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Helping Hub / solar panels and the electricity plot?
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:32:01 PM »
so, i know large/extra large solar panels were removed from the shop for the electricity plot, but it doesn't seem like the plot is actually going anywhere, and hasn't even really been touched since leader tryouts ended. does staff intend to get it going soon? if not, will the solar panels be returning to the shop?

General OOC / another great big bearbones poll
« on: January 23, 2019, 08:13:55 AM »
please settle a debate as to whether or not the majority of roleplayers are blind probably from staring at computer screens all day?

« on: January 19, 2019, 11:10:12 PM »
welcome to the flintlock lodge's ambassador program! this program is designed to make the communication between the lodge and their allies more efficient by having designated ambassadors who serve as middle men between the groups. the duties of an ambassador consist of bringing gifts, invitations, messages, and leading introductions on diplomatic endeavors. while ambassadors are solely residents of the lodge, their jobs are to familiarize themselves with the high positions of the group they're assigned to, and to communicate between the groups, however they do not reside in these groups in any form.

the only requirement for ambassadors is that they post one thread each calendar month visiting their chosen group, bringing a gift of some sort and checking up on the political climate of the group.

current ambassadors
the isle of silver sands none

would you like to sign up as an ambassador? apply below!
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character name:
character age:
brief personality:
group interested in ambassing:

General OOC / character theme week?
« on: January 05, 2019, 11:06:24 AM »
okay so there's already a thread for ooc account theme weeks, but what about like an ic one? we could do like an animated character week or smthn?

Helping Hub / dot under the box?
« on: December 25, 2018, 12:21:17 AM »

so on the "who's online", finny's online box has this wack little dot under it and i'm confused and need answers?


so uh here's just like a bunch of my poetry bullshit? so feel free to track or comment or whatever. i can't promise it's good or worth reading but it's nice to have a place i can collect it and shit. some is based on characters, reality, and some are just ideas in my head.

Creative Center / 「 blood & smoke 」 storage
« on: December 23, 2018, 02:44:25 PM »

blood and smoke

Character Creation / 「 atlantis 」 natalie
« on: December 22, 2018, 04:23:25 PM »

K I S S   M E
beneath the milky twilight

General OOC / a survey for science
« on: December 16, 2018, 12:44:35 PM »

as the question says, what's your hogwarts house?
the zodiac sign survey from forever ago proved pisces were like,,, unheard of on bearbones, so i'm curious to see what hogwarts houses are more common here.

Helping Hub / i need a christmas pun for my name?
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:39:04 PM »
van is so hard to make into a christmas pun djkdjkejkewf i'm here begging the people of bearbones to help my uncreative self come up with one

Staff Applications / van's staff application
« on: December 10, 2018, 08:40:02 PM »

screen name van
activity level 9/10. i just graduated and am on a gap year this year, so all i have to do is bearbones and work. i only work tuesdays and wednesdays, and my time is otherwise unoccupied — and i spend a bare minimum three days a week at home for a visiting nurse, and have literally nothing to do on those three days except bearbones.
experience? i've been an admin on two separate sites. the first was a warriors roleplay last summer that never got off the ground, but it provided a valuable learning experience on what i did wrong when opening. the second is a site still running right now, wolfwater. it's small, but it was never intended to be very large scale. i was also the advertising director on another site that was up for a month, but the admin closed down for personal issues. these experiences have provided useful insight on working with others on a staff team and dealing with staffly-duties.
time spent on rp sites i've been roleplaying since late 2010, so about eight years. my first site was feralfront (wcrpg at the time), but i spent time on xanje, hazelstarwarriors, and in the more recent years, numerous jcink sites. i have a lot of experience with both animal and human roleplaying, but lately feel more comfortable with the human aspects of it.
why do you think you'd be a good fit? i've had past experience working on staff teams on separate sites, so and while no two are ever really the same, i think they've definitely prepared me to deal with a larger team on a larger site. i was a peer mediator in high school, and while it's no real psychological training, i did learn how to deal with giving other people a hand when they need help. i've worked with large scale teams outside of the internet, like theater companies, teaching at a summer camp, working on the debate team, and being a member of the student council (all pretty irrelevant high school accomplishments but i'm eighteen and they're the best i've got) so i think i'm pretty good at working with other people? i've also worked in the service industry for the last two years and have been offered the option to become a manager (which i turned down), and my boss said he thinks i'm good with dealing with people and staying cool under pressure.
and honestly bearbones has been a home to me over the last year, through the good and the bad, and i just want to see it do well. if for some reason staff ever needs me, i'd be happy to do whatever i need to for the site. i also don't know if it'll ever be necessary, but i'm officially eighteen so if that's ever needed for A Thing? it's there.
other i can also offer some dank memes, irrelevant vines, and dad jokes. and i didn't mention it on the app but i also have experience with coding, for both skins and templates

