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Human Roleplay / [buttercup] P
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:09:59 PM »
viola                                              19   
- a big lesbian
- will fight u
- looks cute but she packs a punch
- shes a health freak
- middle name was her mothers first name
- her mother died when she was born so she never really met her but her dad told her a bunch of stories and she knows she wouldve loved her
- wears a little necklace with a crystal on the end that was her mothers. her father gave it to her as a wedding present so it means a lot
- has an axolotl and a corgi
- named happy and stumps
- eats fruits like theyre going out of style
- wip wip wip wip
made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:23:12 PM »
-20 moons

let yourself free
- this scrolls


blossomnose beamed at the medicine cat for a moment. then she remembered she was supposed to be in pain so she forced a pained expression and shook her paw a little as if it were really bothering her. she wasn't very convincing, though. she was a pretty bad actor.

she almost felt bad as honeybelly scrambled for some herbs. "w-well its not...that bad." she said quietly, watching as the molly came up to her to examine her paw. she gave a little smile, and if she could she'd be sweating. one day honeybellys gonna smack her upside the head for making her worry so much. if today wasn't the day, at least.

"ah, well it might have fallen out?" she tried, averting her gaze to look at the herbs laid about the den. she liked it in here, it smelled nice and it was always so soothing to just chat with the other molly. even when ivytuft was here and they had to keep everything on the down low. she paused for a while before heaving a dramatic sigh and plopping onto the floor on her side.

"alright, fine, i just wanted to visit." she giggled, laying down to get comfortable and glancing over her shoulder to make sure briarkit wasn't getting into too much trouble. "sorry for making you worry though. i guess its turned into a habit at this point." she teased, lazily flicking her tail as she heard some whispering about her taking up the medicine cats valuable time.

she ignored that, and stood. stretching out her muscles with an overly dramatic groan and walking over to the white-ginger cat. "need some help?"

made by zenith

Human Roleplay / Re: his mind is in a different place // P
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:40:42 PM »
why did marcus agree to this again? he was in no way a party person. hed been to a couple, sure, but he always left early. the last time he went someone spilled their drink on him. before that, he drank too much and puked all over his friends coat. christian was not happy about having to carry him home with vomit on his clothes.

that was a wild time.

maybe he just wouldnt drink. he'd drink water and stay close to vessie and maybe everything wouldn't turn into a disaster. yeah! being an introvert always worked out for marcus so thats what hes gonna go with.

now to try and get an outfit together. which he'd been trying to do for the past hour. he even asked aubrey what to wear but she was no help.

he laid out a nice dress shirt and some black jeans, and a pretty cool yellow sweatshirt with some cats on it, and some shorts. that was his favourite outfit but was it too underdressed for a party? how do you even dress at a party with a bunch of people you dont know?

maybe he should invite a friend.

wait, no, that'd be a bad idea he was supposed to be going to hang out with vessie. he did want to get to know the strange man better. he was interesting.

why was he even dwelling on his clothing choice?

he grabbed the sweatshirt and shorts and quickly changed into them before checking himself in his mirror. yeah, he looked fine. what was he so scared about?

"mr. gray you are looking like a SNACK!" he yelled to himself in his mirror, striking a pose.

He heard a faint groan from his sisters in the next room. Probably making fun of him. Oh well.

He grabbed his wallet, making sure he had everything he might need before walking downstairs just in time to meet his mother, currently stirring noodles for dinner.

"Hey ma, i'm not gonna be here for dinner. I'm going to a party."

that made her stop in her tracks and stare at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

"yeah, yeah" he hummed, waving his hand. "i know, i'll be fine dont worry about it. see ya later."

walking out the door and programming the address into his phone, he hopped into his old beat up jeep and began the surprisingly short journey to the parties location.

he sat in his car with it off for about 10 minutes, debating on going inside. he didnt even know if vessie was here yet and he wouldn't know anybody else here.

wow thats a lot of people.

