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Character Creation / [ just a broken machine - luka fox ]
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:53:21 AM »
luka fox
"i'm just a broken machine
not who i used to be"

Creative Center / big phat dump - dump
« on: February 18, 2019, 10:30:42 PM »
honestly this is not to be aesthetic this
is for me to leave my garbage
so i don't lose it


Character Creation / [ heart feels like a ghost - addy douglas ]
« on: February 18, 2019, 10:58:37 AM »
adelbert jay douglas
"my head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost
i need to feel something, 'cause i'm still so far from home"

Advanced Roleplay / [ it's a glorious gone - p ]
« on: February 15, 2019, 08:38:53 PM »
aika "a" seo-yeon
hands shoved in his sweatshirt’s pockets, he strolled through the city, sauntering through the shadows. part of him was convinced that these people could see him and his teenage antics every moment of every day. whether he snuck around at godawful hours or if he walked in broad daylight, it would make no difference to the brothers. he still couldn’t bring it in himself to stop from doing so. no warning had showed up at his house, nothing bad had happened so far, after all the years he’d been doing it. it was just a boy doing boy things; how dangerous could that possibly be? rui never was a fan of sneaking out past curfew but, honestly, aika couldn’t bring himself to worry.

see, rui worried too much. in an odd way, perhaps that was why the two of them got along so well. rui was the cowardly lion, while a was the brave soldier. the yin and the yang. they’d basically grown up together - childhood friends - and had been inseparable ever since. everyone in the wall had someone they’d miraculously known ever since they could remember, though; it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, he supposed. just. something about aika and rui’s friendship was… better, he supposed.

or maybe he was just a bit biased.

he came to a stop once he neared the familiar house, wandering towards the same place he stood most nights as he picked up some pebbles from the landscaping they had done at their house. for a moment he stood there, running his tongue over his lip before taking the wind-up and throwing the pebble up to the window. click. and then he waited. nothing came. oh, don’t tell him rui was already sleeping. he threw another pebble- click. nothing. another--

and then there was rui, opening the window and barely missing the launched pebble. “about time! what took you so long?” he whisper-shouted to the other, feeling his lips tugging into the faintest of smirks as he shoved his hands back in his pockets. “c’mon, get out here and let’s go.” he didn’t even leave room for rui to protest. he knew whatever he said went in their friendship. i mean… although it hadn’t been that long since they’d gone to their little hiding place, away from the rest of the world, aika always found himself wanting to go, wanting that breath of fresh air that he hadn’t known was missing from his life. a glimpse of… what was that word? freedom. it wasn’t a word that was commonly used, anymore. did rui feel this ‘freedom’ too? he didn’t know; he’d have to ask, sometime.

Flintlock Lodge / [ with the brim pulled way down low - joining ]
« on: February 08, 2019, 06:06:15 PM »

why he decided to go to possibly the coldest place imaginable, he wouldn’t know. damn, it was like he was heading straight to antarctica at this rate. crossing his arms over his chest, he drew his worn-out coat tighter around his frame. teeth gritting on the stick of the sucker that was in his mouth. he had heard about a group being over here, though- and, while he hated to admit that he needed someone’s company in this world, he knew that it was the truth. he’d been gone for a few weeks, having left his group after coming to the decision that those fuckers had been completely useless to him-- actually meaning, that they had kicked him to the curb because they didn’t want to execute any of his insane and unobtainable ideas. that, and he got them into more trouble than anything else.

screw them, then.

he was climbing up a slope, only slowing once he got to the top of it. looking down, he caught sight of arguably the last thing that should’ve been out there-- a group of people, walking. they must’ve been on patrol or something. patrolling. for a moment he stood and stared, face stoic. the next, he was in motion, crouching down to gather up snow into his hands, generally unfazed by the burning cold sensation it caused. he did this until it was a perfect weapon; a perfectly sculpted snowball. speaking of insane and unobtainable ideas. swirling the sucker around in his mouth, he closed one eye as he worked on his aim, and then dramatically chucked it at the unaware group.

the snowball went downhill and then collided rather harshly with a girl in the group - dark hair, overall looking like a bad ass - and it took everything in ezra to keep back the laughter. instead he smirked as he wandered down the slope, closer to the group. “what, did i bring a snowball to a gunfight?” ezra had always been one for dramatic entrances and exits, and if he was going to be known for pelting someone with a snowball, then so be it.

//just a heads up. he totally pelted micah with the snowball. just clearing that up.

