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Private Threads / ❝ first day of my life — roman . ❞
« on: July 04, 2020, 01:01:41 PM »
❝ Nervous? ❞

Clearing his throat after swallowing the pungent clear liquid, Frank’s pale eyes darted over to Eben who’d stopped nearby, adjusting his tie absently as he looked across at Frank. ❝ What makes you think that? ❞ He questioned, tucking the small flask away in his blazer. Eben tipped his head to the side, lips curled downwards thoughtfully before gesturing towards Frank. 

❝ You just had a swig of... was that vodka? ❞ He pointed out, Frank huffing a short breath of laughter. He wasn’t wrong - Frank did just take a swig of a spirit - but it wasn’t out of nerves, but from anticipation. A small smile lingered on his lips, choosing not to speak but to turn his head to gaze away, back leaning against the exterior of the small and rickety church. ❝ I think everyone is in the church now, by the way, man. Ready whenever you are. ❞ After a moment of silence, Eben finally turned and entered the church again.

Slowly, Frank rested the back of his head against the wall, staring up at the cloudless cerulean sky, before his small smile slowly curled into a toothy one, followed by a quiet chuckle to himself. He was about to marry the love of his life. This was his wedding. His wedding. Frank was so in love that nothing felt more right than this felt. In his entire life, filled with doubts and insecurities, all that hope of love which turned out to be nothing more than a lie, this was the closest Frank would get to a love that would last forever.

And, as he chuckled quietly to himself, overjoyed, Frank knew that he wanted to be with Roman for the rest of his life.

Eyes fluttered shut for a moment, features dissolving slowly into seriousness as he took a deep breath, tucking his strands of hair neatly behind his ears, before he turned and wandered into the church.

In all of his life, he felt so cold and dead until he met Roman. It was almost as if the first day of his life began the moment his eyes locked onto Roman’s at that party, the one where they proceeded to spend the entire evening together where everything felt so alive and right. And how their relationship grew to become the most exciting part of a former mobster’s life; it was wild and rocky, almost too good to be true until it fell apart. The way Frank had to look Roman in the eyes and pretend as if he didn’t love him, because love could be what would tear them apart.

And, for a moment, it did.

And yet, whilst at the time Frank was inconsolable with heartbreak, it had also been one of the greatest moments in his life. He’d gathered the strength to take back control of his life, become fearless when faced by his family and express that he liked men, and loved only one. By the time Roman returned to make things right, Frank was in the right place to commit fully to him. Reinvent his life despite his fears because he realized that Roman was worth it.

He didn’t regret this new life of his. Not for a second.

As shoes clicked against dusty wooden floorboards, Frank strode down the aisle, eyes darting around at the very few guests he and Roman had invited as they sat in the pews towards the front, all glancing over their shoulders to look at the approaching groom. But, as he neared the altar, he couldn’t help but allow his gaze to land on Roman, eyes lighting up at the sight of his husband-to-be who stood next to his best man. He looked amazing. Beautiful.

Frank was never good with words, nor was Roman, yet as he stopped beside Roman and rested his hand on the small of his back, he couldn’t help his lips from twitching into a hint of a smile. ❝ You look- ❞ Slowly, he shook his head with disbelief, releasing a quiet huff as dazzled eyes looked at Roman. So perfect. ❞ His hand moved so that he could gently clasp onto Roman's hand, gazing at his fiance for a moment longer before the officiant caught his attention. The officiant smiled joyfully, voice soft as the older man then gently uttered, ❝ Such a lovely couple... Shall we begin? ❞

Bluestem Prairie / ❝ soaked — open . ❞
« on: June 25, 2020, 06:09:20 PM »
For a man who was so fiercely self-reliant, there were some situations for which his ignorance couldn’t be helped. Doing the laundry for instance - a job so menial and yet Frank felt headless whenever he tried to get the job done. Growing up, he never had to worry about household chores. Alfred wanted him focused on the important jobs at hand; the family business. Besides, according to his father, the chores were what his mother was there for.

Sometimes Frank felt as if he hadn’t grown up to be a well-rounded man.

Brows knitted together as he tried to hang wet laundry over the line, unknown to him that he really needed pegs in order to keep the clothing attached to the line. The clothing crinkled as he pushed them close together - in his mind to save space - sighing in defeat every time clothing fell from the line and landed on the dusty grass.

He picked the dirty clothing, staring at them with a frown before bunching them up and tossing them aside. He’d have to wash them again now, especially with this inefficient way of hanging laundry. Some would think he was daft for not knowing how things as simple as doing laundry was, but the sad reality was the fact that he wasn’t given the chance to learn how to be a normal person. Even after choosing this life of normality, his past managed to seep into every aspect of his life regardless, a sickening reminder that a part of him would always be a Stirling.

Bluestem Prairie / ❝ hide — hunting , open . ❞
« on: April 23, 2020, 05:14:53 PM »

❝ Ag, good shot, man! ❞ Eben praised as he patted Frank’s back, Frank squinting ever-so-slightly as he lowered his gun. He chose to say nothing, briefly looking to glance at Eben before he trudged through the dusty plains and into an area of withering and dry tall grasses. And there he leaned down and plucked a hare up by the back legs, holding it up to show Eben before he returned to the man, tying the hare’s back legs against Flame’s saddle. ❝ Wouldn’t wanna put that meat to waste, huh? ❞ Frank pointed out, poking around at the fresh carcass as his friend neared him, observing the kill.