"you're a strong independent man marcus. you can do this!" he gave himself a little pep talk before exiting his car and locking the doors, shoving his keys and wallet into his pocket and heading for the front door.

made by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / eine kleine [P]
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:01:31 PM »

step out into the sun
title from this song
- 10 MOONS

- overly optimistic
- naive
- energetic
- baby girl baby
- obsessed with flowers
- would be that one kid that wears flower crowns every day
- pure gal
- ppl think shes very annoying
- since shes so energetic + excited
- she bottles up negative emotions
- so nobody has every rly seen her angry or sad
- eventually itll be too much and shell just start angry crying
- is very interested in little things
- shes super curious
- "whats this bug called? how about that animal? this tree is nice!"
- loves climbing trees
- she likes to just sit in the branches and watch everything.
- it helps her calm down when she gets too worked up
- wip wip wip wip wip

Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:16:02 AM »

really, blossomnose just wanted some sleep. what with briarkit being unable to sleep at night with unfamiliar cats around him and finally, when he does go to bed, he only wakes up a few hours later. blossomnose had gotten maybe an hour or so of sleep. she was exhausted.

"mama! mama! i'm hungry!" briarkits voice rang out, and blossomnose wanted to groan at that. so she wasn't getting any more sleep until he finally passed out from having so much energy all of the time. she stood and stretched her aching muscles, "alright briarkit, come on" she hummed, trotting out of the nursery with briarkit tumbling after her paws, batting at her thin tail.

the queen picked out a decent sized bird, ignoring the whispers about how this wasn't her kittypet home and she needed to be considerate.

she had a kitten to feed, she can take whatever she wants!

placing the bird at briarkits paws, she didn't even have to tell him to eat it. he attacked the bird with such ferocity you'd think hes never eaten a bird before. that made blossomnose purr a bit, smiling wide as she watched her kit devour a bird that was almost bigger than he was.

when he finished about half of it he pushed it towards Blossomnose, smiling up at her and Blossomnose wondered how she got such an amazing kit.

She ate the rest of the bird before licking her maw and staring down at Briarkit, who stood there for a whole 2 seconds before sprinting away to play with the apprentices. They accepted him easily. The only problem was the older cats.

The siamese tabby stood, stretching once more before heading towards the medicine cat den and sitting, lifting her paw as if it was injured. "I think i have a thorn in my paw" She lied, wiggling the lifted paw and licking it as if she was really injured.
created by zenith

Fandom Roleplay / Re: our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:25:06 PM »

Fandom Roleplay / our loves the only thing that could matter [p]
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:23:12 PM »
- queen
- former kittypet
- born in leaf-fall

- shy when talking to new ppl
- gets rly excited rly easily
- loves the simple things in life.
- trees? little flowers? incests? loves em
- a lot of things r rly new to her since she wasnt allowed out
- is happy briars growing up in a social place
- ppl dont rly like her tho
- since she was born a kittypet
- shes pretty sarcastic
- rly kind tho
- she talks to insects
- bisexual baby
- shes rly insecure
- also sad
- one day she got out of her house
- because she wanted to know what it was like
- she found a stray named manny
- she got out whenever she could to see him
- she was living with her parents and sister
- her father was allowed out of the house
- he got hit by a car and died, one day
- and then her mother died of a broken heart
- her sister was adopted out
- just as she found out she was pregnant
- because of that her owners abandoned her
- she went to see manny but figured out that he was cheating on her with multiple others
- so she wandered into the forest
- found a little den to have her kits in
- she had 2 kits, but the runt died
- she was malnourished at the time, so she thinks thats why
- she named the kits lily and briar
- a couple moons of scrounging for food and her and briar were found
- the clan took her to spottedstar, and she was soon accepted into the clan
- a lot of the cats didnt like it tho
- she has a feathery tail
- and big, round eyes
- shes just a ball of fur shes very round
- thick, short fur



Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:25:18 PM »
darling, im lost.
i heard you whispering,
that night in fountain square.
the trash filled streets,
made me wish,
we were headed home.

heron felt like her paws were gonna fall off. and she was not being dramatic even a bit.

they were throbbing and probably bleeding. how long had they even been walking? it could have been a few hours. but also a few days. she lost track.

shed also lost track of where they were going. multiple times. theyd gotten lost like twice. and now the forest was getting less dense and she was ready to admit defeat.

really, were they even sure that swiftclaw could help their mother? he may know a lot about herbs but hes no healer.

should they have just accepted the clans help? did she make a big, fatal mistake in refusing? her heart dropped at that thought.

was she about to kill their mother by being so stubborn?

just as she was about to admit she was wrong and they should turn back, a big, red building came into view.

a barn.

