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Fandom Roleplay / But I’m Weak // Private
« on: October 16, 2018, 06:55:00 PM »
It had been two weeks since Gabriel has recruited a Deadlock member to Blackwatch. A younger guy by the name of Jesse Mccree. And like Genji, he was certainly difficult to work with. Mccree seemed to have a short temper and was pretty hard headed and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. More often then not, that got him in trouble. And Genji always wanted to remain alone unless he was needed for a mission.

Gabe had just finished seeing over Genji and Jesse’s training. They were improving, but could still use some work. Gabe needed to wind down a bit, so he decided to go visit Jack in his office.

Once in the office, he glanced around before spotting the blonde. He blinked, taking a few steps closer. “Hello Jack. I see you’re akready hard at work.” He said

Fandom Roleplay / I’m Only Human // Private
« on: October 14, 2018, 07:08:13 PM »
// Trigger warning for mentions of death and murder, and mentions of past abuse

John had been living with Sherlock for a year now. He had gotten quite used to the other and his...Seemingly odd routines and ways. But he never questioned it.  He knew Sherlock wasn’t a bad guy so there was no need to judge him. He had noticed though that each days sherlock spent quite a long time in the bathroom. Surely it wasn’t to perfect his hair or anything since Sherlock barely did anything to it besides showering.

John was currently sitting down on the couch, reading a newspaper. Sherlock was still in the bathroom, so John was giving him some privacy.

Fandom Roleplay / You Will Be Found // Private
« on: October 08, 2018, 07:23:58 PM »
// Trigger warning for mentions of death, slight verbally abusive relationship

Lena had been pretty off for a while now. She had tried to go back in time to prevent the fall of overwatch. But she had failed. No matter what she did, the explosion still happened. They still lost everyone. Jack. Gabe. Ana. Gerard. Amelie. They were gone no matter what Lena did. And the time travel had taken a toll on her body.

And now a group of Talon soldiers had come and attacked King’s Row. Even if she wasn’t part of overwatch, she still felt that urge to protect the people. So she had gone to where the group was. There was quite a few soldiers. And Lena had fought off most of them. But her accelerator had worn down from her time traveling, and she had been weakened greatly from her attempts at changing the past.

After the twentieth soldier that she had fell, she had seemed to just collapse onto her hands and knees. She was exhausted and couldn’t keep up the fighting. She glanced up, nocting a few soldiers starting to surround her. She couldn’t get out of this. Lena tensed up a bit, her eyes closing, preparing for the series of gunshots she knew was coming.

Fandom Roleplay / I’m Still Standing // Private
« on: October 05, 2018, 09:00:07 PM »
// trigger warning for smoking/weed, alcohol use, mentions of abuse, and IMPLIED PAST sexual assault.

Nines has been living with Gavin for the past few weeks now. In his time of being with the other, he had learned a lot about the world. About things Cyberlife never programmed into him. He had started to feel more human, although he was still pretty emotionless at times. Save for the sarcastic remarks he would spout out every now and then. Mostly just to get on Gavin’s nerves.

It was currently October and Nines has heard some others at the office mentioning something about Halloween. Nines honestly had no idea what that was. Or if it was even important for him to know what it was. But, he has decided to do some research. It was still fairly early in the morning. Nines was sat out in the living room, looking up what he could about Halloween on Gavin’s laptop.

Fandom Roleplay / I Fought The War, But The War Won // Private
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:25:48 PM »
//Trigger Warning for mentions of death, alcohol and drug use, and possible self harm

It had been eight years since the fall of the first Overwatch. No one ever thought it was possible, but Overwatch had reformed. Some previous members came back, but it was clear everyone had changed during those eight years. They weren't like they used to be before. They matured. They grew older. They became more serious and focused on their work.

Jesse changed as well. He used to be the jokseter of the group. He knew how to brighten up everyone's day. But ever since the first day he rejoined Overwatch, he seemed more resigned. Less sociable. He mostly hung out by himself.