❝ Well yeh- it’s disgusting that there are people out there who kill these animals without any respect for them. Kill them and then leave the flesh to rot. If you’re gonna kill something, make good use of it, y’know? They didn’t die for nothing. ❞ Eben pointed out before he went to pat Flame’s neck, Frank raising his brows for a moment before reloading his shotgun. ❝ Let’s just hope you don’t ever kill a person with that kinda philosophy. ❞ Oh, he couldn’t help it with his twisted humor. Eben began to laugh, Frank glancing over out of the corner of his eye before he wandered off again, careful eyes searching for any hares in the distance.

« on: December 29, 2019, 04:59:36 PM »
      Franklin wanted to make his life beautiful, no matter what it took to get him there.

Sacrifice. Compromise. And finally, Roman Darrow. All of the heartache and trauma he'd been drenched in from years of a life he did not want to lead, finally everything felt as if it was coming together. He lived in a quaint home in a vast arable land. He felt at peace. He felt safe. And, most importantly, he got to wake up next to the only man he'd ever fallen in love with.

It would be a restful Christmas Day, one where Frank had absolutely no intention of leaving the house the entire day. All that he could ever ask for was tucked away within these four walls. Eyes were half-lidded and tired as he gazed over adoringly at Roman. He was such a messy man, yet one who was so peaceful when he slept. The corner of Frank's lip twitched - fuck, Roman was always so beautiful.

But, he couldn't stay in bed, especially not with what he planned to do for his lover. Frank slipped out from beneath the covers, quietly stepping out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. What was the least festive meal he could think of? Pancakes. Yeah. They'd have pancakes. Blueberry pancakes... Frank liked that.

He couldn't say that the measurements were all so accurate, but he got the closest thing to what he could call a pancake stack. And now, his favorite part. He took the breakfast back into the bedroom, shuffling over to Roman's side of the bed and lowering the plate onto the bedside table. Then, he climbed back into bed, leaning in closer before pressing feather-light kisses behind Roman's ear.

❝ Hey. ❞ He mumbled in a soft whisper, slowly wrapping his arm around him from where he lay behind him. ❝ I hope you like pancakes. ❞ Voice spoke lightly with amusement, added with a quiet hum. Oh, Roman was truly his happy place.

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Flintlock Lodge / HOLLY JOLLY // SANTA'S GROTTO , OPEN .
« on: December 24, 2019, 12:02:47 PM »
      Tommy realized only now that he shouldn't have signed up for this.

Plumping himself up with a pillow tucked beneath his outfit, he grunted as he took a seat on a brown leather armchair. ❝ Ah, shit. One of you is gonna have to help me up after we're done 'ere. ❞ He muttered, shifting in his seat as eyes surveyed his grotto. One of the cabins in the village had been converted into a cozy Santa's grotto, a tree with wrapped gifts beneath, garlands and ribbons stretched across the ceiling and a fire place with a warm crackling fire. In the corner, a small music player sounded quiet, jazzy Christmas tunes.

Turning his head to the side, Tommy's eyes landed on his reflection in the mirror and damn; he made a pretty convincing Santa Claus. He looked pretty good with the big, fat belly and long white beard. Adjusting the hat on his head, Tom leaned back comfortably on the sofa as he looked towards the door, wordlessly reminding himself that he had to stay in character. No cursing or insulting anybody tonight. He blinked as the door opened and people began to filter into the cabin, and the sight of Edmund walking in with a baby on each hip suddenly made it very difficult for Tommy to keep in character.

❝ I look like a right twat right now- ❞ Tommy commented, gesturing at Edmund, ❝ whilst you get to look all pretty 'n' domestic. What's that all about? ❞ Eddie quirked a brow before looking down at baby Tommy. ❝ Father Christmas is pretty mouthy, huh? ❞ He said to the eight month old, before Charlotte began to reach out towards her uncle. Eddie stepped to the side of the room, eyes wandering around at the others as Tommy grumbled before getting back into character.

// feel free to have your character participate in the grotto as an elf, or have them visit the grotto for a gift and the opportunity to meet a very mouthy santa claus adjgfkl

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« on: December 05, 2019, 03:45:58 PM »
      He wanted to claim that he'd done some extensive thinking about this, but moving to Bluestem Prairie was an act of impulse. A gut instinct. All of the pieces were slowly beginning to line up and, even whilst Frank did not quite believe in fate, there had to be something which brought this story all together so precisely.

Franklin Stirling-Moray was perpetually exhausted by the ever-consuming life that was his family. Like vermin, they swarmed the lands until they all united as one again. A ploy to retaliate against adversaries; Frank could no longer take all of the bloodshed. He'd held his brother in his arms as Dominik breathed his last breath. Frank could no longer take all of the bloodshed.

The Stirling life was good as dead in his life. He was ready to live a life of normality, but what was defined as normal? The paint from white picket fences were sun-worn and peeled apart over the years like a skin revealing its true colors. The wood was rotting, crumbling away slowly. Perfectly mowed lawns were now reduced to overgrown, weed-riddled pastures of land, and there was no longer such thing as a suburban home.

What was defined as normal? As comfort? As success?