"crow" she breathed, looking to her brother "we're here" finally

she began to walk faster, going into the barn and standing in the doorway.

she could smell a few cats, but none of them really stuck out to her. and she didnt see any of them. maybe they were hiding?

just then a big brown tomcat jumped down from the loft and hissed at the siblings.

herons first reaction was to yelp and rear back, claws extended.

"who are you? what do you want?" he roared, sending chills down herons spine.

"not you i hope" she grumbled "we're looking for swiftclaw.

the tom paused, and walked away. he was gone for a few minutes. or long enough for heron to step inside and sit, getting comfy and grooming crows fur to pick out all of the nasty burrs that made their way into his wild mess of black fluff.

that had become a sort of coping skill, when her anxiety was through the roof.

soon, though, a cat walked out from up in the loft and heron felt her heart drop.

she really did look like him.

did she always have a menacing stare like that, too? or did he just recognize them and want them gone?

Human Roleplay / Re: his mind is in a different place // P
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:59:02 PM »
marcus smiled as he watched vessie interact with the kids.

they were cute. marcus liked kids, they were so energetic and happy all of the time. it was a nice change of pace to his slow household.

he snickered a bit at the 'they play too rough' comment. he remembered when tanna and brooke were little kids. they would come home all the time with scraped knees and cuts from roughhousing too much. it was a fond memory, actually. he missed having them depend on them.

now the twins just like ganging up on him. a change of pace would be nice.

marcus' nose scrunched up as vessie hummed sexy man, letting out a little snorting laugh "thanks, you're not too bad yourself." he joked. "joked".

he perked up at the sound of work, "oh? what do you do?" he smiled wide. "i work at a flower shop because, as aubrey says, 'i have a plant kink'" he snorted. it wasnt a very good job and it didnt make him much money. but he enjoyed it.

when he was a little kid he went into ballet, and since then he'd been hooked on dancing. he wanted to make that his job for awhile, but couldn't find any way to do it so he just got a job at a flower shop. it made him just as happy, anyways.

"yeah, you should. dont let that get infected. might have to cut your leg off!" he took a long pause before grunting "dont pick at it you heathen, youll make it worse!"

yeah, maybe he should look into taking care of kids more often. he was beginning to sound like his mother.

marcus hummed at vessies question, rocking back onto his heels a bit to look at vessie a bit better. yeah, he wanted to meet up with this strange man again. without being called little. "i'm not that little." he pouted, looking down at his feet. was he that short?

"you dont have to pay me back but i'd like to hang out again! how about tonight? im not doing anythingpracticeractise is over. you pick what we do, im not picky." he smiled wide.

made by zenith

Character Creation / Re: strawberries and cigarettes ✭ character dump
« on: December 28, 2018, 02:14:37 PM »
name heron -> herontail
age 8-12 moons
gender cis fem
pronouns she/her
sexuality she thinks shes straight but hahahaa
rank loner -> apprentice
― family: crow[brother], raven(cloud)[mother], swiftclaw[father]
― shes really really gay
― she just doesn't know it yet
― "oh i dont love applepaw shes just rly nice"
― yeah, sure heron.
― literally the embodiment of anger
― petty
― nightmares + ptsd
― like excessive ptsd
― probably has some form of depression
― overly protective of crow. hisses at everyone else.
― sour. sweet. gone.
― “people on the internet...r so mean...including me! hehehe!!”
― secretly actually nice but u kno how it is.
― “when will u learn! when will u learn! that ur actions have consequences!”
― “u better watch out...u better watch out.....u better watch out.... u better watch out!!” *progressively more aggressive*
― *boulevard of broken dreams playing in the background*
― a loner. wants to be by herself most of the time.
― would be that one edgy kid that reads conspiracy theories in the corner of the classroom
― also would listen to evanescence 24/7
― literally just edgy
― bottles up her emotions until she bursts
― is either too quiet or too loud when talking. there is no in between.
― absolutely no filter.
― she hates most ppl. loves crow tho.
― never once called raven mom. always called her 'raven' or 'ravencloud'.
― hates water + getting wet.
― but for some reason, she loves the sound of rain?
― just not thunder. shes scared of thunder.
― "heron u suck" "really mom? u swallow."
― *running in the middle of the road* "HiT mE!!! hIt Me WiTh YoUr CaR!!!!!"
― shes gonna be super aggressive towards the clan for awhile
― until she has her turning point
― like she wont even cry up intil that point
― itll probably be her talking to apple or crow and they're just like "dude......ur not ok"
― and she just starts ugly sobbing
― also shes gonna refuse a warrior name up until that point
― she'll get super pissy with anyone who asks her if she wants one
― she also doesnt thinkt aht her and crow are gonna actually stay in the clan
― little does she know, shes very wrong
made by zenith

