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gender; female, hetero
name: Mink Wulver
clothes: strong, kevlar grey pants hug her legs and onyx snow boots adorn her feet. An infinity scarf of thin, lightweight fabric is wrapped around her throat, colored a gunmetal silver and a dog choke collar peeking from underneath. a white, relatively shredded tank top clings to the slight dip of her waist and the pleasing swell of her chest, curved to proudly show the spots of her virtiligo marring her skin. a grey cloak rests atop her shoulders, fringed where it scrapes the ground and littered with tiny holes and large gashes of the past, the hood hovering before her eyes as the body of it swathes around her. Arm warmers run atop her forearms, obsidian in color as they fade up into the short sleeves of the cloak.

Height, 5' 6" | Weight, 167lbs | Lean and muscled, sturdy and capable | Skin a shade lighter than cinnamon, painted piebald with white splatters-- Result of genetic vitiligo |

Wears a dog choker collar and an earring that dangles with bits of wire-wrapped crystals; possessive of them | Littered with scars specifically on her arms, shoulders, and legs-- knife scar running from the right eyebrow through the left corner of her lips.

Single | Suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder | PTSD | Family is Dead | From the same mountain as Flintlock Lodge

A Deeper Look

past: Mink was discovered, rather than born. She was found in the rear end of an orphanage that spat her out from its doors as soon as the first parents walked through the doors. She considers herself lucky, regardless. She drew the long stick and was adopted into a wealthy family away from the mountain orphanage. All she knows about her parental family is that her mother tried to abort her to no avail; and her skin, marred with the pale splotches of vertiligo are proof of her mother's hatred. She lived with her mother for four years, and is tight-lipped about anything that went on during that time.

In the adoptive family, whose family name were the Threshers, she lived a relatively good life. The parents were kind even though she was more of a friend/servant to the family rather than an actual daughter, and received a formal education that she excelled in. Cavalio came quickly into her early life; a gift from the Threshers as a congratulations for excelling in her studies. As a result, there's really no horse she can't ride; Cavalio was a stubborn, bullheaded horse until she showed him that she was even more so. Time passed and at age five came two blessings; a stray she discovered on the streets, now named Howl, and someone precious.

A little girl by the name Crow.

She was another adoptive by the couple, soot-haired and solemn. Unable to adjust to the family's genetic children, she was ushered off to Mink. They got along well. Mink had family, but she felt distant. She craved a close connection, and Crow provided that. They understood each other well, being from the same snowy mountain with their silence being companiable. The family, Christians, imparted their religion onto the two, and the Lord and eachother became their entire world.

But that world came crashing down when The Sickness came. It took the Threshers. It took the servants. It took their minds. It took Crow.

It bit, but it didn't take her.

abilities: her body is sturdy, but it's got its own complications. As a result from veritiligo, long exposure to sun and hot weather tends to sap a lot out of her. She's very strong, able to lift her own weight and a third in pounds, but a strong male opponent would beat her in that regard. She's built for survival, not exactly combat. Water and vitamins can be abstained from for days at times (max 2 1/2 without water), and her speed and stamina are nothing at all to scoff at. Ambidextrous though preferring her right hand, she's surprisingly flexible, but anything like the splits murder her.

talents: horseback riding and dogs come naturally to her from living in the mines. She's a sharpshooter with a gun, and somewhat decent with a bow. Wrist reaper blades are her specialty, while swords are too awkward for her, though daggers are a go-to. She's very talented in running in forests and through snow and the dark. Not very combat-oriented, but enough to hold her own. Academically and survival oriented.

birth date: 1.29
zodiac sign: aquarius
chinese zodiac: the year of the sheep
religion: Christianity

Dirty Fighter | Wary of Knives | Clever and Quick-footed fighter, focused on evasion and attack | A 'Die Trying' Battler, will have to chop her head off to kill her (or make an insta-kill blow) | Will avoid fighting, but is capable and expecting | Merciful, but doesn't hold back | Appears to be 20 Years Old | Berserker

Other Roleplay / heaven's n[o]t enough// apps
« on: April 07, 2018, 09:14:07 PM »
Heaven's Not Enough If When You Get There, Just Another Blue... And Heaven's Done Enough, You Think You Know It, And It Uses You...
{Based off of Studio BONES' 'Wolf's Rain} it is preferred if you've watched it/skimmed the plot.
Humanity is in anarchy.