Frank liked to hope he'd find his answers in the home he would soon move into. Maybe starting on a clean slate along with his boyfriend would give him what he'd been searching for all along, and when Roman finally agreed that they move in together, Frank did not waste another second. He just wanted peace. He just wanted to feel safe, and actually have the chance to live as somebody else. He didn't want to be a Stirling anymore... And so he was just Frank. Roman's boyfriend.

Roman had been there to help pack everything up in Flintlock Lodge before the two of them made the journey down to Bluestem Prairie. Was Frank nervous to meet the people who shared this prairie life with Roman? Yeah, maybe just a little. It resembled a lot like meeting the family, but Frank knew that Roman probably did not care too much about most of those in Bluestem anyway; that was just his nature.

He trekked alongside his boyfriend, hauled down by his belongings as they began to approach a small town. Frank glanced over towards Roman, bottom lip jutting out ever-so-slightly before gesturing towards the town. ❝ S'this home? ❞ He asked and slowed to a halt, straightening up as he wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead. He was quiet for a moment before nodding slowly, hands resting on his hips. ❝ I like it here. ❞

There was his seal of approval. In the quietness. The way his face fell flat yet eyes glistened with hope.

This was the start of a new life.

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Flintlock Lodge / IN CONTROL // ONESHOT , O .
« on: November 04, 2019, 04:31:06 PM »
      Locks of blond fell into the sink, clump by clump. Franklin's pale gaze stared at himself in the mirror. The haircut was messy and half-complete, but he was truly resolute in the reclamation of his own life. Never had Frank felt so ashamed; he'd truly lost himself, relied a little too much on others for his own source of happiness. And, he was done being the good Stirling. The nice Stirling. The one who let people walk right over him like a fucking doormat and straight into his heart, only to stamp all over it and leave again.

He'd experienced it one too many times - it was a surprise he hadn't learned his lesson sooner. Breaking up with Roman Darrow had been one of the worst things he'd experienced. And perhaps it sounded dramatic, perhaps Frank sounded like the woeful hopeless romantic, but his trust had been betrayed by one of the only people he had ever loved. He felt inadequate for the longest of times, insecure in who he was as a person.

If he knew to be strong on his own, then maybe this would've been easier for him. He'd been through so much worse. He'd watched men fall by his own hand, he'd watched his own mother die in front of his eyes, and then his father, and then his brother. Hell, he squeezed Dominik's hand as the life left his older brother's eyes, but all that loss was permanent. The pain was extraordinary, but Frank had closure.

Frank and Roman were unfinished business. And maybe they'd be unfinished business forever. Forever Frank would see himself as the man foolish enough to let Roman screw him over and crush his heart.

Perhaps he couldn't make his anger look beautiful, or his hurt seem so sweet, but there was another way for him to move on and start his healing. He had nearly healed all but his shame. Shame for ever letting somebody affect his life so much, shame for ever letting him hurt his heart and make it feel so fragile.

Frank was not going to let others be in control of his life anymore. That was for him to grasp onto and take control of. When Frank let go of all of that hurt and all of the secrets, that was when he was in control. Everything he ever had plaguing his mind, threatening to spill passed lips that wanted to hold onto keen words... Frank wanted the world to know him. He no longer wanted to hide who he was away in a little black box under the bed. He was in control now.

He wanted to come out to his family and friends.

It'd been on his mind for a while. Hell, he even told Roman that he'd come out to his friends and family in order for them to be happy and open together. But, the more that Frank thought about it, the more he began to realize that that wasn't true. His relationship status never had affect on whether he should come out or not. It'd just been an attempt to seek support. Reassurance.

Maybe even validation.

But, why did he need validation for who he was? He didn't need anyone else to inspire him to do anything; all he needed was himself in control of his life. And so, Frank was going to do this, not for anyone else but for himself.

He finally lowered the scissors, gazing into the mirror to look at the finished product. His hair was short. He looked different. Felt different. He felt determined to heal and finally be in control of himself. Maybe, this was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

He sat on the armrest of the sofa, eyes searching the crackling flames in the fireplace as he conversed with himself in his head. Answered all potential questions in his mind. Prepared himself for any backlash or mockery. His family were harsh and jagged people, minds tainted by Alfred the Traditionalist. But, Alfred was dead now, with nobody to uphold the laws of the family anymore. It was a new start. He was in control of his life for the very first time.

Gaze shifted over to look at William who was cozy by the fireplace, rubbing his hands together and uttering to nobody in particular about how these Flintlockers were crazy for living up at the top of a mountain. Frank released a short, sharp huff through his nostrils before lowering his gaze.

He was in control. After all that he promised Roman, Frank realized that he didn't need the other man around for him to know his self-worth, nor for him to realize that he didn't need to come out for Roman, but he needed to come out for Frank fucking Stirling-Moray. Frank thought that that'd be the case with Roman, but now all Frank thought about was the hope that Roman couldn't sleep with the guilt of what he did to him.

Maybe the lies would keep Roman up at night. It was unlikely - he seemed happier in another's arms - but it'd still keep Frank silently wondering. Call Frank mean and loathsome for his thoughts, but it was all part of his healing. And, the spite urged him to push aside his fear, evident in his bouncing knee and wringing hands. There was a silence which fell across the room. Frank sucked in a sharp breath.

He didn't need anybody else's validation. He didn't need Roman. He only needed to accept himself.

❝ I'm, uh- ❞ Frank paused, noticing as the people in the room looked over towards him, attracted to the only voice in the room at that moment.