Human Roleplay / his mind is in a different place // P
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:22:27 AM »
marcus really did love dancing, honestly. it was one of the few things he was good at. he'd been dancing since he could walk, and he used to terrify his parents with it when he was younger. they thought he would break something, apparently. and he might have broken a few bones here and there, but it never stopped him.

some people made fun of him for it, when he was still in school, but even that didn't discourage him. he wasn't all too smart, he couldn't draw, his reading skills were subpar. he didn't have too many things he could do well other than dancing, caring for plants, and taking care of kids. he was kind of boring, really.

marcus instinctively leaned back a little as vessie leaned in close, raising a single eyebrow. he laughed though after vessie spoke and quickly leaned away. he covered his mouth in a lame attempt to stop his giggles.

"what? you mean like stripping? you're asking me if I'm a stripper?" he beamed, amused at the thought. sure he'd gotten that question a few times, but never like that. "no, of course not! regular dancing. kid-friendly." he pressed a hand to his chest, "i'm flattered, though. thanks for thinking of me as sexy." he teased.

he bit his lip to force his laughter to die out, looking away for a moment before tipping his head to the side. vessie really did remind him of some kind of animal or a little kid. it was kind of endearing, really.

marcus hummed, looking over at his sister and tapping on his leg a little. "i dance a lot, aubrey doesn't. she just wanted to watch, since we're preparing for a competition." he smirked and looked back up at vessie, "she'd hurt herself if she tried to, anyway." he insisted, before looking behind the man and leaning on his heels again,

"what were you doing?"

made by zenith


Fandom Roleplay / Re: everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:06:42 AM »
ur the smelly one

Fandom Roleplay / everything i've loved has turned to stone // P
« on: November 14, 2018, 12:12:38 AM »
darling, im lost.
i heard you whispering,
that night in fountain square.
the trash filled streets,
made me wish,
we were headed home.

Heron felt like she was gonna puke. Paws trembling as she stared at the cats in front of them.

should they tell them? The other cats tied to kill them for wanting to find swiftclaw! what if these cats were just putting up a kind front and would turn against them in the end?

the little show of comfort from her brother made her jump at first, though she soon pressed against him until he stepped back, grateful for the help in her fit of panic.

she nodded at his response, dark tail wrapping around her paws as she sat next to him, vacant expression turned towards the three clan cats, fur bristling as they stayed silent for a while.

why weren't they talking? should they not have said anything? god, they should just run! why weren't they running?!

"a medic? we have one of those."


Herons gaze turned towards the cat that spoke-the tom. He was staring at the two with interest that made Heron's skin crawl all over. She wanted to run. They shouldn't be here. They almost got killed once today, she wasn't gonna have it happen twice.

"We do, but we shouldn't help some rouges... it's not good for our clan" The big fluffy she-cat smiled sympathetically, "I hope your mother is alright, though"

Heron stared down Froststar with squinted eyes. She was actually being very kind....and not turning on them. Why were they being so kind to a couple of outsiders? "Not your medic, a medic."

She watched the three cats expression turn to confusion. Of course, they'd be confused. But she'd eat maggots before she told them swiftclaw was who they were looking for.


"Nothing...come on Crow, let's go" She muttered, nudging him a bit before flinching away as the little shy apprentice piped up with a "What do you mean by a medic? are you looking for someone?"

Herons nose scrunched up as if she was disgusted, ears flat against her head. "None of your business, little cat." She hissed, dark tail lashing around. No way was she going to tell this cat who they were looking for. Swiftclaw was not liked, that much they knew now. But they needed him. They promised Raven.

