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Spoiler: tags : updated 03/23 • show
✫ vernon jeremiah green // only known as green or greenie
✫ he doesn't introduce himself as vernon
✫ male // he/him
✫ twenty four // ages real time // born twenty first april
✫ leader of northstar district
✫ stepped up as leader - twentieth april 2039

faceclaim - taron egerton
voice claim - taron egerton
✫ family originally comes from llanfairpwllgwyngyll in wales
✫ has a mixed accent with a welsh and american twang
✫ 5'10ft // lean yet well-built from working out
✫ soft blue eyes and dirty blonde hair
✫ physical health - 80%
    ¬ current injuries: he's recovering from a series of unexplained injuries.
✫ mental health - 60%
    ¬ he's currently recovering after a long term traumatic incident where he was being abused.

✫ fundamentally he has a good heart // humble
✫ very assertive // does what he can to benefit northstar
✫ has a good set of morals // cares for people unconditionally
✫ very relaxed and composed with self-assurance and confidence
✫ incredibly complacent and laid back unless he's fighting for his cause
✫ massive daredevil // is very into extreme sports
✫ fearless, stupidly so // doesn't mind risking his own life
✫ generally easy to get on with, it's difficult to dislike him
✫ doesn't think into the future // only thinks about the present
✫ dependable and very loyal to his friends

✫ david green x cassandra griffiths // both are deceased
✫ only child // his biological father died before he was born
✫ green was orphaned when he was nine
✫ fostered by caroline and steve miles
✫ both his foster parents died when green was eleven
✫ his chihuahua and pug, midas and ginnie, are basically his children
✫ doesn't really label his sexuality // comfortable with who he is
✫ formerly dated fallon rude
✫ formerly dated paige montgomery
✫ formerly had a brief fling with winifred maddison
✫ has a daughter named felicity montgomery

storage // playlist // pinterest
✫ physically: medium // mentally: medium
✫ he has a bow and arrow, but tends to use it for recreation
✫ much prefers to run away // is exceptional at parkour
✫ very diplomatic and much prefers mediation rather than fighting
✫ dislikes confrontation yet will fight if need be // not a fan of close-ranged attacks
✫ foster parents taught him self-defense
✫ living on the streets turned him into a good fighter

by artist .

❝ lyrics . ❞

by artist .

❝ lyrics . ❞


relation / song .

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relation / song .

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Green is a natural-born leader, a man full of charisma and passion. He tends to radiate authenticity, concern and altruism when guiding a group of people to work together in order to improve themselves and their community; the kind of person to come across as a spokesperson rather than a dictator. He is naturally confident, unafraid to stand up and speak his mind when he feels like something must be said, even if sometimes this can place him in compromising positions. As a passionate altruist, often to an extreme degree, he appears courageous and firmly loyal when taking slings and arrows whilst standing up for the ideas and people he believes in - even when it is not his fight to win, he will try and take situations into his own hands in order to show his support.

His leadership is selfless in the way he wishes for a brighter future, one where violence should rarely be an option. Instead of dictating, Green prefers subtle encouragement to work together to create a community, one where everybody has the choice to improve themselves rather than feel forced to conform to his ideals. Green finds it natural and particularly easy to communicate with others, and with his empathy he is able to reach every mind, whether it be through logic or pure emotion. He cares deeply about the people in his life, and if forced into grave circumstances, he'd give his life in order to protect them. He is firmly reliable, and he can always be counted on to see it through.

The interest that Green has in people he cares about is genuine; sometimes this is good, but other times it really isn't. When he begins to have faith in somebody, he can very quickly become way too involved in the other person's problems and begin to trust them easily. He thrives off of emotional intimacy with another and in many cases his authenticity and kindness will inspire those they care about to improve themselves. But, on the flip side, Green can also overextend that optimism and kindness. Sometimes he pushes people too far. Sometimes he pushes himself too far, attempts to spread himself too thin until he's left himself vulnerable.

He can take things a little too much to heart. His own sensitivity and morally good attitude towards others can mean that sometimes when he can't help others in the way that he wishes to, he will take things personally and worry that he is not doing enough. He could probably end up killing himself from working himself ragged if it means he can feel like he can remedy a self-made issue. Even though he has lived a life that should have rightfully made him jaded, he is far too trusting of people, which will someday be the cause of his greatest downfall.

Green is particularly vulnerable to taking on far more than he can chew. If he gets involved in another person's plight, he tends to take the issues to heart as if they were his own problems. If he sees a darker quality within a person, he will begin to search in himself and try ❛fix❜ in himself whatever triggered the negativity in the other person, even if it was a quality that hadn't been influenced by Green. He will always try to see fault in himself because he believes that if someone reacts badly to him, its because of a defect in himself rather than in the other person.

