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Private Threads / The Lodge The kind type [P; Michael]
« on: July 18, 2019, 09:20:26 PM »
@Bryne I'm so sorry that this is a lame starter

Katelyn had been here for about two months now. She liked it here. It was nice and quiet most days. Though, she wished she had gotten to know the people here better. The girl had forced herself to work day and night to pull her weight. In fear that they would throw her out for some random reason. It was a dumb fear but it felt real. But now that she had settled in for a bit, it felt like she could relax a bit. Everyone needed a day off right?

She felt a little awkward to wonder around with no real purpose. But she doubted anyone cared enough to actually ask what she was up to. Her hair was typed up into a messy bun and her hands were shoved into her pockets. She no longer got lost around here and actually had a spot in mind to chill for a bit. The lodge exterior has a nice spot to sit outside and she planned on using it. Pulling up a chair towards the railing and sitting down. She simple began to stare out into the distance. It felt a little weird to stare into nothingness but no one was watching so it wasn't a problem. Katelyn rubbed her tired eyes before releasing a sigh. ""

OOC Discussion / Re: don't know how to word this | plot with katelyn
« on: July 18, 2019, 02:41:21 PM »
Okay! I can make the two threads then?

Flintlock Lodge / Re: egg's guide to minecraft — open
« on: July 18, 2019, 02:40:32 PM »
Katelyn couldn't remember the last time she cooked a proper meal. Unless slow roasting something over a fire in the middle of nowhere counted. She liked the idea of cooking or even baking. It sounded nice to take time to make something good to it. Even better if you have someone to share it with. But that was the idealist part of her talking. Kate was so use to getting by that she never really took the time to go out of the way for something better. Now she was able to? She wasn't sure where to start though.

The twenty year old had slipped into the kitchen in search of some water. Since she wanted to hydrate before getting back to work. Though, she wasn't sure what she would be working on today. Maybe she could try and help clean up around the place? Her eyes briefly look over the other two before looking away. It felt awkward to live with others, even more so because she never really talked with any of them. But she did her part around here, so that was good enough right?

Swallowing hard, she brushes her hand up and down her arm in a shy juster. "Good morning." she breathes out, not wanting to just be some quiet girl who ignores everyone. Because she wasn't trying to ignore them. That was when she noticed the rooster. Her eyes lit up a bit more and a smile ghosts over her appearance. "Does the rooster have a name?" she asks, stepping a bit more into the kitchen.

OOC Discussion / Re: don't know how to word this | plot with katelyn
« on: July 18, 2019, 12:52:32 PM »
I'm still down! tho my own activity is
not always there
that's okay! I can be pretty slow at replying but there's no need to rush ya know?
are you still good with the plots we talked about before or do you wanna do something different?

OOC Discussion / Re: don't know how to word this | plot with katelyn
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:50:48 PM »
finally back to activity! please let me know if you are still down to plot with this girl or get some kind of interaction

Flintlock Lodge / Re:  what a night \\ open, chores
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:25:00 PM »
Kate never really minded doing small tasks around her home. Back when she was just living in a small house in a dead city. Now she had this whole lodge to call home. Which was pretty cool in her book. So the young adult made her way over with a shy smile. It still felt awkward wondering around here but she was an awkward kind of gal. "I would like to help out to, if there is anything left for me to do." she said, wondering what she would be tasked to do.

« on: July 17, 2019, 02:56:38 PM »
*busts down door* i smell a fire!

Katelyn has been keeping to herself to say the least. Not really getting to know everyone like she once promised herself to do. But still helping out in her own way. By hunting and fishing and even teaching a few things about herbs here and there. The girl made her way in for the meeting. Taking a spot in the back to listen up. ""

Eeee. She was allowed to these things, right? Katelyn had joined right after this shootout thing. So, she understood if some found her to be bad with the strange timing. But the girl was doing her best to do her part around here. From hunting some small animals and even teaching a couple how to make traps. Still, she would understand if she wasn't fully welcomed yet. The girl entered this little meeting and looked around. Feeling a little nervous and unsure how everyone felt about her. Katelyn found an empty spot to sit down by herself, looking to Hayley. How did these meetings usually go? ""