"I'm not little! Who are you looking for? We can help!"

"Shut up, we don't need your help"

"Then why'd you ask for a medic?"

Heron stayed silent, and by this time she was facing the little tabby with a grimace. They did need the cats to help. And by the looks on their faces, she could tell the other two didn't like her picking a fight with their friend.

"Well?" Froststar asked, a little annoyed look telling that they weren't backing down.

Heron couldn't run again. But she sure as hell wasn't going down without a fight. "swiftclaw." she stated simply, tensed and ready to fight if these cats were going to attack. she didn't have much practice. mainly tussling with crow when he felt up to it and the little tricks she picked up on while practising on leaves and trees.

The cats all looked very surprised at that, except the small ginger apprentice who just stared back with a confused look. "Whos that?"

"Swiftclaw was a warrior once upon a time"
The tom muttered, "He was....bad." He said dumbly, and Heron scoffed at his lack of vocabulary.

"You two are looking for Swiftclaw specifically....because?"

"He's our dad."

Heron almost backed down from her defensive stance as a look of pity flashed through all of the cat's eyes. She didn't want pity. She just wanted to find Swiftclaw and get their mother better so they could continue on with their boring, pathetic lives.

"Well? do you know where to find him or not?" She spat.

"Ah, yeah...he lives near the twolegplace. in a barn. its big and red, you can't miss it."

Heron wanted to cry of relief. They knew where to go looking now, at least. They didn't have a dumb guess. And these cats weren't going to attack them. or even chase them away. they actually helped a couple of loners.

"Thanks..." The slender molly muttered, before slipping past crow and beginning towards the twolegplace. "come on... let's get out of here as fast as we can..." she almost whispered, head low as she looked over her shoulder to see the three begin to retreat. 

- god of sleep
- symbols are poppy plants and and inverted torches
- can and will make u sleep right where ur standing

mr. sandman, bring me a dream
FULL NAME: reagan sweeney
- Age: 23 years
- Gender: cis male
- Pronouns: masculine

SEXUALITY: bisexual
- Romantic Orientation: panromantic
- Romantic Preference: male leaning
- Relationship Status: single

- Height: 5'11
- Weight: about 160
- Hair Color: brown
- Eye Color: green

- Hobbies: being a lil bitch, sleeping, messing with people, playing with his kitty, being a lil bitch
- Aspirations: doesn't really have any. he just kind of does what he wants and doesnt think about the future.
- Mythology: greek

- super calm + not very collected
- i mean this man is all over the place
- walks with a slouch. very sluggish.
- has a cat named [angel]
- shes his actual baby.
- he loves her more than anything
- he also calls her legs because shes 90% leg. he rarely will call her by her name.
- he works at a coffee shop because he thinks its funny
- "coffee keeps people awake. i put them to sleep. its perfect"
- wakes up at noon and is still tired
- his house is super warm and comfy all the time
- big comfy bed with big fluffy blankets + pillows.
- literally anyones dream bedroom
- he likes his sleep can you blame him?
- he also has the best pjs you can imagine.
- you can walk into his house and immediately feel sleepy because of it
- always needs some type of caffeine to stay awake
- puts people to sleep for the fun of it
- but if you ask him to do it he will stare at you like youre insane
- if u offer him some food or coffee in return he'll do it but otherwise its "then beg."
- eye bags for days
- people call him mr. sandman
- the mr. sandman song is his ringtone
- loves to fucking cuddle
- platonically, romantically, it does not matter cuddle with him
- sore
- basically an old man in his 20s
- sass
- likes to fuck with people but its all in good fun
- he loves his friends almost as much as his cat
- hes just a tired sweetheart that loves cats and chaos

made by zenith

cis male
Full Name- dexter gale

Name Meaning-
dexter - "right-handed, skilled"
gale -  "light, pleasant, merry"

Nickname- dex

Sexual Preference- doesn't really have one

Romantic Preference- fluid

Relationship Status- single

Crush- none

Rank- nurse

Race- human

Zodiac- answer

Alignment- lawful neutral

Faceclaim- shaun haugh

- wip

made by zenith

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