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WindClan / the new age - [ open, joining ]
« on: July 15, 2018, 10:50:19 PM »
lark liked his life as a loner. he knew about the clans of cats that fought together, hunted together, and slept together. they were a unit. he didn't like that. lark was more of a loner type. he didn't need the companionship of others and he liked not having to rely on anyone else. it was his way of life and he didn't care to change it.

that was until he met another loner, as cliché as it might sound, and he didn't want to be away from her. he suddenly understood why the cats stuck together. they became closer than lark thought was possible over a short period of time and soon enough she had him wrapped around her finger. wherever she went, lark was never too far behind. one day she voiced her dream was to join the clan that was as swift as the wind. she raved about them for weeks on end until she finally gained up the courage to go and try to join. lark, as usual, followed right behind her. he didn't want to join a clan. he wanted to stay lonely. but he didn't want to lose her. soon enough they were on their way to windclan. his long legs carried him through forests and clearings and everything in between. they traveled for what felt like moons. and their journey was uneventful. that was until they decided to rest at a farm for the night. when the brown tabby awoke the next morning, his dear friend was nowhere to be found. hell, he searched and searched until he couldn't walk any longer. she wouldn't just up and leave him. right?

lark decided that the only way to find her again was to go to the place her heart was at. maybe she had gone ahead of him and was waiting. lark began again on his journey. when he asked one of the barn cats for directions, they told him that it wasn't far. lark sped up his steps from that point and could tell he was almost there based on the mingling scent of cats. he noticed a border but didn't care. maybe he could find her without joining.

Character Creation / Re: CARPE DIEM - [ character gallery ]
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:33:44 PM »
lark - larkpaw - larkbite

full name larkpaw
nicknames lark
alliance windclan apprentice
age 11 moons
sex/gender male
pronouns put their pronouns here
orientation —romantic / —sexual
zodiac leo
hp house slytherin
mbti intj 'the architect'

ambitious, arrogant, blunt, honest, manipulative, brash, cocky, protective, emotionally detached, skeptical, intelligent, judgmental, cold, rude, stubborn, dominant, introvert, prideful, loyal, independent, cynical, secretive

lark is definitely rough around the edges. he is blunt, arrogant, and cocky which can deter people from trying to get close to him. he is never one to sugarcoat things


'a handsome brown tabby with low white and amber eyes'

larkbite is a handsome tom and he was from the day he was born. he is a lean brown tabby with long legs. he is well muscled and shows it. lark has white on some of his paws and his tail tip, as well as a little on his ears and face. his fur is short in length and usually quite clean. he has slightly narrow eyes that are a fierce amber and stick out against his coat.


lark, although raised as a loner, was born his father riverclan warrior and a former windclan deputy as his mother. the two clanners fell in love from across the border and became mates despite the imaginary line that separated them. eventually they were rolling around in fields of catnip one night and soon enough were expecting a litter. the mother hid it as best she could and used eating too much as an excuse for her rounding belly. when she had the kittens, she took them to the riverclan border where she was supposed to meet the father but he never showed up. she left the kits because she had duties to go back to and when she came back to check on them, they were gone. a loner who had just lost her kittens had picked up three of the kits, including lark, as she felt they were the ones who had the best chance of survival. the other two she tossed into the river, not caring where they ended up. she raised these three kits as her own but only lark and one other kit, named crow, survived. she trained them to be elite fighters as soon as they were able to walk. when they reached seven moons, their adoptive mother didn't return home after a hunting trip. the siblings stayed together until they had a disagreement leading to them splitting up and leading separate lives.

one day, lark came across a female. despite being mostly alone, he enjoyed her company and quickly started a friendship with her. they became very close and lark was wrapped around her finger. one day, she expressed interest in joining windclan. he told her he would find it with her and they would join together so they set out to find it. they rested at barley's farm one night but the morning he awoke she was gone. lark searched heavily for her but to no avail. eventually he decided she must have gone on without him to windclan and went to find it and join.


here you can put things such as a bucket list, headcannons or a character playlist! you can even do all of them or create separate sections for each it's up to you.

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