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hello ! im legends. local aesthetically stressed "girl who knows what she's doing" impersonator. i have no idea who is going to read this so i'll try and make it as interesting as possible (no pressure)

let's start with the basics: i'm seventeen (i am not legally an adult so treat me accordingly. don't be a dick) and i am currently a senior in hell- i mean high school which also means i am constantly struggling with balancing my homework load, extracurriculars, and the pressure of college i lack muse a lot of time. i wish i could say otherwise but i can't

i love writing on here and i tend to pour out my feelings in shitty journal entries. i like to think i have a real talent for aesthetics and moodboards though. me, arrow, and crows are slowly making pinterest cool again so at least my talent is being put to some use

i really love music and musicals. i listen to a lot of what would be considered "emo" bands (i love fall out boy and lorde so fucking much) but my music taste is just a big mess really. i also adore john mulany and although that's not exactly relevant to music, i felt it was important to add

some other things about me:
- i'm sad but i just got a couple crystals so now i'm less sad
- i have two cats and one singular dog
- i have a real passion for spooky shit

remember to take care of yourself love
seriously, drink some water if you need it

do you think i'm spooky? info

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