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« on: December 28, 2019, 11:16:01 PM »
It was great, initially. Finally being able to release the men and women that had been trapped in that god forsaken place. Taking revenge on all the guards that had been so cruel to him and his friends. It felt long overdue, considering what was on the line, but he was glad that he was able to do it with the support of his family. Molly had been hesitant about the idea, but Scott had jumped right on board. With his family at his back, what could go wrong?

He’d felt invincible at first, like a superhero, saving the day and taking down evil. The people that knew him expressed their happiness in different ways, cheering, crying, smiles, pats on the back or just quietly muttered words. Even the relief from those that didn’t know him was palpable, if for no other reason than he held the keys to their escape.

However, Austin would come to learn that he was not, in fact, invincible. And that what could go wrong, would go wrong.

He had split off with a group of his old buddies to try and track down the warden. He’d been cruel and vile, but cracked whenever someone stood up to him, ordering his underlings to take care of it. Austin couldn’t imagine that he’d be getting involved with defending his fortress. And he’d been right. They’d found him in his office, cowering behind his desk, clutching the baton Austin knew all too well.

His death wasn’t quick.

The small band left the office, but ended up running into a group of guards. That skirmish didn’t go nearly so well, ending with several dead, and a bullet ripping through Austin’s body. It wasn’t the worst pain he’d ever known, but it was the worst fear he’d ever known. He fell, played dead so that the victorious guards would move on, and then used every bit of his remaining strength to drag himself away, outside.

The pain was getting worse with every second, he was getting weaker and weaker, but he couldn’t die here. He had to find Scott, find Molly. Every movement brought on a new wave of pain, but he finally made it outside those awful walls. There she was, tending to someone, her back to him. "Molly-" he groaned, reaching one hand out towards her before it fell limply onto the grass.

The Badlands / The Casino napalm skies [wedding reception]
« on: August 22, 2019, 12:16:03 AM »
With the ceremony completed, now all that was left before their little honeymoon was the reception. Austin hadn't really been involved with preparing the casino for the reception or... really anything; what Cat didn't handle personally (so, most of it) they delegated to other Badlanders and... Looking at it all, they'd done a fantastic job. White table cloths were spread over every surface, and bouquets of flowers were everywhere. The casino even seemed... lighter somehow, like someone had opened a window.

A number of people were crowded around by the bar, but Austin and Molly were at a table with a few others, talking to anyone that came to wish them well and watching the scene unfold. Cat was circulating the room, talking to people and as always keeping an eye on everything.

"Today was good." Austin murmured into Molly's ear, earning a tired nod.

The Badlands / The Casino I PROMISE [open, announcement]
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:19:12 PM »
Austin and Molly were already married. That was probably more or less common knowledge, right? Nearly two decades apart hadn't been able to shake their loyalty to each other, and their faithfulness was rewarded with their reunion. After so long, their family was whole once more, and even bigger than before with the addition of Paige and Gavril and Mo. Somehow, though, he was pretty sure that he was on the best terms with the baby (aside from Molly, of course).

But this wasn't about anyone but Austin and his wife. Well, he'd had talked to Cat about it and gotten their blessing, but it still wasn't about them. Then talked about it with Molly in private, and now it was time to make the big announcement. The two of them stood in the casino together, Molly looking as excited and happy as the day they'd announced their initial engagement. He probably was too, in all honesty.

He squeezed her hand and looked around. "We've got an announcement to make." He said, barely able to keep his excitement contained. "We're renewing our vows!" Molly blurted, hardly giving people in the casino the chance to turn their head.

//this is real bad but it's here

Private Threads / Re: [ photograph | silas ]
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:59:57 PM »
The photograph had, indeed, been to hell and back. Besides the fact that it was more than twenty years old, it had seen everything from mundane suburbs to hospitals to most damaging of all, the prison camp. But somehow, through it all, it was still in relatively good shape and you could still make out the subjects. That's all that really mattered to him.