Even Lena changed. She wasn't carefree anymore. It was rare she ever smiled at work. She never really joked around anymore either.

Lena was currently speaking to Winston and Mercy. Jesse wasn't at the base, so she was talking to them to see if they knew where he had run off to.

Fandom Roleplay / Lost and Insecure // Private
« on: September 28, 2018, 09:24:31 PM »
// Hello for anyone else reading this. Just as a reminder, this is a Private roleplay for me and @puck so please do not post on here unless you are him. If you are interested in the rp however and want to do one similar, then please don’t hesitate to send me a pm and we can work something out.

// Trigger warnings for death

Marlon frowned, looking at Louis. “Louis, shut up.” Marlon hissed, looking at the other. He then waited until Lilly and the three others were away before frowning. He slowly lowered his hand away from his face. His hand was covered in blood. The sawed off shotgun the guy was using had caused the bullies to cut Marlon’s face. He was lucky that it was only deep cuts and nothing more serious.

“...Louis, don’t get involved with them. They’re dangerous.” Marlon hissed.

Fandom Roleplay / There's An Endless Road To Rediscover // Private
« on: September 26, 2018, 02:46:07 PM »
//Trigger warnings for mentions of death

Louis had been wandering alone for a few weeks now. It seemed like just yesterday that all hell had broke loose at the boarding school he stayed at. Things were great there for years. He managed to survive there with a small handful of teenagers and children. His best friend, Marlone, had taken the burden of leading the group while he slacked off. Louis didn't really realize how bad the situation was outside of the walls he had grown accustomed to. He took it all for granted.

But raiders had struck. They murdered everyone at the school and burnt the place down, robbing them of their supplies. Louis was lucky enough to escape, but he was the only one left. And it hurt like hell. Even now he was having trouble coming to terms with it. He was scared. he had never been alone before. This was all new to him so he was doing what he could to survive. He knew how to hunt, so he stuck to the woods whenever possible.

He was currently in the forest. The sun was just beginning to set and he had luckily caught a rabbit for food tonight. He had skinned it and was currently cooking the meat over a small fire he had made. He was sat next to the fire, his knees pulled to his chest as he watched the flames.

Tigger warning for violence, death, murder, depression, someone starving themselves, self harm, suicide attempt..

It had been around a month now since Gavin and Nine had been partnered together. The first few weeks were rough, but it seemed Gavin had finally gotten used to Nine’s company, and Nine the same. He had started to grow a tolerance for Gavin’s attitude.

Nine had been staying with Gavin at his house. He slowly got accustomed to Gavin’s routines. It was around that time where Gavin started to wake up, so Nine had started to finish up making some coffee for him.

Supernatural Roleplay / We’re More Ghosts Then People // Private
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:36:37 PM »
Dean and Sam had been training Jack on how to use his powers. Or attempted to. Jack messed up though and accidentally transported Dean and Sam into the past. Dean has stumbled a bit when he suddenly appeared. He glanced around, his eyes slightly wide. He seemed to be out in a green, lush grassy prairie. One that would be very stereotypical to how the West was.

Dean glanced around, frowning. He spotted the large outline of mountains in the distance. Dean blinked, looking around. He then spotted Sam. Oh. So Sam had come here too. Dean moved over to him, setting a hand on his back. He looked him over to make sure Sam was okay. He then looked over when he heard footsteps.

He spotted a man riding a large, dark chocolate brown horse with white spotting. The man was wearing a brown coat with a blue shirt. He had a black scarf around his neck and a brown cowboy hat. It looked like he had a deer laying on the back of his horse, tired to the saddle so it didn’t fall off.

The man glanced down at Sam and Dean. He then tugged in the reins gently and the horse stopped. The man glanced them over. “You two lost? You don’t look to be from around these parts.” The man said.

Fandom Roleplay / Tell them what I hoped would be impossible // Private
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:27:03 PM »
Eight years after Overwatch fell, everybody thought that was it. No one thought Overwatch would ever make a return, but surpringly they did. And even more surprising, Talon joined forces with them. To take down a bigger threat. Vishkar.