Flintlock Lodge / lingering feelings [Open]
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:42:25 PM »
TW: hunting animals, paranoia

It had been about two weeks since she joined this place. She was now clean of dirt and dried blood. Her cute was all healed and the girl was no longer starving. Katelyn was still getting her feel for the place, hearing the stories of a shootout. This place was safe, right? Everyone here seemed friendly enough, but she was worried about this shootout. Would the group who did this to them be back? The girl wasn't sure if she could handle something like that. She hardly knew how to shoot a gun. Most of her fighting skills came with a knife. Gun vs knife didn't sound like a good idea to her. Fingers traced over a bullet hole in the wall. Coming out of her thoughts to look around at the beautiful view.

Growing up in the city, there was no view like this. Katelyn rubbed her tired eyes as she stretched out. Giving her back a satisfying pop and crack. Tying her hair up into a bun as she stepped off the porch of the lodge. Katelyn wasn't exactly sure what to do around here but she wanted to do her part. So, she thought about looking around for some supplies. Making she could make do with a make shift fishing pole. Was the water too cold for the fish still? The girl thought about trying to find some sticks and string for some animal traps. Catching a rabbit or two would be nice. Skipping off onto the path, she gave a pebble a little kick. Watching it tumble down the path in front of her. The girl took the jacket from her waist and slipped it on. Heading into the woods that surrounded this place.

She then began to collect some of the stronger looking twigs that were scattered over the ground. Katelyn found a nice little spot to set up her trap. Tying the sticks together with some spare string, that had been used over and over. It was probably close to breaking after another two uses. Making a little cage with one side open. Katelyn used the rest of the string to hang it up with a piece of bread on the end of it. This way, whatever was attacked to the bread. Would become trapped in the wooden cage. It wouldn't hold the creature forever but the girl was counting on being lucky. Once everything was set up, the girl moved back the way she came.

The familiar feeling of something watching her began. Looking behind her, she didn't see anyone hiding in the forest. Her fingers traced the handle of the knife before she continued her way back to the lodge. Paranoia was a bitch. But it was something she was well use to. Something that was normal for someone who was on their own. For what? A year? Coming out of the forest, she felt better. Strange how the forest was so familiar but terrifying all the same. ""

// this post is a mess lol i'm sorry

quick tags

Heart chart / Opinions;


history; tw: mentions of abuse (emotional, physical, and domestic), drugs, violence, depression, insanity, death, murder, child death, suicide

short version; Born November 26 2017, day later the power went out. Now, 20 year old, Katelyn has been living on her own since the beginning. Being put up for adoption and ending up in a group home which fell apart a couple of years after the first black out. She ended up with a group who traveled around, trying to make it in this new world. But members began to leave and others turned chaotic. Before things got worse, the girl decided to dip out of there. Which brought her to Flintlock Lodge, where she now lives.