"Woah, woah, woah." He glanced up, not wanting to hope yet daring to anyway. Silas erupted into laughter, then snatched the photo from him to look at it closer. He kept talking, and Austin couldn't believe it. After all these years, he was finally getting a break, just when he was on the verge of giving up. "You are?" He gasped in utter disbelief, joy overcoming him so that he almost didn't notice the suspicious question leveled at him. He did, though, and frowned. "No, why would they?"

« on: May 30, 2019, 04:38:20 PM »
Nothing could have prepared him for this. Nothing. How does one brace oneself for the news that one's child is the leader of an infamously brutal gang? You can't. Even the more mundane things, the boyfriend, the baby (particularly the baby), had been surprising to learn about. Not to mention the few things he thought that would always be the same - their name, their gender - were now different? It wasn't a problem for him, just a surprise and something to get used to. All things considered, he thought he was taking it all in stride. You couldn't prepare yourself for that many changes and revelations, but as he discovered when the news of Cat's return spread, hearing about it and witnessing it were two very different things.

He had been talking to Molly and Gavril - Molly was still the woman he loved, but something seemed... off about Gavril. Like he was rather unhappy about his presence - when the word arrived. They all were quick to get up and hurry out, but none more so than the French-Romanian, who took off ahead of them and literally jumped at someone Austin could only assume was his child. They spun around and kissed, and he couldn't help but think what a sweet, wholesome, Disney moment it was.

But then the moment was over, and things progressed very quickly once they noticed him. "Mom... who is this?" The words hurt like a punch to the gut, but he wasn't all that surprise that they didn't recognize him. Why would they? He had left when they were little more than a toddler. He let Molly explain, since the question was addressed to her and it would probably be better received than if he just up and claimed to be their father.

And... confusion. That was understandable, considering they must have thought that he died same as their mom did. Before he could launch into his story, Silas paraded out of the hotel to claim the glory. To his surprise, no one seemed happy with his presence. The red-head, Addy, told him to shut up, Gavril cursed at him and Cat was particularly displeased with his appearance.

"He was just trying to help." Austin said, hoping to cool down some of the tension. Piercing blue eyes snapped back to him, even more striking than when they were little. "Scott? Or Cat?" Molly had been calling them the former, but everyone else called them Cat (save Silas, but they had corrected him).

The Badlands / Re: [ eternity | joining ]
« on: May 19, 2019, 09:47:43 PM »
He can't really blame her for thinking that he was dead. The last she'd seen him, he was dying, and the odds of him making it had been slim. He'd promised to come back if he did... but by the time he made it home, years later, she was gone. "I almost died so many times. It was the thought of you that kept me going." It was sappy and cliched, but he had almost two decades to make up for with sappy romantic cliches like that.

That's when his attention shifted to the people that were witnessing the reunion, specifically the Badlanders. The man that hadn't said anything, the girl that ran up and referring to Molly and the man as... her parents. Oh. She thought he was dead. She'd moved on with her life. Pretty quickly, judging by the age of the girl. A bit of a defeated look appeared on his face. "Oh..." Thoroughly distracted by this, he paid no mind to his companion.

Private Threads / Re: [ photograph | silas ]
« on: May 18, 2019, 08:36:24 PM »
The answer to his would-be question was, simply, that Austin didn't raise them. He'd only been around for the first three years of their life, and after that circumstance had always prevented him from being a father to his child. It wasn't that he didn't want to be there, it was that at every step of the way, he had been prevented. Now, Austin might not know that yet, but Cat had run away of their own volition. It certainly hadn't been at Molly's request.

One of the people that had spoken to him when he joined walked over, clearly interested in the photograph. "It's a picture of my wife and son. I took it the day he was born." It was over twenty years old at this point. "Her name's Molly. Our baby's named Scott." He didn't mind sharing the details with Silas, truth be told. The odds that anyone would have any information were slim to none, but once upon a time he showed the picture to everyone he came across, asking if they knew the woman in the photo.

