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17 years


-wants to better the world with her powers and such
-uses old slang proudly
-does what needs to be done
-this is me (tm)
-a living meme
-“In my defense, I was left unsupervised."
-“You cannot offend me, I lack emotion” then why were you crying about snakes the other day? “That’s a totally different thing!”
-lifes a joke and death is the only salvation
-*sees injustice* what,and i mean this from the bottom of my heart, the fuck

« on: October 03, 2018, 09:46:49 PM »

★★★ // Teatime
— ages real time. injuries are half-liquid/half-real time.

★★★ // 10/10 HEALTH. 8/10 MENTAL HEALTH
↪  Teatime is a lankly, furry Barzoi. Her pelt is pure white that is married with patches of warm gray. One of her ears doups while the other stands up straight.
— Tall gal. Long limbs and tail.
— small paws. dainty figure.
— soft eyes and a warm smile are her default.
— reference. reference. reference. voice-claim.
— current injuries;;
— permanent injuries;;

— soups proud of her kiddos. Like, she never tells anyone she's their dead mom, but is constantly talking about how great they are.
— hands out complements like they're nothing, but honestly loves everyone. (Except ppl from the light)
— SO passive. Like gets mad about people telling her to do things, and will tell them off, but will also do the thing.

Also, please forgive me, but what is an Aurumque and what do you mean by people from the 'darkness' or the 'light"?

Loner Lands / Re: THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW // wtc, introduction
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:34:11 PM »
Nasa let out a small chuckle, he knew what it was like to be scared. He relaxed a little though as Mira began to play with his hair. Like Nani did He found himself remembering, smiling as he watched her braid his younger-self's hair. It was a hot afternoon, something that made the thin layer of sweat on Nasa's older, more realized self seem like nothing. He dazed off into oblivion, his Nani and his siblings and he singing a song as they all played.

Five little ducks went out one day.
Over the hill and far away.
Mother duck said, “Quack, quack, quack, quack.”
But only four little ducks came back.

1, 2, 3, 4.

"And now for our next act, the wonderful Nasa and his magic!" Nasa jumped back to reality, his nervousness splashing him in the face like cold water.
A soft "What?" tumbled from his lips as Mira kissed his forehead - a gesture Nasa found himself thanking her for - and patted his back. "Ah."
Taking a deep breath in, Nasa plunged on stage, his smile set wide - maybe a bit too wide.
"Hello, folks! You heard right, my name's Nasa! Like the space station! Don't worry though, the only thing out of this world is my card tricks!" His voice carried despite his hopes that it wouldn't. Such a stupid joke.
"Speaking of!" Reaching behind his head, Nasa produced a deck of cards, though from the audience it would appear as if he had plucked them from his hair. "Let's get to the stuff you came to see! No offense to Max!"
"Alright, anyone, give me a number between one and ten." He shuffled the cards in his hands. He knew this trick from his siblings. It was a little hard to do under pressure, but it would be fine! "Anyone! Shout them out!"
The audience was quite at first - which did nothing for Nasa's nerves, but eventually, he heard a few loud 'Seven!"s so he went with that.
"Alright! Seven!" Smiling, he looked down for an audience member close to him, without one he felt comfortable calling up, he turned to the audience again.
"Now for this trick, I am going to need a volunteer, so, who would guys like to meet? Max?" He paused so the audience could clap, "or Mira?"

« on: October 02, 2018, 09:38:15 PM »
O this sounds fun! Track for now, unfortunately! Are there any personality restrictions on the mom?

« on: October 02, 2018, 09:34:17 PM »
Don't mind me just trackin!

Loner Lands / Re: THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW // wtc, introduction
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:05:26 PM »
//AAAAHHH so cute!! I love the idea of her taking him in tbh!

His attention snapped to Mira, eyes wide and somewhat watery. stop being so weak. He opened his mouth but decided it was better to nod instead. She couldn't tell that he was scared if his voice didn't quiver.
"There's my favorite co-leader" He managed, his voice a bit airier than he would've liked.
"I'm alright. Just pre-performance jitters, that's all." He shook out his hands as if to make a show of getting out his jitters. It worked for half a second. But at least his hands didn't shake. That would be bad for shows, but Nasa, thankfully, was immune to the sweaty and shaking hands of most nervous people. His words just didn't work.
"It's just the card tricks, then I do a cool thing on the ropes, and they applauded, and I walk off." He smiled, picking up his cards and shuffling them. Mira had told him that line, and that's the line he used to reassure himself.
Hearing Percy's vioce, Nasa felt a wave of nervous curious wash over him. He peeked out from the curtains, spotting Max, the little lion cub. Nasa couldn't help but smile.
"Max's first time too huh?" He muttered.