OOC Discussion / [ i'm just burning out - plot with ezra ]
« on: February 07, 2019, 03:59:46 PM »

okay here is ezra's plotting thread! he hasn't joined yet but he will be joining within the next day or so

 he's a real asshole but he can be won over by lollipops and sugar

he's open to friendships, enemies, frenemies, romance, helping others learn how to fight, getting in fights with others, being a drinking buddy, or getting into trouble somehow

he's closed for killing others, dying, and all that other risky business

ooh look tags
Spoiler: tags • show

General — biograhpy (major wip)
▪ ezra smith | ez, e, bitch - call him ezzy and he'll never talk to you again
▪ cis male | he/him
▪ 21 | may fifth | ages real time
▪ flintlock lodge
▪ the bubblegum bitch

Physical — reference
▪ 5'6'' | lithe figure | walks with confidence |
▪ curly, dark brown hair | hazel eyes that look more green than anything
▪ half-lidded eyes that make him look constantly unimpressed, lovely jawline
▪ dresses in dark colors to suit his not-so-cheery mood
▪ professional eye-roller
▪ physical health: 100%
▪ mental health: 95%
minor injuries: none
major injuries: none

Personality — estp
▪ bratty, sarcastic, confident
▪ blunt, insensitive
▪ witty, quick with a comeback
▪ smart, though uses it more for personal gain than the greater good
▪ likes to be a rebel
▪ can talk to just about anyone without any anxiety
▪ anxiety is a foreign concept to him

+ relaxed, works well under pressure, nobody is a stranger, blunt, doesn't beat around the bush
▪ speaks fluent sarcasm, has a hella big sweet tooth
— insensitive, impatient, stubborn, takes big risks without much thought

Relationships — heartchart COMING SOON
▪ homosexual and always dtf (will make out with any gender any time) | monogamous but also more of a one-night stand kind of guy. relationships are hard for him
▪ single | crushing on nobody HA | maybe crushing on... we'll see

Interaction — plotting thread COMING SOON
▪ physically easy | mentally easy, seeing as he says everything that's on his mind
▪ self-taught in fighting
▪ best at hands-on combat
▪ if you hurt him, it's an eye for an eye my friend

Character Creation / [ eyes like a car crash - ezra ]
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:44:56 PM »
ezra smith
"i watch you like a hawk
i watch you like i'm gonna tear you limb from limb
will the hunger ever stop?
can we simply starve this sin?"
Spoiler: gif storage • show

Character Creation / [ everything is cherries on top - logan lawson ]
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:10:09 PM »
logan cain lawson
"i wanna be free, i wanna be loved
i wanna be more than you're thinking of"

OOC Discussion / [ come away to the water - plot with mickey ]
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:41:11 PM »

okay so yes i really want to get mickey more active in flintlock. i made some rather rushed/simple tags below for my troubled boi.

i kind of was looking to see if there'd be a love interest he could have- but i would want it to be in such a way that he ends up breaking up with them when things begin to get too serious between them. it'd be hard for the two of them, and honestly that'd be iconic.

he's open to friendships, enemies, romance, helping others learn how to fight and/or teaching basic medical knowledge, helping with injuries, etc. i'm honestly all ears.

he's closed for killing others, dying, doing anything that generally doesn't seem like the right thing to do. he's troubled but he's a good boy at heart.

Spoiler: tags • show
& mickey serge
& 31 years old
& suffers from ptsd
& loves kids and dogs- not necessarily in that order

& 6'1 / Not very muscular but isn't skinny
& lithe figure. has slight muscle definition/tone
& dark hair, blue eyes, prominent cheek bones
& dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep/insomnia
& can come off as intimidating.
& generally stoic
& facelcaim is cillian murphy REFERENCE HERE

& used to be very friendly and charming. over the years, though, he has become more distant and quiet. he won't be rude, but he'd be more reserved than he once was
& finds it hard to trust people right away.
& has confidence and general leadership skills. doesn't mind calling the shots.
& very intelligent man with extensive medical knowledge
& a very soft nature that has been lost from his gang days, but makes brief appearances from time to time.
& loves a good smoke

& homosexual, hasn't fully come to terms with it/accepted it
& ex-fiance of ellie rose
& still hasn't quite gotten over the breakup
& has a hard time trusting people, letting people in
& open for friendships

& grew up as an only child in a rich family
& was going to med school before hell broke loose
& became the boss of a gang until things got too dangerous for him and ellie, then they fled
& he didn't realize he was gay until way into his and ellie's relationship, and has had a hard time letting anyone else in ever since

Character Creation / [ exaggerate a memory or two - gallery ]
« on: February 04, 2019, 04:25:36 PM »
ely's character gallery
character gallery. huge wip but let's see how this goes!!

