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// brief mention of suicide

The snow tended to silence the landscape — the waters stopped running, the leaves were frozen stiff, many creatures were hidden away until the annual thaw. Had Kaleo not been whacking away at the icy lake, he likely would have heard the voice in the distance. It wasn't until the voice was within clear earshot and until the figure approaching him was caught out of the corner of his eye that he ceased his attempts to break the ice. Brown eyes fixed onto the stranger before him; he didn't appear to be actively wielding a weapon. Kaleo wasn't too naturally intimidating — although he was over six feet tall, he possessed a slender figure and warm, inviting eyes.

He knew that the male's first question was one of sarcastic nature, and Leo responded with, "I think I'd call that a suicide mission." He would be dead within minutes in this lake. Kaleo set the stick down onto the floor, gaze immediately darting upward when "the lodge" was mentioned. Brows raised, and he realized that this was the place he was looking for. "The Lodge? As in Flintlock Lodge?" Asked the young adult, wanting to clarify that he was indeed in the right place. "The name's Kaleo."

Two other young men had shown up; it was apparent that they were close. An amused smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he observed the brotherly banter, and it was obvious who the pest of the duo was. Leo was reminded of his own brothers and how they acted similarly while growing up. He gives a look to Edmund, who appears less than patient with his sibling. "Isn't it fun having brothers?" Kaleo did not linger on the subject for long; it was a bit touchy for him. Instead, he moved on to answer Edmund's question, "Yes, a little. I was just hoping to fill up my canteen, but I don't think I'll have much luck." The ice was stubborn and refused to break, and he'd need a hammer or something of greater magnitude to put a dent in the surface.

A young woman had shown up, silent in contrast to the others who had addressed him. Kaleo hadn't paid much attention to her until she offered him a bottle of water, something he had not been expecting. A desperate man would have accepted her gesture, but he instead decided to politely decline. Leo gave a shake of his head and a raise of his hand. "No thank you, miss; I still have some left." It wasn't like he needed water urgently, as his canteen was still about a quarter full, but he had been hoping to refill from the lake. It looked like he wouldn't have to go that route, after all, because either these people were going to kidnap him and keep him prisoner or they were going to offer him water and shelter. They seemed decent enough, but hey, looks could be deceiving.

OOC Discussion / home — plot with leo
« on: March 20, 2020, 04:20:19 PM »
heyo! kaleo is my new boy, his tags are here. in a shellnut, he's a medic who does no harm but takes no shit. he's an introvert, but he's a good friend who will offer you advice when you need it but will also provide a shoulder for you to lean on. leo is steadfast, and i consider him to be an "old soul in a young body"; he is self-assured and definitely no pushover. he's a pleasant person to be around, and even reveals his more goofy side when he gets close to someone.

open to:
— friends ; depends on the chemistry but generally if you're a decent person then you can make friends with him
— frenemies ; maybe someone that annoys him or always picks arguments with him but he'll still save their ass if they're in trouble... u feel
— enemies ; not very likely tbh? unless you're a total douche and / or hurt someone he cares about . he will prob be passive-aggressive rather than straight-up aggressive , he's not the type to instigate .
— crushes ( on him )
— mutual crushes / long-term relationships ; a lil picky abt this , as i am with all of my character's relationships lol . i'd like for this to come more naturally through ic development and chemistry as he's not a person to fall in love very easily .
— him treating your character's injuries
— teaching your character first-aid
— taking someone younger under his wing / apprentice ??

closed to:
— children / adopting children
— maim / kill

« on: March 20, 2020, 04:07:20 PM »
CHARACTER NAME: Kaleo Williams
RANK: Medic
RELATED SKILLS: CPR, basic first-aid knowledge, treating wounds, fractured bones, burns, dislocated joints, sprains & strains, bleeding, medicine & remedies

Flintlock Lodge / nothing's gonna change my world — o , joining
« on: March 20, 2020, 03:59:16 PM »
Solid steps crunched against the snowy floor. Ice clung onto the sides of his boots, like kinetic sand to a horseshoe magnet. Chocolate colored eyes scanned the powdered landscape; it was silent and still, save for the occasional tweet of a lone bird. This place wasn't too bad as far as conditions went; at least not to him, as he had grown up in the snowblown midwestern states. However, it wasn't too pleasant without a shelter or a crackling fire to keep himself warm. His build wasn't a huge help — the 6'1" moderately skinny male with little bodily fat was lucky to have an insulated jacket with a fuzzy hoodie. He would've frozen to death had he been exposed against the elements.

Kaleo had to find this place soon, the one he had heard so much about. He had wound up beside a frozen lake, with the pale sunlight shimmering over its solid surface. Perhaps if he could break the ice, he could retrieve some ice water and possibly catch an unsuspecting fish? That was only if he was lucky, though. The man knelt down and retrieved a large stick that was laying nearby — he would not dare try to break with his foot; if icy waters infiltrated his shoes and socks then he would get frostbite for sure. He then began to hit the surface of the lake with blunt force, hoping to create a hole big enough for him to dip his canteen into.