His tongue felt twisted, and his mind felt an ounce of doubt. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. He bunched his brows together, looking down at his hands.

❝ I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm gay. ❞

In that moment, his chest felt lighter. The dark plague of denial had finally dissolved, and the weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

There was a silence which fell upon the room, Frank's heart jumping at the thought that maybe his family wasn't accepting of the news. But then, that was until Alfie piped in, ❝ Is that why you chopped your hair off? ❞

❝ Jesus Christ, Alfie. Shut the hell up. ❞ Peter growled quietly, shaking his head with disappointment at the somewhat insensitive comment. Frank flitted his gaze between his older brother and cousin before glancing at Ed whose gaze also moved away from the other two and instead at Frank.

❝ Nah, nah mate. He don't mean it like that. ❞ Tommy sighed, gesturing towards Alfie before wandering over to Frank and pulling him into a hug from the side. Frank rested the side of his head against Tommy, fluttering his eyes shut. ❝ Thanks for letting us know, brother. No one here's looking at you any differently; you're good with us. All right? ❞

The tiniest of smiles found itself on Frank's lips, sinking into the hug as Alfie added, ❝ I'm sorry, man. I was just kidding. Very poor taste. ❞ Tom finally took a step back, Frank sitting up straight and peering over to Alfie just as the older brother leaned over to pat his back. ❝ Who cares about what you're into, I guess, hey? We love you, man. Remember that always. ❞ Frank swallowed hard, releasing a short huff of laughter as a wavering smile, though subtle and small, pulled at his lips.

❝ What is ❛gay❜? ❞ Ida questioned curiously from where she sat on the ground, tilting her head at Frank. Frank sighed with amusement, glancing over at Ed to see the corner of the youngest brother's lip curled upwards.

❝ It means I like boys, Ida. ❞ He explained carefully in a way that'd be the most easily understood for a girl of her age. Ida smiled a wide, closed lip smile before nodding and returning to playing with her toys.

❝ It's okay, Frankie. I also like boys, even if they're stupid sometimes. ❞ She giggled to herself, Frank shaking his head slowly as his brothers chuckled.

❝ They are stupid sometimes, aren't they? ❞

// so, frank has finally chosen to come out as gay to everyone in flintlock !! this thread is open for replies, but ofc don't feel like you need to match the word count whatsoever ahfdgfjhgljkl just so proud of my boy for gathering the courage to do this :')

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« on: November 02, 2019, 10:59:40 AM »
      tw. stirling bs again, so you know the deal. death, gore, violence etc.

Edmund Moray was ready to die a violent death.

He tried to be brave because when he was brave his brothers would feel brave, yet all Edmund could sense was his imminent breakdown. What Edmund could only believe was the finale of all of this, he realized that it was only time before his fall. Death was looming, and he'd fall and fall and fall into the pits of hell where he belonged. Where he'd find all those who'd fallen before him. His mother, his father, his cousins and his brother.

No goodbye to his family, little Henry and Ida, his wife, his friends, baby Tommy and Charlotte...

Edmund was not a good person, but he'd risk it all for his brothers in arms.

But, through fortune and flame they'd fall. Eventually. Gracefully, with their blood spilled across the snow.

And, it all began with a frantic wail coming from outside the lodge. ❝ Mister Moray! Mister Moray! ❞ Edmund's brows knitted together, swiftly pulling on his coat as he rushed out of the lodge, only to look down the steps at a Kelley boy gasping desperately for breath.

❝ What's it? ❞ Barked Edmund firmly, features stoic all whilst his heart slammed uncomfortably against his chest. It was no time before the rest of the brothers filtered out of the door at the sound of panic for Edmund. Tommy clutched tightly on his revolver, features grim as he frowned at the Kelley boy.

❝ They're coming, Mister Moray! We captured one of their men - a twisted young rat planting explosives in our camp! He said that they were a gift for you! ❞

Alfonso scowled, shaking his head before he made his way down the stairs, boots pounding against the ground. ❝ A fucking asshole. Lemme at 'im. ❞ He was followed by Tommy who powered on, curling a lip frighteningly at the smaller Kelley boy as they began down the mountain. Franklin shook his head slowly before looking across at Edmund.

He knew what this meant.

A hand raised to squeeze his younger brother's shoulder, Frank pressing his lips together tightly. ❝ Well, this was fucking inevitable, wasn't it? ❞ He uttered quietly, Ed nodding solemnly in agreement before both brothers began to follow the rest of the group.

It felt like the walk was never-ending, Frank's heart feeling as if it was about to jump right out of his chest. He felt powerless. Unimportant. Like he was still rebuilding himself from bone to bone, flesh to flesh, but he was still incomplete. He wasn't ready for this. He was afraid. Features could fool anybody, however. Frank was quiet, brows pointed sternly as he trudged through thick and glistening snow alongside Edmund who carefully kept an eye on the Kelley boy and his two older brothers up ahead.

Thomas clicked his tongue as they were lead right back into the camp, eyes widening at the chaos which had seemingly unfolded. Tents were torn and ragged, one or two bodies slumped over, dead. ❝ Fuckin' hell, mate. What happened here now? ❞

Donovan stepped out and approached, hands on his hips and head slowly shaking from side to side. ❝ Explosives were planted in the one tent - killed two of our good men. ❞

Ed slipped to the front of the crowd, eyes searching the destroyed camp warily. ❝ So that means there still may be explosives around here. ❞ He informed carefully, Donovan responding with nothing more than a slow nod of the head.