Being good with people and generally being quite popular and charming, Green can recognize that listening to other peoples' opinions, even whilst they contradict his own, is important in understanding another person wholly. He loves nothing more than to hear different opinions and analyzing them himself. Although sometimes he appears confident in stating facts, he is able to admit that he doesn't know all the answers and is open to learn from others. From what he does think he knows, however, he will innocently bluff in order to sound more knowledgeable than he really may be.

Academically, he is not smart - he never had the opportunity to attend school and was instead home-schooled; but, since the environment he was in was disorganized, it was difficult for him to learn. Instead, a lot of his intelligence come in the form of interpersonal, intra-personal and bodily-kinesthetic smarts. He is very thoughtful as a person and, with his life experiences, he has grown to not naturally know the ways of the world but have the eagerness and determination to figure it out for himself.

People tend to underestimate Green. With his background as an orphaned child who survived on the street, never quite amounting to anything until he arrived in Northstar District, there was little reason for anybody to see anything in him. He never sounded particularly intelligent when he spoke, unable to read or write very well, and he could come across as somewhat cocky and cheeky; his heart has always been a place where he'd welcome all sorts of people in, making him maybe too lenient, too warm, too vulnerable... It was easy for people to try and take advantage of him, especially when he never came across as much of a threat.

But, the one thing Green does possess is a stubbornness and tenacity to defy opposition. He is capable enough to do so and, in many ways, people tend to tell him that he has a lot of nerve to stand up to so many powerful figureheads. Especially since he does not believe in fighting physically for his rights, it is bold for him to believe that he can talk his way to freedom which, in many cases, he is actually successful in doing. His words are often persuasive, passionate and have sound reasoning. He is rebellious and will tackle opposing ideas which he believes will be detrimental to those he cares about.

This can be seen as very foolish, though. In some cases, he appears valiant and brave, but in other cases he seems far too big for his boots and quite frankly confrontational. He will try and bend rules, not because he is trying to be malicious but because he tries to inadvertently push boundaries to see how far he can take things. With his very boyish and innocently arrogant charm, he often can come across as quite naive and starry-eyed, or even irresponsible. He is so idealistic that sometimes he isn't really realistic about his own goals, yet he is too stubborn to listen if anybody was to tell him so.

He's a known adrenaline junkie and has little regard towards his own safety when he tries to act on the thrill of something dangerous. Extreme sports are his passion despite the risk of death or injury to himself. Even if he is afraid, unless caught totally off guard, he tends to use his own defense mechanism which is slipping into a full bravado mode in order to try and protect himself whilst still appearing to be in control of the situation.

Overall, Green is a charming and confident man with a benevolence that could kill him if placed in the wrong hands. He is hardy yet still sensitive, tough and resilient yet also open to share his own weakness. He sometimes pretends to be more self-assured and knowledgeable than he truly is, yet can also admit gaps in his wisdom. He can be evasive towards issues that he does not quite feel ready to acknowledge, yet also unswerving towards problems even if they throw him off guard. He is someone with a heart of gold and natural ability to lead, but also can sometimes seem like a boy trying to make it big in a man's world.

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/ verh - nihn / jeh - ruh - mai - ah / green /
  • A selfless and benevolent man who defines what it means to have a heart of gold. Confident, self-assured and uses his strong interpersonal influence to do good for the New World. Charismatic and passionate, he is a natural-born leader who radiates authenticity and altruism.
  • Also a defiant and arrogant boy trying to live in a man's world. Almost stupidly gallant and brazen, standing up to even the most powerful of those in the New World with a cocky imprudence. Fearlessness that often overlaps into recklessness.
  • A man whose greatest strengths are also his greatest weaknesses. Kind and caring, yet vulnerable to his heart being used and abused. Sensitive and, after all that he's been through, has been a lot more apprehensive and wary of the world around him. A light than has been shrouded by a darkness, but is on a path of slow recovery.


&. ❝ vernon green ❞ | cisgender male [ he / him ] .
&. twenty four | april 21st ; taurus .
&. currently in northstar district ; guardian [ hp ] .

& .  ambitious || bright || brave || calm || cooperative || considerate || courageous || dedicated || dutiful || empowering || energetic || expressive || friendly || generous || giving || honest || hard-working || jovial || kindhearted || leading || loving || loyal || neat || nice || optimist || patient || peaceful || polite || reliable || responsible || resourceful || skillful || self-confident || supportive || trustworthy || truthful || vibrant
& .  careless || changeable || compulsive || cynical || defiant || dull-witted || eccentric || evasive || foolish || gullible || hyperactive || impatient || indecisive || obsessive || overcritical || oversensitive || rebellious || resentful || spontaneous || stubborn || vague || weak-willed || worrisome

&. [ 5'10ft & 171lbs  ; physical health : 100% ]  [ reference one , reference two ]
& . dirty blonde hair || muted blue/grey eyes || beige complexion || muscular frame

&. [ 1 ] weapon(s) | [ 0 ] armor pieces | [ 1 ] consumables | [ 2 ] aid items | [ 4 ] misc .
↳ he owns a bow and arrow after having learned archery as a child.
↳ green keeps a flask of water with him.
↳ green owns a pack of painkillers and a roll of bandages.
↳ he keeps with him a small camera, a photograph of him and his foster parents, a child's rucksack and a baseball cap which belonged to his foster father.

