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Bluestem Prairie / i know who you are now, [open ; angst]
« on: January 19, 2020, 01:31:46 PM »
i'm first and fierce if i'm in sight of
sunlight, sunlight, sunlight

[OOC ;; Prompt: Injury + Amnesia
Trigger warnings that may be included in this:
-Head trauma/injury
-Memory loss
-Commercial violence, possibly
-More will be added as the thread moves along]

He didn't know how it happened. Or, rather, understand what happened. One moment there was violence. Anger. Confusion. No, not confusion- at least not as far as he was aware. Something was happening- a riot of some sort? A revolution? Or was it the opposite? Was someone- a higher up? Was someone with a higher position lashing out on them?

Or was he the only one angry? Was he the only one spinning out of control?

Either way, he couldn't remember how it went down. One moment he had a hold of someone. He was angry, his giant hands tight around something. And then it hit. His head was on the ground and the world was spinning. He struggled to breathe. To stay conscious. To get to his feet and stumble away from the action.

Was he the one who started it? Was he being cruel? Or was he a coward by starting a fight and running away? Did they start it? Were they throwing things at him, or was he imagining things? He couldn't wrap his damn head around anything that had happened.

Even now, as he lay on the floor of his house he "claimed". He didn't know how long he'd laid here; head quite possibly bleeding, seeping into the floorboards. He had probably wailed and cried, but he couldn't say he did. His head hurt all the same. His face was wet all the same. His giant hands scrabbled at the floor all the same.

Either way, David Benson couldn't remember anything.

honey, when you kill the lights and kiss my eyes
i feel like a person for a moment of my life
credit @ cosmyn

i'm first and fierce if i'm in sight of
sunlight, sunlight, sunlight

Reaching the border felt like a relief for a split second. He husked out, feeling his legs shake as he reached for somewhere to lean against. His hands failed to find something and, oh, he fell on his knees. He gasped upon the impact and remained still, hands splayed on the ground, as he struggled to breathe. His eyes were wide, staring hard at his hands as the world spun. He was so thirsty.

Eventually, he slowly stood up, breathing in heavily to catch his breath. His foot moved back to catch himself before he'd fall again, and he stared into the town that he happened across. When did he come across this? He wiped at his brow, letting a soft low groan leave him and he stood straight. He found safety.

Hopefully, of course.

His trust leaned on his shoulder and whispered doubts in his ear, telling him to just turn and keep going, but his stubborn soul decided to keep going.

Perchance his intimidation could scare off anything hostile.

honey, when you kill the lights and kiss my eyes
i feel like a person for a moment of my life
credit @ cosmyn


(my art!)
full name
 ❧ david benson
 ❧ "big lug", "teddy bear", "daddy (by daughter)"
 ❧ he/him
❧ 35
❧ 05/15
❧ boston

romance status
❧ n/a (available!)
sexual orientation
❧ demisexual
romantic orientation
❧ panromantic
❧ n/a (available!)

❧ 8'5"
❧ 430 lbs
❧ really built, quite massive, not fat but definitely a strongman physique
hair length
❧ really long
hair type
❧ curly/wavy
hair colour
❧ dirty blonde, but due to grime and such, it is a dark brown
skin colour
❧ pale
eye colour
❧ a pale brown
facial shape
❧ his jaw is square, and he has a wide chin
nose shape
❧ his nose is pear shape: thin at the bridge and rather wide at the tip
lip shape
❧ the top lip is curved and thin, whereas the bottom lip is round and thick.
other marks
❧ a "beta" tattoo on both his ankles
❧ he has (acne) conglobata and vulgaris
physical disabilities
❧ his back is all sorts of out of whack, it hurts to do a lot of things for him. his back teeth have rotted. his jaw is dislocated and he refuses to let anyone put it back

top attire
❧ typically he prefers not to wear anything because he feels like he's suffocating, but tank tops and really really loose v-necks
bottom attire
❧ grey sweatpants, they're generally the only thing that fits
over attire
❧ just a pair of ratty sneakers that are falling apart
❧ n/a
❧ n/a

positive personality
❧ (WIP)
negative personality
❧ (WIP)
mental disabilities
❧ (WIP)


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