The Badlands / The Border [ eternity | joining ]
« on: May 18, 2019, 06:14:32 PM »
He was still in disbelief. Literally. He struggled to believe that his wife and son - or child? Silas had used neutral pronouns - were here. That right after just about giving up, he'd find them. Go figure, right? Austin really had believed, at first, that this was some sort of joke that Bluestem's leader was playing on him... but then he'd given details. Details that could be made up, but seemed far too real.

And what, was he supposed to ignore the first lead he'd gotten in years? No, of course not. Not when Silas gave him not only a location, but offered to take him there. He couldn't pass it up. It had been a hell of a journey getting there, but if his family really was there, it would at long last be coming to an end.

They had passed over what Silas thought was the border a few minutes ago, and were looking for a patrol. Voices. Two people walking along, a man and a woman. The latter was, despite the many years that had passed, immediately familiar to him. "Molly? Molly!" She turned her head to face him and yes, it really was her. Finally, after all these years, he'd found her. He didn't hesitate, he broke out into a run towards her.

@truce. @foxwell

Private Threads / [ photograph | silas ]
« on: May 18, 2019, 04:14:52 PM »
He'd been thinking about doing this for a while. Stopping his search, settling down. It seemed like he'd found as good a place as any for it. But now that it was happening, that he was finally letting his weary bones rest... it didn't feel right. They probably thought he was dead, so there was no point in looking, and he couldn't just... lose them. Then, what was the point of the last eighteen years? All the pain that he'd endured because he'd believed he'd be able to be with his wife and child again?

A break. He could at least take a break, right? Let himself recover from nonstop activity. He could sit. Just sit and do nothing. Amazing. So that's what Austin was doing, enjoying the warm spring air, looking at the old photograph in his hand. It was incredibly worn, with tiny rips in the edges and white cracks running through out. It was worn to softness, but you could still make out the tired but beaming face of a dark haired woman, holding a baby in her arms while laying in a hospital bed. It was the sole possession he'd been able to hang onto this whole time, but it was the only one that mattered.

@truce. @SILAS.

Bluestem Prairie / [ stories | temp joining ]
« on: May 18, 2019, 03:36:43 PM »
//okay so I'm not actually joining with this rat it's just a quick lil plot point for him

His life was one of hardship. It had started out good, he'd found the girl of his dreams in high school and married her after they graduated. The managed to buy a house, and a few years later they had a son. But that's when the trouble started. Because that's when the blackout began. They did their best to keep things together, but his family wanted to move and he didn't want to leave. It hadn't been a happy good bye.

But that was okay. Things were rough, but they had everything they needed and they could survive until the power came back on. Years and years passed, and the problems were only getting worse. Then Austin got sick, really sick. He knew he was going to die if he didn't get treatment, but there was no guarantee he would make it that far, or survive even if he did. He didn't want Molly to have to watch him suffer, not when Scott needed her so much more. So he left.

And by some miracle, he made it to a place that still had electricity, and by another miracle he survived. But he couldn't just leave, he had a debt to them now, one that he had to repay. So, a year went by, and he was finally free to leave. Things were looking up, but then they took a much darker turn. He was kidnapped, taken to a prison labor camp, forced to work there for years. It hadn't been good, but eventually he got away and at long, long last, he made it home.

But his family wasn't there. There was no trace of them, in fact most of his old neighbors were gone. So he took up the search, looking all over for his wife and son, but to no avail. How was he supposed to find them in such a big, empty world like this? Over the years he'd slowly started giving up. He'd never stop looking, but it felt so pointless, so hopeless. How did he know they were even still alive? This could all just be a wild goose chase.

The man was tired. He wanted rest, he wanted to let himself be at peace for the first time in eighteen years. If that was even possible. This seemed like as good a place as any.

//so he's just wandering around through the territory looking vaguely lost and appreciative of the area

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