Advanced Roleplay / [ pretended to be happy - p ]
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:31:57 PM »
koy anderson.
nothing could’ve prepared him for the devastation he’d been met with as he’d emerged from that bunker all those years ago. a once-thriving world, destroyed by nukes, nuclear warfare that nobody could’ve been prepared for. there hadn’t even been much of a warning; just chaos in those final moments as everyone tried to find some safety, as they pushed and shoved to make it into a bunker. not everyone survived- especially as the things of the past began to disappear. government, morals, humanity, all traded out for power and death.

as much as he hated this dictator, koy had to admit the guy had balls to get in front of all of those people and promise sanctity and unity under his leadership. he’d been working on these “safe cities” for the people, promised to grant them salvation. everyone had been so desperate that when this man had made all of this promises, they had fled under his wing. thinking about it, now, the blonde felt so stupid for even falling for those promises… but, the man had gotten him at a very low point in his life. such a low point that it seemed like the man’s promised land could only bring him up.

boy, had he been fucking wrong.

brainwash. torture. everywhere koy walked was another sad damn sight; people falling into line with this crazed lunatic. people beating the shit out of others who didn’t go with the rules, and after the torture, those poor people suddenly enamored with the dictator and everything he stood for. people disappearing if they made a big scene about the lies and trouble that were in the city. there was no way out, nowhere to run or hide. but koy wasn’t going to just sit and watch everything happening. he wasn’t going to let himself get brainwashed like half of the fucks out here. so there he was, building up the start of a revolution, all underneath the dictator and his loyal brainwashed army.

it was hard to tell sometimes, if someone was going to turn right around and tell the dictator about this rebellion he was starting. however, at this point, he didn’t really have much choice but to hope that didn’t happen, didn’t he? hope. what a stupid word.

today, his recruiting services were away from the city. away from the spies throughout the city, watching and waiting for someone to make a wrong move so they could beat them right then and there, in the middle of the street, in front of everybody. koy had witnessed too many of those, and also been the one on the receiving end of those brutal attacks. but he’d met all the people he could in the city. the forestry surrounding it, though, closer to the edges of the walls… this was where he’d went for the day.

music blaring, and a fenced cabin had been the last thing he’d expected. not really much of a fence, though. easy to climb over. split-rail fence. slowing to a stop, he followed the music- only to see someone in their backyard, chopping wood? he scaled the fence, merely to perch on top of it as he observed the guy. muscular… intimidating.. hell, he could beat the shit out of anyone if he tried. that’s the kind of person this rebellion needed; someone who could fight.

“hey!” he called over to get the other man’s attention, seemingly unafraid of whatever punch this guy could offer. even as he was wielding an axe. koy liked to think he didn’t fear anything or anyone at this point. “how’d you like to get out of this shithole with me? you look like you could beat the fuckin’ shit out of a few guys for me.”

Advanced Roleplay / 「 the tie that binds 」- p.
« on: January 21, 2019, 07:15:58 PM »
rory davenport.
it definitely wasn’t a stage with thousands of people crowded around, all of them knowing his name- it wasn’t even a stage, or much of a crowd, for that matter. but, well, he figured everyone started from somewhere. his gaze traveled around the diner as he stepped inside, guitar in tow. there weren’t that many people, a little more than ten or so customers in booths and the counter. so no. this definitely wasn’t where rory dreamed of performing all his life. though, all the greats had started at these small settings, right?

he sure hoped so.

his dad was good friends with the owner of the place - his dad seemed to have connections with everyone in this city - and, although his parents weren’t exactly supporting their son’s dream career, they got him in touch with the diner’s owner. when rory had met the man and asked if he could play a few songs there, the man had been quick to say, “sure, go for it, kid.” on one side of the room there was a stool and two microphones, one for the guitar, one for rory, and rory contemplated if anyone had ever played, here. the few times he’d been in here, he hadn’t even noticed there was a little set-up in that corner. was he looking for an excuse not to play? maybe that was just his nerves getting the best of him… well, if worse came to worse, there were only a few people here. they probably wouldn’t even remember him.

that eased his nerves.

it didn’t take long to set up, and when he’d started playing, not that many people paid attention. who wouldn’t pay attention to a cash song? i keep a close watch on this heart of mine. it was quite obvious he was background noise. was johnny cash ever background noise at some local diner? i keep my eyes wide open all the time. the more he played, the less anxious he felt, and the less he cared if someone was listening, too. as he gazed lifted from the guitar, his eyes settled on someone in the diner who was looking over his way. actually listening. and something about the stranger instantly caught his eye.

