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Flintlock Lodge / HOW FAR I'LL GO | open, joiners?
« on: August 29, 2019, 08:42:17 PM »
[tw for drug usage. ic opinions.]

Oh fuck, was that cocaine?

As his boots first got sopped in what was actually snow, he stared for a moment. Oh Jesus, he was really high, he was lucky he still could tell it was not the powdery white goldmine he first anticipated. This was embarrassing actually, he was supposed to be killing some dude but he got drunk instead and now he had lost track of them. Oh yeah, he should probably have his gun ready in case he saw him. Could he actually aim like this? Closing one eye and angling at a tree, he gave a pretty bad shot to the tree and gave hearty laughs of amusement, hiccuping and losing his balance now and shrieking as he rolled down... Something rollable. Oh shit, massive very solid tree trunk incoming - someone fucking turn off the car - god if only he was in a car, this would be a lot safer. Fingers trying to dig through the ice into the ground, his teeth grit at the unpleasant feeling of nails digging and scratching down solid cold ice. There was proper procedure to avoid getting a concussion or dying from a skull injury, but he currently couldn't think of it, uh, what was it? No time to think about it now, because he had full force rolled into the trunk. Fuck. Groaning loudly, he was pretty sure he just broke a rib or something.

Closing his eyes, Oscar could only imagine what pops would say if he was here. This was not the Graham way to go out. The right way was dramatique, bullet holes, a knife, a beating to death, something to show that they had left an influence of some sort on somebody. Now if you ask Oscar, worrying about if how you die is dramatic enough seems... Pretty gay. But anyway, he wasn't doing the gay death right. Dying of hypothermia, needing to piss really bad, and just gonna be some compost in the end, not so great. Pops got some sorta honoring death when he goaded Oscar on to finish the job, after all, Phillip Graham certainly had left an impression on him, and always would. In fact, he was hallucinating a pug - but it had Phillip's voice. Grinning a little hazily, he turned to it in the sky.

"Yeeeah, uhuh." Oscar said with a hoarse voice as he stared up into space, trying to sit up but letting out another low moan as his rib felt on the verge of explosion. "Oh shut up pops, you're just as much a cocksucker." Oscar hissed under his breath, continuing to have a full fledged argument with seemingly nothing. "No! Look dude, you look hideous right now. There's nothing weird about saying that, okay? You're ugly."

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