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July 15, 2017, 09:59:47 PM
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健人 / とても忙しい

❄ my real name (my given name... or first name, as it's called in the west) is my display name, hayato (kanji: 健人 / hiragana: はやと). i am withholding my family name (surname) for reasons that i figure are pretty obvious.
❄ east asian (of japanese descent). i came to the usa (about five or six years ago) to learn english and to further my education. i'm a college freshman.
❄ i do downhill skiing and play tennis. i also do contemporary and jazz (and kpop dances, as of late). swimming's fun, but i only do it recreationally. i'm decent at figure skating, but i don't do any of the fancy stuff; spins and jumps are farther than i'm willing to go.
❄ my childhood consisted of doraemon, pokemon, studio ghibli, and makoto shinkai films, among other things. i simply don't have the time to list them all.
❄ i'm into j-pop, k-pop, c-pop, anime, manga, c-dramas, and k-dramas. all of the stuff that's big in the east, since it's where i grew up. my bias group is exo, but shinee and bts are very close seconds. i'll listen to any and all groups though, since i am multi-fandom.
❄ i've been in a relationship since february 14th, 2012, and i'm very happy to say that it's still going strong. however, even if we were not in a relationship, i am quite sure that we would still be very close friends.
❄ i've played the piano for fifteen years, and i've got no plans of stopping.
❄ i really enjoy traveling, and i have traveled all over asia and have been to most of the countries in western europe. i'd like to try visiting the caribbean someday.


Never looking forward or back, only looking upward where the stars are shining. Even when I'm lost, you all show me the way like moonlight in darkness—all the way till the very end.

Spring came to my life with more than one heart after long years of winter. No man's an island, together united we stand our ground, unmoving; destiny's in our hands.

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May 30, 2020, 12:36:26 PM

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