&. [ 00 ] CRUSH | [ 01 ] "POTENTIAL CRUSHES" | ½ of green x mickey ; " MEENIE "
↳ formerly dated paige montgomery
↳ is the father to paige's daughter, felicity
↳ formerly dated fallon rude
↳ ended their relationship after fearing she may get caught up in mateo's blackmail
↳ had a brief fling with winifred madison
↳ nowadays they are best friends
↳ unaware that he is slowly falling for mickey serge
& . pansexual , panromantic ; monogamous .
↳ is very relaxed and comfortable about his open sexuality
↳ is an only child , but parents originally wanted more children
↳ his biological father, david green died before he was born
↳ his biological mother, cassandra griffiths, died when he was eight
↳ his foster parents then died when he was eleven ; left him to fend for himself on the streets

&.  Difficulty [ PHYSICAL : 7/10 ] ﹠ [ PSYCHOLOGICAL : 8/10 ] | WITH FIREARMS [ medium ] | WITH MELEE WEAPONS [ difficult ] | WITH CLOSE COMBAT [ medium ]
&. Attack in bold #9aad4b | @truce.  | PM for any major plots .
&. Friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .

& . joined northstar district in 2038.
↳ currently the guardian for northstar after leading the revolution
↳ stepped up as leader - twentieth april 2039

◜ i got that sabertooth sharp wit, fat lip, charming as a snake and i bite with a mouth like a sailor. i'm looking real fine and i'm feeling real good, 'bout to break a couple windows when we shake the neighborhood -◞

charming as a snake And I bite with the mouth like a sailor.

— vernon jeremiah green: vernon is originally a Norman surname, meaning "place of alder trees." jeremiah is of Hebrew origin, meaning "the Lord Exalts". green is derived from the Old English "grene," meaning "green," and was most likely first borne by a family who lived in the village green, the center or main square of a region.
— vernon hasn't commonly gone by his first name ever since he became homeless as a teenager. he introduces himself as green or greenie, which is often used interchangeably. for those who know him well, he may have given them permission to call him vernon, vern or simply v.
— green identifies as a male, using he/him pronouns. he does not identify with any particular sexuality as he dislikes labeling himself when he sees his sexuality as being completely fluid. instead, he is gender-blind and is attracted towards people based on how they treat him.
— he is twenty four years old, born on the twenty first april which makes him a taurus.
— green was born in damariscotta, maine where he lived with his widowed mother until she passed away from a terminal cancer when he was eight years old. he moved to Castine, Maine to live with a foster family; this was where his love for the ocean came from as he used to help his foster dad maintain his boats on the pier.
— he currently resides in northstar district where he is currently the group's leader after standing up to the badlands who were occupying the territory at the time.

—  5'10ft & 171lbs. His faceclaim is taron egerton.
reference one || reference two || reference three
— physically, green is not in good shape. he is currently being abused by his deputy where he sustained many blade lacerations across his torso, bruises especially across his abdomen and head, and a very minor graze on his scalp. he has also recently gotten into a fight with the badlands leader, catalyst darrow, where he sustained a handful of cuts and bruises, especially across his facial features. in addition, he was then punched by his ex-girlfriend, paige montgomery where she bust his lip. mentally, he is not in a good place, either. although, mentally, he is very hardy, there are slow cracks forming in his psyche. he is incredibly humiliated by the situation he's found himself in, and he feels incredibly violated which does not help with his crumbling self-esteem. afraid of the blackmail he's received, he feels helpless and weak and he's beginning to hate himself for it. out of fear, he's withdrawn himself from all of his loved ones, and so he feels very lonesome.