Loner Lands / Re: THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW // wtc, introduction
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:56:54 PM »
Nasa smiled at his two ringleaders, playing with his fingers idly. They were obviously very close, but what can you expect from siblings? Nasa couldn't help but frown. His siblings still called him by dead pronouns and his dead name. Added insult injury, they left him here. Not that here was a bad place - in fact, Nasa enjoyed it more than his old home - but it wasn't the same. Nani wasn't here. His mother wasn't here. Not that they respected him any more than his siblings, but...part of Nasa yearned for them.
The boy fidgeted behind the curtains, pillowed by darkness. He knew the plan for this performance - knew it by heart, backward, forwards, all the -wards - but still..was it safer here int he dark? Where no one could see? He thought of his binder - something he was lucky -blessed even- to find. Would they see it if he moved wrong? Would they judge him? Boo him off stage? You can handle it if they do
Nasa was good at illusions and card tricks, but he wasn't good at lying to himself.

//I presumed they were getting ready to perform so I kinda ran with it? If that's not what's happening, lemme know and I can edit my post! Sorry i took forever!

Loner Lands / Re: COME IN, COME ON / traveling circus guide and sign ups
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:38:39 PM »
gotcha gotcha! ^^

Yep! :DD Kopi is such a cute name! I can't wait to see her tags!!
Maybe her and Harley could be sibs or cousins or something?

Loner Lands / Re: COME IN, COME ON / traveling circus guide and sign ups
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:25:03 PM »
Yeah I feel that man, helped me back when i wasn't to keen on how i looked. I hope you feel more comfortable soon! I'm positive you look awesome! :DD

Is there any threads for this group yet or shall I start one?

Loner Lands / Re: COME IN, COME ON / traveling circus guide and sign ups
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:34:23 PM »
Ah thanks! Glad to see that you're comfortable in your body, or at least comfortable about talking about it! :D <3

Loner Lands / Re: COME IN, COME ON / traveling circus guide and sign ups
« on: September 18, 2018, 02:55:32 PM »
NAME: Nasa Mcgalligan
AGE: 18 years
GENDER: Transmale
TALENT/SPECTACULARITY: Acrobatics with some experience in illusions/card magic
RANK: Performer
APPEARANCE: He's a rather fit, skinny boy with fluffy hair that circles his head. His ears stick out at an odd angle and he's got some space between his two front teeth.

i could never make you stay :
trying to be a perfect circle
weak just like i take my drinks
a crumb upon my plate leads
to a week of crying streaks
i could never walk away —

Loner Lands / Re: COME IN, COME ON / traveling circus guide and sign ups
« on: September 17, 2018, 03:59:57 PM »
I feel that, no worries! ^^ I'll make a bab and post soon!

Spoiler: =clover • show
Name: Cloverstar
-- Previous Names: Cloverkit, Cloverpaw, Cloverfreckle
Age: ~30 moons
Gender: Cisgender male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Rank: Warrior
Alliance: Shadowclan

Appearance: REFERENCE
Cloverstar is a rather fit tom, not to thin, but not to plump. His fur is rather long, especially along his tail and chest. Cloverstar, along with other interesting personality traits, posses long, odd ears and a large muzzle that juts out at an angle. His paws are on the larger side which makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

As a leader
In short, Cloverstar's personality would be better suited in River clan or Thunder clan. While he acts uptight and cool like any other Shadow Clan leader, Cloverstar welcomes kittypets and rogues into his clan and prides himself on wearing his heart on his sleeve. Surprisingly, he can be rather antagonistic for no apparent reason. This is because he is also fairly calculating and wants to make sure he can win - which means you must attack the opposing clan when they aren't paying attieon. This isn't to say he's a ruthless warmonger though. Cloverstar often backs off when talked to, or when it's clear he cannot win. He has a bad habit of judging other clans though, and holds everyone up to the golden standard - the warrior code - but tends to be more lenient on his clan mates.
As a friend
Cloverstar is a friendly tom and enjoys making friends with his clan mates. He enjoys being a smart ass for laughs, and he enjoys playing with kits and hunting with his warriors. He is rarely seen in camp and one might even go to say that he's deputy is more of the leader then he is. He tends to be more carefree around his clanmates and seems to have little to no backbone if he knows you personally.
As an enemy
Cloverstar is relentless. He doesn't make enemies easily, but once he does label you as an enemy, he will go out of his way to diss you. He has a way with words and has a very sharp tongue to those he wants to hurt. He is a bit two-faced in this regard.
By himself
By himself, Cloverstar is a different cat. He is still sharp-tongued and clever minded, but he often picks himself apart with what-ifs and should've-dones.