❝ No, I can tell you everything I know! I'm not part of their group! I promise! I'm not! ❞ A young plea tore through the camp, the brothers quickly turning their heads to see a young, bloodied and bruised man, no older than seventeen, being dragged in by two of the Kelleys.

❝ And this is the bastard who killed our men - found him running away from the scene. ❞ Donovan informed, watching as two of the Kelleys threw the kid to the ground.

The teenager looked up with pleading eyes, crying out, ❝ I don't even know these people! They told me to put these in the camp in return for medical supplies. Please, my little sister is dying! I'm desperate, man! ❞

His eyes shifted to look up at Edmund, who stared back at the teenager with merciless eyes before slowly raising his rifle and aiming it at the boy. ❝ Oh shit, no! Please, I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry! ❞ The teenager cried, voice crackling as he tried to scramble away.

Edmund sent a single bullet to the boy's chest, the teenager choking out before falling to the ground, writhing about helplessly. ❝ Have you found anybody else? ❞ Ed was unfazed as he spoke, watching as the boy finally stilled. People died. It didn't matter if it was somebody's fucking brother. Brothers died, and people had to move passed it.

Donovan cleared his throat with unease, eyes shifting from the dead teenager before looking back towards Edmund. ❝ No but I've sent some of my boys on patrol. Hopefully we will discover who this kid worked f- ❞

Then, three gunshots ricocheted through the air.

And without hesitation, the Stirling-Moray brothers were in pursuit, following the sound as they weaved through trees and into a clearing, weapons raised and ready to fire. And then, suddenly, they were stopped. Surrounded. Weapons held to the brothers' faces and their weapons held to their enemy's faces.

Edmund stared down the barrel of the gun, and his eyes widened suddenly.

There stood Peter Stirling, staring straight back at Edmund.

// oneshot/joining thread continues in the next post.

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Flintlock Lodge / LAUGH LIKE JOKERS // OPEN .
« on: October 26, 2019, 05:39:54 PM »
      Don't you dare.

❝ Don't I dare do what? ❞

❝ That. I know what you're thinking. ❞

❝ Hmm? ❞

I know what you're about to do, you twat. ❞

❝ You can have... this one. ❞ Frank's lips swiftly twitched a closed lip smile before he uncrossed his leg from over his knee, leaned forward and nudged over a Snow White Halloween outfit. Thomas groaned to himself, shaking his head before snatching the outfit up and holding it up against his body. It was painfully short and his legs were bound to freeze in the cold. But, regardless, a growing smile of amusement found itself on his lips.

❝ Hah! Hey Princess. Alfie barked playfully, Thomas shaking his head slowly before suddenly shoving the younger brother away. Frank quirked a brow, eyes quietly observing his brothers before reaching out for a fairy costume, more specifically a tooth fairy costume.

Edmund looked at Alfonso, and Alfonso looked at Edmund. And then, Frank smugly nudged the fairy costume towards Alfie. ❝ Have fun with that. ❞

❝ Are you fuckin' kidding?! ❞ Alfie whined before snorting with laughter. Frank looked up at his brother from where he sat on the sofa.

❝ Does it look like I'm kidding? ❞

Alfie clicked his tongue, amusement in his gaze. ❝ You're a dickhead. ❞

❝ Yep. I know. Eddie, you're the bunny. ❞

❝ A rabbit. ❞ Ed tried to quickly correct. After all, there was no way he was going around announcing that he was a bunny for Halloween. Frank tipped his head to the side, eyes watching Ed sternly. Ed sighed, ❝ All right, a bunny rabbit. ❞

Frank lowered his eyes again, leaving only Ed to assume that he was happy with the answer.

❝ And what might you be for Halloween this year, brother? ❞ Alfie hummed as he flopped down on the sofa beside Frank.

❝ Thought to go as myself, maybe. It's scary enough. ❞ Frank returned in a quiet utterance, wringing his hands together mindlessly. Alfie chuckled before slinging an arm over Frank's shoulders.

❝ Good answer, man. ❞

Ed pursed his lips, looking down at his outfit before huffing a short breath of laughter to himself. ❝ You must be pleased with yourself this year, Frank. ❞

Frank finally looked up again, Ed flitting his eyes over towards Frank to notice the subtle yet mischievous smile curling at the corner of Frank's lip. ❝ Me? Nah... ❞

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      tw. it's the stirling family. it's violent.

❝ You motherfucker! ❞ Alfie snarled like a rabid dog, fist connecting with the man’s jaw. They’d been on a search for the person who’d stolen Thomas’ identity - mocking his death - with the intention of teaching them a lesson or two. After all, nobody could mess with the Stirling family and get away with it.

Notoriously brutal and vicious, they’d been raised on the idea that violence could be the only answer. And so, Alfie fisting a handful of the man’s shirt, he pulled him close to his face before snarling, ❝ You thought that you could mess with us, huh? ❞ He spat in the old man’s face before sending another punch his way, the man falling helplessly to the ground.

❝ I don’t know what you’re on about! I don’t kn- ❞ Alfie stamped down onto the man with his shoe, the man crying out in agony before curling up into a ball. ❝ Please! Stop! ❞

Whether it be for protection under the well-known family name or what, there were many reasons why somebody would want the name Stirling to protect them in this New World.