— positive traits
— neutral traits
— negative traits
— headcanons

— brief history

Character Creation / Re: ◜ . anarchist ┊ vernon green . ◞
« on: October 14, 2019, 06:57:15 AM »

❝ We are taking back our city. Do you know what that means, Cat? ❞

❝ Oh, my Days. ❞

❝ You know my friend thinks you're cute. ❞
❝ Oh yeah? Which friend would that be? If it's Midas then I'm very flattered. ❞
❝ Midas? Oh, no... Well I mean - yes - Midas loves you, but - It's me. I'm the friend. ❞

❝ I hope these ghosts are friendly, though. I don't want to get into any ghost arguments or ghost fights. ❞

❝ I don't think we'll end up in the Bermuda triangle. Don't you worry. If we do, we probably won't be alive long enough to even realize. ❞

❝ It would be cool, wouldn't it? Maybe one day trains will start working as they did before. I hear Australia have loads of kangaroos. Weird looking things. ❞

❝ Oh yeah, it's way too hot today. You know it's bad when you even begin to feel a bit sluggish - the heat just drains me of energy. ❞

❝ Over there. There are - uh - are benches over there to, like, sit on to rest up. Expect to see us at the wedding. Jazz, would you mind showing them the... them the benches? Yeah- ❞

❝ I feel afraid sometimes- of what would happen if I just hopped on this boat now and sailed away... I think it's what's stopping me from just biting the bullet and going out to explore the seas. ❞

❝ That sounds like one funky recipe. ❞

❝ I didn’t take you for a singer; you’re pretty good at it, too. ❞
❝ You’re just saying that. ❞
❝ I don't just say things. ❞
❝ ... Thanks, then. ❞

❝ Hmm, a funny route back home but I’ll take it. ❞

❝ You don’t have to leave Bluestem or anything… But we do offer a duel alliance, y’know? I just…‌‌ I’ve missed you. And yes, I'm suggesting you look into it. Why wouldn't I? ❞

❝ And I'm Greenie... Or just Green, like the grass on the other side. ❞

❝ Holy hell Gus, is that really you?! ❞

❝ You see... I'm riddled with cancer - Well that's what the doctor up in Saint Louis said to me. Said I got weeks to live, if that. ❞
❝ Shit... Gus. ❞
❝ Don't be sad, Vernon, you dumb ass! I'm seventy six, it's a surprise that I've not kicked the bucket sooner! ❞
❝ Oh. ❞

❝ I suppose you right, old man. ❞

❝ Hey, I think she likes me. ❞
❝ Yeah, well she likes everyone. You ain't special. ❞

❝ Ohh, lookin' good Gus! ❞
❝ You know, I've never worn something so expensive! ❞
❝ And look at you... So dapper, man! ❞

❝ Oh she's quick for a pug. ❞
❝ The hell you know about pugs?! ❞
❝ Dunno... Usually pretty round. ❞

❝ What's the meeting about, Lime-Face? ❞
❝ Lime-face? That's a new one. ❞

❝ Yeah, good prank. It was funny - really. Good job, mate. ❞

❝ Your nerve never fails to impress me. ❞
❝ I'm just here to do business with you, Cat. ❞

❝ I - uh - my foster parents got me into archery. They wanted me to channel all that childlike frustration into something useful. ❞

❝ I really care about you, enough to want to support you through this... Don't you ever feel like you don't have a friend in me - because you do. I'll always be here for you. ❞

❝ Laugh? Nah, that'd be a dick move. ❞

❝ You've been through hell and back - hell and back - but Mateo there did too, so don't you dare make things worse for him. You understand? Do you understand me?! ❞

❝ Go for it! Yes, Mickey! ❞

❝ Look. All I'm tryna say is... I'm here for you. The last thing I ever want to find out is that you're in a dark place and you've not approached me for support, because all I want is to be able to help you through this. So... If you're up at 3am thinking that you can't do it... Come. To. Me. It's no hassle on my end. ❞

❝ So you... lived. In the shed. Is that what I'm hearing? ❞

❝ Oh, shit. Was that a shark? ❞

❝ Those are dolphins. They have - like - a single nostril on the top of their heads to breathe. Isn't that so cool? ❞

❝ Fuck-in' hell! Oh my God - I'm sorry. Thought you was a ghost or something. ❞

❝ You make a mean fire... Hmm, guess I should practice more then. Whenever I try starting fires I just get a waft of smoke in my face. ❞

❝ Listen - you made the right decision to come here. Whatever accusations people have made against you mean nothing here; you didn't do it. I know. And, it's my duty to make sure you feel safe and happy here. Nobody can get to you now, okay? ❞

❝ I don't kill people! ❞

❝ Bullshit ❞
❝ No. What's bullshit is that fact that you believe all that, and still after all these years have been going after the wrong guy. That isn't evidence, that's a fucking rum- ❞

❝ Do you believe in fate? I don't really know what to believe in sometimes, but it almost sounds like a twist of fate. ❞

❝ Fuckin' hell, a sweater for Sancho? Sounds like a plan; I'm open for commissions. ❞

❝ I think there's just a lot to think about, I guess... All that's happening in my personal life, as well as trying to juggle everything back home. I sometimes feel like I can't be Green, Northstar's Guardian, and Green the human being at the same time, you get what I mean? ❞

❝ My parents died. Twice. ❞

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