeze could figure what happened. They got attacked by Swiftclaw. There was no other reason as to why they were so terrified. And hearing the name set the angry-scared white cat more.

"We aren't like him...we want to help." She breathed, looking back at the two apprentices.

She felt a sudden burden weigh on her shoulders. She wanted to take the two out, and now they may get attacked by this unknown cat. The black one didnt seem to be threatening. Was he even alive?

Looking closely she could see faint breathing. But also ribs. These two were starving! Her instincts kicked in and she wanted to feed them as much as they could eat.

But she knew she hd a responsibility to keep the two apprentices safe, so she held back.

"Go away...." The white one hissed, though did move a bit so the black one could be seen a bit more.

Honeybreeze looked taken aback as she spoke, blinking a few times before giving a warm smile, "sweetie we're not going anywhere, and were going to help you." she said sternly.


The white cat had lashed at Hoeneybreeze as she drew near, but she easily dodged the shaky swipe. "Dont hurt him."

This time it was low, and shaky.

She was loosing her motivation to not listen. Honey reeze could tell. "Turtlepaw, Applepaw-" she turned to said cats, "Run back to camp. Tell Iveaf that we have some rouges that need tending to for...uh, something"

"But Honeybreeze!" Applepaw whined, looking at the two for a moment "Theyre rouges! You don't know if-" Honeybreeze cut her off with a shove "Im serious Applepaw. Go, or ill tell your mentor you didnt listen to me and youll have to clean the elders den for a moon!" She threatened half-heartedly. Though that did make the short cat turn and begin running towards camp. Good.

Honeybreeze went back to the two and lay down, examining them from a distance. They looked to be young apprentices. Or was the white one warrior-aged? She was quite tall. Though still very underweight.

Most rouges were either plump from stealing prey or only slightly underweight. These two looked half starved.

"come with me. we have someone who can help you. her name is Ivyleaf, shes a medicine cat. she'll give you something to calm you down  you dont have to tell anybody what happened if you're not ready."

the white cat seemed to calm, now looking less terrified and more tired. exhausted. "fine...but lay a paw on him and ill tear out your tail" she grumbled, moving out of the way to fully reveal a fluffy black mass.

"stay by me, crow..." she breathed. Honeybreeze tried not to listen, knowing that it was not meant for her, though she couldnt help it. She wondered if this was how medicine cats felt.

The white cat nudged her companian up, helping him out of the little hollow den they had made in the tree.

"can i have your names?"

"Heron.....and Crow."


As they made their way into the camp, it was dead silent. Did Applepaw or Turtlepaw tell the camp that these cats were potentially dangerous? Honeybreeze felt thankful for the little apprentices and made a mental note to praise them. She looked around, noticing that all cats were either in the dens or out in the territory. Only a few cats remained. Froststar, who was by the medicine den talking to Ivyleaf and Dapplepaw, and Sparrownose, who sat near. Honeybreeze figured that Froststar thought rhey needed a guard just in case.

Honeybreeze turned to the two, and smiled gently "Just over here" She purred, leading them towards the small group.

She noticed Heron hesitating-watching the cats closely. Though seemingly deciding against running and following heaitantly.

"Hey, here they are. careful. Theyre scared out of their wits. Oh and don't touch the black one, his names Crow, without the white ones, Herons, permission. She might attack." Honeybreeze told the medic, brushing her tail against her shoulder before heading off to find her mate.

Heron watched as the nice silver molly left. And they were left with the four others.

She didnt know what to do at this point other than listen to what they said.

A black and white molly who she assumed to be the medicine cat motioned for them to enter the den. It looked comfy...she wanted to go in. She was scared to. She didnt trust it.

She just stared forward at the cat for a few moments. She waited patiently, and after a thoughtful look at Crow and a soft "why not?" she walked in and lay in the nest that she had motioned to.

"Now can you tell me what happened?" Ivyleaf asked, though Heron wasnt paying attention. She was more concerned with the dappled cat in the background scrambling with some small seeds.

She hissed as him as he drew near and dropped the seeds.

"Now!" Ivyleaf growled "Do not hiss at my apprentice! Hes trying to help you!" She sounded pissed. Heron didnt like that. So she got pissed back.