Cloverstar is a mixed bag. He is a insecure tom who wears his heart on his sleeve with a judgmental, antagonist streak.

SIRE: XXX ( ALIVE -- adopt out! )
SIBLINGS: Smalltooth (ALIVE/toby)
MATE: NA -- open!
CHILDREN: None, though he wants some

Spoiler:  bee • show
★★★ // BEEWING. 20 MOONS.
↪ BEE Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and, in the case of the best-known bee species, the western honey bee, for producing honey and beeswax

Beewing gained his name due to his bright yellow pelt which resembles a bee. Later in life, this would become quite fitting, and simultaneously ironic as Beewing often hums (or 'buzzes') when in deep thought or when stressed, and the tom is mildly allergic to flowers.

↪ WING any of a number of specialized paired appendages that enable some animals to fly, in particular.

a rigid horizontal structure that projects from both sides of an aircraft and supports it in the air.

'-wing' was given to the tom not only because his roleplayer thought it would be cute, but also because, in deep thought or on the rare day when the tom wakes up and isn't stressed, he seems to not have a care in the world and often runs into walls or other cats. IE floating above it all.

— River Clan. oocly created 9/14/18

— ages real time. injuries are half-liquid/half-real time.


— ½ of nothing. no crush. straight. looking.

★★★ // 10/10 HEALTH. 6/10 MENTAL HEALTH

↪  Beewing is a solid, yellow tom with a stocky, compact build and fluffy fur. His face is round with a small muzzle and warm brown eyes that seem to always be watering. His ears seem to be cut to close to his face and his nose is a bit too big.
Stocky boi. slow at running. good at fighting.
— fat paws tbh. stumpy tail.
— reference. reference. voice-claim.

— current injuries;;

— permanent injuries;;


↪ He is a hyperactive tom in love with the simple idea of moving. He is often busy (busy as a bee) and enjoys finding a way to help others. Despite his twitching and somewhat erratic behavior, Bee is very outgoing and prides himself on knowing everyone. It is often presumed the Bee's pelt is an indication of his mood. For example, if it's well kept and sleek one day, it's safe to assume that he's in a good mood, if it's not, well, he's sadly (but correctly) assumed to be in a bit of a rut.

↪ INSECURE && OUT-GOING If you ever meet Bee, the first thing you may notice is his infectious energy. He is a busy boy and works hard to make sure that others in the camp are having fun while they work. He dislikes pranks, but does enjoy talking and making jokes with people while they work. Oddly, Bee finds it hard to just 'hang out' with people, as he seems to need something to do (such as walking around, flicking his ears, sorting herbs) while talking to boost his self-esteem.

If he's ever insulted (actually, or imaginary) Beewing often pulls away and becomes distant. He's very much of an 'open book' and holds quite grudges against people. This means simply saying 'hi' to them but never making an effort to talk to them. If they ever attempt to talk to him, Bee usually underminds it or doesn't go along with their jokes.

↪ STRESSED && ADAPTABLE Beewing easily gets stressed out about everything. What will Star Clan think of this? Do they approve of that? If I mix these two herbs together will they help this cat? Do I even have enough of that herb? what am I forgetting? I know there's something I'm forgetting. Oh! What about-oh! I was forgetting- not that wasn't it. What if I mix poppy and- It just keeps going. Thankfully, Beewing is able to keep his mind straight and usually only gets overloaded if he is stressed and not given an opportunity to sort herbs or straighten out his mind.
TW for biting! When 'overloaded' Beewing has a bad habit of biting things. Sometimes this is grass, other times it's prey, rocks, even his own paws or tail. TW over! :)
With all the stress Beewing puts on himself, it's hard to imagine him as being 'adaptable', but oddly enough, given the right situation, he is. Given, the toms not great under pressure, but if you're sick and there are not the right herbs, he will try everything to mix and match herbs together to help out. If the clan is having a hard time hunting, he'll hunt. If the leader says he's not allowed to, Bee will say he's 'going out for herbs' and do it himself. In a fight, Beewing often likes to be at the fighting scene and treat warriors there and scare attacking cats away from his clanmates who can't fight.

— Not great with kits tbh. Questions everything.

— will become murderous if you harm his friends in any way.

— tropes;;

— strengths;;Healing and thinking on his feet (given his not stressed).

— weaknesses;; Slow at running. clumsy.


—  would rather fight than run. will not back off if provoked.

—  training under Mosstail (NPC).

— keeekeeey when attacking for quick responses!

— stats;; strength: 3/10. agility: 1/10. endurance: 2/10. accuracy: 1/10. luck: 2/10.

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