Countries have fallen, cities brew with crime and ruthless peacekeepers, and The Freeze slowly cools the planet one deadly mile and decimal every day. Someday, people speculate, the world will freeze over. There's few cities left that haven't turned into a tundra. Resources are limited, the poor populate the nations, and no true communication has spread between the cities in decades. The natural world is in disarray, too, with the disappearance of one of its most important pawns;


No one's seen a wolf in 500 years.


Wolves have evolved in an unprescedented way--

They can take human form.

Disguised in man's clothes, with skin the same as our own, they take form exactly like ours. Shifters, in a sense. I could be a wolf, and you'd never know. Maybe, perhaps, you're a wolf, and I just don't know that. I'll remedy that quickly-- listen well.

An old, old prophecy foretold of The Freeze. I don't have the time to tell you everything-- you'd forget it, because this is a dream, and you'll only remember the important stuff I tell you-- you don't need me to prattle about old men's predictions.

The world is going to die.

You will, too, unless... well, unless you find her.

The prophecy calls her the Flower Maiden-- Cheza, I called her once. I've been called The Calling before, if you wish to call me that-- I've already forgotten what my name once was, as now, I am only the voice which keeps the prophecy alive. I am from a generation where our attempts failed-- well, not completely, as in the possibility if we had truly failed, you wouldn't be here, and neither would I be. Now, there's a point to all my boring, tragic background-- I touched Paradise.

Yes, if you're truly a wolf, you'll know what I'm talking about-- the place where man lives somewhere far, far away. A true paradise, where there is no need to kill. Hunger, sorrow, and death don't exist. Everything lives in harmony. I even learned that man could live there, too. But, if you're human, I'm afraid you'll have to forget this and learn the truth about paradise yourself-- oh, but don't worry, you have something to gain as well if the wolves who dare to go to the Gate of Paradise (if they find it) don't want to take you with them.

You don't have to die.

There's a way for you to save yourself, and the current world. Your key is the Key to Paradise-- Cheza, the Flower Maiden. Within her body, she is capable of reversing The Freeze. You can save the world. Now, I wasn't human when I was alive (I'm nothing but a helpful phantom with a cause, now) but I'm quite sure you don't want to die. Find her. Do whatever you humans do called 'science' and poke and prod at her, but know this--

If you fail to reverse The Freeze, it's the end. No second chances like the one I was given. I've made certain either of you won't fail this time-- I've been sure to erase the last line from The House of Darcia, who caused chaos the last time around...

Wolves. Find the Maiden, and take her to The Gate of Paradise. She'll know where it is. She's in the hands of the human doctors in Sector City. She's in a deep, deep sleep-- one human medicine can't fix...

Only the shedding of wolf blood may awaken her.

May we all find paradise.

Howdy, everyone! The Rules don't exist other than keeping OOC things OOC, and no powerplaying or doing the nasty on the thread! (I'd prefer if you were at least semi-advanced-- no three sentences here, please <3)


Spoiler: show
Code: [Select]
[color=black]At First Glance[/color]
[color=maroon][gfont=Finger Paint]
Gender: (Please restrict to Male, Female, Gelding/Infertile for plot-World sake.)
Human Appearance:    (short description or photo here, please. Both Anime and Real Photos are accepted--no crazy colors though, please. Rainbow hair doesn't exist in a post-apocalyptic world-- unless you're a tyrant or crazy rich.)
[i]...SLAVE MUSHER-- forces labor upon weak wolves[/i]
Anything else?:
[color=orange]Digging Deeper[/color]
History(optional): HISTORYHERE
Fears/Phobias/Triggers: F/P/T HERE

[color=pink]ALL DONE! I'm easy on forms <3[/color]

MY FORMS: (Please read-- plot-important.)

Spoiler: show

At First Glance

Name:   Winter (The Calling)
Gender: Female
Human Appearance:   
(If Wolf) Wolf Appearance:

(IF ANY,) Disabilities: None
Anything else?: <3

Digging Deeper
History(optional): N/A
Fears/Phobias/Triggers: N.A

ALL DONE! I'm easy on forms <3

At First Glance

Name:  Cheza
Gender: Female
Human Appearance:   
Flower Maiden-- Not to be mistaken as human.
(IF ANY,) Disabilities: N/A
Anything else?:

Digging Deeper
History(optional): N/A
Fears/Phobias/Triggers: Fire Phobia

ALL DONE! I'm easy on forms <3

Welcome Board / Hello!
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:30:29 PM »
Howdy, there!

 I'm a newbie here on bearbones, but by no means a greenhorn!

I've migrated here from FeralFront, and I'm happy to be here! i enjoy advanced roleplays, typically realistic though fantasy and sci-fi are fun gambles, too!

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