"What the fuck is this, even?" She pushed the black things away and squirmed to snuggle against Crow, wanting to be as close to him as possible.

"Poppy seeds. Theyll calm your nerves."

Heron really needed that right now. She lapped up half of the seeds and, after a moment, pushed the rest towards Crow.

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 20, 2019, 11:42:38 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

The only thing ringing in Herons ears was run. run faster. keep going. as she sprinted as fast as her legs would take her, frantically yelling at Crow to run faster as he began to fall behind.

What if Swiftclaw ran over the border with them? What would they do then?

They reached the border sooner than she thought, but she didt stop running. Not until her paws gave out and she quite literally tripped over the roots of the tree and fell flat on her face. She huffed and stood, shaking out her fur. She turned around to make sure that Swiftclaw was nowhere near them.

The molly then curled in next to her brother, grooming him silently until he fell asleep. She just sat there for awhile, too shaken with fear to actually sleep. Her fur stood on end and her large ears were flat against her head as she kept watch.

Kind of.

She mostly stared forward with blank, lifeless eyes. What were they going to do now? They had nowhere to go. She had said to come here on instinct, after seeing that the other Clan would not pass the border. She hoped that she would be right in the fact that Swiftclaw wouldnt either. And she was, right.

Soon Heron found herself falling asleep against her will, head draped over Crows back in a comforting manner.


It wouldnt stop. The screaming and the blood. It was never ending. It just wouldnt stop. Heron watched as Swiftclaw tore into Ravenclouds skin, and then turn towards Heron.

He sprinted towards her. Eyes full of anger and determination. Heron found herself wanting to scream and run. But she couldnt. She could only watch as the white tom ran towards her and disappeared.

Everything went black.

She hated to admit it, but she was terrified. She didnt know what to do. Unable to move or speak.

Soon, though, a pool of water appeared at her paws and she could finally move. Albeit only her head, but it was something.

She looked down into the puddle only to see her maw dripping with crimson blood, the same red substance staining her paws.


She woke up screaming. An ear piercing scream that sounded like it didnt even come from her.

Heron calmed down after a moment, remembering where she was and what had happened. A tiredness swept over her and weighed her down. She felt the brush of fur against her own, and looked down at her brother with a blank expression.

Weird for someone who just screamed like they were dying.

"Hello there..."

Heron jumped out of her skin and turned towards the voice, fear grippling through her body for a moment before she saw the pretty silver and orange molly standing a few fox-lengths away from them. She was smiling softly and had a calming aura about her.

But Heron refused to give into that. She covered Crow with her whole body, letting out a low constant growl while staring at the molly.

Thats when she noticed the two other cats behind her. One she recognized. Though wasnt happy about. The little ginger apprentice and another new face, a little calico tom.

"its the cats me, froststar, and sparrownose found yesterday!" the short apprentice yipped. it gave heron a headache, she just growled in response. she wanted to run. she didnt want to be around other cats right now.

"what happened, little ones?" the older molly asked, "you seem...scared. im not going to hurt you!"

heron stopped growling at that, going dead silent though still bristling with fear.


Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 20, 2019, 01:06:39 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

Heron seemed to notice that Crow had gotten tired, she stopped after they were a safe distance from the barn, stretching her sore muscles and heaving a deep, tired sigh. "Wanna stop for a bit?" she asked. Even if he had said no Heron herself wanted to stop. She lay down under the shade of a tree, even though it was beginning to get dark out, the sky was lit up with colours as the sun began to go down. Heron thought it was pretty.

She began rasping her tongue over her long legs, tail wrapped around herself as she groomed her fur.

She wished that they'd run into the patrol of cats, too, but knew it wasn't likely. Raven had told them how clan patrols worked and with it getting dark out, they should be heading to sleep soon. She lay her head on her paws, staring forward blankly.

"I don't know, Crow...but if someone wont help us we'll just help ourselves. Thats what we've always done, anyway." She said quietly for once, shaking her head.

After they had rested for a bit the oriental got up, stretching once again before continuing on silently.