The Badlands / 「 love is a bad word 」 open, joining
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:05:11 AM »

she was a wild animal, truth be told.

she had a pretty face, all pleasant angles and mismatched eyes. pretty honey tendrils falling with the weight of gravity, untamed and disheveled. her figure could have landed her on catwalks in another life, remarkably tall, a skyscraper at the ripe age of fifteen, not even done growing. even when she spoke, disregarding the words themselves, her voice was pleasant, low but still feminine, like an expensive perfume.

but beneath beauty lie the beast. she'd been raised by nature, naming herself from the entity that hydrated her, calling the sun father and the moon mother. she'd been raised among animals, and no one could blame her for becoming one. for baring her teeth when threatened, for reacting terribly when cornered. why she'd left her home was unclear to any onlookers, to lake herself; all she knew was that her instincts told her to move on, and so she did.

her earliest forays into society, or what was left of it, were disastrous. just months before, she'd learned that clothes were a necessary thing. she'd learned what manners were, and though she'd interpreted most as optional, she understood the boundaries were not. she'd learned not to go at every person with teeth bared, though she certainly wouldn't hesitate.

as the young woman, taller than most men, stood at the border, she waited with a frown. mismatched eyes, one blue as the sky and one brown as the earth, studied the world before her, waiting less than patiently for someone, anyone, to show up. the sun was setting, and she'd like to get it all over with before mother moon came out to put her to sleep; how terrible it would be, to go to sleep and be woken by someone finding her.

Spoiler: 「 high water and a devils daughter 」 12.09.2018 • show

 ⇥ lake, lay, l. birth name unknown. assumed the name lake as it was one of the earliest words she learned; was raised beside a lake, and those who passed through would often mention ❝the lake❞. she liked the way it sounded, and started calling herself by it.
 ⇥ age unknown; assumed to be around fifteen. due to her height, she appears in her twenties from a distance, but both her face and personality indicate a mid-teenager. no birthday known; she'll eventually chose one for herself. ages real time.
 ⇥ member of the badlands. formerly a loner. loyal to herself; will grow to feel loyal to her friends, but at the moment has none.
 ⇥ cisgender female. feminine pronouns. has never questioned her gender identity, and has very little understanding of the concept of genders.

 ⇥ six feet and two inches tall. malnourished, willowy frame; underweight. in tune with her height, she handles her body very well, though her gait is more aggressive then it is graceful.
 ⇥ blonde hair with darker lowlights. falls to her mid back, naturally wavy. it often looks quite disheveled, but at times she'll pin parts back or braid it if she feels it's annoying her. it has less to do with vanity then it does convenience.
 ⇥ heterochromia; left eye is brown while the other is blue.
 ⇥ three lobe piercings and a double helix piercing in each ear.
 ⇥ tattooed on the top of the right big toe; tattooed on side of left foot; tattooed on inside of left ankle; tattooed behind left knee; tattooed on inside of right thigh, mid level; tattooed on right hip; tattooed on lowest front left rib; tattoed on inside of left middle finger; tattooed on right wrist; tattoed on inside of right bicep; tattoed on back of neck; tattooed behind left earlobe.
 ⇥ a significant amount of scars cover her body, most of which appear to be from knives, and a third from gunshots. none appear to be recent.

 ⇥ single, not actively searching for romance. no current interests, no past relationships.
 ⇥ does not understand the concept of sexuality or old world 'rules', and generally believes that being involved with whoever you want is fine, so long as no one is bothering her. does not identify due to not understanding, but would be classified as bisexual and demiromantic.
 ⇥ no living or deceased family known. when asked, lake would refer to her family as the sun and moon, who she feel raised her. has no memories of a family before them.

 ⇥ extremely difficult physically, difficult mentally. does not hold back when fighting, but typically only fights if she feels endangered, and feels no need to fight on behalf of others. will fight dirty, and see's it all as fair game.
 ⇥ when interacting with others, tends to act wild and unrestrained. says what is on her mind with no understanding of social norms, will match levels of aggression, does not understand humor. positive physical contact is always rough; high fives will leave your wrist sour, fist bumps will bruise knuckles, shoves will knock you down. always happy to wrestle with others.
 ⇥ peaceful powerplay is allowed, but may be reciprocated with aggression.
 ⇥ well versed in hand-to-hand combat, but will use whatever is nearby as a weapon.
 ⇥ @ when attacking; bold physical interactions or attacks.

Helping Hub / what could draw you into flintlock?
« on: December 09, 2018, 05:21:06 PM »

okay, so i've been trying to put some elbow grease into flintlock because it was the first group i joined for like five minutes wayyy back in the day, and tbh i'd love to see it prosper again. so is there anything you'd like to see that could draw you into it? anything you like about it currently?

myself and i assume everyone over there would love to see it get some more traction, because it really is an awesome place! but like i'm biased

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