long version; November 26 2017 to 2024 (Brith to 7)
Born November 26 2017, a day later the power went out. Katelyn was placed up for adoption shortly after her birth. By the time she was 5, no one had given her a chance. Till a group home, ran by Dan and Willow Scharn, took her in. The married couple took in the younger kids in the system. Ranging from 4 to 10. Katelyn grew up without power but in a home. Living with three other kids in the beginning but ended with six other kids. The group home had a hard time keeping everyone fed. The kids would work in the garden and help around the house. But the strain of the world changing and the struggles got to the adults a lot. When Katelyn was 7, she witness Willow slowly loose themselves over two years. One day, in the madness of the house hold, Willow took a gun and shot up the house in the middle of the night before ending their life. With some luck, Katelyn and two other kids had snuck out early that night to stargaze on the roof top. The three kids packed up their stuff and lit the home on fire before leaving.
2024 to 2025 (3 months later)
Katelyn has been traveling with the two other kids. Twins, Riley and Trixy, who were 10 years old at the time. The three didn’t get very far from their original home, when a group found them. This group didn’t have a fixed name, but it was lead by Yana. A middle aged women with a wicked sense of justice. The kids were taken in and told to earn their keep.
2025 to 2033 (7 to 15)
Katelyn, Riley, and Trixy all stayed with that group. Working to earn their keep. From searching the area for food, learning to fish and hunt, and find other useful things. Once the twins reached the age of 13, they would be taught to rob other groups. Shortly after learning how to rob people, Riley came back alone. Katelyn and Riley made a grave for Trixy on the road side. Riley never spoke about the death of their twin, but Kate always felt something wrong about it. By the time she was 15, she could tell things in the group weren’t going to well. Yana was beginning to push the group as things got tough. Causing them to be reckless and loosing a lot of members. In order to survive, Yana made a deal with a larger group. But payment was half of everything.
2033 to 2037 (15 to 19)
Yana had been silenced from the other group, who sent one of their members to take over. Ian. A truly sick man who did whatever he wanted when he wanted. Along with his man who terrorize everyone but mostly the women. Riley, who was only 18, was one of the first victims of their “fun” nights. Katelyn later learned that it was suppose to be her but Riley had stepped in. She never forgive herself and shortly after burying her friend, she made plans to get out of here. A man by the name of Oscar promised Katelyn that he would help her. He was in with the men of the group and could keep her safe. By the time she was 17, the two teens were dating. Katelyn put her whole trust in them. They both worked to build up supplies and make plans on where to go. Close to a year later, they were ready to go. Oscar lead Kate to the outskirts of the group. He then revealed that taking her and killing her would give him a promotion. In the tussle, Katelyn tried to escape without killing him till he revealed he would just find “another bitch” to kill. So she ended his life that night and ran away.
2037 to 2037 (1 month later)
Katelyn returned to the group a month later in the middle of the night. She set fire to the camp and help released those held against their will. The girl then took off into the forest.
2037 to 2038 (19 to 20)
Now, 20 years old, Katelyn has been on her own for about a year. Seeing another person here and there. Sometimes making trades and sometimes avoiding being robbed. The girl wondered about on her own before she came across the Flintlock lodge.


Flintlock Lodge / never heard you shout before [Open; w/ Santos]
« on: May 18, 2019, 01:45:43 PM »
@SANTOS // sorry if this is lame lol
// also kate walks into santos's room but people are welcome to respond before they do : )

Flintlock lodge. She had never heard of this place till she came stumbling into the village around midnight. But she was lucky to run into a nice group. Considering her last group went south. But everyone she came across seemed nice. Judging, maybe a little stand off-ish, but kind all the same. Hayley gave the go ahead to let her stay and that was pretty sweet. It had been a long time since Katelyn interacted with anyone for more than a minute. Now she was with a group with a bunch of people. Which was good but a little nerve wreaking to say the least.

By the time she got from the village to the lodge to somewhere warm to hang out, she was beyond exhausted. Taking her back pack off made her release how sore her body was. When was the last time she slept for more than three hours at a time? Maybe a couple of days. Being alone only fed into her paranoia and it would be some time before she trusted these people well enough to sleep through the night. Katelyn slumped into a chair in the foyer, resting her back pack on her lap. She breathed out and closed her eyes for a minute. Knowing that she probably looked worse for wear. Dark bags under her eyes, dry blood and dirt on her face, and she probably smelled how she felt at the moment. Shit. Did they have showers here? The girl reopened her blue eyes and sat up straight. Opening her pack to drink some water before standing up once again.

This place was beautiful and she could think of a few group home siblings who would have loved this place. Her fingers traced the wood above the fire place. Thinking to herself before swinging her pack on and started down a hall way. Someone had mentioned something about rooms. Maybe she could find a room for herself or at least a place to clean off. Coming across a bathroom, the girl breathed out in relief. Locking the door before taking care of business. She felt like she had been in there for hours before coming out. Her long hair still damp but she felt better. Katelyn managed to get a band-aid on her temple as well. Happy that the blood and dirt showed nothing serious, just a small cut.

Wearing a nice black graphic tee that was a bit too big for her, with a bat man logo on it, and jeans. The girl carried her boots in one back as the other one was used to open doors. Picking into the rooms that seemed emptied to her. Katelyn knocked on a door and paused, waiting for a response. When she didn't hear one, she opened it up to see a person in there. "Oh god, sorry!" she squeaked an apology, her face quickly flushed with embarrassment. "I was just looking for a room to stay in." now she just stood there, like an idiot.

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