The whole way home she was silent, deep in thought. When raven came into view Heron felt her heart ache for the black molly, despite her hatred for her. She looked even worse than before. She walked right up to her and stared down at the sickly she.

"We weren't able to get you help." she said simply, "he got angry and almost attacked Crow so we left." The mostly white molly muttered, awaiting the harsh response she was sure to get. Ravencloud let out a little growl.

"You almost let Crow get hurt? Why am I not surprised...just go, leave me alone." She hissed. Heron didn't even flinch, just listened. She walked over to her nest - right next to crows, though before she could lay down she heard a yowl of anger.

Her heart dropped as soon as she turned around, seeing Swiftclaw a few tail-lengths away from Raven, who stared up in pure horror.


Swiftclaw leapt towards Raven with a yowl of pure anger.

No, this wasn't happening. it was a bad dream. Heron was frozen in complete shock and fear as she watched Swiftcloud tear into the sickly Ravenclouds throat. She was unable to fight back, too weak to do anything but cry out for help that did not come. It was too late.

Everything happened so fast, Heron almost didn't know what had happened.

She was quickly snapped out of it, though, as Swiftclaw turned to Crow with burning eyes and blood dripping from his jaw.

No, no, no.

Heron was knocked out of her frozen state, sprinting towards the two as fast as she could, shoving Crow out of the way just in time as Swiftclaw had leapt towards him screaming repeatedly, frantically, "Run! Crow, go! Run! To the Clans!" She cried out, her tiredness suddenly gone as fear coursed through her body, making her run faster than she had ever before towards where they had met the nice clan.

Human Roleplay / Re: his mind is in a different place // P
« on: June 20, 2019, 12:32:08 PM »
Marcus weaved through people, curling in on himself more and more as time went on. He felt uncomfortable. He didn't know any of these people and he couldn't seem to find Vessie.

Some dude tapped his shoulder and he whipped around, eyes wide. Hopefully it was Vessie.

He was wrong, it was not.

The guy looked concerned, though. "Hey man, you lost or something?"

Marcus felt himself flush in embarrassment. He knew he did not fit in here. Wearing an oversized yellow sweatshirt and shorts while everyone else was in some type of party outfit.

And, most people had a red cup in their hands or were talking to someone. Marcus had his hands linked together in front of him with his shoulders in and he was just walking around, looking incredibly lost.

"Just looking for someone, thanks." He replied, shaking his head and watching as the guy walked away. He turned back around and began his search again. Just as he did he caught a glimpse of the tall man and immedietly relaxed. It seemed that Vessie had found him first.

Marcus looked up at him with a wide smile, "Hi!" He yelled over the loud music, basically bouncing with happiness now that he found the one person he kind of knew in this place. The booming music had started to make his head swim, but now that he wasn't nervous anymore, that disappeared.

made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:28:35 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

As Heron padded out of the barn, she let out a little growl. "Should've known..." she grumbled under her breath, beginning to slowly make the way back home. what was she going to tell Raven? She could already hear their mothers reply when they told her they had failed....she would say of course heron failed, that she was no good and never would be worth anything.

heron felt her expression turn hard. she hated raven. why was she even doing this? she didnt want to help the black molly. she hated raven. she was a terrible mother.

and then as her brother spoke, she remembered why. for crow. everything was for crow. the only cat she knew that was kind to her. they were blood. they had to stick together. she would find a way to help raven by herself, for crow.

she stared at the little fluffy tom for a moment with sad eyes. she knew this meant a lot to crow, and she felt like her heart had been crushed. "I dont know..." she said honestly. "But well figure something out...come on, lets just go home for now..." she muttered, and instead of a deadpan expression like usual, herface was pulled into a disappointed frown. she wanted this to work. was raven going to die, and it was going to be her fault? crow would be sad because of her?

she shook the thoughts from her head and continued to make the long walk home,  head lowered and silent.

Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:37:28 PM »
everyone will come
everyone will yell
id thank you just the same
if you didnt tell
my mother says that
i will surely go to hell
please be a good man
please say you won't tell

Heron stared at their father, eyes narrowed at his menacing aura. What was he thinking? Was he going to attack? Yell at them? Or was that just his face. Ravencloud had told her many times that she looked exactly like him, so maybe that was a part of it. Maybe they both just had a resting bitch face and it just confused others. Or maybe he wasn't happy to see them in the slightest. She couldnt imagine that their relationship had ended well.

