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she endures; her perennial beauty never dying, simply resting in the cold and coming to fruition in the warmth of the sun. the yarrow helped nurture and nourish her, and she wishes to return the favor, ever perennial and ethereal.

velouria heulenfell, beta of the yarrow pack. born of two lycanthropic parents; retains an extensive knowledge of medicinal plants

The Badlands / The Border 「 STORM-TOSSED. joining ✧・゚」
« on: October 08, 2018, 05:54:45 PM »
Soaked. She was absolutely soaked. Drenched—to the bone. Her clothes sagged with the weight of what seemed like an entire monsoon, and clung to her figure tightly, her skin slippery and glistening. She knew she was never good at predicting or avoiding storms, mental and physical.

The water from her hair dripped into her eyes, clouding her sight of the badlands. A breath of hot air blew out her nose, the air turning to steam at the presence of the cold night. She pushed her hair out of her face and into a (rather messy) ponytail, in hopes of maintaining a somewhat put-together appearance despite the disheveled-ness of her physical state. Although, this seemed to be worse, for the wetness of her hair could be felt against her neck, dripping down her back, making her shiver. The cold rain near-sizzled as it hit her too-hot skin with the force of hail; the rain almost hurt.

Focus she reminded herself. What was she doing here? Or, rather, why was she here? That was the question that always seemed to be asked. Why was she here? Should she say? Should she say why she had chosen to abandon her past—more like try to forget her past—as an attempt at an excuse? No, that seemed too...obvious, too overused. Everyone was doing that nowadays—abandoning their past, wanting to forget, choosing to forget. So what made her story so special? She didn't particularly care, she would say, but it actually hurt too much to talk about it. A painful memory, that hurt harder than the hail.

Storm-tossed, was what she would call this picture. Storm-tossed, a painting of a broken warrior with nowhere else to go but hope to be reunited with soldiers similar to her own self as the storm waged on. Storm-tossed, a mental state with no hopes of a sunny day in sight.

She stumbled, tripping over a tree root, as she made her way towards the border of the badlands. As rough and wild the storm had come on, it had quickly left, leaving her gasping in its wake. The sky had yet to clear, and the hazy mist reminiscent of the thundershower clung to the high grass like thin skin. What a way to present herself: drunk, and unkempt.

If she were sober, she could probably do this. But, being sober meant memories—both good and bad—would simmer to the surface of her bitter mind. Memories that she would remember wistfully; one of her as princess of the valkyries, the elite force of unconquerable heroes, what a time that had been. However, not everyone, she reminded herself, called the valkyries "heroes", instead, by the 'uglier' term of "assassins" or "executioners of the King." She couldn't remember that blasted king's name no matter how hard she tried, as drunk as she was.

Beer. Her sole desire at the moment. She wanted to get drunk, to have fun, to forget. Anything to take her mind off those distracting thoughts. She pulled the bottle from the inside of her coat and tossed back the contents of it into her mouth. Nothing but rain water. With a tsk of annoyance, she threw the bottle over her shoulder where it landed with a heavy thunk in the wetlands behind her. She already knew her flask was empty, a silver little thing with the words "raise hell, babe" hand-etched into the side by her former lover. Maybe she could find some more at the badlands, and if worse came to worse, she could just raid the liquor store a few miles back.

She stood, now at the edge of the badlands, jade eyes dazzling, silver hair messily tied up, ready to present herself.

Character Creation / looking for new blood [ tags ]
« on: October 05, 2018, 02:33:09 PM »
VALKYRIE FREY [ val-ker-ee/val-kree ⋄ fray ]  &&  will generally accept most nicknames
♠ a young adult; somewhere around late teens/early twenties && keeps dob confidential (06/21); cancer sun
♠ biologically fem, cisgender, she/her pronouns  &&  bisexual
♠ lives in the badlands  &&  medically-trained regular member  &&  loyalties rather ambiguous

persona here; notes: mainly introverted & hides bitterness well & sense of humor that borders on sarcasm & seeks to drink herself to death & formerly selfless, brave, noble, loyal & past trauma caused her to become rude, sardonic, gung-ho, and bitter & formerly part of the night stalkers, ex-bounty hunter, and ex-member of an elite covert force of warriors; rarely talks about past

appearance here; notes: silvery blonde, soft, slightly wavy hair that lies at mid-back & jade green eyes. stands tall between 5'6" and 5'8". svelte and toned figure. high cheekbones and sharp facial features & bold eyebrows. prefers to wear clothes from an earthy color palette. 
ref. ref.

♠ hard difficulty  &&  skilled in close combat  &&  twin blades are her favorite weapon
♠ will continue fighting past what she should be physically capable of  &&  generally underestimated
♠ hates to back down from fights, but will if she has to, if her injuries are too severe
♠ likes to fight in a group, dislikes to fight alone  &&  hates when people sacrifice themselves for the group
♠ knows her strengths and weaknesses  &&  not afraid to do whatever it takes to win
@VALKYRIE.  pm for plots
♠ nonviolent, peaceful actions may be powerplayed

Character Creation / 「 ' — storage 」
« on: October 05, 2018, 01:44:43 PM »
Character storage for Valkyrie Frey, of the Badlands Velouria Von Wolfskind-Heulenfell; aka Via Heulenfell.

importante links
tags ; etc.

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