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currently in chaldea; busy babysitting one (1) arrogant king and trying to keep him from opening his mouth and getting himself socked in the face in the middle of the hallway. perhaps this is a good time to test that 'duct tape' stuff.
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They're back to bully Gilgamesh again, lol. However, if anybody else tries it, they're dead. That's a promise.

ー In Fate, Enkidu is the one and only friend of Chaldea's biggest ass. They were created by the gods to rival Gilgamesh and humble him by showing that he had a true equal. They are his only equal, and the only figure that has ever received the affection of the King of Heroes. They adored their first lover Shamhat so much that they chose to assume her form in reverence to her.
The Epic of Gilgamesh isn't nearly as pretty. Gil is a brutal tyrant and oppressor, appearing at points to have no redeeming qualities. But alas, he is courageous and wise, and becomes the standard set for heroes of the time. His tragedy represents the endless pursuit of immortality.
→ When the people of Uruk beg the god Anu for relief from King Gilgamesh at the beginning of the epic, he delegates the task to Aruru, the goddess of creation. Aruru creates a feral man from clay, Enkidu, as punishment for the king's behavior. The feral man is cared for by Shamhat, a sacred temple prostitute. She lures them away from the wild with her body and tames them with sex. They are rejected by their wild companions and choose to leave behind their life in the wild.

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