She watched as Crow bounded up to him excitedly, and the white Oriental felt her heart stop for a moment. They didn't know him! Why was Crow so excited to see a cat they had never met before? She held back a yell, and just stayed put, waiting for Swiftclaws reaction. Hoping it would be a good one. That would make things a lot easier.

Her prayer to the stars was not heard.

Swiftclaw reared back with a hiss, fur bristling and thin tail puffed out in anger. Heron surged forward and grabbed Crows scruff, easily pulling him backwards before something bad happened.

"Leave!" He snapped, eyes blazing and tail lashing. Herons heart dropped. Their mother was going to die of this sickness if they couldn't convince him to help.

"Ravencloud is sick." She said simply, backing up a bit. "Shes going to die. We need your help so she doesn't. Please help us." She spoke loudly, shaking her head. "We know you have herb knowledge. Something that will help her, at least." She mewed, though the furious expression on Swiftclaws face did not change. If anything, it got worse.

"I don't care, I said leave" He yelled, lashing at Heron. Luckily she dodged and hissed at him, swiping at the air in front of his nose before turning around. "Come on crow, we dont need this bastards help anyways. We can find another way to help Raven."


Human Roleplay / [buttercup] P
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:09:59 PM »
viola                                              19   
- a big lesbian
- will fight u
- looks cute but she packs a punch
- shes a health freak
- middle name was her mothers first name
- her mother died when she was born so she never really met her but her dad told her a bunch of stories and she knows she wouldve loved her
- wears a little necklace with a crystal on the end that was her mothers. her father gave it to her as a wedding present so it means a lot
- has an axolotl and a corgi
- named happy and stumps
- eats fruits like theyre going out of style
- wip wip wip wip
made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:23:12 PM »
-20 moons

let yourself free
- this scrolls


blossomnose beamed at the medicine cat for a moment. then she remembered she was supposed to be in pain so she forced a pained expression and shook her paw a little as if it were really bothering her. she wasn't very convincing, though. she was a pretty bad actor.

she almost felt bad as honeybelly scrambled for some herbs. "w-well its not...that bad." she said quietly, watching as the molly came up to her to examine her paw. she gave a little smile, and if she could she'd be sweating. one day honeybellys gonna smack her upside the head for making her worry so much. if today wasn't the day, at least.

"ah, well it might have fallen out?" she tried, averting her gaze to look at the herbs laid about the den. she liked it in here, it smelled nice and it was always so soothing to just chat with the other molly. even when ivytuft was here and they had to keep everything on the down low. she paused for a while before heaving a dramatic sigh and plopping onto the floor on her side.

"alright, fine, i just wanted to visit." she giggled, laying down to get comfortable and glancing over her shoulder to make sure briarkit wasn't getting into too much trouble. "sorry for making you worry though. i guess its turned into a habit at this point." she teased, lazily flicking her tail as she heard some whispering about her taking up the medicine cats valuable time.

she ignored that, and stood. stretching out her muscles with an overly dramatic groan and walking over to the white-ginger cat. "need some help?"

made by zenith

Human Roleplay / Re: his mind is in a different place // P
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:40:42 PM »
why did marcus agree to this again? he was in no way a party person. hed been to a couple, sure, but he always left early. the last time he went someone spilled their drink on him. before that, he drank too much and puked all over his friends coat. christian was not happy about having to carry him home with vomit on his clothes.

that was a wild time.

maybe he just wouldnt drink. he'd drink water and stay close to vessie and maybe everything wouldn't turn into a disaster. yeah! being an introvert always worked out for marcus so thats what hes gonna go with.

now to try and get an outfit together. which he'd been trying to do for the past hour. he even asked aubrey what to wear but she was no help.

he laid out a nice dress shirt and some black jeans, and a pretty cool yellow sweatshirt with some cats on it, and some shorts. that was his favourite outfit but was it too underdressed for a party? how do you even dress at a party with a bunch of people you dont know?

maybe he should invite a friend.

wait, no, that'd be a bad idea he was supposed to be going to hang out with vessie. he did want to get to know the strange man better. he was interesting.

why was he even dwelling on his clothing choice?

he grabbed the sweatshirt and shorts and quickly changed into them before checking himself in his mirror. yeah, he looked fine. what was he so scared about?