Jack and Gabe had made amends. Or at the very least apologized. Mercy kind of begrudgingly came back. But she still didn’t feel this was right.

Other Overwatch members had come back as well. Jack was currently watching a few people in the training room. Jack sighed, looking down. It had been a long time since he last considered coming back to Overwatch. He wasn’t sure if he felt right about being back. But d would help however he could.

Fandom Roleplay / Cause I’m a little unsteady // Private
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:13:06 PM »
//Triggers for Alcohol and smoking use , murder, gun violence, and mentions of death

Nine and Gavin had already been at the police station. They arrived quite early today surprisingly. They even beat connor here which was pretty surprising since Connor always arrived early.  Nine had been leaning against the table, scanning around the station, apparently a new guy was supposed to be arriving. Gerard or something like that? Nine didn’t really care as long as the other didn’t get in the way.

Nine then looked down at Gavin, watching as he went through some files. “Need any help?” Nine asked

Fandom Roleplay / I’ve Lost Who I Am // Private
« on: September 13, 2018, 03:11:15 PM »
/Trigger warning for death, alcohol and drug use, possible self harm

Ever since the apocalypse had started, Hank had been traveling with Connor. Having an Android was of some use. Connor didn’t need to eat or drink so he didn’t need to worry about that. And it helped that Connor could recognize danger quicker then Hank could. They had Sumo traveling with them as well. Sumo wasn’t that well of a guard dog. But he was family. And Hank couldn’t just leave him alone.

It was late and Connor was awake, scanning their surroundings silently. Hank had told him to always aim for the head. So he planned on doing so for whatever danger came their way. Connor sighed, looking over and watching Hank and Sumo, who were asleep by the fire.

Connor frowned a bit, his led suddenly flashing yellow when he heard walking out in the forest. Connor got to his feet, taking out his gun as he looked around slowly

Fandom Roleplay / My Ghost, Where’d You Go? // Private
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:02:27 PM »
//triggers for ptsd, death, violence, mentions of children and infants dying, mentions of terrorism and war

The last time Jack Morrison had seen Gabriel was over eight years ago. They graduated high school together. And then they went their separate ways. Jack never heard a word from him since. Did it hurt? Yes. Jack cared for Gabe greatly. They had been best friends since childhood. But Jack was aware that not everything could last, so he went on with life.

He had a house now. And he had a good paying job. It was the weekend and he was off today. He was downstairs, watching the tv when he heard a knock on the door. Jack glanced over, setting the remote down. He then got to his feet, moving over and opened the door.

Fandom Roleplay / Why are you my clarity // Private
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:52:54 PM »
Hank had ended up dropping off Connor and Sumo off at Gavin’s house. It was only going to be for a month at most. Hank needed to leave for some business and couldn’t take Connor or Sumo with. He didn’t want to burden Gavin, but he was the only one he trusted with them.

It wasn’t all bad since Nine was staying with Gavin. If Connor had a problem, he was able to help more since he was more suited to help with android problems. Nine was currently in the kitchen, making breakfast for Gavin, humming softly to himself.

Connor was up and had gone to fill up Sumo’s food and water dish. He then looked over at Nine, tilting his head slightly. “...You cook for Detective Reed?” Connor asked.

“I do.” Nine said after a moment. “The man doesn’t know how to properly take care of himself, so as his partner, I decided I should at least try to take care of him so I’m not out of a job.” Nine said.

Supernatural Roleplay / The Family Business // Private
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:09:12 PM »
For the first time in a long time, Sam Winchester was left alone. Dean was off on a hunt, and he left Sam behind. Truthfully, Sam wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was because of the argument they had the night previously. But, Dean has left some
Money on the counter and then took off.

Sam had taken the money and then decided to head into town for a bit. He was currently walking down the sidewalk, huddled into his sweatshirt. He was planning on going out to eat breakfast.

Sam glanced around, soon entering the restaurant. It was small. Not a lot of people were in here. But, it wasn’t bad.

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