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he wasn't all that sure what to make of this place. in the old world, before the power began going out, he probably would have worked against this place. if the lights were still on, he'd probably be rolling in to kill whoever the hell lead the place. or maybe they'd just stay out of it, they hadn't ever really bothered with low tier crime, not unless someone paid them too. rather, he'd probably be a regular at this place, where police would have no doubt looked away and let the wicked things that went on here go on. he'd have stayed in the penthouse on his mother's dime, drinking out the minibar and seducing women he probably should have stayed away from.

but this wasn't the old world. this was an entirely new one, newer still with the recent loss of everyone he knew. his mother, his sort of friends, the entirety of o.d.i.n. had all but vanished after the raid. he and lana had gotten out, but everyone else? by the time they returned, the building was empty and smoking.

so he moved on. he moved on because he still had lana, and despite all the grief she gave him, and despite all the fighting, and despite their not-even-close-to-recent breakup, he loved her. he wouldn't ever admit it, hardly even to himself, but lana had been the one from the day he'd met her, and no amount of flings and one night stands could change that. but he'd royally fucked up on all too many occasions, he'd cheated on her and he'd broken her heart time and time again, and it would seem he'd run out of chances for her to give him.

so he settled for being her sort of friend. and he settled for random women in random bars, and he settled for whatever this was between them. a comfortable familiarity, some place where jealousy wasn't really appropriate but it also sort of was at the same time. it didn't help his cause, or his frustrations, or whatever that one night, not too long ago, in a nearly blackout drunken haze, he'd apparently... fathered her child. and now it was all sort of complicated and messy, and despicable as this place and it's people might be, this is where they needed to be. lana couldn't continue running around as her pregnancy went along, moving place to place, and this place was... well, it was the only place they'd really fit in. even if they weren't bad people, their skill set was morally gray; they'd been spies, hired assassins, mercenaries. they were good at killing people, and medical and farming groups wouldn't find any value in them.

so there he stood, patiently waiting on the road, his... lana at his side. their options had been the winding mountain pass or the beach, and even if lana was pregnant and her feet were swollen or whatever pregnant women had to deal with, there was no way in hell he was getting sand in his shoes, mountain pass they'd gone.

❝someone's gonna be here, any minute now,❞ archer said confidently, retrieving his flask from his coat pocked to take a sip before returning it, ❝there's no way they didn't hear you clomping down the mountain.❞ and this, this was why archer and lana were no longer archer and lana.

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