"mr. gray you are looking like a SNACK!" he yelled to himself in his mirror, striking a pose.

He heard a faint groan from his sisters in the next room. Probably making fun of him. Oh well.

He grabbed his wallet, making sure he had everything he might need before walking downstairs just in time to meet his mother, currently stirring noodles for dinner.

"Hey ma, i'm not gonna be here for dinner. I'm going to a party."

that made her stop in her tracks and stare at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

"yeah, yeah" he hummed, waving his hand. "i know, i'll be fine dont worry about it. see ya later."

walking out the door and programming the address into his phone, he hopped into his old beat up jeep and began the surprisingly short journey to the parties location.

he sat in his car with it off for about 10 minutes, debating on going inside. he didnt even know if vessie was here yet and he wouldn't know anybody else here.

wow thats a lot of people.

"you're a strong independent man marcus. you can do this!" he gave himself a little pep talk before exiting his car and locking the doors, shoving his keys and wallet into his pocket and heading for the front door.

made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:16:02 AM »

really, blossomnose just wanted some sleep. what with briarkit being unable to sleep at night with unfamiliar cats around him and finally, when he does go to bed, he only wakes up a few hours later. blossomnose had gotten maybe an hour or so of sleep. she was exhausted.

"mama! mama! i'm hungry!" briarkits voice rang out, and blossomnose wanted to groan at that. so she wasn't getting any more sleep until he finally passed out from having so much energy all of the time. she stood and stretched her aching muscles, "alright briarkit, come on" she hummed, trotting out of the nursery with briarkit tumbling after her paws, batting at her thin tail.

the queen picked out a decent sized bird, ignoring the whispers about how this wasn't her kittypet home and she needed to be considerate.

she had a kitten to feed, she can take whatever she wants!

placing the bird at briarkits paws, she didn't even have to tell him to eat it. he attacked the bird with such ferocity you'd think hes never eaten a bird before. that made blossomnose purr a bit, smiling wide as she watched her kit devour a bird that was almost bigger than he was.

when he finished about half of it he pushed it towards Blossomnose, smiling up at her and Blossomnose wondered how she got such an amazing kit.

She ate the rest of the bird before licking her maw and staring down at Briarkit, who stood there for a whole 2 seconds before sprinting away to play with the apprentices. They accepted him easily. The only problem was the older cats.

The siamese tabby stood, stretching once more before heading towards the medicine cat den and sitting, lifting her paw as if it was injured. "I think i have a thorn in my paw" She lied, wiggling the lifted paw and licking it as if she was really injured.
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Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
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Fandom Roleplay / our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
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- queen
- former kittypet
- born in leaf-fall

- shy when talking to new ppl
- gets rly excited rly easily
- loves the simple things in life.
- trees? little flowers? incests? loves em
- a lot of things r rly new to her since she wasnt allowed out
- is happy briars growing up in a social place
- ppl dont rly like her tho
- since she was born a kittypet
- shes pretty sarcastic
- rly kind tho
- she talks to insects
- bisexual baby
- shes rly insecure
- also sad
- one day she got out of her house
- because she wanted to know what it was like
- she found a stray named manny
- she got out whenever she could to see him
- she was living with her parents and sister
- her father was allowed out of the house
- he got hit by a car and died, one day
- and then her mother died of a broken heart
- her sister was adopted out
- just as she found out she was pregnant
- because of that her owners abandoned her
- she went to see manny but figured out that he was cheating on her with multiple others
- so she wandered into the forest
- found a little den to have her kits in
- she had 2 kits, but the runt died
- she was malnourished at the time, so she thinks thats why
- she named the kits lily and briar
- a couple moons of scrounging for food and her and briar were found
- the clan took her to spottedstar, and she was soon accepted into the clan
- a lot of the cats didnt like it tho
- she has a feathery tail
- and big, round eyes
- shes just a ball of fur shes very round
- thick, short fur



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