though, he didn’t look for long before the other turned and went back to work- he worked there? he made the mental note to himself as his ran through his songs. his set-list hadn’t been that long; either that or time really flew once he was through with all the songs he’d chosen. just a few classics. oldies but goodies. “thank you,” he said into the microphone, and the two, three people applauding at least slightly helped his ego. definitely not the worst experience he’d had.

instead of leaving, though, he’d settled for sliding into a booth. might as well get a bite to eat… he figured, as he definitely hoped to meet that certain waiter he'd laid eyes on... and when he looked up to see the dark-haired man ready to wait his table, he couldn’t help but give a timid smile, turning his gaze towards the menu.

the man in front of him was so perfect. and nothing had really prepared rory in life for what happened when you met the man of your dreams. so, although it was killing him on the inside, he couldn’t possibly come on strong to the person in front of him. social anxiety really sucked at times.

“i’ll just have a burger and fries, please, uh-,” he turned his gaze up from the menu to the other’s name tag, squinting his eyes just the smallest bit before saying, “charlie.” something about the other just made butterflies come alive in his stomach. and rory knew that he’d never have the guts to actually talk to the waiter, never have the courage to outright ask him on a date. but rory knew that he’d find a way, somehow, to at least have this charlie guy take a chance on this timid character.


Advanced Roleplay / [and the rain's stopped falling - p]
« on: January 12, 2019, 08:03:20 AM »
mickey serge.
mickey usually didn’t frequent coffee shops. however, after quite the memorable night, he decided he might as well shake things up a bit. the slight, dull headache felt practically nonexistent after some tylenol, and topping it off with tea and a smoke didn’t seem to hurt much either. so there he sat at one of the outside seating arrangements of this rustic cafe, a cigarette in one hand and his other hand resting on a nice cup of tea. his parents would’ve killed him if they’d known their son had been out partying with his friends. they would especially kill him if they ever saw a cigarette between his lips.

and mickey decided that merely because they were wealthy did not mean they had to be prudes about everything.

he took one more large drag of his cigarette, as if out of some sort of spite, before putting it out on the ashtray at his table. all of his friends were busy recovering from their own hangovers, hangovers that were far more severe than mick’s own. although amusing, it left mickey on his own with nothing to really do. after all, it wasn’t often that the charismatic man was left to his own devices, and.. he honestly enjoyed the quiet- but also felt endlessly frustrated by it. he watched people walk by the shop, some stopping to enter the quaint cafe. guess he wasn’t the only one who had miraculously found this little gem of a shoppe… he shrugged to himself and took a sip of his tea.

when his gaze lifted from his drink, he damn well thought he was going to spit it out.

walking a ways in front of him was the most gorgeous sight he’d ever laid his eyes on. blonde hair, green eyes, perfect- everything.. and something about her that just radiated warmth, and light. and, for some reason, mickey found himself hopelessly drawn to that light, begging for warmth.. once he let out a few pathetic coughs after nearly choking on his tea, his blue gaze followed her. when she turned to head into the coffee shop, he could feel his heart practically leap out of his chest. and, maybe, the coffee shop wasn’t the only gem in the outskirts of this city.

good god, when had he become so cheesy?

he practically scolded himself for that same fact as he stood up. everything about love, and love-at-first-sight, especially, was completely irrational. it was absolutely pathetic watching his friends fling themselves onto random people at the end of each week, he told himself, as he made his way to the cafe entrance. it wasn’t like him to believe in those sorts of things. he stepped inside. it wasn’t rational. his eyes found the blonde locks, waiting patiently in line to order her drink. it wasn’t like him to get involved with these kinds of feelings.

stepping closer, he fished out his wallet as he stepped over to this beautiful stranger’s side. “coffee’s on me,” he spoke confidently, flashing a close-lipped smile her way before adding, “well. if you’re willing to let me bother you when you drink it, at least." and that’s how mickey was. nobody was a stranger to him. however, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel the light tugs at his heartstrings, or the small flutter of excitement and anxiousness in his chest. "sounds like a fair trade, if you ask me."


Creative Center / [ it's all decided for us - writing dump ]
« on: November 24, 2018, 08:03:31 PM »
alright my writing is absolute shit so this is me trying to improve it. feel free to track or give prompt ideas. i love attention so lmao
inny's writing dump

Helping Hub / subaccount gone?
« on: September 22, 2018, 07:49:11 AM »

i had a subaccount called 'addy.' when the site went down for those couple of hours, and then came back, i found my  new subaccount was gone.

it's really easy for me to make this new subaccount (i just did), i'm just curious what happened.

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