❝ You wanna be a Stirling? You’d never be man enough to be a fucking Stirling! ❞ Whilst Alfie tormented the man, the other three brothers stood a short distance away.

Frank stood the farthest to the left, shoulders slumped as he looked upon the attack emotionlessly. After all, he was used to the blood, to the violence. And, besides, this man had screwed with the Stirling family - Frank was kind of glad to see the outcome.

Dominik’s jaw jutted out ever-so-slightly, watching the fight as if it were a trip to the circus. Somewhat amused by the violence, the blood on his hands felt more like a home comfort than sheer horror, and he took delight in watching revenge finally take place.

Edmund didn’t care. Arms folded tightly across his chest, he was silent as he waited for it to be over. Eventually, the man would not leave this place alive. The brothers would leave a bullet in the man’s head, a reminder that nobody should mess with a family of violence.

❝ Stirling? Oh God, I know Stirling! He- AH! Brown hair! Tattoo sleeve! He got the accent! He said he’s S- AGH! ❞

❝ That’s enough Alfie. ❞ Edmund suddenly intervened sternly, Alfie kicking the man away before he retreated a step or two back, lips parted as he caught his breath and wiped bloody hands off onto his shirt. ❝ What did you just say? ❞

Edmund stalked over to look down at the severely injured man, shoving his hands complacently into his pockets.

❝ Oh my God… He - uh - he stayed here a couple of weeks. Stirling! He said he was… Ooh, yeah, he was going to be leaving this place - today, actually! He went that way. God, please don’t hurt me!  ❞ The man wailed, pointing weakly in one direction. Ed’s gaze followed the man’s finger, a path which lead them out of the loner land’s scrapyard.

And then, without remorse nor another word, Ed turned away from the suffering man, following the track with his three brothers, like two couples of hounds after the scent of a rabbit.

Eventually, they found the Stirling.

❝ It’s fine, girls. Take a seat…  Is all right, folks; they won’t bite unless I tell ‘em so. ❞ Thomas uttered, gesturing towards the two ferocious mutts that stood with their tails high in the air, hackles raised and teeth baring towards the four other brothers.

❝ I’ll shoot ‘em if they bite one of us. ❞ Retorted Dominik, brows furrowed together as he tipped his head towards the mongrels. Stood big and brutish, much like their owner. Dominik’s comment, though gruff and threatening, earned nothing more than a chuckle from Thomas.

❝ And I’ll shoot you if you harm one of my girls - fair game? ❞ He commented, chin tipped upwards as he watched his brothers from a distance. Dominik sighed, shifting his weight before looking towards Edmund who stood silently with his arms folded across his chest.

❝ How come you didn’t come and find us? ❞ Ed asked, icy hues transfixed on his older brother’s unruly features. His beard had grown thick, clothing dirty and tattered - it looked as if he hadn’t taken proper care of himself in months.

Thomas began to chuckle, shaking his head in disbelief before looking up at the sky. He muttered to himself incoherently before looking back to Edmund. ❝ Now why would I want to do that? ❞

❝ Because we’re family. ❞ Thomas raised his brows at Edmund expectantly, wordlessly insisting he continue speaking.

❝ And we need you. To help us… Finish a fight. We believe otherwise we may be in some trouble - they’re coming at us from all directions now. ❞

❝ They're what now? ❞ Frank choked out with surprise.

Dominik sucked in a sharp breath, ❝ Nice of you to let us know, Ed. ❞

❝ All right, whatever. ❞ Alfie piped up, ❝ Doesn't matter right now. Firstly; Ed, you're a dickhead. Secondly; if what Ed is saying is actually true, then this is also your fight you’re losing, Tommy. ❞

Thomas sighed, looking down at his dogs who both leaned up against his legs, faithful and overprotective. And then, he began uttering. ❝ Well, you know what they say - and by that I mean what only I say - you’re protected until you’re prey, and it looks to me like you’re all more sheep than wolves, hey? So, instead of tryna recruit me back into the shitty family business, how about you get rid of the bastard who’s causing all these problems? ❞ He questioned, narrowing his eyes at his brothers.

❝ That’s right. So don’t come all the way here, plague my territory, threaten to shoot my fucking dog, and tell me that I’m losing your fight because of that fucking vermint. ❞

❝ Dad’s been gone for two years. ❞ Edmund mumbled, frowning towards Thomas whose features very quickly dissipated into a look of surprise.

❝ Gone? Like- ❞ Thomas’ hands formed the shape of a gun, making a firing motion whilst whispering a hushed pew.

❝ Left one day and never came back. ❞ Dominik corrected, Thomas humming as if he liked what he’d just heard before the family grew quiet, Thomas nodding to himself.

Frank sighed, ❝ Well, this got awkward. ❞ He mumbled, shaking his head slowly before beginning to walk away.

On the other hand, Alfie’s features shriveled up as he watched his older brother shift his weight. ❝ So, what’s in it for me? You think that fucker will be back?... Dad, I mean; not Frank. ❞ He asked.

❝ Not that we think so. My best bet was that he pissed the wrong rogues off and got himself killed. You know what his temper was like. ❞

Despicable, that’s right. ❞ Thomas was quiet again, sighing before beginning to walk away.

❝ Where are you going? ❞ Ed questioned dully.

Thomas turned to look over his shoulder, gesturing ahead of him. ❝ This was where y’came from, yeah? ❞

Right. So Thomas was going to return to Flintlock Lodge.

