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Greetings from the trash heap that is my throne! Hello there, my name is Crows (or cwows if you’re a buddy of mine), and if you're looking at this, you probably want to get to know me!

When talking to me, please remember some things:
- I have very bad anxiety!! Sometimes, lots of fast back-and-forth private dming scares me or makes me anxious, so please don't feel offended if I don't respond quickly. I'm actively trying to get more comfortable with pms/dms again, but when it comes to important/less ~relaxed~ conversations I get very nervous - if you'd prefer to talk elsewhere, I am more than happy to discuss things with you anywhere else! Also, excessive compliments do scare me, I've had some really bad experiences with compliments so I do apologize!! If anything I do makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so I can do my best to break that habit <3
- I have an awful memory - if I've not replied to something/done something - it's because I've probably forgotten it! I apologize, feel free to nudge me, as many times as you need to! I do not take it personally, it's better for you and me to remind me!
- I am the administrator! You can come to me to discuss pretty much anything under the sun, serious or not. I am an adult, please treat me as such - any important mature matters are things I can deal with. My other adult staffers are Hootowls, finny, Bryne, and Van. Please come to us for adult-rated topics. Thank you in advance!
- Hoot and I are the dynamic Hiccup-and-Toothless duo, so if you mess with the bull you get the horns buddy >:^|

why’s it seem like you still want more?

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