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of course ezra had shown up to support his buddy. though the man couldn't give a shit about whether the group survived or burned to the ground, he like greenie well enough, and well... as great as the guy was, people wouldn't follow him about without obvious support. the least (or all) ezra could do was support his friend.

so he stood near the back as always, wearing ray ban's like a true douche, in his "casual suit", waiting sort-of-patiently for greenie to speak, so he could go back to supervising and drinking water and... whatever else he did.

Character Adoptions / Re: NORTHSTAR'S HP TRYOUTS
« on: July 05, 2019, 04:12:11 PM »
MUSE: 10/10 he's a meme
POSITION: emissary
CHARACTER NAME: ezra cooper
CHARACTER PERSONALITY: honestly he's a piece of dog crap on your shoe but he's my son and i love him. kind of annoying and obnoxious, very entitled and he wears sunglasses inside at night, he has no heart of gold, but let him tell people what to do and he thrives. probably kind of an ass kisser tbh, he wants greenie to approve of his existence.

Northstar District / Re: [ let's go in the garden - open ]
« on: July 05, 2019, 04:07:19 PM »
exactly why the fuck ezra was out in the boonies of the district had no explanation. he spent most of his days just kind of walking around, supervising. no one hadn't given him the duty of it, or the authority for it for that matter, but not many people questioned him on it. if anyone asked what he was doing, he'd lower his sunglasses, utter the word, and demand to know why they weren't working. for some goddamn reason, it worked.

so maybe he was out there supervising, or so he'd say if questioned. however, supervising or not, it was obvious the man didn't really love being out in the dirt, at least not in regards to fashion. over each shoe was an old plastic bag (twenty-two years old, to be exact) with walmart written over them in faded blue ink. they covered his shoes, which were perpetually clean and shining, from the dirt below them, and though they looked odd and sounded with each and every step, they did the job well enough.

however, his meandering came to a halt when he came upon the duo. jass was playing with dirt, greenie inquiring, and after a moment's consideration, he paused beside greenie, clearing his throat. ❝i think jazz here is making mud pies.❞ he decided after a moment, glancing at greenie, then pointedly back to jazz. jazz, i think you ought to be more productive than this, do some real work for the group. mud pies won't put food in bellies.❞ he spoke pointedly, authority in his tone despite having none.

[ oh my god i'm sorry he's an ass ]

and of course ezra was there. sunglasses on, dressed a little too nicely in his suit-with-a-tee-shirt, he approached without much emotion on his features, though made his way to the front of the small group. ghost hunting? the fuck? he glanced over those present with harsh, judgemental eyes, well hidden behind his sunglasses, before finally clearing his throat loudly.

❝you guys don't seriously think there's ghosts, right?❞ he said, reaching a hand up to lower his glasses down the bridge of his nose and peering over the lenses at those present for a long moment. then: ❝alright, fine, i'm in, if only to see you guys look stupid, talking at the void.❞ he concluded finally, pushing them back up and stuffing his hands back in his pockets. ghosts, if you're out there, come fuckin' posses me. he called out for good measure, snickering a bit in amusement at his own words.

ezra really could have been anywhere else doing anything else, and yet there he was, sashaying into the shop. looking bored, as though he wanted to be anyone else, it sort of looked like someone had forced the brunette to show up, though he was there of his own wishes. hands stuffed in his pockets, half scowling and half in a perpetual eye roll, he entered and immediately moved to a wall to lean against it, removing his sunglasses from his pocket and placing them on his face to quickly establish his place as better than everyone else.

❝'aight, what now?❞ he demanded, brows raising as he glanced around the room, hoping someone would get this crap over with.

Northstar District / Re: BB GUNS AND DIRT BIKES || MEETING [06/29]
« on: July 05, 2019, 03:19:26 PM »
somewhere near the back stood ezra, hands stuffed into the pockets of his slacks. he was dressed alarmingly nicely; a suit coat and matching black slacks, with a miraculously clean white shirt beneath. despite not really needing them, sunglasses covered his eyes, and he leaned rather casually against a wall as he listened, clearly thinking he was too cool for this shit, but only really turning up because he didn't completely hate greenie.

he didn't exactly care about most of the things said, half zoned out and simply glancing over the various people in attendance, though somewhere along the line he paid enough attention to hear the man say medicines. immediately, ezra cracked a small smirk, snickering a bit. ❝medicines.❞ he repeated quietly to himself, finding it funnier than any mostly-grown man should.

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