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it's me, chesh.
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oh sun, i welcome the burn
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hello loves, welcome to my humble abode !! i am chesh and have been role playing since 2011, back when feralfront was known as warrorcatsrpg (on there i had a few usernames though the only one i can remember before cheshire, is aurora borealis so yeah). everyone usually just calls me chesh, though my real name is brooke so if you'd rather call me that, that's cool too!

a little bit about myself,
― i have always loved writing, it's been my outlet for so long. i sometimes take a little while to reply, i am always using my phone to post replies and such (so i literally type everything on my phone in my notepad, it's a habit i picked up back on feralfront when i had more time and i never got rid of it). that was so irrelevant, I don't know why i rambled like that. whatever. back on track. yes, i love writing and i love having extremely developed plots because it keeps me focused and i like making long posts and really getting every detail out of my character. that's probably why it takes me so long to reply, i just truly love writing and i think it's all these little ticks that make a character and allow me to connect. so if we have a thread going, please just bare with me, I only take so long because i care. (wow, this got long sorry).
― so my real name is brooke and i am going into my third year of college come august of 2018 (this year). my major is environmental science, i am a huge lover of science and all that. i also really love the earth and believe we should be taking care of it. my zodiac sign is cancer, and i have a moon in taurus.
― i love making friends, but i am kind of awkward and i get in these moods where i just have very low self-esteem and get sad and feel like i'm not good enough to make friends - and i may seem anti-social but i am really not. i love to talk to people, but more importantly i love to listen and be helpful and be a good friend. so just, even if we've never talked before if you ever need anything i am totally open to you messaging me. "treat people with kindness and all that". c:
― i am in love with music. i will literally listen to anything, especially anything indie and underground. i especially love like the late 50's and the 70's (literally, fleetwood mac and stevie nicks are my favorites okay?!) but i seriously listen to anything and everything. i love finding new bands and i am that person that is constantly listening to music and that can't get out of the car if a song i like is still playing. if you ever have music suggestions, i am all ears and i WILL listen to whatever you ask me to listen to (unless it's taylor swift, if it's her then no i won't) But literally anyone else!
― okay so i like love one direction, and not in the way where i want to marry the boys or anything. but i just really love them okay? they are good boys who are talented and underrated and i stan them so hard. even zayn, my problematic fav. i think they deserve the world and nothing but happiness. i love them all, though louis tomlinson has always been my favorite (yes, i can love them all the same and still have a favorite). i believe without a shadow of a doubt that larry stylinson is real, so if you ever wanna talk larry let's go (only positive things, i don't want negativity).
― i am almost always down for any type of thread; angels and demons, ghosts, cliche love stories, apocalypse, demi-gods, harry potter, angsty threads, literally i could list everything but i'm just not going to. i also rp bxg, bxb, and gxg so yay!
― i really believe in being nice to everyone, like it's not that hard to be a nice person?? so yeah, just good vibes only from me. i can be kinda sarcastic but i try to tone it down online because things get construed and just you never know okay and i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. like i already worry enough that i am not a good person (though i try to be) and yeah, just, love one another yeah?

hover + gallery + dump + plots

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