❝ I ain’t here to settle down and play family. ❞ Thomas commented whilst he trudged up the mountain side, the other four brothers walking alongside him.

❝ Wasn’t expecting you to. ❞ Dominik muttered in quiet retaliation, Thomas raising his brows and giving Dominik a look.

❝ So, why did you leave then, huh? ❞ Frank piped up, features shriveled up as he kept a cautious eye on Thomas. He’d taken Thomas’ loss hard - even harder now that he discovered he hadn’t known the correct truth all this time.

Thomas clicked his tongue, almost as if he were amused by Frank’s question, before finally he said, ❝ I didn’t leave. I was exiled. ❞ Ed sucked in a breath, slowing his steps to take a good look towards Thomas.

What? ❞

❝ Yep. Dad’s genius idea of death by exile. Tara went one way with the baby, and I went the other. It was either that or we’d both be killed on the spot - Finn too, probably. ❞ He explained.

Edmund couldn’t understand. Thomas hadn’t done anything wrong, or had he? He watched suspiciously as Thomas squinted back towards Edmund, before finally he confessed, ❝ We snitched. What? We did what we had to do, yeah? ❞ Dominik stopped in his tracks, instantly raising his gun to Thomas’ head.

❝ What the fuck did you say?! ❞ Dominik snarled, Thomas raising his hands up as his two hounds began barking deeply, lunging towards Dominik before scampering away before they got too close.

❝ Nik, stop, God dammit. ❞ Edmund raised his voice ever-so-slightly, Thomas quickly pointing at Ed and looking sternly towards the youngest.

❝ No, the man’s right. The fight ain’t over ‘til it’s over, and it don’t look very done yet, innit? ❞ Thomas growled, before looking at Dominik, ❝ Now put that damn gun down so I can explain myself. Innocent until proven fuckin’ guilty, you lawless bastard. ❞

Dominik features twitched with fury, gaze glaring into Thomas’ eyes before he lowered the gun, giving Thomas a sharp push. Stumbling back, Thomas grunted gently before brushing himself off and then muttering, ❝ Dad lead the family right into the ground - you’re fucking idiots if you haven’t realized that already - and we was tryna get dad alone for long enough for the Russos to just… nip him in the bud. Plan B was to give him enough rope to eventually hang himself, so I guess at least that worked. ❞

The boys said nothing. After all, none of them particularly liked their father. He was less father and more boss of the company, not an enjoyable way to grow up - dead mother and a father who couldn’t be any less of a father. Perhaps none quite mourned the loss of Alfred Stirling, an abomination of a man, but their twisted morals still stood unwavering. A traitor was a traitor.

But the past was also the past, and this was their brother.

❝ How can we know that you won’t screw us over? ❞ Edmund asked, furrowing his brows as the group of them continued to make their way up the mountain, the last stretch of the walk before returning back to the lodge.

Thomas laughed beneath his breath. ❝ Because we are all brothers. ❞

❝ You screwed our dad over. ❞

Thomas looked towards Eddie. ❝ He may have been our father, but he never was our dad.  ❞ The older brother pointed out, pointer finger tapping at his temple.

Eddie said nothing more, nodding to himself before he continued walking. Perhaps he could not trust his own brother, but this would be their best shot at surviving over the next few weeks. After all, Thomas was the least of his worries right now, traitor or not.

Edmund knew for certain that nobody was safe anymore.

[ 1870 words ]

[ just a quick oneshot !! i'm iffy about the quality of this one as i had to rewrite essentially the entire thing after accidentally deleting it smh, but yeah !! tommy boy has finally arrived with the intention to help protect flintlock when the time comes ;-) feel free to comment and react, but pls don't reply with any ic stuff !! ]

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Private Threads / WHEN THE NIGHT COMES \\ ROMAN .
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      Frank had good intuition. An indescribable sensation of knowing. Of dreading. And something had his eyes snap open in the peak of the nighttime, staring up at the darkness. He released a slow exhalation, tired eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness whilst he listened to the distant sound of working dogs barking from within the barn. So alert and excited. Perhaps there was a bear or something making its way through the territory and so, Frank sat up, stretching, before he got up and covered up.

A match was soon lit, lighting up a candle lantern to help guide him through the Lodge in the dark as Frank shuffled down wooden flooring to go to use the restroom. He shut the door to the restroom, lowering the lantern by the sink, before tugging down his trousers. Brows bunched together. The barking appeared more frantic. Frank didn't quite like the sound, and so as soon as he was finished, he picked up the lantern once more, grabbing his pistol along the way before sneaking down the stairs and to the front door.

He opened up the front door, stepping out before quietly closing the door once more with a hushed click, before he wandered onto the porch, using the limited light on the lantern to try look out across the land. Footsteps approaching. It was definitely a person. Frank stood guard, hand hovering over his gun as he stood put, just in case it had to be used.

And then, Roman Darrow stepped into Frank's line of vision.

At first, Frank didn't notice it. He sighed, visibly relaxing as shoulders slumped, shaking his head before saying, Shit, you scared me. ❞ And, only then did he notice the threadbare clothing, the soot-riddled shirt and palms, the body seemingly trembling - not from the cold, but from the terror he'd seen. Frank hesitated at first, face falling as he searched Roman's gaze, before muttering beneath his breath, Roman... ❞ He lowered the lantern onto the step, hopping down the steps to near his lover before eyes began to grow wider at the realization that something horrible had happened.