Character Creation / down and out — kaleo williams
« on: March 20, 2020, 10:54:06 AM »
— kaleo lee williams / "leo" / cisgender male / he, him pronouns
— twenty seven years old / born may 30th / ages at roleplayer's discretion
— bisexual / not actively looking? / single
. ❜ doesn't fall at first sight , definitely needs trust and a connection to form a romantic interest .
— hanale williams x vivianne williams
. ❜ the middle child of four
— member of flintlock lodge / medic of the medicine branch
. ❜ loyal to himself & those he trusts

— faceclaim is keanu reeves
— a "mutt" ; mostly native hawaiian , portuguese , and english
— 6'1" and 185 pounds , has an average build and a little bit of muscle . his biceps are mildly developed , and he has slightly visible abs on his torso . he has fair skin and brown eyes . he has short to medium length hair .
. ❜ CLOTHING: anything casual. sneakers , tees , hoodies , jackets , jeans .

— introverted at heart , although he isn't shy about social interactions . he just needs his space and time to recharge his batteries .
— loyal , a good friend and trustworthy confidant . a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear . he is honest and will offer you advice if you need it , but will also cheer you up as well .
— steadfast and unwavering . hardworking . a man who knows who he is , and keeps any insecurities buried within . an old soul in a young body ; educated and is knowledgeable .
— a healer , but not a pacifist . he knows basic self-defense and will hold his own in a fight if it comes down to it .
— a genuinely pleasant person to be around . kind and considerate , though he isn't afraid to poke fun at others if he believes they won't take offense to it . tends to show his more playful and jokester side when he gets close to someone .
— argumentative , but only in rare situations . protective to a fault , and may come off as bossy and stubborn .

— strength: 8; perception: 9; endurance: 8.5; charisma: 7.5; intelligence: 9; agility: 7; luck: 6
. ❜ has basic self-defense training . doesn't prefer to fight dirty or with weapons .
. ❜ likely won't kill . will show mercy . doesn't usually start fights . might end fights ?
— 75/100 physical defense / 90/100 psychological defense / 85/100 short-term recovery
. ❜  nonviolent or peaceful actions may be powerplayed .

— misc

« on: February 24, 2020, 12:17:10 AM »
— brandon james cooper / "cooper" / cisgender male / he, him pronouns
— twenty years old / born august twentieth / ages at roleplayer's discretion
— heteroflexible / not actively looking? / single
— leah cooper x mark cooper / only child
— tnw / member of [group]

— faceclaim is jack harries
— 5'11" and 170 pounds, on the skinnier side but still has a bit of muscle. he has fair skin with a few freckles here and there. his eyes are a greenish hazel color. he has short dark brown hair that is usually combed over or loose.
— CLOTHING: boots, sneakers, tees, hoodies, sometimes beanies.

— brandon is generally an optimistic person. he is known to be very friendly and encourages others to be their best selves.
— he likes to challenge himself and push his limits. he's athletic and engages in physical activity when he can
— he's protective over his friends and family, and knows when to stand up for himself or others, but he prefers to avoid confrontation.
— brandon is loyal to the ones he loves, there is no doubt about that. whether as a friend or a partner, he will always put your needs first and look out for you.
— brandon is, in a sense, an ambivert. he isn't afraid to express himself, nor is he afraid to socialize and make friends, but he has no problem staying home in bed with a warm cup of coffee.
— if you get close with him, he may be comfortable with opening up to you about his deepest feelings. he is sensitive and definitely has his vulnerable moments, so if you are willing to be a shoulder to cry on, then he will no doubt do the same for you.

—  strength: 7.5; perception: 7; endurance: 6.5; charisma: 8; intelligence: 9; agility: 6.5; luck: 6
—  no formal combat training. prefers to fight with fists instead of weapons.
—  won't kill. will mercy. doesn't usually start fights.
—  45/100 physical defense / 70/100 psychological defense / 75/100 short-term recovery
—  nonviolent or peaceful actions may be powerplayed.

—  misc

FULL NAME dominic adrian belrose
ZODIAC virgo
GENDER cis male
SEXUALITY bicurious
PLACE OF BIRTH boston, massachusetts
OCCUPATION(S) moody teenager, vigilante
WEIGHT 154 lbs
HAIR COLOR dark brown
EYE COLOR silver-blue
ALIGNMENT true neutral
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN english, bits of spanish
FULL PERSONALITY upon first meeting dominic, most will find that he is not the chattiest of characters. normally, he is calm and level-headed, and is very intelligent for his age. this is not to say that he doesn't have childish tendencies; he is still trying to reign control over his emotions and make sense of the world. there are times when he loosens up and feels like a normal kid, but those moments are seldom for the independent youth.

he has a love for learning, whether it's reading, writing or learning self-defense. he wants to gather all the information he can about anything and everything so that he can better observe and analyze certain situations. dominic is an active learner and listener, and enjoys being taught lessons about life. he silently reveres certain folks that are older than him, and naturally looks for mentors to guide him.

dominic is also extremely loyal to those that are close to him, whether it be family, friends, or his clan. he wants to do everything he can to protect and defend them from harm, and will go great lengths to do so. because of this, he is often wary and distrusting of strangers, especially those who are intimidating, pose an obvious threat, or are a known enemy. deep down, he cares about so many people, even if he may have an outer-shell.

at times, he can be very stubborn and tends to jump to argumentation instead of calmly talking things out. he has a bit of a temper and gets frustrated easily, especially under pressure, but he truly means well. he can just be a bit blunt, and although he (usually) doesn't mean to offend, he can let things slip past his mouth. dominic is still learning how to express sympathy and handle more deeper situations, so his attempts at apologies or simply comforting someone else may be a little awkward (although genuine).

DIFFICULTY medium mental difficulty / medium physical difficulty
WILL . . . start fights if necessary / end fights / show mercy
— some stuff goes here!

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