❝ What the fuck? Shit, Roman... What happened? ❞ Frank shook his head slowly as he stepped closer, cupping Roman's face with his hands worriedly as he gazed at the traumatized man.

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Character Adoptions / STEAL A STIRLING // CH. ADOPTIONS .
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      Hello!!! So, some of you may know the nightmare that is the Stirling-Moray family, formerly part of the Stirling Family Crime Syndicate. They're up in Flintlock Lodge where their mobster pasts are catching up to them; they're stuck doing damage control after the boss (their father) disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The entire family was once/still is involved in a lot of underworld organized crime and drama, including crimes such as drug trafficking, hijacking of things such as cargo ships and trucks (they were once stationed in a port city), armed robbery, heists, bombings and fraud.

What they were best known for in the criminal world were their seemingly sporadic and random contract killings, their confidence tricks, smuggling and manufacturing untaxed alcohol, arms trafficking, skimming their whisky distillery and extorting the surrounding bars & casinos that they had control over.

It's a pretty big family and hard to explain so I'll try my best.

So family. The current generation's grandparents had six chaotic children: Alfred, Elisabeth, Elle, Kelby, Richard and Julia.

Alfred became the godfather after his father died and he is the father of Dominik, Thomas, Alfonso, Franklin, Edmund, Henry and Ida. Henry and Ida are from a different marriage. (all played by me).

Elisabeth only has one daughter named May (played by @Noccy)

Elle only has one son named Ezra (played by @van)

Kelby has four children; William (open to adopt), Lucy (open to adopt), Harriet (open to adopt) and Frederick (played by @elysian.).

Richard has two children named Peter (played by me) and Evelyn (played by @Bryne).

Julia is the obligatory wine aunt; she never had children.

All of the parents were heavily involved in family affairs, dragging the children into it from a young age until Alfred made a huge mistake during a risky heist which sent the family scattering. Some of the family like Elisabeth and Elle chose to leave that life all together whilst others like Kelby and Richard united their families together and began to rebuild what was lost.

And so here comes the fun part: I have three characters up for adoption: William, Lucy and Harriet.

At the moment they are just placeholder names although I would ask that if you did wish to change the names that they be traditional sounding (so nothing too modern and exciting).

William Stirling is in his late twenties (28+). His fc is Jamie Dornan.

Lucy Stirling is in her mid twenties (26-27). Her fc is Tiera Skovbye.

Harriet Stirling is twenty five years old. Her fc is Teresa Palmer.

And I mean I suppose the parents are also for adoption if anyone at all wants to play an older character but, lets be honest, I think they're more likely gonna stay as NPCs/missing/dead.

As for personalities, go free rein with them idm!! The only requirement would be that they'd be tough enough to handle being in such a brutal mob family since they were born into a life of crime. I'm trying to think of what else needs to be mentioned here.

Oh yeah as well as them being adopted, all of the Stirling family are involved in a pretty badass plot so you won't be adopting a character who then has nothing to do. The syndicate in their prime used to deal with surrounding mobs, crime families and even street gangs and cults and they were very feared because of how cutthroat and barbaric their ways were. Now that the syndicate has crumbled and nobody has taken on the role of boss, the people that the Stirling family had angered are all out for revenge, and so the Stirling family are all reuniting again to basically put them in their places again and prove that the Stirling family are still standing strong.

Kelby and Richard's brood are together as a group whilst Alfred's brood are all up in Flintlock. Alfred's brood don't think they'll ever see their cousins again, but Kelby and Richard's brood know that their cousins are in Flintlock and have insider information on what they're up to at the moment. It's all pretty complicated so I can explain more in detail to anybody if they wish to adopt one of the family!!

So yeah that's it. Feel free to reply here, PM me or hmu on discord if you wanna adopt anyone!!

Character Creation / ◜ . GLITTER AND GOLD || STIRLING-MORAY . ◞
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-- ¬ Dominik Charles Stirling-Moray
-- ¬ Thomas Maximus Stirling-Moray
-- ¬ Alfonoso Jack Stirling-Moray
--¬ Franklin Alexander Stirling-Moray
-- ¬ Edmund Theodore Stirling-Moray
-- ¬ Henry Francis Stirling
-- ¬ Ida Marie Stirling

      Three brothers stood at the border, Alfie pursing his lips with furrowed brows as he looked around curiously. Frank stood, hands folded across his chest as he patiently waited for anybody to approach, whilst Dominik stood with an invitation in his hand. When somebody approached, he announced, ❝ Afternoon. We have come from Flintlock Lodge, and we'd like to formally invite Bluestem Prairie to attend our brother's wedding - the marriage of Edmund and Blake. We hope to see you there. ❞

// The wedding ceremony is here!

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Archives / Camp Apocalypse love is drowning in a deep well // invitation .
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      Three brothers stood at the border, Alfie pursing his lips with furrowed brows as he looked around curiously. Frank stood, hands folded across his chest as he patiently waited for anybody to approach, whilst Dominik stood with an invitation in his hand. When somebody approached, he announced, ❝ Afternoon. We have come from Flintlock Lodge, and we'd like to formally invite Camp Apocalypse to attend our brother's wedding - the marriage of Edmund and Blake. We hope to see you there. ❞

// The wedding ceremony is here!

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